NS-12: New Shepard Flies 9th Commercial Payload Mission with 100th Customer on Board

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Today’s NS-12 mission was a complete success. We moved closer towards verifying New Shepard for human flight. This was the 6th flight for this booster (a record), and the 100th commercial payload customer was on board with thousands of Club for the Future postcards.

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  1. Matthias B.

    Flooding a sub feed with these ads is how you get unsubbed

  2. Derek Ash

    They should be launching tourists by now, how many tests does it take before ya put this thing to real use, something a little more exciting then postcards. 👎🤦‍♂️

  3. aGhOsToFtHeFoRmEr

    100th payload without live onboard video, whats it like being so useless?

  4. Brian Bassett

    That motor firing is simply a thing of beauty… and true innovation.

  5. Mishn0

    Commercial payload? Postcards? Snrt.

  6. Abhishek Dev

    Die hard SpaceX fanboys take a look..their capsule can touch down on *land* and that too without ugly looking airbags like Boeing’s starliner.

  7. Jac Nolph

    Welp there goes the flat earth society once and for all

  8. kevyn kollom

    People are starting to get Suborbital blue balls from blue origin. SpaceX is making huge progress with so many things while Blue Origin is just hopping with their feather tampon.

  9. Claudio Maia Santos

    How much refurbishment does this booster really need?
    6th time is only good depending on how much work it needs to fly again.
    BO is really obscure with the relevant data. How much is the cost of that flight?

  10. Eggbert08

    Jeff who?

  11. HardFlip Mike

    The lack of comments statistically prove that Bezos/ Origin are taking their sweet ass time.

  12. TexanUSMC8089

    The big question is, when is Blue Origin going to go for Low Earth Orbit?

  13. James Patrick

    Hello World.

  14. uku vaikmaa

    I lov blue origin

  15. grovermatic

    Impressive achievement.

  16. Sławek P.

    When we see New Glenn?

  17. RyeOnHam

    Just waiting for the remarks like, “You can tell it’s fake because the Earth is curved…”

  18. Maksim Bartosh

    Поздравляю! Respect from Russia!

  19. Mark Maxwell

    A scaled up version with two or more engines would be pretty cool.
    If you are on a good thing stick to it. Tried and true technology with no major problems and no need for water landings for boosters or capsules.

  20. Nautilee Wind

    fantastico !

  21. N0B0DY


  22. Darrenatace

    Please more footage from inside the capsule! Way to go team!

  23. Mercurian Brachistochrone Trajectories .Ltd.

    No,sorry. It counts for almost nothing.
    There wasn’t even people on the cupsule.

  24. Matthew Sexton

    Great stuff! Keep it up!

  25. CreamyBone

    In 3.5 years, 12 sub-orbital flights. Another company has 58 orbital flights in the same timeframe ;) …but who’s counting?

  26. Anime Deco

    Outstanding work! You give us hope for a brighter future.

  27. Leo Neukirchen

    Respect 👍🏻

  28. H2innovationLab H2IL

    Thank you from ‘H2 Innovation Lab’ H2IL – technology for a green sustainable hydrogen future.

  29. • ́ ̄`•. ᑕᒪᗩᑌᗪE ᖇOᗷᗷIᑎ .• ́ ̄`•

    Go on!!!You have my blessings!!

  30. SevenDeMagnus

    Cool, another reusable rocket:-)

  31. Mime Type

    Pull something out of the hat Jeff, the industry needs competition.

  32. James BM

    When do you fly to orbit? That’s the most difficult aspect of landing is reentry and repositioning not just up and down

  33. char

    Blue Suborbital

  34. yannniQue 17

    I like it that Blue Origin counts down to the ignition and not lift-off, but I don’t like them for using imperial units

  35. Idjles Erle

    If I throw a ball up in the air, that’s also suborbital.

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