Introducing Blue Moon

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Blue Moon is a flexible lander delivering a wide variety of small, medium and large payloads to the lunar surface. Its capability to provide precise and soft landings will enable a sustained human presence on the Moon. Learn more at

  1. Marko Morst

    What’s the name of this KSP’s mod again?

  2. CMB

    If it’s for the betterment of humanity get Amazon to stop delivering packages in massive boxes which Are not needed.

  3. David Dornier

    That actually looks like an extremely practical platform for a range on Lunar missions. Swap the Micro & Mini-Sat launchers for more storage. The Quad Rover and Crane system could be adapted to something like Mars Insight with 1 large crane and multiple instruments. I like it!

  4. B.B. Does the Thing


  5. playgrrrr

    This is missing astronauts and habitats

  6. Nuel Sima

    _Frank Sinatra like this_

  7. DV-13


  8. nicmilliman

    Which ascent vehicle do they intend to use? New Glenn..? Do they have the ability to lift a transfer stage as well as a lander..?

  9. g3dghoy

    good animation, at least better than 60s

  10. Mime Type

    48 Years late to the party.

  11. Cereal Killer

    Watched this during class without sound, can someone summerize what was said?

  12. Xsauce

    Thank you Blue Orion. We need to send more things on the Moon to explore it.

  13. HerrMensch1

    I am hyped.

  14. Jared Bryan

    All of my YES!!!

  15. Generic account

    My favorite beer

  16. Пожилой Человек

    SpaceX better)

  17. Yogi Wahyu Prasida

    1:08 classic DOOM door SFX!

  18. Joe Barco

    I hope they show us actual live video from the moon when this happens. Im more of a spacex guy though

  19. Любитель Космоса особенно Марса

    Битва за луну началась?)

  20. Kylee Rigsby


  21. 5thGen

    Round but flat

  22. Neo Trash

    So, can I say that I’m no longer alone, without a dream in my heart, without a love on my own?

  23. jake Hawtin

    It’s going to be another Californian Gold Rush, with a few of those prospectors hitting the pay dirt but those supplying equipment and supplies making the most.

  24. Nellya habbib

    I love space ❤️

  25. Pineapeach

    Could anyone tell them there is no sound in space?

  26. falcon7350

    he is still thinking way to small . when looking at this i feel its a joke . as startship starts to come on line and lands on the moon the head lines well make him look like hes playing with toys

  27. Thomas Chow

    Blue origins has big balls too and all of us here commend you for that :D

  28. Jacob Cook

    spacex is a cool car company!!!

  29. Mo A

    i wouldn’t mind a day trip to the Moon….

  30. Nick Schmitz


  31. swagmaster69

    Jeff who?

  32. Full grown midget

    Nothing goes to space


    This mission for me , you and all humankind.

  34. AlrightyDave

    This will prob launch on new Glenn

  35. Xavier Matews

    Put VR cameras in that rovers 8)

  36. KeithG

    New Armstrong or just N/A

  37. Herman Joseph

    wow = beautiful

  38. Simply Different

    All those wind -and mechanical sounds are useless on the moon. There is no atmosphere to create those sounds. Nice video and effects with the shadows, i give you those credits.

  39. getenlightened

    Lame sauce in space.

  40. Pedro Aguiar

    Yeah, you don’t have that technology yet

  41. Truth Matters

    The animation is much better than Nasa’s

  42. Cookie Mite

    most importantly, where is newglenn?

  43. MrZobiwan

    To open it you have to say Pi CO LO

  44. Leifdoe Tech Industries

    Woah, amazing

  45. Don KiksBiscuits

    Want to hide something
    very rare and very valuable away from humans ?
    The biggest safe known to man ,
    Only a very few have been to that safe . The moon .

  46. Thomas H

    There is no sound in space.

  47. human1st

    Nice space water tank

  48. greydotjaguar

    I like those IKEA legs.

  49. Ben Martinez

    This is so dope

  50. ScienceIsTruth

    Omg! Yes, go blue origin. So exciting seeing companies venturing out into space.

  51. Madara Uchiwa

    Bezos ain’t kidding this time uh.

  52. Cody Avant

    PogChamp. I can’t wait to watch it live on twitch

  53. George Hatoutsidis

    Jeff Bezos is making his dream into a reality, what is your dream?

  54. Ken Wong

    Is moon dust for sale, Amazon?

  55. Desert Ants

    This os actually a physics demo as well.

  56. John Manoochehri

    Amazed this wasn’t a better animation in every way.

  57. Marcel Williams

    The four counter balancing cargo deployment cranes are an interesting innovation! And it looks like the Blue Moon only uses four propellant tanks. Boeing’s Altair descent stage for the Ares V had eight propellant tanks.

  58. KaineRaid

    Yeahh….. Good luck with that..

  59. stufoo

    I’m no rocket scientist but if you asked a kid to draw a spaceship that landed on the moon that’s the same design they would use…

  60. Steve Cochran

    We need to get back to the Moon.

  61. Lord Inquisitor

    Jeff Who?

  62. Fortizar

    I wish i was born 40 years from now to experience how awesome our space future will be!

  63. Daniel Turner

    Neat! Best of luck

  64. Billy Ritchie

    So it’s not the beer 🍻

  65. Shahrooz Shadbakht

    Put a vest with some pockets and get to steppin!

  66. nick tardif

    i guess ‘pink origin’ was already taken?!!

  67. 8o8inSquares

    When is it scheduled?

  68. Dang Itshere

    Blue origin: no one will find this video!
    Reddit and twiter: hold my METALOX

  69. Arcade Alchemist

    This race to get the first Amazon warehouse on the moon

  70. David Olver

    Go blue go blue go blue

  71. Space Man

    i thought the music was really cool.. really inspiring

  72. James Wood

    OH my God. I know you can do it!

  73. Patrick Weller

    After new glenn, new armstrong?

  74. Storm Silvawalker

    Engine out capability?

  75. David Curry

    Mining sweet helium-3 goodies

  76. be good

    Starting KSP…

  77. Kai

    Amazing deployment!

  78. CNC_Acolythe

    Looks great, but name sounds like new expansion for Morrowind. :D

  79. Mister

    This is a GOOD IDEA💖

  80. Warrior Cat Fan #1

    Build Human Habitable rockets

  81. M Zeeshan Iqbal

    Beautiful Pictures. Stellar Job ✨🌠

  82. Dith Perlay

    Since when the sound is propagating in space?! 2019 new Space Era… 🤣

  83. Tinzalix

    Omg there was 666 comments when I posted this, something tells me this isn’t going to go well for blue origin
    Now there’s 667 (mine)

  84. Hotar Fernandez

    Enfin blue origin par a l’aventure spatiale 🤗

  85. Qadarini Mo

    Not bad but if starship is ready then that could get 40t plus cargo on the moon

  86. Lennard Datema

    Introducing: Prime Moon Landings

  87. - This is -

    Very excited and lookin forward to new missions coming by Blue Origin.

  88. Doodelay Explains

    this looks complex to a fault

  89. Nerva

    Musk, for all his ill-advised tweets, hit the nail on the head with his “blue balls” comment.
    Blue Origin was started in 2000 and they have yet to fly a single payload in 19 years. No space tourists, no satellites, nothing to show for all the billions Bezos has sunk into the company. They make NASA’s Senate Launch System look speedy and cost-effective by comparison.
    Let’s give credit where it is due — SpaceX was started in 2002, launched its first satellite in 2009, landed a booster stage in 2015, and landed all three cores of the Falcon Heavy this year. Does anyone not believe they will make Super Heavy / Starship a success?

  90. Dylan Semrau

    Can’t wait to make this in KSP

  91. Pasta Strainer

    They missed the opportunity to play the song blue moon

  92. optivion

    Dave Bowman: “Open the pod bay doors please, ALEXA. ALEXA?”

  93. hornetluca

    I’ll applaude them when they’ll put that rover on the Moon

  94. AshJesusFollower37

    I am SO excited to be living right now!

  95. Scott North

    Don’t think I didn’t hear a Doom door opening at 1:08!
    I’m also mega pumped about this. This is amazing!

  96. Space OdJobs

    I bet NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine is super happy right now hearing about private sectors like Blue Origin accelerating their investments in developing moon infrastructure, thereby meeting the goal of the current administration of returning to the moon within the next 5 years.

  97. TV Nostalgia

    Prime deliveries to the moon. Perfect.

  98. Voltronic 91

    This will get people excited about space travel! I know I am.

  99. Ben Pearson- Roadster Tracker

    I hope we get more. Look forward to hearing more about Blue Origin’s plans!

  100. C G

    Does 2 day shipping with Prime still count if I live at Shackleton Crater? Live in? Live inside?….
    Whatever I just wanted to get in a prime joke before the dive million other people do. This is awesome.

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