New Glenn’s Tank Cleaning and Processing Facility

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We use the Tank Cleaning and Testing (TCAT) facility to pressure test and clean New Glenn’s stages before flight. This massive building will be used for the fully reusable first stage which stands tall at 180 feet.

  1. Kristi Deeley

    It’s come a long way since Family Day last year!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤

  2. Allen Hansen


  3. Gohta Shiraishi

    There’s a lot of BO bashing here, and I’ve got to admit I’m a huge SpaceX fan, but I can appreciate that there is a very different approach that they taking here. Slow and steady, carefully and diligently. They’re demonstrating the professionalism of their operation, how carefully they’re establishing well built facilities and if I was a potential customer with a multi-million dollar payload to send into LEO, GEO or beyond, seeing this sort of thorough development would be very reassuring. While I do enjoy seeing the rapid pace of development of Starship, I can understand that for potential investors or customers, seeing the SN prototypes crash and burn might be a little concerning. Don’t get me wrong, I honestly believe Starship will become a reliable and safe platform much like the Falcon 9 has, just want to make a point that BO is being much more careful about public perceptions and are being very diligent, which is why they’re talking their time with it.

  4. Weezle Deezle

    Blue ballzzzz

  5. Flash Barry

    Did she say that there’s no other facility on the cape that assembles, reuses and refirbishes rockets 👀 I’m pretty sure that SpaceX is gonna have a problem with that statement

  6. Spain Space

    Fake, Jeff Who. Just like your rockets, your wife and your hair.

  7. WWeronko

    BO could have always put an expendable 2nd stage on the New Shepard rocket and gain both experience and an income stream. Instead, they choice the slowest, step by step, ferociously or not, approach that guaranteed them losing the National Security Space Launch contract to ULA and SpaceX. By delaying the New Glenn first launch to late 2022 they give SpaceX the opportunity to develop the Star Ship / Super Heavy next technological step with no real competition. I really want to see New Glenn fly. However, BO needs to develop a new business plan.

  8. Ben Snow

    There is no other facility
    – A) on the Cape
    – B) where you build a rocket
    – C) you fly it
    – D) you bring it back
    – E) and you fly it again

    Five qualifiers. That’s how many Blue Origin had to use to have something unique… lol

    – Falcon 9’s Horizontal Integration Facility is the obvious answer, but while its fills up A, C, D, E, the rocket is in fact built in California
    – to stick with SpaceX, Boca Chica is doing B, C, D, and E, but it’s not on the Cape
    – NASA’s VAB is visible in the background, which completes objectives A, B, and C, but they don’t have reusable rockets
    – they did have reusable rockets though, the Shuttle and even its SRBs fill in A, C, D, and E again, but again it’s not built on the Cape
    – ULA’s S.M.A.R.T. Reuse comes close, but they don’t bring back the entire rocket
    – even Rocket Lab has the same capability, but again, not specifically on the Cape

    While technically correct at the moment, this is why you’re not exactly a positive meme in the space nerd community, Blue. It’s not that you don’t do great work, you do, but you can’t seem to accept that you’re not The Best. Why do you try so hard to present yourself as the only one capable of great things, as opposed to part of a diverse and innovative industry?

  9. Matthew R

    At the end of the video, she says “there’s no other place like it where you build the rocket and then it launches and it comes back”. It’s kinda funny because that’s exactly what Spacex does.

  10. Jack DeSantis

    god damn SLS is going to make it to the moon by the time guys make it to orbit

  11. Jack DeSantis

    why r they doing pressure tests inside?!?!?. We all saw what happened with sn 7.1 and even the SLS core for that matter. no matter what clamps u have you can’t stop the nitrogen from absolutely crushing ur walls like a giant wave.

  12. HaploBartow

    Still not sent anything to space yet?

  13. Microbyte VAX11/780

    Thanks for sharing. Hello from Titusville

  14. Matthew Palmer

    This woman just shit on Jeff Bezos’ personal elevator

  15. Luci Feric

    Gee I hope the massively engineered rocket works perfectly just as intended without a lot of engineering changes.

  16. Ben Gad.

    Awesome video’s Keep them coming! Blue Origin and Space X and Nasa are making it great to be American again! And move the human species forward.

  17. Steve Draeger

    Spacex already brings their stages back and refurbs them right there😂😂 have been for years.


    I saw that building when I went to the Kenedy space center

  19. Dude la Dude

    This is GREAT! When SpaceX’s biggest rival Blue Origin starts New Glen and begins catching up. Just imagine the kind of speed, innovation and exploration we could be seeing in the near future. YES!

  20. Matthew Mitus

    0:57 Starship: Pathetic

  21. almafuertegmailcom

    “There is no other facility where you build the rocket, you fly it, you bring it back, and you fly it again”. LOL, I’ll take “What is Boca Chica” for 500, Alex.

  22. JBAObservatory

    BO has apparently managed to build a cloaking device for this rocket.

  23. DROX101

    Ahhhh so they havent begun pressure testing ok…,

  24. Ficar Amriza


  25. Alydas

    wait how does it get out once its built inside? its taller then the door

  26. Rowland

    Still waiting for you guys to reach orbit!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  27. Mechanical Rocketeer

    Makes SpaceX look like a little club house 🤣🤣🤣

  28. Jack Stinson

    That is a nice empty building. Pretty much all I expected.

  29. Luci Feric

    BO=look at our shiny new factory. SpaceX= while we dominate the launch industry, let’s build our own personal world wide satcom system.

  30. Patch T

    Much Thanks for sharing your progress with us Blue Origin!!! Finally!!! We are so behind all you guys and can wait for you guys to get in this GAME! 👍GO FLIGHT!!! 👍

  31. Brian Marks

    Someone was supposed to put the rocket in before they filmed the video, weren’t they?

  32. Wiizl

    So cool! Maybe in 10 years you’ll have a working rocket prototype!!

  33. RyeOnHam

    Blue finally hired a camera operator and host. Phew. Ferocious step, folks.

  34. Luci Feric

    Let’s see..who is copying SpaceX and Tesla…the entire world?

  35. Luci Feric

    BO=let’s follow the Boeing ULA business model. SpaceX=disrupt an entire industry and put themselves decades ahead of the competition.

  36. spaceX SFS

    They build launch pad an test facility before rocket is real

  37. John Theux

    Who is up for a Boca-Chica high bay size comparizon?

  38. msears101

    Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin have some catching up to do.

  39. Arkadiusz M

    Dear BO, you rock et

  40. Matt

    “Give my regards to your puppet master”

  41. Furrrburger

    Why say there is nothing on the cape where you build it, fly it, bring it back, and fly it again? We all know SpaceX has been landing the F9 for years now. Just be honest with your words, we aren’t morons over here!

  42. proesterchen

    I’m sure glad the all-black & boots outfit isn’t the company uniform. Cause it isn’t, right? Right?

  43. tod4y

    Looking forward to the rocket. Really do. Maybe in another 5 years we see it rolling for a maiden flight.

  44. Ash

    00:31 Same ring structure that SpaceX is building at Boca Chica. So that is what it looks like when finished.

    Beside that, I am so hyped to see New Glenn fly!

  45. Cesar Pcminirace

    Nice factory, nice models and … Where are the rockets?

  46. 13deadghosts

    Did i understand this correctly, you plan to perform tank pressure tests inside the building (@00:32) ? Or did i missunderstood you ?

  47. Hydrolox Aerospace

    Jeff who?

  48. Neko

    Space x has been doing this stuff for years now. Stop saying you are the only ones

  49. Brett


  50. Mempo

    Awesome! Love this update!

  51. Todd VanTongeren

    Wait… is new Glenn going to be reusable?

  52. seasong

    Guys can you just use meters

  53. Emperor Billy Ritchie

    Wow you guys that close to Kennedy

  54. Benjamin Crooks

    “no other place like the AT THE CAPE” lol yall have 1 mock up. and a huge production site. You should take a look at what is going on in Boca Chica TX. freaking step it up.

  55. Luci Feric

    BO=Billions and decades for factories and a cute little suborbital ride. Spacex=build the rocket outdoors, we’ll figure out the rest as we go..

  56. Framryk

    2021 and 2022 promise to be an exciting time watching Blue Origin, SpaceX, ULA and RocketLab and myriad new small launch providers help us get to space! Go #teamspace!

  57. Banzai Badger

    Fancy factory but nothing to show for it

  58. Vimal Ramachandran

    We need SpaceX rockets to be built inside BO buildings. That’ll give us the best of both worlds.

  59. TimeWaster Sebi

    Finally we see something from you guys, go New Glenn!

  60. DJ Stoplicht Official

    Pressure testing a first stage indoors, sounds like a great idea🙈🙈

  61. Mike Peterson

    “…I feel like I’ve been in this elevator for ten years.” That’s how we all feel waiting for BO to launch something into orbit.

  62. Wonko Sane

    Way to go Blue Origin! Take spaceflight out of the hands of the Government.

  63. Jared Velazquez

    Ok, I’m gonna admit, it looks pretty cool

  64. Jeet Sg

    13 teen

  65. Tom P.

    Why is Blue Origin so hard to like? So many words, so little action. Not even a view of New Glenn.

  66. Nolan Reach

    To LEO & Beyond

  67. Inkster147

    No other facility like this? 🤔 SpaceX wants to know your location!
    Jokes aside I’m eagerly looking forward to New Glenn and its adventures! 🥳

  68. Hicham Mohsen

    We wanna see new glenn not a high bay

  69. Mattéo Perron

    wow they built a building

  70. Nolan Reach


  71. Aryan Gupta

    Can’t wait for spacex to finally get competition!

  72. Claude Robbin

    First! Go Glenn go! Now that Jeff has retired, he can improve the speed…

  73. SpaceX - SR2

    Looks Great

  74. Some thingelese


  75. Kyle


  76. Kleist


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