NS-13 Full Interview With NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine

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NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine joined the New Shepard NS-13 webcast to talk about a key experiment on board, the Deorbit, Descent, and Landing Sensor Demonstration with NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate under a Tipping Point partnership.

Learn more about NS-13 here: https://bit.ly/3hVUUkt.

  1. Ricky Spanish

    Oh my bad, I thought this was about Spacex…. pass


    I am sorry the deep space( colonization )is a compulsory step


    The dark after the big bang maybe we have to rethink about it/ but (my opinion)during the shredding there was light(made of what?)

  4. Magnus Boom

    Its all fun and games until someone gets killed

  5. Rod Anderson

    What is amazing is that Blue Origin is 2 years older than SpaceX and has still NOT managed to orbit a rocket. The BO New Shephard rocket is suppose to take tourist up to the Karmin line and straight back down — but it has not yet managed to take even 1 customer to space. NASA continues to give hundreds of millions of dollars to Blue Origin regardless of BO never proving it can do anything except talk BS. SpaceX was required to orbit a rocket BEFORE NASA would give it money for contracts. What is happening here? Does Jeff Bezos and BO just have better lobbyist? Shame on NASA for it’s double standards.

  6. Vitalik M


  7. Little Sawban


  8. Gayan Pathirana

    CAN’T WAIT …

  9. tamie341

    GO BLUE ORIGIN!! You guys rock!

  10. Elon Tusk

    James Webb 2021. We all heard him say it.

  11. derek tweedy

    Light the candle. Out. deep bow!

  12. Aerojet Rocketdyne RS-25

    No mountain dew :(

  13. Brian Habing

    I hope Jim Bridenstein stays on regardless of the outcome of the election.

  14. Das gesunde Zeugenmehr

    *Great Advantages of the Moon:*
    01. Gravity in Space (Highly significant)
    02. Water in Space (Highly significant)
    03. Raw material Processing of Asteroids (Highly significant)
    04. Better space telescopes e.g. to explore the exoplanets
    05. Rapid subsequent delivery of equipment (e.g. for repairs)
    06. Stimulation of the robot and tunneling industry as a whole
    07. Almost live robot control from Earth
    08. Strengthening global cooperation
    09. Moon cemetery & starry sky lunar tourism
    10. Biological and civilization backup archive (in lava tube colony)
    11. Proud of the greatness of the moon civilization
    12. Moon lift and mass driver possible
    13. Low orbital escape speed (2.3 km / s at the equator)
    14. Hyperloop from the raw material asteroid mining area to the mass driver base
    15. Extraction of raw materials for parasols in front of Venus
    16. Probably Fusion Power Plants (Infinite Energy)
    17. Moon logo laser advertising (from the “gateway” in the moon orbit)
    18. Rolling out green soil around the bases over the moon sand
    19. Increase in the lunar albedo (by leveling the craters and pits)
    20. Space light mirrors in lunar orbit bring permanent solar energy to the moon
    21. Solar wind power plant (energy generation on the moon from the sun’s electrons)
    22. Zeppelin halls for building large spaceships
    23. Exploring the billion year old moon
    24. Exploration of the asteroids that struck billions of years
    25. Advanced bacterial and animal research for genetic engineering
    26. Evolutionary marine animal and marine plant research at 16% gravity
    27. The civilizational base for the Martian moon expedition

  15. DerKatzen Fuerst

    JB ftw! He is such a great NASA administrator, I can highly recommend listening to more interviews with him.
    He combines the experience of a pilot with the communication skills of a politician and has an understanding of the engineering and industry and is well versed in the political games of Washington DC.

  16. Mitt Man

    Great Job Director Cornell and Administrator Bridenstine! Today was a great day for Blue Origin! Launching and landing New Shepard is almost routine, yet stunning! We can look forward to many more successes and discoveries!

  17. Actarus

    Humankind needs the ambition to be back!
    On behalf of all the dreamers from all over the world: thank you Nasa, thank you Blue Origin, thank you Space X, thank you Lockheed Martin, thank you Arianespace, thank you ESA, thank you Airbus Defence and Space, thank you Boeing, thank you RKK Energiya, thank you Roscosmos, thank you JAXA, thank you all. But we want more. MORE. 🚀🚀🚀

  18. Timothy Webb

    Jim Bridenstine gives another very good and understandable interview.

  19. Devin Dykstra

    He is seriously a fantastic speaker. You can feel his genuine excitement for the future!

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