Jeff Bezos speaks with Caroline Kennedy at the JFK Space Summit (Highlights)

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Highlights from Blue Origin’s founder, Jeff Bezos, speaking with Ambassador Caroline Kennedy on June 19th, 2019 at the JFK Library during the JFK Space Summit.

  1. WeNeedMoreFarads

    fuck jeff bezos

  2. Nur Para Todos // Tierra Plana

    complete liars!!!!!

  3. Inhale My Farts

    Bezos is a cum stain piece of trash.

  4. MORGAN 666666


  5. Georgia Lynn Jones

    more lies to diminish my own efforts in life. i was not a cloying creature ever…but if jb was outrunning women including myself and daughter, whrre is all this on the internet. come on kennedy clowns and amazon liars….pay me my billion bonus. another thing, why the jealousy for david geffen. let us hear the real interview. he made some good investments….gbl jones

  6. H M

    Fuck that greedy, vile asshole.

  7. Yme •_•

    I wonder why Jeff Bezos would give funding to build a rocket that looks like a dick (seriously, anybody can talk about that rockets look like dicks, but the New Shepard spacecraft looks A LOT more like a dick than you expected into: ¡¡It has a HEAD!!). Just hope that Jeff Bezos isn’t funding a space station with a space for the New Shepard spacecraft to dock, ¡¡because that would be TOO INAPPROPRIATE!!

  8. jimmy made

    I give a SpaceX all the credit he just getting money from the government and you haven’t done anything that’s not fair

  9. C G

    Just waiting for the haters to show up in the comment sections.
    Elon fan boys “This isn’t SpaceX rrrgh Jeff Who?”
    The far left, “He’s too rich, he needs to give that money to NASA so they can spend three times as long developing the rockets BO developed and for six times the price.”
    The far right, “He talk bad about Trump, Trump good. Jeff bad.”

  10. jonharson

    Less Bozos more Musk.

  11. YewTewbe

    “So many interesting people worked on the space program in the 60s.” – Yes. The Nazi scientists that America took from Germany and gave amnesty too :/

  12. Pavle Mandic

    I somewhat understand haters of Jeff Bezos. They were filled for years with SpaceX/Elon Musk PR talks, and they didn’t have anyone else to root for. It’s awesome someone from private sector is investing huge amount of time and money in Space industry, and that has never been done on this scale. Now, here comes someone else who has worked meticulously for years, even before SpaceX and didn’t said much before it could show it’s muscles. Of course they would hate him. Jeff didn’t need to show off to potential investors so that company could survive. SpaceX was one mission failure away from being shut down. Blue Origin has much more space financially to test things out, come up with great solutions and waste as little test vehicles as possible before coming in front of consumers. They made rocket that goes to the edge of space and brought it back safely successfully. That is their first product, and it works as designed. I have no worries that Blue Origin would be successful again with their next product, and that one should enter SpaceX base territory. Let them compete, so we could get somewhat cheap space tourism in our lifetime.

  13. Baraka Luvanda


  14. jdleschw

    “We’ve got to harvest the ice for our rockets”
    Ok…first you have to set up a refinery on the moon. Hell, first you gotta simply send some ships there, which we haven’t done. Once you do that then what? Go to mars? Then what? It’s been 50yrs since the moon landing and we haven’t done shit with amazing tech. And now you want to mine water from the moon for your space ship. All coming from a guy who made his money on online retail.
    “This is the good planet, we have to save this planet”
    Why are you spending billions on space programs if you want to save earth? What in the hell is out there that’s going to save us after billions of dollars spent?
    “We need to collaborate with nasa and govt agencies for facilities and know how”
    NASA lost the telemetry data for the moon landing and taped over the original footage. They lost the technology to go back said astronaut don Pettit.
    What the hell is going on, this makes no sense!

  15. Caravela Sideral

    A genius and a dreamer with his feet firmly on the ground.

  16. Richard Huzzey

    This man is evil. He doesn’t share enough of his money with politicians.

  17. Bedirhan Çetin

    Jeff bezos. 🤙

  18. Youtube Algorithm

    Jeff Who?

  19. Kirk Claybrook

    Is the the guy whose employees claim welfare because their wages are so low? The richest guy in the world?

  20. Milchael -

    0:54 Excuse me?

  21. kyunghee Oh

    So amazing!
    So wonderful!
    So special!
    Thank you so much Jesus Christ today again specially!
    For supporting me Connectings endlessly,
    So amazing grace Blessings generations to generations forever and ever more continually,
    Thank you so much Lord today again specially!
    All the grace and
    the glory to our God!
    God bless wonderful fomer our American’s President Kennedy’s so beautiful daughter Mrs. Kennedy and fomer American’s an embasstor of Japan.
    And so amazing powerful Connectings endlessly by our God, Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos!
    So amazing grace Blessings generations to generations continually!
    Thank you so much for sharing today again specially!
    So wonderful!
    God bless both!
    God bless all!
    God bless AMERICA!

  22. Orange Aquatics

    …..”Bezos” looks like the supposed “Howie Mandel”.

  23. Sarfaraz Patel

    Shop on Amazon and buy Tesla cars, it’s all for the betterment of humanity. Lots of credit to Bezos, Musk, Gates, and Buffet unlike many other billionaires these gentlemen have decided to give back and make the most of their wealth. Surprisingly they’re all Americans.

  24. Татьяна Ром

    I hate BezosAMZN

  25. James Kirk

    With low wages
    for his employees
    to space.
    What a poor person.

  26. hq cart

    Why do i believe in this man?
    Because he will not be alive when he reaches his dream!

  27. Chickee

    We can fuel rockets with water. Yet most of our machine’s right now are still dependent on oil. It still amazes me how much power the oil industry have.

  28. Lewis Kingsley

    Very good and thanks.

  29. PiDsMedia

    Whats with the ‘highest performing propellants’ line over an over regarding Hydrogen?
    Heavier elements release more energy in reactions, and more energy per unit of fuel load mass.

  30. 5D

    Anybody else think he’s Alien.

  31. stump182

    Bezos should stop eating burritos before he does interviews

  32. CMB

    Lex Luther !

  33. tt gokul

    What’s that black spot on his right palm, just near the base of the thumb?? Some kind of detector to read his hand movements?? or some kind of tracking/monitoring device??

  34. Rodney Carpluk

    Our species so doomed…

  35. Rodney Carpluk

    Even if the rates of bone loss, slows down after a yr, if there is any sizable amount its going to be serious if not deadly…theres around 20 percent bone loss in a yr, even if that percentage of bone loss drops by 5 percent a year, then stops for some reason…its still going to be 50 percent of total bone loss….

  36. Rodney Carpluk

    Another real issue about doing things in space, the risks…collision risk with space debris, astronauts with bone loss, eye damage muscle loss, things like that…so much so they will become a different species or die if the rate of those for a year happens every year for 5-10 yrs…

  37. Zoological Militia

    NOT 1 ¢ of that money it has belongs to Bozo it’s mine been embezzled with that fagit having lots of cave clone freak help.

  38. YouTubeExplorer

    I love you.

  39. Marcel Williams

    The first private space company to deploy propellant depots and propellant producing water depots for reusable extraterrestrial spacecraft will economically dominate the solar system. And Blue Origin is on the right track to do so!

  40. Rodney Carpluk

    astronuts discharging poop and piss into space is a real threat as well, albeit less likely…it freezes and then travels in orbit at 20,000 km s per hr…a couple lbs of frozen space poop impacting an astronauts head at 7 kms per sec will be fatal…

  41. Rodney Carpluk

    those are real issues as well…

  42. The Space Coast Life

    No orbit Jeff!

  43. zoro kou

    Why going to the moon?

  44. Rodney Carpluk

    He mentions having costs brought down more…but, even if cost to launch is dropped, and many more launches happen, then its going to cost the plane industry tens of millions of dollars…if a single launch can delay 563 flights, then adding many more launches, its going t o delay massive amounts of planes… each current space company is planning to increase launches, governments are planning to increase launches…Europe, Russia, China, even India…its very easy to see luanches increasing from 2 a week, to hundreds a week…

  45. fritz paul

    I love that guy😃

  46. Eric Decamps

    As much as I love this guy and I am grateful for what he does, it seems that he’s always repeating the same things interview after interview. I’ve learned nothing from this video. I’d love to learn more about Blue Origin.

  47. Zyipitoe

    Stop comparing SpaceX to Blue Origin .

  48. Ma ab

    Sacred contract with the earth and universe. Sounds poetic Mr Kisses, i mean Señor Bezos.

  49. Rodney Carpluk

    I dont think there are any college students who have ever planned or even tried to start a space company in their dorm room…?…

  50. Fugazi Gamer

    I am surprised the full interview is not on your official channel. Blue Origin seems a lot more low key than SpaceX regarding publicity etc, which is up to Blue Origin, but at least show us full interviews.

  51. Michael Scott Howard

    Me too Jeff. Almost 6 in July 1969.. and I too hold a B.S.E.E. and M.S.C.S. but you kicked ___ .. I just do Unix/Linux.. at one Nasa Center..GRC. Rockets: much better than any sport. Good Luck with New Glenn.

  52. kyunghee Oh

    Thank you so much Lord again!
    For Supportings and Connectings Supernaturally,
    Abundantly,Endlessly !
    So amazing grace Blessings generations to generations forever and ever more continually!
    Thank you so much for sharing again!
    God bless all!

  53. Rodney Carpluk

    and things like inactive herpes virus activating while in space…more things like that likely will happen after yr 2 or 3 in space…

  54. Rodney Carpluk

    dorm room and starting a space company?…

  55. Orange Aquatics

    Is there a full version of this?

  56. Mr H

    Waiting for Jeff to laugh.

  57. Rodney Carpluk

    but He says, “Interesting space company”, implying that college students in their dorm rooms would be able to make a space company, just not that interesting…

  58. Rodney Carpluk

    He mentions reusability, but in the plans for his Glenn Ship, the second stage isnt reusable…thats going to add costs and massive amounts of space debris…

  59. Raw Space

    @Blue Origin Have their been any public announcements about the progress on New Glenn or its engines?

  60. Ashish Patole

    Cofferdam Technology is the only 100% safe & low cost, only for space shuttle launching technology.
    it launches by maglev – an electromagnetic levitation technology only to launch space shuttle into space.
    invent it, test it, implement it, it’s time…

  61. Steve Fink

    If only we had reusable space vehicles…..hmmmm

  62. games and games

    Jeff: If we would have reusable space vehicles……..
    Elon: Excuse me?

  63. Emily Ram

    Can you please upload the full interview? Thank you again

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