Recap: New Shepard Mission NS-18

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Relive the emotions and wonder of our second human flight on New Shepard.

  1. Joe Dempsey

    Every day the human race writes history, so glad that some of us are writing the right stuff for all of us.

  2. Space vs Pitch

    Man, you guys gotta post full, uncut ground to apogee from all the different cameras!

  3. Captain Kirk

    Glory to GOD! and his creation! ♥️🐧🐧💖🐕💙♥️🐧🙂👍

  4. Kareem Salessi

    Youtube::: (“Mannequin Skywalker’s ride to space onboard Crew Capsule 2.0”) to see that this manned-launch did NOT reach the 100+km altitude which they displayed in their launch-data, which might have been reached by the Mannequin shown here, from inside the capsule, compared with the inside-capsule footage of the manned-flight!!!

  5. Doug Kennedy

    It reminds me of an Estes Rockett kit, I think they sell them on Amazon…

  6. marvin martin

    Good job. But damn it Jeff. Outright ignored William after exist.

  7. Jachym Lukes

    Looks good, with creepy Bazos bits removed.

  8. Marthinus Spangenberg

    Go boldly, Blue Origin! Aspirate ad astra! ✨🚀

  9. Prof

    Please share Mr. Shatner’s full talk from this angle which is in this one. Much better than in the live-stream. Pretty please. I allow you to cut out the champagne part so that Jeff (Who?) doesn’t get bad press (again).

  10. Factnomenal

    Bezos you really botched the interview afterwards! Completely ruined it for Shatner. You should publicly apologize. Literally every news outlet that covered this story has hundreds of comments about the way you acted like a frat boy with the champagne. Shatner gets it. Hopefully one day you will too

  11. All Good

    Incredible.. thank you 🇳🇿👍

  12. HiTechFX

    William Shatner sets a great example at his age.

  13. brig wood

    I’d love to see the onboard footage of the flight. Can’t find it anywhere!

  14. Paulo TC Soares

    Long and prosperous life, young William Shatner!!🖖🏼🥰

  15. jeddyhi

    Seeing Captain Kirk in space for real is kind of surreal.

  16. justrosy5

    Full video inside the capsule, from start to finish would be awesome!

  17. Mr Slim 1959

    Wake me up when you have orbited the earth at least 1 time.

  18. Madalin Tudor

    Now go into the actual space,not just 100 km up then down,you know like Inspiration 4!

  19. Travis Hargiss

    Williams reaction is priceless

  20. ploppolp

    Man just post an uncut full launch without all the embellishment

  21. WortexCZ

    The next in line should be the entire SG1 team. In costumes. On the one hand, it deserves it with its degree of inspiration and influence on young people who decide to pursue a career in aviation, astronautics, astrophysics and astronomy, and secondly – a great opportunity to make (possible) new Star Gate project more visible ;)

  22. Jon Oeschger

    “They should have sent a poet.”

  23. ChuckShaw

    Blue Origin gets alot of crap but they can at least say they put Captain Kirk in space and that’s pretty damn awesome!

  24. Marco Stott

    Great acting guys !

  25. Cpt.AirWolf

    For a second there it looked like William Shatner and Bezoz were gonna kiss lol.

  26. 195511SM

    WHY can’t we see the FULL onboard footage ( ….you’ve given us a glimpse at 0:30 ……and a few seconds once their floating around at the top )? Show us the entire ride. From launch to touchdown. It’s ONLY around 11 minutes, right? We didn’t even get a post-flight press conference this time.

  27. Mando DErrico

    All else aside, what Bezos gave Mr. Shatner was within the realm of the miraculous. The man who made so many of us dream of the stars was able to gaze upon them from the heavens.

  28. Aaron Plug

    Great job! Jeff and Team Blue. William’s reaction to viewing the planet at such height. Epic! Understanding and coming to terms with his humanity and merging with the great consciousness. Priceless …

  29. David 777

    I want more footage from inside the capsule

  30. stephen john baldwin

    He’ll Klingon to that memory for the rest of his life.

  31. Peter Sampson


  32. mjcanada

    As much as I dislike the shitty tactics Blue Origin is using, they’ve built a beautiful launch system. Congrats!

  33. Darryl G. Evans

    Loving my home town dreams.
    Van Horn Eagles fly above the clouds.

  34. Idjles Erle

    They edited out Bozo’s idiocy.

  35. Cooking With Cows

    And then jeff showered a recovering alcoholic with champagne.

  36. Sleepyhead fpv

    Please everyone. Do me a favor and go watch the livestream when they land the capsule and get everyone out. The way he was describing not only at apogee but also when landed really shows you how just a couple minutes with that view can change you’re live forever. Remarkable Blue. Thank you for giving him that.


    Star Date 10-13-2021 IM to your captain & My Crews to ready going into the darkness galaxy universe then found a new life civilization who never seen before 🛸🧑‍🚀🚀🤟

  38. GrummanPilot99

    Much better than seeing bezos cut off shatner mid sentence while he was getting emotional to then offer champagne and proceed to spray it on a recovering alcoholic

  39. GrummanPilot99

    Well you got your money’s worth out of shatner using him for the advertising. After bezos left shatner hanging and went to go play with champagne while he was getting emotional. Is bezos a reptilian or just a weirdo?

  40. Crypto Mining Noob

    Not sure if Jeff is aware of Willams sobriety and his struggle with alcohol but that was a pretty messed up move spraying him with champagne while he’s been sober for years lol

  41. Saral Israel Shrestha

    Why can’t I love this guy (Bezos)?

  42. Thomas Reid

    like he always said “live long and proper” – captain kirk 👋

  43. Poppy Petals

    I cannot see how they got Bill back in his seat so quickly after the weightlessness given that the whole thing was over so soon. The weightlessness was only a four minutes.
    Also, they had to wait to get out of the pod longer than it took for the trip.

  44. cdrocrossdiscovery

    Good for you, Mister Shatner. Good for you.

  45. Klaneos Mac

    Credit where credit is due, Blue Origin is consistently doing incredible stuff here.
    Hope to see a Blue Origin orbital rocket come to fruition soon.

  46. Randy Savage

    Godspeed Captain! To the Stars… and beyond…

  47. Marcos Riedel

    Toda essa emoção linda desse ver, imagina se ele tivesse voado num a Dragon pelo menos estilo uns 10% do que foi inspiration IV, acho que teria tido um infarto de emoção

  48. chrismas

    Kirk said life and death. Earth equals life. Space equals death. Let’s bring space to life.

  49. obelixrecargado

    william shatner es el único que no se puso a tontear con la falta de gravedad y se quedí prendido de la ventana, viendo lo que probablemente menos de 1000 personas lo pudieron ver… y se emocionó y me emocionó!

  50. abundantYOUniverse

    That really is, the greatest thing I have ever seen.

  51. Life = 42

    Thank you Jeff Bezos!

  52. Jim Fields

    Blue Origin hans’t appear to have made much progress with their orbital stuff. But I think JB has created a real space tourism industry. VG is grounded for a while. So Kudos to BO

  53. Seydi Ahmet Özdemir

    I have to admit that, bringing William Shatner to space is more than any expectations and a perfect, you are one step closer to “where no one has gone before”..

  54. Rooster Cogburn

    Captain Kirk rocks… Jeff Bezos Rocks. Thanks BO.


    great sucesso !

  56. Paradigmshift22

    I wanna see the full footage of them in their capsule..

  57. Lucurous

    Got confused when watching this, since Jeff was also there with the suit…

  58. Casey Kaplan

    Blue Origin is the best space tourism company!!😄

  59. Crusoe

    William Shatner, true legend!
    Aye aye sir! 🖖🖖🖖

  60. Timothy Webb

    It was so good to hear someone that knows how to articulate, I just hope Shatner can fly again; maybe with Virgin Galactic at night, so instead of blackness and death he can see the stars and galaxies and splendor of the heavens, also the lights on Earth at night time. I would love to hear his contrasting insights from that trip to space.

  61. Alice C.

    Makes me emotional, too.

  62. OmegaPoint042

    “There is no words to describe this!” Yes there is, “Space….the final frontier.”

  63. Caffeine Adventures

    Great work by BO

  64. M M

    Thank you Mr Bezos for allowing humanity to dream again about space travels. Thanks a lot Mr Shatner for your sincere words filled with so much emotions. It was touching. Be safe

  65. AuroraVioletLight

    💙🌍💙🌍💙 Fabulous xx Well done. There is no forgetting the overview effect💙 It’s a forever gift🌍✨

  66. YouTube Life

    The media never talks about amazing things like this. Thank you Jeff Bezos and the team at Blue Origin.

  67. PaddyPatrone

    BO finally made some good PR, now stop your lawsuits and I will be a big fan again!

  68. Life adventures with Jere

    Awesome and inspiring!!! Shoot for the moon, and you’ll be among the stars!!!!$😎🚀💙🌠🤙🏽

  69. WD - Elvis Alencar

    Epic, epic!!

  70. TheNewFormat

    I worked with Mr. Shatner on “Star Trek The Motion Picture”.. That was a Life’s Dream .. Now to see him Actually Blast Off into Space and Land on Earth.. I had Chills of Excitement. ..I Cried. A New Reality of Space Travel with Captain Kirk Leading The Way.

  71. TheNewFormat


  72. Anatole Glebov

    это завораживает🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  73. Julian Chee

    This is amazing. Unfortunately, the public perception that it’s merely a joyride for billionaires is doing more harm than good.

  74. Kerbal Simulations


  75. simon templar

    Well Done Bill! Well Done!!!

  76. T12π¥

    Amazing well done. Way to go

  77. Tractors Chemer

    Great! Blue Origin, please show us onboard video of touchdown.

  78. Dan Harrison King


  79. Johnny Bravo


  80. SCP-0001 Object Class: Ke

    He gave up drinking a while back too, that’s why he declined the champagne Jeff offered in celebration. Bill Shatner is actually a good man, with a good heart. I personally will miss him beyond words when he leaves us for his true endless mission to explore strange new worlds. Thank you Jeff for granting this gift. Love ya Bill! Always have, always will. 🖖 Live Long & Prosper my dear friend.

  81. Dk y Rox

    I’m in tears

  82. Mark Li

    that was a good recap

  83. Anthøny Salazar

    Fantastic, Hey Blue Origin Team, I m expecting to see one day the opportunity to have a full resort to the moon and someday use the moon as an station to travel to mars and create Inter stations between planets 🪐 . thanks for making us to believe and live our dreams!!!

  84. Chris Bentley

    William Shatner get hit well and truly by the Overview Effect. Great guy.

  85. Ovadex

    It’s a shame Jeff had to be such a d-bag with the champagne.

  86. Александр Muller

    Мы живём в удивительное время! Per aspera ad astra!

  87. Kürşat Emre Tekin

    Çok güzel bir his olmalı

  88. Stephen Ludgate

    Better ending than Jeff cutting him off to spray Champagne… 👍🏻

  89. Michael Gallrauner

    William Shatner was the only one who showed emotions and was deeply touched. After the Landing Bezos cut him off that was a bad impression. Don’t no why he acted so cold just asking for Champaign was so weird.

  90. Nicolas Theus

    Hearing William so emotional makes me tear up a little!

  91. Jacon Johnsonter

    I know its a publicity stunt doing this for William Shatner.. Captain Kirk. But i dont care. I am so happy that this man got to go to space before his time ends on this earth. What a life. To live through the appolo moon missions and the space shuttle era. Only to go into space yourself at 90!!.

    The only way you could ever top this is by getting all the other remaining star trek captains into space. Kate Mulgrew, Patrick stewart, Avery Brooks, and Scott Bakula

  92. TheOicyu812

    Shatner’s remarks remind me of the dialog by Jodie Foster’s character Ellie in the film Contact:

  93. Kainã Simões


  94. Leonardo Arzeno

    Thanks Jeff. A dream I didnt know I had coming true.

  95. Graullas

    And that’s what you should do Blue Origin, this is good.

  96. Eamon Minges

    Can’t believe that Shatner just turned 90, besides the spare tire he looks like he’s in pretty good shape.

  97. Wysochunky :/

    Jeff’s PR team ain’t holding back no more

  98. George Doolittle

    Doesn’t look 90 Years old in the least.

  99. Am Arsch Die Waldfee

    We love you captain kirk ❤

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