New Shepard Mission NS-18: Apogee

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This was the voyage of the RSS First Step today. Its mission: encounter Earth from incredible views at apogee.

  1. Miss Moose

    I’ve seen this twice now, and it just brings tears to my eyes 😭😭😭
    I would feel the exact same way if I was up there!
    Thank you Mr Shatner for just being yourself! 💜
    No fancy, memorised speech….just the raw emotion of seeing our beautiful, life sustaining earth 🌎, and the blackness of space

  2. Playful Babi

    I am so thankful that William Shatner went to this experience. His words after this were so emotional and beautiful. It felt like we were with him up there!

  3. Leo zen

    wow, what a view that capsule offers. Made me get tears hearing William Shater explain it when he landed. Proper human experience. Shame they couldnt have been up there for an hour just to be able to take it in better.

  4. Jake Macgregor-Boyle

    Very profound. It’s great to see all of them having fun, but particularly Bill Shatner. It would have been topped off if he’d said ‘Shields up, get us out of here Sulu!’ 😁

  5. Mophonic

    I saw Kirk in my childhood saving the universe- his reaction seeing the earth from up there touches me.

  6. Todd Voge

    Bill Shatner was like a child seeing something enormous for the first time. He was looking with a wonderment of a child. To hear him here, and his talk on the ground, showed that this was a deeply moving experience for him. Congrats to the oldest person to ever fly above the Karmen line and get their wings.

  7. Michael Barnhart

    Such a contrast here! The other 3 crew members having a blast and laughing, knowing the many years ahead of them are full of more adventurous possibilities. Shatner, at 90, from a generation that could only dream of such things, is profoundly affected by a moment that is the apex of a life experience that will soon run its course.

  8. Ferdinando Scala

    God bless you, William. You inspired generations of kids to go into a STEM career, I’m one of them. Captain on the bridge!!!

  9. Card Board Sims

    “Oh wow, I can’t believe this” will go down as the quote of the century. God bless you Mr Shatner!

  10. Vedran Bileta

    The man who inspired generations of scientists, engineers, and astronauts. No one deserved more this trip, this feeling.

    So happy for Shatner. If only they named the ship Enterprise

  11. Mark White

    I love how most of his experience is him just looking out of the window in tears of emotion as the rest of the passengers float around.

  12. Peachy Keen

    when Mr Shatner was talking to Jeff after the flight – wow. It was deeply moving. Such emotions.

  13. Nashota West

    This is epic. He took us to the final frontier on screen, and now he took the first small step in real life. I’m a proud Star trek fan!!! 🖖

  14. Control Z

    Shatner appreciated it more than anyone. They all exited the capsule like they just off Space Mountain, yet Shatner had a deep spiritual experience.

  15. guido

    I can’t help but think that his role as Captain on a silly little space show inspired generations of thinkers, dreamers, engineers, rocket scientists, etc. I know it inspired me. In a sense he deserves this. He earned this. And, in a way, he helped make this happen. I still wish that they had thrown a few tribbles in there as “zero g indicators.”

  16. Matt Blom

    Shatner sounded like when Kirk died at the end of “Generations” like it was the last great adventure, it was…Fun. His beautiful words upon landing I felt were authentically Kirk speaking through Shatner. They’re one and the same, it was as if we got to watch Kirk’s first spaceflight. Which, well, we did.

  17. Eric Gelinas

    I am amazed how well Bill is doing for 90. Good for you buddy. Well done

  18. David Callaway

    Shattner just had an experience so few humans have had, give him som Respect

  19. Admiral Bob

    Mr. Shatner is rarely at a loss for words. To see him moved beyond coherence is moving in and of itself.

  20. sobeautifulsrilanka

    Shatter is 90 years old and responded to the experience as a deeply mature person would. The other adults, by comparison, responded to a the life changing experience like children.

  21. Julius Caesar

    I had to applaud Mr. Shatner for the way he reacted to his brief but profoundly different surroundings. BRAVO CAPTAIN KIRK!!!

  22. Black Aesop

    Shantner’s “Oh Wow” gave me feels. He legit was moved. Now to save up enough lunch money to go on the next flight and see for my self.

  23. Evandro Barra

    It’s just wonderful when someone like Mr. Shatner, who made us so dream about space, and its immensity, has an experience that leaves both him and us speechless! These moments are historic and, in a way, with him, we travel once again to space, the final frontier! Once again, mr. Shatner, thank you for allowing us to live the dream of exploration, and show that our vast universe is in view from our window!

  24. justrosy5

    I’m so glad Shatner got to do this! I hope he always hangs onto this special feeling. He has done so much good for our Home World, and now he knows the magnificence of this “Pale Blue Dot.” He can see more clearly what needs to be done and advocate for it. He is indeed doing as all excellent starship Captains do: ushering in a new, much needed era. Live Long and Prosper, Astronaut William Shatner!

  25. Revtune

    Got to watch the launch in person. Pretty neat being able to watch it fly in person, and then see the live comments on the livestream after touching down. The sonic booms off the mountains was something else!

  26. Nicholas Furnari

    Unbelievable. The man is a friggin legend. I’m so happy he got to experience this.

  27. starguy2718

    1966: portrays an astronaut
    2021: gets astronaut wings
    Congratulations, Mr. Shatner.

  28. Helenah Star Girl Of YHW

    Mr Shatner moved me in such a way with his tears and awe.. good on him seeing the real purpose of this flight.. to look down and seeing the Marvel of where we humans live.. EARTH 🌎

  29. J Patrick Gamble aka The

    It is a treasure to live long enough to actually witness James T Kirk make it into space.

  30. koljarzg

    I love how he is drawn and glued to the window while others play with toys and 0G acrobatics. Not him. He can’t waste a second not looking at our beautiful planet Earth. With age comes wisdom and he knows what’s important for sure.

  31. Doc Ondrusek

    Congratulations, “Captain Kirk” – I can think of no one more deserving of the experience.

  32. Izziesaurus Rex

    Honestly Shatner’s reaction would be my reaction to such an experience….when they landed and he stepped out, I couldn’t hold back my tears when I heard him speaking about what he just went through.
    Shatner was shook, as should anyone be from such an experience…the second he started talking about how little blue there is before you punch into darkness and why are we polluting but then he goes back to the darkness quickly after saying that is a whole other conversation….to see our world from the stars gives life a different perspective/meaning, especially if your at the age of 90 realizing humanity’s potential to achieve wonderful things + the realization that this is as close to experiencing what the future has in store as his time on earth is limited due to his age + realizing the importance of humanity getting along/how incredibly stupid we are to create weapons for war which hurts our earth…’s not surprising at all for a human being who has lived through the golden age up into this era to be completely in awe of this experience. It’s difficult to not get emotional with him….

  33. Liberty4Ever

    When he agreed to play the part of Captain Kirk in 1966, William Shatner probably had no idea that would ultimately result in him venturing into space. Life has interesting consequences for those who play the game.

  34. Thierry Boulette

    Shatner’s voice is epic in defining an epic historic moment.

  35. Why do I keep reading com

    I know if I went on that rocket I would be in the same trance as William Shatner. I loved how he couldn’t stop saying “words”. I was talking the same way during totality when I saw a total eclipse. I can’t believe people would take time to catch m&ms in their mouth. I would be glued to the window saying the same things he was saying. It was really neat seeing him get that opportunity at 90 years old. And can we all take a moment to appreciate the fact that he’s 90 yrs old? He has the body and mind of a 65 yr old.

  36. Why do I keep reading com

    I love how the members of the Musk cult think BO is a joke. When in actuality this is 🦆 ing awesome!!! SpaceX and Blue Origin can both be cool.
    Sending William Shatner was the best advertising Jeff Bezos could have done.

  37. Grap3s

    Thank you Blue. Thank you William. Today was a day I’ll never forget.

  38. Lance Heckel

    Sounds like he’s having an intimate moment lol

  39. roucoupse

    While the others are having fun with zero-g and so on, the captain is standing in awe behind his window looking at the Earth and the universe.

  40. David Gurney

    I’m happy for Bill. After entertaining people all over the world for 70 years, he deserves this accolade

  41. Justin Lee

    It’s official, Shatner is the best person to ever go to space. Cancel the poets, cancel the musicians, we’ve had the best.

  42. Mike Fernandez

    Oh em gee! So amazing!!! Please show the whole 11 minutes from inside camera. Shatner’s experience is so inspiring.

  43. Dave Chimny

    Two thirds of his life he was just pretending how it is to be in space. Now he knows.

  44. Mike Child

    This is wonderful. James T Kirk was my fictional hero growing up, and remains so in many respects. So to see the man who portrayed that character blasting into space for real was really quite moving. And I have to say I found myself welling up as he described the experience back on the ground. What a man. It feels so right that he had the opportunity to do this. I’m absolutely delighted for him.

  45. Neil Kesler

    The man has simply done it all! He’s done more than anyone could ever think of doing in their lifetime.

  46. Eileen 1

    William Shatner’s voice, in a real spaceship, actually in space, just feels right. As one who watched Star Trek the first day it aired, seeing him and hearing the wonder in his voice makes me smile. William was the perfect example of who should go up. The Universe deserves to have a fan like William visit it.

  47. Kaynos

    He’s so humbled by the sight. Love that guy.

  48. Kn owl

    William Shatner’s words are inspiring.

  49. Dr. Scanner

    While for everybody else it seemt to be “just” a lot of fun. But for Mr. Shatner it was a really deeply moving experience that has changed his life. I think, this space flight puts a special meaning into everything he has created in his role as Captain of the Enterprise.

  50. Agent K

    I love you Captain Kirk and I really feel that when you say” Oh Jesus, Im tellin you” Glad they sent you man and ya got back safe

  51. Mark Scheuern

    Wonderful. I especially like that it looks like he used his time wisely, by looking out the window.

  52. Donald Semora

    Watching this, I want whatever he smoked right before this video. All joking aside, I at first thought negative of this as just another publicity stunt. However listening to his reaction, I can tell he really was impacted by it.

  53. Walter Schmidt

    To watch 90 year old William Shatner awe struck by this experience made my day.

  54. Damion L. Murphy

    What an incredible experience for Mr S and the rest of the crew. Was beautiful to watch and rather emotional at the same time. Congratulations to you all.

  55. mcarp555

    Bill Shatner is well-known for being a difficult person to work with because of his huge ego. But I have to say, seeing him up there even if only for a few minutes is somehow ‘just’.

  56. MDWavemaster

    I bet he was feeling sick to his stomach, but loving every second of it. If there’s one person I think deserves that ride the most, it’s William Shatner.

  57. Rusty Chapman

    I would like to see William Shatner, humanity’s elder statesman for our Trek to the Stars, to fly the trifecta of spaceflight, Blue/Virgin/Spacex. Captain, live longer, and prosper more.

  58. kurtb8474

    After years of playing a future astronaut and looking at a blank viewing screen on a set, Shat gets to look into outer space for real. And he cannot begin to describe the experience.

  59. Pablo Kerlleñevich

    love to see this actual footage inside the capsule! if you can share more… please do :) it would be most appreciated. Thank you for taking Mr Shatner to the stars!

  60. johankepler1

    Risk is our business … Shatner made us dream that one day man would reach the stars. Many pursued careers in science because of his art. Now he takes the bold step of going there by himself. What a great man! Thank you for everything!

  61. Cary Cary

    Fantastic! I’m curious to know if any consideration was given to approaching Buzz Aldrin to see if he’d be interested in revisiting a realm he’s very familiar with but hasn’t experienced in decades?

  62. Reefing It Simple

    Just hearing the amazement of James T. Kirk, William Shatner in space is truly priceless.

  63. AdrianBoyko

    “No….. description… can equal this!” Classic Shatner delivery 😂

    So glad he enjoyed the ride!

  64. Jim Bresnahan

    As a child of the 70s and 80s, we just took it for granted that Bill Shatner was still doing stuff in the public eye. What a blessing that the decade of the 2020’s also has him!

  65. Bernie Williams

    Even in space.. Shatner defies weightlessness in space. Training as Kirk did him well.

  66. Conundrum191

    I don’t think I could stop myself from looking at him and saying “Sir, Klingon Bird of Prey decloaking off the starboard bow…”

  67. Cw tr

    Shatner showing and describing his disbelief in the most elegant way
    Others: This is nuts!

  68. Adam D

    Reminds me of his last scene in Star Trek Generations as Captain Kirk, his last words were “Oh, my”.
    Seeing him completely blown away both on here and on the ground was so awesome to see.

  69. Avionics TechShop

    LOL, that was a total different reaction then the one he gave aboard the enterprise the first time.

    That was priceless.
    Oops, no pun intended.
    Okay, maybe a little joke.

  70. Victorillo 377

    I relate with Cap. Kirk on an emotional and existential level 😂

  71. NPC 69541

    Honestly shatner deserves this more than anyone.

  72. Sir-Worthington

    I don’t really dig blue origin more of a spaceX fan. But so cool seeing captain in awe.

  73. William Hastie

    Shatner stuck to the window “oh wow! I can’t believe this!” Phenomenal! 🚀

  74. Joe Hala

    I was almost in tears at his awe of the whole experience. I was skeptical of his flight at first but hearing him changed my mind.

  75. Websitedr

    Shatners voice alone tells the experience he’s having.

  76. Dennis D'Menace

    Shatner is Canadian. I wonder why the queen hasn’t knighted him.

  77. YouInVR

    Blue Origin, like William Shatner said, please make it in VR for everybody to experience. Two 8k cameras recording side by side for ultimate 3D VR quality experience. New VR headsets coming soon.

  78. Martin Wright

    Great job blue origin ,made my day seeing the captain and fellow astronaughts complete the mission safe.Bills wonderfull coments were beutifull to hear.What an amazing guy he is .

  79. koz

    I’m surprised he didn’t say “Beam me up higher… “. Perfect.
    This audio is destined to be remixed as part of a fresh tune by PSB.

  80. homunculus666

    Glad this crew, unlike the first one, spent their time looking out the windows.

  81. TheSunExpress

    I’m certain I’d do the same thing Shatner did: Glued to the window, totally mesmerized. #BucketList #ICanHazRide

  82. Cydonius1

    Meanwhile, a Vulcan scientist on a recon craft detected some strangely familiar yet unknown brain wave patterns while meditating. He ordered the craft’s captain to divert course to an unmapped star system nearby ….

  83. Accessible Photography

    Makes me smile. Good on ya Cap,n Kirk. Enjoy.

  84. David Wallace

    Amazing! Bill, you made it. Seeing you so happy and astounded, brings joy to all of us. 😊

  85. Ozzy

    I’m waiting for the captain kirk asmr. Hours of softly spoken “oh God” and “I can’t believe this”

  86. PSpaces

    Captain Kirk what are your orders?
    Kirk: 😮 oh… wow…. oh…. wow😯

  87. Bayou Traveler

    What an experience to hear a man so lost for words at the magnificence of the beauty of the earth. I’m so happy you got to see it Mr. Shatner. You’re an inspiration to us all 😌

  88. Neven

    Reaction of Mr. Shatner is everything for this planet,and future years.Thank you sir.❤️🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  89. Harabeck

    Shatner was almost in tears trying to explain the experience back on the ground.

  90. Akash Yadav

    Shatner is in Awe, i love it.

  91. Ravenna

    Kirk glued to the window whispering his admiration to the void will go down in history as what all of humanity thinks about the stars.

  92. LRv Tv

    OooOoOoh I’ve been waiting for this!! Thank you. Love how our captain is just staring, amazed at everything, whilst everyone else is doing acrobatics and flying about. What a calm and sweet dude :)

  93. Al Garzon

    Oh it’s nice to see the pioneer of space travel of one of the greatest stories a space travel. Congratulations William Shatner you’ve also inspired me to be a great engineer and be involved in computers and electronics mechanical engineering.

  94. Carmine Barisano

    I hope what Mr Shatner says after landing to Jeff Bezos will be of inspiration for all mankind….thanx Captain Kirk!

  95. Elan Lift

    He’s so calm taking it all in!

  96. Gary

    Beautiful Bill. Beautiful.

  97. Tristian Barragan

    I was there watching today!!! So much fun for the school group I went with! Very Exciting!!

  98. Bear Down

    Epic shatner! Love his reaction!

  99. ninwithabin

    Captain Kirk looks so happy to be up there, he deserves it!

  100. lol

    “Beam me up, Scotty”

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