First Look: Launch Complex 36

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Historic Launch Complex 36 is being built from the ground up and we have invested $1 billion in the project. Here’s a first look at the pad – including the “Road to Space” New Glenn will travel on prior to flight.

  1. Space Stock Exchange

    I’d love to know what the crew vehicle will be

  2. Thomas Chow

    by liquid natural gas you mean (pure?) liquid methane, or am i missing something?

  3. Martian

    Happy to see top 2 billionaires trying to save humanity

  4. Slatch36

    Wait did he say “to support crew launches with New Glenn”

  5. Trumpsney Productions Stu

    Cool, but late 2022 for the launch of New Glenn? More waiting for this awesome launch…

  6. Rafael Santos

    Wear sunscreen, bro!

  7. FutureMartian97

    “I cannot wait to see New Glenn launch here soon”

    That aged well.

  8. NeonsStyle

    Do you really think it’s a good idea of having the Cryo oxygen tanks so close to the launch facility? Rocket go boom, n so does those tanks!

  9. NeptuneChris2004

    Hope we’ll wait for the excitement next year

  10. petpillow

    Elon: launches several hundred satellites into space last year, rockets return and land to be re-used, launches tesla roadster into orbit, successful NASA contracts

    Jeff: look at my shed and lightning protection!

  11. JK

    Wow thats a big empty facility! Where’s the rocket guys?

  12. Jarred Still

    Gotta release all these videos to distract from new Glenn being delayed a year

  13. Nathan Lewis


  14. T N

    Empty shed, bunch of concrete and some steel chopsticks. AMAZING !

  15. Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrai

    looks good can’t wait until Launch Pad 36 is back in operation.

  16. Jess Lyn


  17. Eric Powell

    Alright, looking good!!!

  18. Microbyte VAX11/780

    Thanks for sharing. Hello from Titusville

  19. Michael Mangano

    That is a beautiful sight.

  20. DuckiestBoat959

    See you in 10 years when they clear the launchpad

  21. Kerbal X

    No offence but there’s no way they will land new Glenn first try landing a suborbital booster is for easier than orbital

  22. SnazzyHusky

    so this is the home base of those thug pigeons that altered spacex’s B1059 booster landing huh? impressive.

  23. Weezle Deezle

    AAnd heeere wegonna have insert
    Ann heeere we gonna do insert
    Blue ballz for life

  24. MonkeyspankO

    Great video. thank you for sharing! Can’t wait for these babies to start taking off!

  25. YewTewbe

    Gagh! Please use metric! No one outside of the USA or Liberia knows what you’re talking about.

  26. It's Me

    SpaceX speed …. Overshadowed everyone in space business

  27. Ficar Amriza

    Jeff who Origin.
    I ❤️ IT

  28. Magic Smoke FPV

    Looks like they will be launching in 2030 by the pace of things lol.

  29. Waler Mitty

    looks massive and beautiful

  30. Anandha narayanan

    What an amazing lunch pad 😍😍

  31. Matthieu Sinico

    Thanks for the tour!! Can’t to see New Glenn on the pad

  32. A Bit Of Everything

    This is a great Birthday gift!

  33. Overdose

    I want to be excited but all we’ve seen is empty buildings and an empty launchpad. SpaceX started building their next rocket before the building, so this comparison makes BO look a bit silly imo.

  34. hipotures

    Empty spaces… Queen vs Pink Floyd :)

  35. MJ 1969

    Superb well done all involved.

  36. Ashutosh K

    This is huge

  37. Patch T

    Awesome!!! Can not wait to see New Glenn Assembled, on the LP, counting Down to Launch . on its way to the moon… It is crazy New Shepard has not launch any Patrons yet!!! I have exploded in anticipation 7 Launches ago waiting for Blue origin Shepard to Launch people already… Come on… Place a crew on SHEPARD and light that CANDLE!!! A Shepard would be so piss waiting…

  38. Wiizl

    So this if the place they will be launching all those 3D animations from

  39. Carlos Aragon

    To short! Not enough infor to get excited about! To many questions! No one to answer them!

  40. lecisko

    Can you actually show the vehicle?

  41. Jim Warden

    Why it looks like KSP building facility?🤔🤔🤔

  42. Mahbub S.B. Jalil

    Whoo! SpaceX, Blue Origin, Ula, Rocket lab, Astra and more! Great time to be alive!

  43. Renato Luís

    That’s so cool. Thank you guys for sharing this with us. Big hugs from Brazil!

  44. Carhill

    2:06 – “No Open Flames”
    New Glenn 1st stage Hall effect engines confirmed. 😂

  45. Emperor Billy Ritchie

    How soon will the first new Glenn launch take off

  46. Jayman

    A rocket company that chooses to show off empty buildings. Instead of their aerospace tech. Let that sink in.

  47. Andres Paez

    Come on Blueorigin. We want more

  48. Arti Liam

    weird optical deformation at 1:57, any ideas ? no glass it seems, on all sides of the screen

  49. kaioh cesar

    Please… Do that, show more videos and more thinks about blue origin !

  50. Karin Herrmann

    Thanks for giving as an update

  51. audience2

    Building a lot before even confirming your design is good.

  52. Android Mandroid

    Nice buildings… But where’s the rocket man!!!

  53. Nici

    So much unused Space!

  54. Kenji Okura

    woah didn’t know New Glenn will carry humans

  55. BJK1715

    “Rocket garage” with NO rocket. 🤔🤣😫

  56. alexandrex holtal

    Stop speak in feet please, speak in meter

  57. Ash

    I am so excited!

  58. S Batchelor

    Jeff Who ?

  59. Brett

    BO getting slammed with mockery over these three videos. Hahaha!

  60. Mempo

    Amazing! Can’t wait to see New Glenn fly! Hopefully this year^^

  61. Pattexize

    0.52 min tower of Tesla ?🧐

  62. Gepard ppsh41


  63. MikeJ

    I’m sure all these videos being released has nothing to do with the news that New Glenn has been delayed until 2022….

  64. Emperor Billy Ritchie

    So you future proofed the launch tower for astronauts in the near future, smart

  65. Tyyt Tyyt Tyyt

    “this is so cool”

  66. Xtudy Point

    I think Jeff Bezos take a trip recently 😇😇😇

  67. Xtudy Point

    They need to change the video editor,background is 🥱🥱noise

  68. Uzhgorod AeroCam

    This is a small doze of info)

  69. Emperor Billy Ritchie

    Wow you can fit the SpaceX hanger in there

  70. Gloppy

    Of the videos released today, the one that stuck with me the most is the shot of the “road to space” from this one. Everything else just felt like a regurgitation of stats, but the image/picture of an actual path towards more regular human spaceflight is what caught my attention.

  71. Benjamin Crooks

    Oh look, another empty building LOL

  72. Framryk

    3 New Glenns processed in that building at the same time. Mind blowing! 🤯🤩 Looking forward to the Blue Origin and SpaceX dynamic in 2021 and 2022!

  73. Starship SN10

    Well done. Now finally they are doing something. New Glenn will be awesome xD

  74. Äjãy_Çõñstāñtïñê

    Can’t wait for the launch of New Glen!!!

  75. Shymali Paik

    Go BlueOrigin

  76. Nathan Westwick

    “human spaceflight on new glenn” Thats huge!

  77. icy purple

    human spaceflight with New Glenn? what?

  78. Devin Dykstra

    Some day we’re just gonna see a fully assembled New Glenn rocket roll out to the launchpad with no hints or announcements before hand.

  79. Felix N.

    New Glenn will be human rated? Awesome; did not know that!

  80. alek15035

    Excuse me did they just say human flight on new Glen? THAT’S NEWS!

  81. Fox McCloud

    1:49 Do I see LC-39A in the distance.

  82. Alexander Drugov

    Постройте самую дешёвую ракету, приклейте к ней Рогозина и отправьте этот позор на Марс. Вы крутые 🙌

  83. aditya jadeja

    Country road take blue origin in space 👍

  84. tEmDapBlook

    Jeff who?

  85. Orange

    Really trying to get hyped for the future here but they just point out a funny sign and 2 towers whilst not detailing any of the critical hardware.

  86. King G

    If only they had a rocket to put on that pad…

  87. Krista

    So excited for all of the progress that’s been made. Good job team blue! I can see these giant towers from the beach and I love it. 💙

  88. J. A. G.

    How about a rocket? OK jokes aside, I can’t wait to see it fly.

  89. DJ Stoplicht Official

    Hold up, human spaceflight with New Glenn?

  90. Nolan Reach

    That’s some impressive scales of human ingenuity.

  91. Question mania

    Just building structures,where is the rocket?

  92. Siddharth Butala


  93. Eduardo Lopes

    The new space “race” is here boys

  94. Kleist

    Human rated New Gleen, that’s gonna be cool!

  95. Claude Robbin

    3 new Glenn’s?

  96. Annoyify

    it happened finallly

  97. Arash 2007

    They are releasing videos left and right. They remembered the password for their account lol

  98. pedro Henrique


  99. Suraj _hb


  100. Michael G Scott

    That’s cool

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