Replay – First Human Flight Post-Flight Press Conference

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Replay of Blue Origin’s post-flight press conference with New Shepard’s first astronaut crew.

Participants will included Jeff Bezos, Mark Bezos, Wally Funk, and Oliver Daemen. Ariane Cornell, Director of Astronaut Sales, emceed the press conference.

  1. Scott Gauer

    Ironic, a self-avowed communist (Van Jones) accepting money from arguably the face of US capitalism.

  2. Good Day America!

    I love that Jeff and Mark brought a cover dish recipe of his Grandmother because this was certainly a time for them to remember their Grandfather who was also important to this flight. He watched them coming.
    May he rest in peace with pride. Excellent flight and I enjoyed every moment.


    I wonder how many countless University, School and College students will rewatch this live stream. It will be remembered in the history books for a long long time and for a young man of 24 I am very grateful to have witnessed this. I can’t wait for our future in space, it is the next and only step and any level headed human knows this to be true. God speed!

  4. Sam Sy

    I’ve never been a fan of Bezos. But man the guy inspirational when he speaks

  5. derek452

    Man Jeff Bezos is a great guy. Always so happy and laughing and optimistic. Am so happy for him. Blue Origin flight looked so perfect, it seemed unreal. The launch and landing looked so easy and on point I was in disbelief. Bravo 👏🏼 👏🏼👏🏼

  6. S

    Congratulations Jeff! Wally you are an inspiration to my young daughter, thank you. Godbless the two award winners. Heaven and Earth united.

  7. BrandonSL500

    43:10 That doesn’t seem right that it is easier to land a bigger rocket vertically than a smaller rocket.

  8. Vikash Verma

    Hope this doesn’t stop here. Future is going to be achievable, possible. Future is out of Earth from Earth

  9. Aeden B

    After watching this launch, as well as Branson’s spaceflight (depending on what you consider space lol), I think that only one person actually deserved it. Great job Wally! Thank you for everything you do! Keep on inspiring!

  10. Julie Ann Racino

    Excellent awards presentation and press conference today, showing the aspirations for a better world. Congratulations to Jeff Bezos, the flight team, the emcee (who hosted the entire broadcast this morning), and the communication’s director!
    As SENRA, we also appreciate attention to fuels and their effects on the environment with parties who also wish to return to bicycles from automobiles, and goals of all electric vehicles (from hybrids).

    We appreciated knowing about Bezos Earth Foundation, but (never say but was in!) we expect to be part of a profitable publishing industry, not one that decides for us where contributions will be made “at our business lives”!
    We are among the women who had Robinhood from men who took our property, and redistributed to others, mainly women!

    Julie Ann Racino, Cornell University Class of 1975! Celebrating 150 years of Cornell University, home of new Gate’s engineering building.

  11. GNPxArg

    why didn’t they show the earth out the window instead of watching the actornauts play stupidly, flat earth very obvious

  12. 32 and look 50

    Branson: makes emotional speech overcome with the awesome spectacle. Bezos: “Woohoo…see if you can catch this Skittle in your mouth” 🙄

  13. Elaine Mello

    What a beautiful mission, congrats to all Blue Origin team!! It’s so special watching Wally Funk’s dream coming true. Thank you, Jeff Bezos.

  14. RogerM

    Jeff givem credit to his team of Engineers and Blue Origin Staff, was nice to see. If he was Elon, probably take the credit all to him self.

  15. Frank Benlin

    Very good, good for all.

  16. Jack Miller

    34:45 for inside footage

  17. Smitty Johnson

    Blue Origin can colonize the moon and SpaceX can colonize Mars. Seeing this makes me that much more excited for our future.

  18. eerohughes

    Omg the view is incredible 😍!!!!!

  19. eerohughes

    I’m so happy for Wally!!! It was her life goal and she more than deserved it.!

  20. Callum

    Blows my mind that you monetized this!

  21. Trade Futures

    Pretty expensive carnival ride, however I wish I could be on it as well!! It’s good to see stuff like this in the news that’ll help get other people excited about going into space. Thank you Blue Origin for streaming all this, and help building the future!!!

  22. vandana das das

    Disappointed, expected something better than virgin Galactic.

  23. audience2

    Amazon Prime membership lottery ticket for a ride into space.

  24. god_damn

    wow…Bezos bros got new hairs!!! 😂🤘

  25. Veronika Plierer

    I saw it with my own eyes, but don’t know, if i believe it – so easy in thin capsule … Equipment is back on the earth… Is wonderful. People are brilliant!!!

  26. runs naked through the fo

    better working conditions and pay for the modern wage slavery amazon folks!!!

  27. Kiyotokki

    I find that sales lady annoying. I watched almost the entire live streaming of the flight and she hardly ever stop talking with that disturbingly chirpy-high-pitched voice.

  28. Tolga Hasturk

    Thank you .

  29. Jeep Talk Show

    That cowboy hat looked new before the launch. Is there an Amazon link for that hat?

  30. FRET GG

    39:14 my wife was absolute rock. Jeff must have felt that

  31. Heinz Gruenwald

    Looks a bit cramped.

  32. YourTravelPostCard

    Only white people no diversity here

  33. Donnel Angelo Garcia

    I hope this inspires Jeff Bezos to move faster with New Glenn’s development, then New Armstrong, and beyond

  34. the Rabbit Whisper

    This proves we are all just tall children:) They didn’t care about looking out the windows as much as they enjoyed weightlessness, love it.

  35. Me Me

    So all that money from BO space tourism is given away to Van Jones, a very divisive figure when it comes to racial politics.

  36. Michael

    I am still hating the term astronaut for suborbital, they should have something else and I imagine they will. The only reason the Karman line allowed early astronauts to be called that, was because at the time they went as high as the technology allowed and pushed boundaries. Not trying to be harsh on BO/virgin, but equating 4 minutes vs real life and death risks astronaut’s done is just not the same. Now Elon, lets get Wally to the ISS!

  37. The Mugger

    I really don’t agree with calling them Astronauts,,,,He and his rich friends will always be just Glorified Tourist’s!!

  38. Marc Harrison

    Van and Jose are inspirational and should be copied and distributed around the world….thanks Jeff for the seed money also!

  39. Jones 0

    Sweeeettt. Hard work and dedication bro

    Get at whatever you want , fuck the red tape , fuck the rules

    You can achieve anything in life once you try hard enough and find people with the similar goals in mind

  40. Patricia Riley

    It’s so exciting what Bezos and Sir Richard along with Elon are doing for humanity….

  41. Adityachk2002


  42. PhotonMining

    First 9 months of your existence your floating in zero-g

  43. david Schlager

    Ich will auch ins Weltall, Ich bin vermutlich der größte Weltall Fan in Austria . Meiner Kleiderschrank sieht aus wie von einem Astronauten , von T-Shirt bis Weste , Pullover Jacken alles von Nasa . Meine Freunde und Bekannten müssen auch manchmal leiden , mit meiner Sturheit den größten Wunsch ins Weltall zu fliegen . Meine YouTube Abos sind auch eindeutig . Nasa , Blue Origin , Virgin , SpaceX. Wenn ein Start ist weis ich es immer sehr schnell . Jeder der die Ehre hat ins All fliegen zu dürfen sollte es unbedingt nutzen .
    Hätte ich das nötige Geld, würde ich auch den nächsten Flug sofort buchen .

  44. Notts boy24

    Absolutely Fantastic 🙌 way to go guys 🎓👓🔭

  45. Kieran Morrissey

    So I guess Wally is the oldest in space, Oliver is the youngest, Mark is the funniest, and Jeff is the richest. Congrats Blue Origin!!

  46. March_Of_The_Titans Book

    Lol oliver’s reaction is great.

  47. Krumpli Nudli

    not enoug laud :-(

  48. The Rocinante

    You know it was really crappy of MSNBC and cnn to cut away from the award recipients just to repeat themselves. That was really gross of them.

  49. Евгений Ахметшин

    Вас можно поблагодарить. Вы действительно ЧАСТНАЯ космическая компания

  50. Pete and Drake

    this is like watching a cult like Scientiology….

  51. bri29340

    now you got this over with get them engine’s to ula and stop holding every one up with your bs

  52. Pete and Drake

    this is crap. where are the pics and video from INSIDE the capsule for the ENTIRE flight?????

  53. Glen Carpenter

    being cargo or a passenger does not qualify you as astronaut the same as me getting onboard a cruise ship doesn’t make me a sailor.

  54. Karthik Ranganathan

    This is just amazing! There’s a space race now! We are striving to colonize other planets! What a time to be alive!

  55. Erick

    Great Jeff, you are the Boss!!!

  56. bmayaa

    Don’t thank them, pay them more

  57. Nilufar Islamova

    I’m so proud of them all! Good for you guys, congratulations! Jeff is awesome and kind man❤

  58. Bia Estrela

    Turistando com estilo

  59. Youtube Algorithm

    Anyone against the advancement of the space industry, no matter the reasons, is in the wrong side of history.

  60. 말틴Martin

    Jeff is the first Amazonaut in the world 😂 Can’t wait to see next steps for tourism in space

  61. Jonah

    what Branson and Bezos are doing is all well and good but is it not just an exclusive miles high club for the wealthy?

  62. Anamorphia

    Regardless of whether Branson was first, or SpaceX is more advanced, it’s good to see Blue Origin take the next step. Hopefully we get to see more of New Glenn now!

  63. Lo an


  64. Jeff Greer

    Incredible! Congratulations! But not really the first….

  65. 32 and look 50

    until I see the cabin footage I’ll just think they were substituted for mannequins

  66. PaddyPatrone

    Hope this motivates Jeff to actually move faster with Blue Origin. Next step, getting to Orbit!

  67. King

    Racial justice awards? Give me a break.

  68. Liam Robins

    25% intro credits

  69. jigil jigil

    If I were Jeff Bezos, I would ask Elon Musk for collaboration and mutual plan to build a space station in orbit, a tourism space station, a far larger one than ISS so people can stay there for days as tourists, having real space experience, space stations are modular so they can expand it regularly, increasing capacity for more people, with Starship, Falcon and New Glenn they’ll be able to send so many people and it’ll pay itself back no matter how much it costs.

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