New Glenn Factory Progress Update

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Check out the recent progress at our New Glenn rocket factory at Cape Canaveral. We are testing flight operations with the giant stage 1 simulator, producing flight hardware, and growing the integration and test facilities around the campus.

  1. josh

    Good luck! Hoping for a success to Blue Origin!

  2. Christopher Carr

    JFC, they are slow.

    Let’s get New Glenn launches happening while I still have teeth, eh? Just get Daddy Bezos to sell $2 billion worth of $AMZ next time.

  3. Seryos Vit


  4. Thomas Chow

    editor must be having a tough day at work screening the video for ITAR violations

  5. Rocket Cello

    I’m just happy cause
    1) Blue Origin is showing themselves, which will get the positive publicity
    2) The toxic side of SpaceX stans hasn’t been very noticeable.
    Best of luck to orbit!

  6. Vinay Kumar

    500 employees? Where are they? 😂

  7. Top Bruh Man

    I can dig it.

  8. Pat Kershaw

    The Fairing is kinda awesome….

  9. Brandon Arentson

    Lol at Blue Origin releasing this (super cool) video and then *literally hours later* announcing New Glenn is delayed a full year, until Q4 2022….

  10. Dangerous

    This is so dam good !!!

    23ft diametre !!:)

  11. m joao

    Finally, some new hardware from Blue Origin that if his fly well and land corretly it will be a nigthmare to Spacex, and Elon M.
    If it fly this year , that wil be great to Blue O, of course, and to all the competition.
    I m with great expetative about this rocket really.

  12. gsmontag

    I’m so glad you’re finally giving us this kind of inside look! Please, keep it up folks. There are a whole bunch of enthusiasts out here eager to support you.

  13. Stephen Irwin

    Nice to see some of their hardware.

  14. Marcelo Mapurunga

    Estou torcendo pela conclusão do New Glenn… 🇧🇷

  15. Alexander Neuman

    We shouln’t be picking teams, we should just be happy that progress is being made.

  16. Bill Bader

    Cool to see inside.. Ive been past many times since they broke ground.

  17. Microbyte VAX11/780

    Thanks for sharing. Hello from Titusville

  18. Michael Mangano

    His enthusiasm reminds me of NASA’s Jim Green. Pretty pumped about this – and away from Musk’s Men too!

  19. Gracialon Ignasiver

    I love how clean their facility is.

  20. Connor Murray

    Interesting how blue Origin starts uploading videos now

  21. Maurice Roefke

    catching Spacex will be hard but i believe in u 🙃😉

  22. KsNewSpace

    2 minutes are tooo little! Just give us nerds 1 hour unedited smalltalk walking through the space. :DD

  23. Asahi Orbit

    No matter how much you look at the numbers, you really get a sense of scale when a human is next to the rocket parts. Can’t wait for New Glenn to fly 🚀 #TeamSpace

  24. __

    🚀 🌙

  25. SnazzyHusky

    Here we gooo!! Musk vs Bezos = more access to space!!

  26. Waker of Winds

    Wow, great to that y’all are doing good work on New Glenn! I can’t wait to see another mostly reusable rocket!

  27. YewTewbe

    I wish they’d use metric. I have no idea what they’re talking about :(

  28. The Sly Fox

    I’m hoping now that Bezos is stepping down from Amazon, he’ll devote way more time to BO and getting them to space

  29. MediumRare

    0:30 “Its so cool to see… just mocked up”


  30. Matthieu Sinico

    I hope we will have more videos like this one ;-)

  31. Oscar Sorensen

    Faith restored! Hope Jeff’s paying his taxes..

  32. Arron Eilert

    Exciting times! Gradatim Ferociter!

  33. Mechanical Rocketeer

    Can we get a 24/7 live stream for BO ? 🤪❤️🤪

  34. jawbreaker

    Good job guys now show some test flights.

  35. Hjalte sørensen


  36. Rich

    Muskrats reeeeing the comments 🤣

  37. Patch T

    YEaH!!! Yes! NEW GLENN!!! IT IS ABOUT TIME… Magnificent!!! I’m psyched! Proud to see you guys in Action Finally!!! Super clean Work environment fabrication and assembly area that we all hope to see and imagine…. So Very cool guys!!! We are behind you all the way… let’s MAKE HISTORY!!! GO FLIGHT! MOON SHOT… WE ARE GO…👍

  38. J DE

    Cool, but you gotta change that jerky hand-held video motion… Makes it difficult to focus on any one thing.

  39. Stuart Reed

    When hop

  40. Dhaval Harsuda

    “It’s also 23ft in diameter, which is larger than anything flying today”

    Starship: Am I a joke to you?

  41. This Monstrosity

    Glad for the update! It’s rare to be updated when new glenn has been secretive

  42. Mahbub S.B. Jalil

    Whoo! SpaceX, Blue Origin, Ula, Rocket lab, Astra and more! Great time to be alive!

  43. Arkadiusz M

    Underrated imo.

  44. luziferbalboa

    thank you. That´s very interesting and impressive. [ But there is only one Original factory tour – Tory & Destin ;-) ]

  45. Umberto Merlin

    love to see competion gear up ! this is wow!

  46. Thomas Roberts


  47. DTHRocket

    0:39 “Just mocked up”

  48. Ash

    Finally, some hardware!

  49. Kenji Okura


  50. proesterchen

    Thanks for the new insights, can’t wait for you to try for orbit. 👍

  51. Jonathan Tanner

    23’ is bigger than anything flying today? Have you seen what’s going on in Boca Chica?

  52. Feel Good

    Big rocket. Can’t wait to see her fly!

  53. Brett

    Amazing infrastructure created to reach almost-orbit!

  54. Jonah Lewis

    Man, it’s so crazy thinking about the future I, as a 15 year old will grow up in. My dream is to be an aerospace engineer one day. Thanks Blue Origin for everything you do, stay safe and healthy out there! Gradatim Ferociter friends

  55. Alex Fiet

    0:46 “It’s also 23ft in diameter, which is larger than anything flying today”

    I mean, Starship has **technically** flown, and that’s 29.5ft in diameter

    Granted it hasn’t flown to orbit but neither has Blue Origin

  56. Mempo

    Nice! Glad you shared this with us!

  57. Lucurous

    Disappointed that you didn’t use metric there.

  58. EgamerSMK

    I’m all for SpaceX *and* Blue Origin(also Ula, Rocket lab, astra, etc.)

  59. Corey Taylor

    “well shit, they saw the rocket. well this is as good a time as any to make an update video”

  60. Andrey Krasnokutsky

    Wow, impressive. Thanks for sharing.

  61. Dev Sonar

    These Rockets are A key to Future……..🔥❤️❤️🚀

  62. MayuriK

    Oh, finally we can see something! Nice tour of the factory!
    Amazing how big it’s the fairing! 😳

  63. Emperor Billy Ritchie

    Wow that is a big behemoth of a rocket 🚀

  64. Rocketguy

    Expecting some spaceX fanboi

  65. Joey Shabadoo

    Contractor: How many sq feet do you want your rocket company to be?

    Jeff Bezos: Yes

  66. JayVal90

    That director of communications needs a bigger budget. Seriously, MORE VIDEOS BEZOS! I bought a ton of stuff on Amazon, now I want to watch you play with the money.

  67. Framryk

    Great to see New Glenn development coming along Go Blue Origin Go #teamspace!

  68. No-one_no1

    Good stuff guys! #gogo

  69. Treavor Miller

    0:46 I mean that’s not really true anyway you spin it…

  70. sumithra dnaik

    One day I will work in ur company sir

  71. sumithra dnaik

    4th viewer

  72. Inkster147

    More competition? NICEEE!

  73. jamieK111

    That fairing is yuuuge!

  74. Vimal Ramachandran

    New Glenn will be epic!

  75. Hicham Mohsen

    Can’t wait for that baby to fly!

  76. Devin Dykstra

    I’m so glad we’re getting an update on New Glenn. I can’t wait to see another semi-reusable launch vehicle take flight.

  77. Edu

    Seeing actual hardware is amazing, the sense of scale is insane, hopefully all goes well

  78. Äjãy_Çõñstāñtïñê

    Finally we have a competition with SpaceX.
    Will New Glen be competing against Falcon heavy or Starship?

  79. Matthieu D.

    Finally! Blue Origin comes out of the shadows!

  80. The Informania

    GOod luck…

  81. SkySaac

    would love to work there someday!

  82. David Nagy

    Good luck guys, can’t wait to see her fly!!!

  83. Suar Suar

    Thank you….

  84. DummyJoe

    Can’t wait for New Glenn! Going to be a beast of a rocket! #TeamSpace

  85. The third dimension

    Cool finally!

  86. swegwards JD Khaled

    Step by step girls and boys!!!!!! Ferociously!!!!!!

  87. finne reidinga

    finally an update

  88. Starship SN9

    Finally An Update…

  89. Pol Valls

    F for the delay

  90. Koen Kegel

    Uploaded 16 seconds ago.. Great to see BlueOrigin becoming more public. Keep it up BO!

  91. Andrei Farcas

    This thing will be big and I cannot wait to see it fly! Go Blue Origin!

  92. MenosQuincy

    Surprise rocket news is the best news!

  93. Achman Thor Clash Champio

    Hello I sent the envelop .
    Please Launch it by new Sephard Rocket

  94. Matthew Dimmick


  95. caav56

    At long last… thanks!

  96. Loth Wolf


  97. kilopower


  98. L4NC4STER


  99. Michael G Scott


  100. Arash 2007


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