Going to Space to Benefit Earth (Full Event Replay)

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On May 9, 2019, our founder discussed his vision to go to space to benefit Earth.
In addition, he also announced the Blue Moon lunar lander, which is capable of taking people and payloads to the lunar surface. Below you’ll find more information about these announcements.
Blue Moon lunar lander: Blue Origin announced Blue Moon, its large lunar lander capable of delivering multiple metric tons of payload to the lunar surface based on configuration and mission. The cargo variant revealed today can carry 3.6 metric tons to the surface. We have also designed a variant of the lander that can stretch to be capable of carrying a 6.5-metric-ton, human-rated ascent stage. Blue also announced it can meet the current Administration’s goal of putting Americans on the Moon by 2024 with the Blue Moon lunar lander.
BE-7 engine: The Blue Moon lunar lander will be powered by the BE-7 engine, a new addition to Blue Origin’s family of engines. The BE-7’s 40 kN (10,000 lbf) thrust is designed for large lunar payload transport. The engine’s propellants are a highly-efficient combination of liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen. The BE-7 will have its first hotfire this summer. The engine will be available for sale to other companies for use in in-space and lander applications.
Club For the Future: A non-profit founded by Blue Origin dedicated to inspiring and engaging the next generation of dreamers and space entrepreneurs as we journey to preserve Earth and unlock the potential of living and working in space. The Club will bring together K-12 students, educators and leaders for campaigns and initiatives utilizing Blue Origin’s unique access to space. The Club’s first activity will be to send a postcard to space and back on a future New Shepard mission—the first ever space mail. Learn more on the website (www.clubforfuture.org). Follow @ClubforFuture on Twitter and Instagram.

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  1. brian wong

    The point of the video is to cost less to build and launch rockets, but I lost even more money in ksp.

  2. Austin Cooper

    Very inspirational !!!
    Austin Cooper, Blue New Glenn, OLS

  3. mohammad ariyanrad

    future happen by companies, not by governments. those M***F**kers just want money and war.
    thanks to the dreamers like elon and jeff that change our future.

  4. Digital Nomad

    3rd gate: REFORM SPACE LAW.

  5. Winkkin

    Have O’Neil’s first addition of “The High Frontier”.

  6. Cybermiaou

    I totally agree that rotating space habitats is essential for space colonization, and that Moon is the first step to build such habitats.

  7. Kurniawan Wijayanto

    I hope they know about SI metric units and willing to use them

  8. Tony Lorenzo

    He’s talking about reusability of rockets as if this problem hasn’t been solved already.

  9. Richard M

    You are thinking small. Look up and to the Sun, what is that. It’s called energy. Think beyond solar cells, that’s small minded. You need to think beyond what’s in front of your face. Boring speech!

  10. Elija Cotto

    Earth is best waifu.

  11. Rodney Carpluk

    Theres an estimate of there being 5.4 trillion dollars of platinum on an asteroid…to have 5.4 trillion dollars of platinum, it will have to weigh 90 million tons…but, the most powerful ship ever planned has a payload area able to transport 100 tons…so using the most powerful ship ever, it would take 900,000 ships to transport the material from the asteroid to Earths surface…or 900,000 trips…

  12. host_runner

    Musk gets the crowd cheering, Bezos had one “woo!” 26:35

  13. Justin Jan

    this is more doable than Musks plan. I realy hope we can enjoy this in our lifetimes. GO Bezos!

  14. Tareq Al-Kabsh

    I can’t press like on anything Bezos.

  15. Globetrotter 4FR

    He will finally prove that the moon landing was fake

  16. N J

    Wow. Amazing, good luck Blue Origin 👏👍

  17. Cape Baldy

    Blue Origin = Belter
    SpaceX = Dusters
    Nasa = Earth

  18. RmaN

    Thanks Jeff. Keep up the good work. Ill keep my eye out for my moon tickets on Amazon!

  19. kyunghee Oh

    Thank you so much for supporting and connecting endlessly!
    So beautiful!
    So amazing!
    So fantastic
    All things are!
    All comes from our God!
    God bless Amazon Co. and Bule Origin’s CEO Mr. Jeff Bezos to all members!
    God bless all!
    God bless America!

  20. Abatos 11


  21. Marcus Fossa

    The entire moon needs to be one big booming industrial city. The moon needs to be an economic superpower that dwarfs USA and China. Then you can build whatever you want until the cows come home.

  22. Doug M

    Wow! Another luna lander. I think it’s great that we now have two heavy hitters from private industry competing in space. Each company using different fuels for rockets has got to be a spur to further inovation. I believe Jeff Bezos is on the money about the potential of the moon. It’s close proximity is a major advantage over travelling to the planets, at this stage. It’s also logical to relocate heavy industry off world once the technology makes this transition practical. Can’t wait to see New Glenn and BFR lift off. These are indeed exciting times.

  23. Rodney Carpluk

    Big enough to ” hurt the planet”…probably one of the biggest understatements of the human species…

  24. isyoudaddyboi

    Confused on why people think we’re going to ditch earth? Like we could just send materials to better earth from the stars my dudes

  25. Orange Sun Labs

    Thanks Jeff for bringing these important problems/solutions to light, we need everyone working on this! We can each play a part, this is a huge undertaking, essentially building planets.

  26. Matro Mac

    Earth is irrepleceable. Everyone’s ego has to resign on that. Spaceships are too easily damageable, unless you take million of years to build, like Earth. Btw good work on the lander.

  27. Noah Umana

    I got a better plan for tomorrow, capture a big rock and put it on a orbit around earth and live there

  28. Rodney Carpluk

    So his “vision” will hurt the Earth if they add enough second stages to the space debris and make travel to space not possible…Adding soot and alumina to the ozone layer doesn’t benefit the earth either…

  29. James Jones

    I’m always reminded of the movie Elysium when Jeff speaks of the future of mankind. All the poor people stuck on the polluted earth.

  30. Alin Ardelean

    Man if they ever make one of those ”Elysium” cylinders, that would be a sight !

  31. Rodney Carpluk

    His ” lever” isnt considering some aspects of transporting material or resources in Space that are kind of important…

  32. ucheucheuche

    Casually.. Let me show you somethin 😵😵

  33. fred jones

    A few dislikes from the flat earth goofs who realise their cult is soon to be consigned to the dustbin of history

  34. Алексей Кулай

    The economy of the planet earth should be different. Today she is not able to build it ?!

  35. redmanticore

    15:02 jeff builds new space-earth from the souls of warehouse workers 9.5.2019

  36. ed !

    This talk is so important that it should not be in one language.
    Hugs from Brazil

  37. Event Horizon

    Which O’Neill cylinder would you want to live on and why? New Florence looks great.

  38. J Savoie

    Wondering how he can’t wait for that first hot fire. in space, there is no oxygen and therefor combustion is not possible. there will be no flames or fire since space is a vacuum, also, there can be no propulsion because there is nothing to push on to.. And, he never mention what kind of metal this lunar module is made of.. Remember the Van Allen radiation belt? can the walls of this module protect the astronauts.
    I like when he says ” this is not a cartoon here, this is real physics” and then he shows us a cartoon…lol “we’ve been simulating this for a while”
    Good show, tho

  39. yobrotom

    If anyone can do it, the richest man in the world can.
    Wish you luck Jeff but I hope this vision is shared and not horded.

  40. Oliver Bullen

    In 200 years we’ll have fusion and thus wont need to cover the world in solar panels.

  41. Fractal Federation

    We need to work on an Autonomous Self-Replicating Industry. It could be huge excavators, surveyors, loaders, haulers, crushers, seperators, smelters, mold casters, part casters, grinders, assemblers, 3D printers, molecular manufactutures, etc. Each self-driving equipment can be powered by 1MW thorium reactors. They wouldn’t be able to self-replicate individually but if they work together they could build more of themselves to increase their industrial capacity. I was looking at construction equipment and a lot of the ones I listed are already available in mobile form. We might not have general AI yet but we could build expert software to control everything. I think it’s great Elon and Jeff are shaking things up and inspiring and pushing to reduce cost but we need someone working on the other gate!

  42. cuallito

    Aria, anyone?
    Both Bezos and Musk confirmed weebs.
    Anime is going to save humanity, folks.

  43. Darkhan Nausharipov

    This is an amazing vision of the future, especially in comparison with colonization of uninhabitable Mars

  44. TheNewfineart

    How can anybody disagree with the fact that we need some fantastic goals to aim for. At the very least, we, as a species, need an off-world repository of science and learning, to act as a backup should something dreadful befall our way of life. Plato foresaw the difficulties that we would face when population thresholds were reached, but he new that humans would rise to the challenge.

  45. Katty bat

    So much respect for these geniuses. Imagine if Elon and Jeff worked together.

  46. Hiroshi loves You

    Quick Question: Could the Blue Moon Lander also land on Europa? It already has the right color.

  47. Nicolas

    Good Job man, seriously good job :)

  48. Marjan Vujadinovic

    Its grathest time to be alive, there is no gray days of wars on this our beautifull blue planet. But we need to save this planet from simillar disasters… Exciting things will happen in next five years, but always will be something new, new bonderies, new frontiear. Cant wait to see and enjoy in all good things! <3

  49. Nikita Nikitov

    It tremendously inspired me! It’s amazing. I want to live and being a part of this big project. Not in Blue Moon, but in general. I’m totally agree with the idea, that Big things start small.

  50. IslandPalm14

    Nice paragraph at 2:39. The O’Neill-Glaser-Brown vision in 2 sentences.

  51. Voice Of The Firmament

    The big Lie of energy scarcity. Electric energy is infinite.

  52. Zar Shardan

    So the next logical step is a moon base in those craters. Built with robotic remotely operated avatars/surrogates. I’m sure some team at BO or AMZN is already tasked with that :) !

  53. BlackMarine

    Jeff is like Musk’s backup with less ambitious plans for his lifetime, but with more money and stability.

  54. PiDsMedia

    Intriguing,… The Asimov interview is 5 years after Ringworld was published, and about 40 years after the first mention of a Dyson Sphere type concept.
    Ambitious, it’ll be interesting to see if they can pull it off, and the competition it’ll create with US and International space program providers will be good for everyone.

  55. Michał

    to LEO New Shepard
    to GEO New Glenn
    to MOON New Armstrong
    to MARS New Musk

  56. Rodney Carpluk

    Why are the space companies planning to make space travel much less likey? lol

  57. Birki gts

    Bezos is my favourite irl Tony Stark. Keep up the great work. Hope to see real launches soon.

  58. S R

    Minute 10: 58, looking for laughs

  59. Tychoxi

    if you had doubts that the owner class is killing us all

  60. Armed Astronaut JM-83

    15:15 Jeff has been watching Gundam.

  61. Andrew Smith

    You have to wonder what Flat Earthers and moon landing deniers think of this. Lol

  62. Goku

    Nice video on long-term space exploration plans.
    * Blue Origin – wants to create space colonies orbiting earth.
    * SpaceX – wants to build colonies on Mars.
    While both of these ideas are excellent – I’d like to suggest a third option, which can of course be developed alongside these two other options. There’s no reason why we can’t research, invest and develop all 3 paths. The third option being focusing efforts on CO2 carbon capture technology and terra-forming technology.
    If we can solve the CO2 problem on earth today and the climate change problem by creating a technology that can convert CO2 along with other atmosphere problems into a livable atmosphere – then we can terra-form Mars into a livable planet before we even get there.
    As much as I like Blue Origin’s vision of space colonies, I think that solving the problems of earth is a better idea than simply trying to create a Noah’s Ark in space. I also think mining the moon is a terrible, terrible idea. I’ve seen technological ideas to capture and mine asteroids, which I think is a great idea. But mining the moon has potentially catastrophic disastrous effects to Earth.
    As much as I like SpaceX’s idea of going to Mars, I personally would not want to live on Mars as it exists today – a planet with an unlivable environment. Now if we can terraform Mars to an Earth like planet, then everyone is going to want to go there.
    Focusing on learning how to solve our CO2 climate change problem on earth with terra-forming technologies seems to be the best answer, but ultimately any space infrastructure being built is going to be helpful for future generations.
    I also think that Blue Origin and SpaceX need to start working together. Sharing resources, ideas and development technology. Blue Origin and SpaceX are both American companies, these challenges are too large for us to be competing with ourselves. The future is in cooperation.

  63. TESTube

    wonderful thank you very much for the inspiration

  64. G Beck

    Jeff please dont die until the firs space civilization. <3

  65. Aaron the great

    Someone has been watching Isaac Arthur vids lol.

  66. Rodney Carpluk

    There has to bbe faster travel worked on.. .customers of space mining wont want to wait yrs to decades to get material or resources…

  67. josy26

    31:59 “like driving your car to the mall…” – JB laughs to himself, nobody does that anymore because of me

  68. Bakr York

    “All the heavy lifting infrastructure needed for Amazon to exist was already in place.” —Jeff Bezos
    (I seem to remember a past president saying something similar.)

  69. Dong Hai STUDIO

    Set your YouTube speed to x1.25 and this presentation is so much better!

  70. seven

    “pounds” hahahahahaha

  71. Tim Murphy

    Rendezvous with Rama in 1973 (Arthur C Clarke who also proposed communications satellites), O’Neil’s proposal 1976. Take that Asimov.

  72. MrMuskkRatt

    I imagine Mobile suit Gundam when I see those colonies

  73. Tubular Topher

    Someone with a case for space that shows the environmental benefits of human space exploration!

  74. User Name

    *”Earth will be zoned”*
    I understand. Thank you.

  75. Suzaku455

    Not true about deliver a little more slowly. Someone would gladly want Amazon to deliver a little more slowly if package you have to sign for comes at 6pm est oppose to 12pm where you’re not home.

  76. Majima Goro

    What is protecting these cities from shooting stars? or asteroids? Have we figured out force fields yet?

  77. Dave Parsons

    Jeff’s vision for a future earth is a lot like what Amazon is doing now. The USA is zoned residential and light industrial while all the heavy, polluting industry is done in China.

  78. Dingo Prod

    is he really talking about sustainability???

  79. BigDH28

    Loved your inclusion of those students. Best of luck and wish great success for the future! 👍✊️✌️

  80. Indra Gunawan

    Jeff will build the first O’Neill cylinder and name it New O’Neill.

  81. Timeyy

    Halo is gonna be real my dudes

  82. Brett Edson

    If the first colony doesn’t have a Gundam reference then its doomed to be sabotaged and plunged to Earth.

  83. Natog

    Going to Space to Benefit Jeff Bezos

  84. Jay Hamilton

    I’ve got to get those shoes! I hope I can find them on Amazon 👍🏿

  85. N A

    So inspiring! Also a deceptively large amount of information packed into this presentation. Well done Jeff!

  86. Anshul Sharma

    Might be the greatest time to be alive .

  87. DeckerBens

    I love how dark the stage is. Very efficient for my AMOLED display.

  88. Secular Guy

    How cool is it to think about some future student from the year 2100, watching this presentation, somewhere in space?

  89. Annita Watch

    It’s so true when Jeff bezos said “Big things Start Small” … I tell women that all the time …. 🚀

  90. The World’s Foremost Authority

    Imagine if him and Elon teamed up…
    But on another note, that suit is fresh af my guy.

  91. Chosenone10356

    Jeff Bezos : Earth is finite, we have to do something about it.
    Thanos: Hold my beer

  92. Lee Maitland

    When the first cars were created only the wealthy could afford them, now everyone has one. When the first commercial flights took off only the wealthy could afford them, now most can afford a flight. When the first computers were built only the wealthy could afford them, now they are in all of our pockets. When the first electric car was built only the wealthy could afford them, within a few decade they will be your only option.
    When the first paying customers went to space it was for the wealthy, we are at the beginning of that phase in our development, tomorrow it will be commonplace and taken for granted because of pioneers like these who have the motivation and the means to make it happen, and there will still be those who don’t believe that progress is inevitable. ‘If you don’t believe that we can change the world, it just means that you are not one of those that will’ – Jaques Fresco.
    This is an amazing time to be alive and if you focus on endeavors like this, supporting it rather than trying to belittle it, it will only get better.

  93. Dinko Colic

    Jeff is lifting things into space, today is the future. Sci-fi is becoming reality. But he still says pounds.

  94. Nathan Woodruff

    Jeff, please go on Joe Rogan’s podcast! Congratulations on Blue Moon we are so stoked!

  95. Harbir Singh

    11:25 What happens when unlimited demand meets finite resources?
    Me: Thanos

  96. John Harbone

    Jeff and Elon are changing our future’s what a time to be alive!

  97. M A

    when you just watched Elysium..

  98. Jorge Planelló

    Seguro que hay alguien que viene por Un Poco De Todo :)


    But will there be Prime Delivery to these colonies?

  100. Tom Ganks

    Thank you Jeff
    Big Musk fan here, but also a fan of Bezos for his hopes for the future. Best of luck and godspeed Blue Origin.

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