Lunar Descent Element Demo Mission

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At our Huntsville, Alabama factory, we built a full-scale pathfinder of our Descent Element lander in preparation for our demonstration mission. This mission will happen a year before landing crew on the Moon. By proving out our technology and pre-positioning equipment, it will start America’s sustainable return to the Moon. To learn more about the Blue Origin-led HLS National Team, visit:

  1. Philippe Vanagt

    How can you talk about sustainability and design a craft that leaves half of its materials on the surface of the moon ?? I understand it takes a lot more fuel to have it leave nothing behind there, but we can’t just have hundreds of descent stages littered across the moon, can we ??? Unless off course they are double purpose and can be re-configured as homes for future crew ?

  2. Aaron Got Everything

    upload live satelight image

  3. Aaron Got Everything

    Good Work, when is the launch

  4. JC Davis

    How am I in Huntsville and not realizing this is being done in Huntsville…shame on me, that’s so cool! Can’t wait to see how everything turns out

  5. Heart of Dawn

    Who is going to be the launch provider?

  6. Raymond Saint

    And you’ll use Falcon Heavy to send it :D Oh the Irony~

  7. Space News Pod

    GO Blue Origin!

  8. Matthew Peck

    When is BO going to deliver any result at all? Having Jeffy more focused on you isn’t going to make that easier.

  9. otto von ottsville

    Why don’t you try this?

    -oh wait Dynetics is already doing that one. Two of their landers, a crew dragon, some truss and misc. SpaceX parts and voila!
    An Eagle.

  10. otto von ottsville

    Stuck in the past

  11. Davide Riccardo Lizzani

    0:13 that leg shacking…

  12. David And Lori Haynes

    Go blue origin

  13. DTHRocket

    Everyone commenting on SpaceX vs Blue
    Dynetics over here like, “Hey guys, remember us?”

  14. Jackie Gan

    Meanwhile at Boca Chica…


    I really hope this works out, but none of what BE puts forward really fills me with hope. This all looks a bit ramshackle, and by now I would have expected further progress, but perhaps that’s unfair.

  16. It doesn't really matter

    Glad Bezos will now be fully dedicating his time to Blue origins and his other endavours, things are about to get more interesting in the upcoming years.

  17. Edd Jordan

    I think you should make that ladder a bit longer.

  18. Max


  19. DaRoachDogg Jr.


  20. Mortally Challenged

    Rocket first.

  21. Revtune

    This is why Bezos left Amazon. I think BO is about to get serious.

  22. Marc Jones

    Wow. A whole ton.

  23. Richard South

    After 20 years as a company you still haven’t made it to orbit. When exactly are you planning this Moon mission? 2050 ?

  24. Helmuts Rudzītis

    Bezos now will have lots of idle hands moments, let’s hope Blue Origin goes Moon pretty soon ;)

  25. Silent Rain

    Кто нибудь знает, когда следующий тестовый полет New Shepard?

  26. Ben Anderson

    SpaceX: let’s do dozens of tests and blow up lots of rockets before we try anything important

    Blue Origin: we don’t know how to get to orbit but a moon base should be easy… YOLO

  27. Mercurian Brachistochrone

    Am i nuts for thinking that the one and only vehicle that matters is SpaceX Starship ?
    I mean,1 metric ton to the Moon ? There is no way to support and mission worth doing with that.

  28. Silent Epsilon

    another clickbait video title, please put “future plans for” in front of it.

  29. Mc Momo

    another animation while spacex is headed to mars with its starship almost finished hahahaha

  30. The Capacitor

    *Blue Origin:* _”We can deliver a metric ton of stuff.”_
    *SpaceX:* _”Awe… That’s cute.”_

  31. C Cubed Miniatures

    This is sooooo much larger then it needs to be for what they want to do

  32. Hicham Mohsen

    Waiting to see real flight articles.

  33. Muonium

    Neat. now actually fly something into orbit.

  34. Brad Jakubowski

    Next, they just have to actually get it in orbit.

  35. GhostPilot

    See you in one hundred years

  36. Terry Wheelock

    When do WE get to go! Yeah, they promised US hovercars back in the 50s! 🤣😜😁👀✔👍

  37. Meljov

    0:52 “We can deliver a metric ton of stuff.” – Is that without Transfer element from Northrop Grumman?

  38. Spiritus Gaming

    good job

  39. TeslaKaniv

    Can it fly on top of reusable booster?

  40. Draper

    This progress is exciting and Draper is grateful to be a part of this team!

  41. cod of war

    Good luck blue origin 👍

  42. Tigs FPV

    This is awesome. Literally.

  43. Keith Flint

    what are the long legs

  44. Ash

    Because there are so many companies involved, it’s going to take forever to build.

  45. Eloquence

    Let’s hope it isn’t all PR like it has been so far.

  46. Cesar Pcminirace

    just do it

  47. Highball 734

    Wow another animation of you telling us what you might do some day. Just like the last decade of “testing”.

  48. Laundry Toddz

    We need to see some actual test. So far you haven’t even broke leo. Start puttin ships in the sky my guy! Im all for it, just would like to see somthing other than a fancy cgi video

  49. jlebrech

    Wow, the size of it. It looks like scaffolding for a dome.

  50. Mahbub S.B. Jalil

    Good luck Blue Origin! ❤❤❤

  51. Luci Feric

    Awesome. Scaled up tech we basically perfected 52 years ago. We’ve been robbed. We’ve actually gone backwards, aside from the robotic missions.

  52. The Sly Fox

    Hoping they get their stuff together now that Bezos will take the helm at BO closer to full time.

  53. Philip Welch

    Spacex vs everyone else basically

  54. Luci Feric

    Very impressed BO got Dr. Squyres.

  55. Heiden Lam

    Prove me and other space fans in general Blue Origin can do as well as SpaceX does!

  56. Unluckyness

    someone is gonna go all the way to the moon just to fall down that ladder

  57. Иванчо Анчевски

    Желба и технологија има, пари нема XD

  58. Kenny Phillips

    Blue Origin’s New Glenn and NASA’s SLS … I’ve heard of them, I think. I haven’t seen much of them in the flesh, however. But that PayPal guy … he’s doing stuff.

  59. Magic Carpet

    what’s with those wristbands?! 0:36 0:42 (honest question)

  60. Mikicat

    You guys already have pathfinder??

    This gives hope to see it ready on time

  61. Don D'Souza

    Pretty sure the unmanned mission is mandated by NASA.

  62. g gamba

    so many animations and not a single actual mission something is not right.

  63. J0NPlay

    More rocket engine test on the channel please :)

  64. NASA001

    Can’t wait for Artemis!!

  65. Devin Dykstra

    What’s going on with New Glenn? We are all super excited to hear and see more about it, but you guys have been awfully quiet lately. Any updates would be greatly appreciated.

  66. Harry Mack

    Nice, at this rate they will be able to get people on the lunar surface in time to wave goodbye to a starship headed for mars.

  67. PaddyPatrone

    Orbit when?

  68. Johnny

    0:05 That ladder is so fckn long

  69. Neko

    You need to orbit the earth before trying to go to the moon. So far all you have done is shoot a tiny rocket straight up and back down.

  70. Milchael -

    show us new glenn

  71. williamh

    Wheres New Glenn?

  72. Andrew Sudarikov

    Love Dr. Squires, he was instrumental in making the Spirit and Opportunity work in Mars for so long. Good luck to the Blue Origin team!

  73. SGpros

    This is a bunch of BS, come back when your done wasting money on a thrill ride and can actually get to orbit.

  74. Thomas Roberts

    There’s no point pretending anymore, we all know you won the HLS downselect 😂

  75. Big0h

    Nice CGI. Soooo… when are you reaching orbit?

  76. Barupen S

    U guys cant leave low orbit but act like nr1 rofl

  77. DJ Stoplicht Official

    Yeh nice lander and all but what about the ladder tho

  78. An Sa

    We want to see New Glenn

  79. Old Geezer

    Looks like a great concept Guys

  80. Electrofrying

    More gold foil!

  81. James Shepard

    BLUE origin….#1

  82. Water Rocket Lab

    I’m more excited about New Glenn

  83. Herald the Goose


  84. Youtube Algorithm

    0:52 when you’ve already delivered the payload, but she keeps docking.

  85. Masada1911

    Any idea of a timeframe on this?

  86. Chris Bowers

    I hope this has all kinds of cameras on it so it can catch the landing of the manned module from an outside angle. That would be awesome!

  87. proesterchen

    Nice animation, I hope you’ll share more information on your orbital rocket(s) soon! 👍

  88. Piyush Kumar

    Congratulations , ho ahead

  89. B D

    2021 is space revolution

  90. Kr U.K

    But you haven’t even made it to orbit yet 😂

  91. Colin Quirk

    Seeing this land on the moon will give me confidence in Blue Origin

  92. Youtube Algorithm

    An yes, another animation.

  93. Larry Jing


  94. Ben David


  95. Trap Astronaut

    Always at the perfect time! 😏

  96. Oska Lz

    Hello there

  97. MMM

    Let us see some rocket launches

  98. Renato Luís


  99. nandu reddy

    I believe in Blue origin

  100. Andrei Farcas

    This looks epic

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