Jeff Bezos and his brother Mark will join the auction winner on New Shepard’s first human flight

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Auction bidding is already at $2.8 million with nearly 6,000 participants from 143 countries.

Bidding is underway now at and concludes with a live online auction on June 12th. Anyone interested in bidding in the live auction must register by June 10th. Registration details can be found at

The winning bidder will fly to space on New Shepard’s first human flight on July 20th.

  1. Rares Grosu

    Wait a minute, this isn’t Jeff, he put someone on and made up because he’s afraid to go with New Shepard and he wants publicity.

  2. Rares Grosu

    as if he weighed 20 kilograms and years more

  3. Lars Lover

    This is definitely a good move to bring attention to Blue origin.
    Excited to see the trip!

  4. Farzan Khan

    i want Elon to join the first flight inside the New Shepard aahahahah

  5. Antarix Yaan

    Good luck Jeff Bezos from India. 🇮🇳

  6. larissa oliveira


  7. Pranesh Gn

    I hope they will do live when they go to 🚀

  8. :l

    Dear Jeff ! Make something also for the peoples of poverty on this planet also when you’ll come back on the earth !!!! Don’t forget it , please Jeff ! Thank u !….

  9. Jake U

    Did Jeff get stung by a bee?

  10. Electric Future

    Your move Elon…

  11. sv dz

    Once upon a time honor of the beginning and end sees what is put together and be consonant with a mirror echoing the correction for the defects of that the crusade capacity that which has been around with a nucleus dial what is written in the stars?!

  12. usaf azik

    America is lucky to hqve a great mind like this

  13. Fathulla


  14. Gaurav Yadav

    It’s sad that he’s getting old🥺

  15. Matt Bouman

    Starship watching the Blue Origin livestream on Mars while New Glenn makes it first attempt to reach orbit… 👀👀

  16. Pratham Gokani

    All the best!

  17. Aksh x

    It’ll be awesome to see you guys fly! And hoping to see more rapid progress with New Glenn!!

  18. Mike McCartney

    Can’t wait to see you guys take off. Hang in there Jeff, both you and Elon are pioneers. Its not a race, the steps you are taking will be in the history books, along with the Wright brothers.

  19. Cazan Marian

    Nice relationship between brothers,

  20. Batho Tho

    Maybe as he says it will allow him to create another “relationship” with the planet : make actual change to save it from climate change and manage his companies like an human being and not like a money hoarder.

  21. Patch T

    Outstanding!!!! Love it!!! keeping the video’s coming… Maybe invite Elon with you Jeff on New Shepard so He is obliged to invite you on Starship… Make dam sure it is safe though… Elon is a National, and a World Treasure… I take that back… No one on Earth wants to Risk or loose Elon Ever… Till Rocket flights are a safe as Airlines at least… You know what every one Really wants to know Jeff… why is it taking so long to get New Shepard to fly passengers….. Lets lite that candle Jeffery… Boldly GO ALREADY…. Amen… Thank you… I think a public invite to Elon to ride along… will do amazing things… Like inject the world with a sense of brotherHOOD and inspiration for all… it is worth more than a thought to give it a try…

  22. Matthys Burger

    Congratulations Jeff ! You deserve it.

  23. Mark Lam

    I sincerely hope the two of you have a very successful flight. I really want Blue Origin to succeed in it’s aspirations. I also hope they’re able to maintain enough momentum to become more than a curiosity. New Shepard is a fine tech achievement, but comparatively simple compared to what ULA and SpaceX are doing. Keep pushing and get some hardware out there so we can get some confidence in BO!

  24. Mr Yusuf

    Space wont be scary, but once u reach the galaxys its nice, but the darkness is just little lol

  25. Venusian Creative

    Good luck Jeff, Mark, and anyone else joining them. It’ll be fun to see the Blue Origin CEO and Virgin Galactic CEO go to space within the next month or so.

  26. Devendra Hyalij

    We need completion 🔥🔥🔥

  27. Fenta Null

    Bezos..”im going to space!” Jeffs insurance agent..”you do realize you’re the richest man on earth, right?”

  28. Adam M

    Go for it Jeff

  29. Everything's Chill

    Cool how can’t get to ISS so can just fly anyone without purpose almost into space.

  30. Charles Darwin

    Looking forward to who all are going to be its part

  31. Raj Shah

    I don’t feel so good about this. I hope things go ok. And everyone makes it back ok.

  32. Jason D

    You Win JB! First person to go to space on their very own spaceship! Godspeed!

  33. DomRBX

    Love this ❤️
    Go #teamspace !!!

  34. Neuro


  35. Wendy Ngcobo

    It’s the mutual respect for me ❤️❤️

  36. Jaime Dale

    I wish for Blue Origin to succeed!
    A man’s dream will never die.

  37. parampampam

    Is Elon still laughing with his cringe tweets?

  38. Omer Tuygun

    This is great! cant wait to see the launch brothers.

  39. Merlesson

    Best wishes! Outstanding! You are going for an awful lot of us that can’t.

  40. raty rat

    I’d rather go in blues rocket than Elon’s rocket …

  41. Ado Lamont

    Well this is respectable

  42. Anime Freak

    Come on guys make history

  43. Supbub

    Thats cool, have a safe flight Jeff and Mark (and the 3rd person)

  44. Jacob Canote

    Very touching. Best of luck!

  45. Carlos

    Se quiser me convidar também estou a disposição. 😂♥️

  46. Elaine R. Smith


  47. Blu

    Respect. Takes a lot of guts to do this.

  48. Marco Rozo

    Bezos is really serious about space

  49. Colin McNalley

    I’ve been kinda crapping on blue origin, but he’s gained some respect from me by wanting to be on this flight himself

  50. Jose Arredondo Machado

    Hopefully it all goes well

  51. dontrockboat

    I’m already packed and ready to be a stowaway. Shhhh, don’t tell anybody ❗😉

  52. Bhasker Sri Harsha Suri

    You just won my respect Mr Bezos!

  53. changing sameチェンジズ


  54. Rescue Mars

    Go, go Blue Origin 🚀🚀🚀

  55. Teyaotlani


  56. An Sa

    Jeff is the boss!

  57. markmd9

    Jeff: would you fly with me?
    Brother: are you serious, though you never ask!
    Jeff: 2 millions

  58. Dutch Universe

    Jeffrey Bezos, you did it!

  59. Mister Meow

    Well blue origin gain some respect from that😆

  60. Golden Boy

    Good luck Mr Bezos, full focus on Blue origin and you will achieve!

  61. Jamie Gleaves

    Ok, this is cool. Now I can’t wait for the launch!

  62. Vimal Ramachandran

    Jeff being on the first flight himself will instill a lot of confidence in potential passengers in the future.

  63. Bjarne S.

    I think its great that Bezos is commiting to Blue Origin now that he leaves Amazon

  64. Somewhere South of Minnes


  65. Barack Obama

    Good luck, Bezos bros.

  66. 신민섭

    Dream comes true and he made it

  67. Sanskar Raikar

    GODSPEED Jeff and Mark

  68. Combustion

    Sehr gut!

  69. apxser

    imagine if elon musk bid and won and went to space with jeff bezos

  70. B Blod

    Safe journey for all involved.

  71. :l

    Dear Jeff ! I want to be with you in the space , it must be so amazing and beautiful out and around the world !!!…..

  72. Visit Channel

    All the best ❤

  73. Kjell Erling Budal


  74. Pascal Calixte

    Kudos to you Jeff. I had a feeling you would be on this flight. This auction to be on this flight has a new gravity.

    Just curious about his face though wtf.

  75. Ozymandias

    Godspeed Jeff and team Blue Origin 💙🚀

  76. Tananga

    Which CEO have such a big balls to be a first test pilot ???

  77. Aaron A Mitchell

    Outstanding Jeff

  78. Corwyn

    Me reading the comments:
    “I know you’re here Elon…”

  79. Amal Sabu


  80. Patricia Riley

    That’s nice.
    Brothers in space…good luck..

  81. Sigма

    I hope the funds from the auction will help fund future project for Blue Orgin, I really wanna root for u guys but the lack of progress so far had me doubt it. Seeing this gives me hope, keep it up!

  82. Arun Sankar


  83. Lync Volt


  84. Anonymous

    This is awesome

  85. Sfs rocket Engineer

    That’s why Jeff made the company

  86. replica

    (on how to master a solar system as idetity)

  87. Feel Good

    That is a brave move, Mr Bezos! 👍 Good luck and bon voyage! 🚀

  88. ãjày çøñstäñtïñë


  89. Everyday Starshipnaut - S

    Best of luck Blue Origin :)

  90. OB

    amazing, wish you guys a safe and very fun ride

  91. John Theux

    Good luck!

  92. Justin Schiavo

    Ngl, this take balls

  93. Brenda Stafford

    That’s so awesome.. 🛸🛸

  94. Manly Astronaut

    Honestly this is awesome. I like the fact that he has the balls to do it! Can’t wait for New Glenn!


    Go for it Jeff 👌

  96. Suhas G

    May this Mission be of Great Success, and Jeff Sir, you’ve got an extremely Good Brother…
    Keep up the Good Work👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  97. Daniel Tory

    love ya

  98. Kevin Black

    Enjoy The Ride! 🚀

  99. Youtube Algorithm

    In today’s episode of “The Bezoss”:

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