New Glenn: Building the Road to Space

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Down in Florida we’re hard at work building our orbital rocket, New Glenn. This is the rocket that will help build the road to space.

  1. Walid Hossaini

    This is incredible! Can’t wait to go to space!!!

  2. Riduane Valerio De Freita

    i just wish for less (we will do this, we doing this..) and more inspiring technical information about the ship and what comes next. i mean promises only take you so far…

  3. NorthernChev

    Blue Origin management needs to bring in, “The Bobs” to conduct job reviews…

  4. Inverted CNC

    is this another pretty plywood mockup or actual flight worthy test hardware? Got any engines yet that work?

  5. Regolith

    Building a Road to Space means suing everyone else into oblivion. Their corporate motto is “Gradatim Ferociter” which is Latin for “If we can’t have it, no one can.”

  6. Mark Hatvani

    Finally, some names, faces and hardware. Good to see!

  7. Ron Watkins

    So, where do I find out about the timeline? When do we expect to see the first launch? I appreciate the videos, but perhaps more of them with greater detail would be appreciated.

  8. Kevin Tilofus

    Thank you for sharing this. Keep up the good work and good luck♥️

  9. Andrew Tingle

    I think it’d actually be quicker to build a real road to space and drive on up! 🤦‍♂️

  10. I_Complex

    Blue Origin, proving waterfall project methodology is not dead! It may be taking a long time, but New Glenn is going to be epic.


    > we’re in the space coast of florida, where all the action is, where the history of human spaceflight started

    Yuri would like to object.

  12. Allan T

    I dont care what company it is, I look forward to any space program

  13. snuffeldjuret

    Cheers to all those at Blue actually making a rocket, can’t wait to see it fly!

  14. Lord Twinkie

    Lovin’ these New Glenn and BE-4 videos. New Shepard can only be so interesting.

  15. Mike Cleverly

    I really hope they pull this off, New Glenn will be incredible!

  16. Rodrigo

    The cheek of these titles 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  17. Nick Fotis

    Nice video. We are waiting to see rockets launching payloads to space, though…

  18. DomDoesCoasters

    This vehicle is cool, but until Blue Origin play fair and mature in terms of constantly sueing everyone and throwing hissy fits I won’t support them.

  19. Xaser Nixeus

    Jeff Bezos is not building a road to space, he’s suing his way to space.

  20. Grisly Blackstone

    I love that there are multiple companies competing to advance space explorations,
    But How do they manage to make a video so corporate that it makes Space sound boring?!

  21. Lyle Fox

    Seems like blue origin is more interested in making their production facilities pretty and expensive rather than functional and capable of producing usable rockets that are functional and cheap…

  22. Артём мётрА

    При всём уважении, давайте больше дела, чем слов)

  23. Peter Sampson


  24. Celadon Hair Extraordinai

    Forget what everyone is saying in the comments, publishing this video was a step in the right direction, good job.

  25. Matthew R

    Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule of suing NASA to make this video.

  26. quantum robot

    well it’s kinda obvious why Jeff bezos put this commercial out now and it’s wonderful to see excited employees but if we wait on Blue origin to build a road to space we will all be dead before it gets there Thank God for SpaceX!!! GO Elon and SpaceX you’re the real road to space!

  27. ANTY SPI

    I´m really intrested in how long the development issues with the BE4 engine will delay New Glenn and Vulcan Centaur.

  28. Victorillo 377

    BO, it’s not that we don’t want to see you succeed in space ; we actually do. Competition is great. But you’ve put more effort in making law suits than rockets in the past 8 months 😬

  29. live8700

    test flight must be epic of this rocket cant wait and GL team blue :)

  30. Rex Zamponi

    Looks awesome…….look forward to watching it fly 🚀

  31. ThePhantomRocket

    As a member of team space, I admire what you are doing, but I just wish you guys were making more progress quicker. Less lawsuits and more progress!

  32. Jörg Altheimer

    Nice to see some more activity at the New Glenn factory and especially the new hardware, like tankdomes, interstage etc.

  33. Keelar

    “We’re working on legacy”

    Ah yes, a legacy where you sue Nasa and SpaceX just because you’re so far behind that your Artemis Lunar Lander proposal wasn’t even close to being competitive.

  34. Ahmad Danial Basaruddin

    Well done to the engineers! To the PR marketing team, why are you making them say that? Be realistic will you.

  35. Luke

    More new glenn stuff and less lawsuits, please! You guys appear to have a very capable engineering force, focus on the engineering and getting the public on your side. Your stated mission is incredibly noble and there is room for everyone if you focus your efforts in the right places. The public will change their tune about you guys very fast if you give us more of this and less of having to hear you denigrating your main competitor.

  36. Carlos_A_M

    I’ll give it to ya though, that rocket looks cool as hell. Probably only good thing I have to say about this company, cheers to the workers though.

  37. MrArcticPOWER

    We want to see more of this, we’ve had enough of New Shepard and all the stupid lawsuits.

  38. KsNewSpace

    It’s interesting how SpaceX builds the rocket first and then the factory and Blue Origin builds the factory and then the rocket. Like a Schrödinger’s chicken egg problem in super position! lol

  39. Nefas

    It’s modern, it’s reuseable, it’s new hardware. That’s gonna be changing the game. ~ Blue Origin
    Meanwhile SpaceX already changed the game.

  40. Scott Shepard

    It’s nice to meet each of the employees

  41. Sonderax

    This has video has more miss-information then BO has orbital experience

  42. Casey Kaplan

    It is time to have affordable space travel for everyone! Go Blue Origin!!!

  43. Michael John Little

    Step by step ferociously! Keep going guys!

  44. Itz_ Ultima

    i wonder how many times these workers were allowed to use the bathroom while filming this video.

  45. WWeronko

    Blue needs to get on with it. Their lethargy is what legends are made of.

  46. Justin Schiavo

    Regardless of all the controversy, I’m happy to see some flight hardware :) hopefully there’s more to come!

  47. Soham Purav

    Finally, they are actually showing some on New Glenn.

  48. ArcLite

    I honestly do want Blue Origin to succeed and become a true competitor in the modern space industry. Many are out there rooting for them because healthy competition in the market is good for all. New Glenn looks to be coming along nicely. Hopefully they can show us something truly impressive soon.

  49. Jonas Sominka

    Thanks for the video and insight, exiting!

  50. Kamino

    “..never gonna give you up! Never gonna let you down..”

  51. Robert Pettigrew

    Is a big leap in capability and stoked for Blue Origin because we need as many innovative companies giving access to space in a way undreamed about 15 years ago! I know Blue Origin play their cards close to their chests but looking forward to a roadmap and finally launching this epic piece of kit :)


    I heard months ago you were going to roll the prototype/pathfinder out to the launch pad. What happened?

  53. Zairrah Murtaza

    Hopefully, New Glenn and Starship both will fly in 2022,Inshallah!
    And we will have more awesome vehicles flying into space soon.

  54. Virus Studio

    what will Jeff do when New Glenn doesn’t works out: sue new glenn

  55. Barack Obama

    “History of human Spaceflight started In Florida”

    The Russians were way ahead of us and they sent Yuri Gagarin way before we did anything, that happened at what is nowadays the Baikonur Cosmodrome, which is in Kazakhstan, not Florida.

  56. Barack Obama

    Can’t wait until 2032 when this shit finally launches.

  57. Freakoutski

    Do you know what else is big and white and moves along at roughly the same pace? A glacier.

  58. Maddie

    Look how far we came in the last 60 years.

    I am fortunate to see how far we will go in the next 60 years.

    Ill be old af but then. but Im excited.

  59. Andy Black

    New Glenn is looking good! Am exited for when it does launch! 🚀

  60. Capitalist Warrior

    1:56 “We’re suing NASA, it will last a hundred years, & longer”

  61. Tr3v1z3

    They have more than lawyer in this big building? Oh, it’s mockup storage… :(

  62. John Aiken

    Me: Oh? An update video?! This is a first! Finally some information on the progress of a vehicle that has been in development for nearly a decade!

    Blue Origin: “I’m building a road to space.”

    Me: 😐… Yep. Might as well have been a RickRoll

  63. VonPredator

    Please keep the updates coming we all want to share in your success! Gradatim Ferociter!

  64. jigil jigil

    *It would be nice to share more videos about New Glenn and BE-4 engine more regularly.*

  65. tanchos

    first build a damn rocket, then talk about space

  66. Zaxst

    Letsgooo engineers at blue don’t get enough appreciation! Great job, we want to see it fly!!!

  67. tanchos

    BO: we can deploy more payload than everybody else;
    SpaceX does not exist for them

  68. Marlene Funk

    I moved to South America ten years ago, but during my 47 years in Florida, the Space Center was my favorite sight to visit. My few getaways from my work, long weekends were spent at a hotel overlooking the launch pads. And on clear days, I could see launches from my front lawn. I think Bezos can do exactly what he says. I think it is everyone’s responsibility to clean up the Earth before going anywhere, but I am behind Bezos the whole way. Unlike others, he will rarely talk about something unless he is sure he can make it happen.

  69. Landon Glasgow

    I’ll believe when i see… they have a huge goal and a bunch of other national contractors that have a head start.. good luck though.

  70. Andrew Meyer

    Cool to see some actual hardware being worked on. Can’t wait for the first launch attempt!

  71. Unpainted Lead Syndrome

    the road to space is called highway 4… take the Boca Chica exit… Or Starbase, whatever it’s called nowadays :-)

  72. Ace King

    Blue Origin’s main reason for not being orbital right now is the leadership, not anything else. This prooves that the higher members matter a LOT.

  73. Brixxter

    I appreciate that you’re sharing New Glenn footage. Would be awesome if you could do that more often!

  74. John Hancock

    Just accepted a welding position there, couldn’t be more excited to start working!

  75. Aditya Sahasranshu

    It’s gonna change the game my a$$. It’s already outdated. Ever heard of starship it can send 2-3x of that your Old Glenn can into LEO, and around 10x to any other orbit or planet.

  76. Angus

    You can’t even get the engines done and you’re doing a promotional about the rocket? How have you not finished the engines yet, it’s been a DECADE! 4 years behind schedule…GIVE ULA THEIR ENGINES

  77. DS

    I love SpaceX and their starship, but at the same time I really hope New Glenn to succeed. Let’s stop trash talking for now, and cheer awesome engineers doing awesome stuff.

  78. Trips579 Trips579

    Wow! Everyone has the same thing to say…explaining nothing.

  79. proesterchen

    It’s impressive how a PR team usually as tone-deaf as the company’s leadership can occasionally still hit the right notes like in this video. Props to the ones who haven’t stopped trying! 👍

  80. Scy7h3

    Lawsuits have never put a man on the Moon, Jeffrey.

  81. Zeska Roo

    What a Joke of a company. This PR bs isnt getting past anyone. Filled with lies.

  82. James F

    Really hope this thing gets on the pad soon! How are the BE-4 engines coming?

  83. Rod Anderson

    First look at ANY of the New Glenn hardware — except half of the nose cone BO showed previously. Very impressive — until you compare it to the Spaceship at Boca Chica. Then it looks like a very large mock-up. My guess is that it will never fly. A launch failure would be too big a hit on Bezos’ ego. He probably would not survive it 🤔

  84. Arno De Pauw

    The road to space is already built. You guys just dont have any clue how to walk on it.

  85. Friendship 7

    look at all those well equipped state of the art facilities and just how little far they’re into development, now look at those makeshift tents south of texas next to the border, look at how close they are to putting the thing into orbit.

  86. PauSto Sto

    The ULA wants the engines you owe them!!!

  87. ZitronenDachs

    Wait! BO has a contract for a lunar lander? Didn’t know.

  88. Christoffer

    I admire the courage of Blue Origin.

    Not because of their daring exploits in space exploration. No-one does. But allowing comments on their videos, that is truly courageous.

    Or is it masochism?

  89. Dean Oliver

    Ah, the infamous paper rocket. BO has got to be one of the most out of touch and tone deaf companies around.

  90. Tann Besti

    Cringey video from marketing, but hopefully the engineers will succeed. All the best ❤

  91. 1337BlueBird

    BO: We don’t gonna consider Starship because he still a prototype
    Also BO: New Glenn is better but we don’t have any proto yet

  92. Lukas

    0:59 “Where the History of Human spaceflight started”

    Yuri Gagarin: i am a joke to you?

  93. Martin Wadewitz

    Maybe spend less time on road work and more on the BE4.

  94. Dodleboper

    0:34 “can put more into space than anyone else”

    Starship and Falcon Hevey(expendable): am I a joke to you?

  95. J Shepard

    Why do I get the feeling that Jeff wants the taxpayers to foot the bill for all this?

  96. Ajay Constantine

    From New Sheppard to New Glen is a mighty big step. Can’t wait for New Glen!!! From a SpaceX fan boy…

  97. 01NS pihsratS

    0:30 “We are building a rocket and a launch site that can put more payload into space that anybody else”

    Translation: SpaceX doesn’t exist

  98. Jim Chan

    Launch dates? Any contracts for payload? Testing videos?
    I really want to cheer for you guys but you gotta give us more than this. Especially when you are competing with a company with the best PR in the world.

  99. Khal djinnah

    Good thing ! blue origin is communicating.

  100. MayuriK

    Oh, finally we seen something about the New Glenn!

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