Experience XEEx: Home of the BE-4 Rocket Engine

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Take a tour of XEEx with Blue Origin’s BE-4 Propulsion Test Engineering Manager, Sophia Porter.

  1. Six Forks

    Man BO really can’t read a room, can they? One of the biggest running jokes in the community is the lack of progress on BE4 and they put this out.

  2. Jesus Ramirez


  3. Mark McCombs

    A good quality PR vid. Yes. Well done. But seriously, you need to build a rocket or ten and start launching. At the very least start shipping flight hardware to ULA.

  4. m joao

    Less marketing, more b4 to ULA, ,,,,,they need yesterday

  5. zapfanzapfan

    Nice to see some engineering instead of litigation…

  6. Star wars We explain

    Where are his engines Jeff?

  7. Nick Fotis

    Looking forward to see this engine hauling payloads to space

  8. Angel Rangel

    great job

  9. Cameron Deatcher

    Where are my engines Jeff!?

  10. Draneyl

    Quand est ce que vous lancez quelque chose de sérieux ?

  11. andrew nelson

    This is the PR image you want to present BO. Well done 👍

  12. Celadon Hair Extraordinai

    We’re rooting for you Blue, hopefully you get can the engines issues ironed out.

  13. Rou9e -

    does the flames of BE-4 be more blue than the ones in the test, like the Raptor?

  14. Fahim Muhammed

    Where are my engines Jeff ?

  15. ANTY SPI

    “At 23 or 24 years old, you could give the go/no-go call for this engine.”
    Translation: “We always need fresh meat…um young and cheap talent at our facilities, because we have a real high fluctuation out here.

  16. Ryan Parton

    Are you guys gonna use this engine to spray Bill Shatner with champagne next time he goes up on New Shepherd? Doesn’t seem like it’s gonna fly anytime soon

  17. kjm 1955

    Sounds like this young lady has been brain washed.

  18. E. A. Lem

    I am totally on #teamBlue.

  19. David Davis

    Blue origin has a brilliant team but none of it matters if you don’t get better management. You need a better design philosophy.

  20. rahul banerjee

    Isp how much???

  21. ThatDumGuy_gr

    hey BO, why delete my comment? i just said @United Launch Alliance. what’s wrong with saying that?

  22. Doom

    “Watching this engine fly” At this rate if this thing flies before 2030 it’ll be a miracle lol

  23. GingerNut_

    Tory is waiting for those engines Jeff!

  24. Bill Kranz

    Tory has entered the chat. Where’s my…..

  25. Otrab

    Where are Tory’s BE-4 engines?

  26. SpaceX Thai-FC


  27. ThePhantomRocket

    Tory wants to know where his engines are.

    Just kidding, as a member of team space, I admire what you are doing, but I just wish you guys were making more progress quicker. Less lawsuits and more progress!

  28. Rod Anderson

    Bezos sure found an attractive and charming lady to host this video. I wonder if she actually works there or was just hired to do the PR video 🤔?? She did great!!

  29. Westin Carpaccio

    I wonder if they will ever make it to orbit. I guess you guys could just keep ferrying old people to the upper atmosphere instead.

  30. Robert Pittard

    It really does seam like your PR guy forgot to hit the YouTube upload button a year ago…

    You wasted your 2 year headstart on Your dreaded rival, trying to be relatable to the legacy space companies. I do hope your successful though, the human race needs to explore universe.

  31. Columbus1152

    Bezos definitely beginning to open up, that’s a good sign.

  32. Carlos_A_M

    Took you long enough, now send em’ to Tory so he can actually make something useful with them thanks

  33. Sergey K

    Tim Dodd’s video says Raptor is only slightly higher ISP despite being full flow. Though every little bit counts, and Raptor ISP might improve still.

  34. Aubrey Thomas

    Strange how ur flooding YouTube with what is now propaganda after SPACE X is smashing Blue Origin!!! I’m still hoping to see New Glenn tho. EVERY STEP FORWARD IS ANOTHER STEP FORWARD!!!! Get that BE-4 done already!!!

  35. Dust

    Is the engine in this video going to be shipped to Tory Bruno after testing?

  36. Casey Kaplan

    If the price becomes low enough my father would let me let on Blue Origin rocket to space!!😄

  37. Pavle Mandic

    It seems Blue Origin has finally reached a point where they could start giving concrete updates month over month. With few more famous people going to space in the next few NS missions and getting major news space it would be perfect platform for hyping up New Glenn and doing orbital missions very soon.

  38. A Bit Of Everything

    Tory would like to know where your engines are

  39. chrischen82

    Is this the first prototype after all this years and millions of dollars? My kids are faster with Lego bricks anyways :’-D

  40. Zairrah Murtaza

    Wow! Finally we saw BE-4. Hope we’ll soon see it fly.

  41. micomen

    spacex killer

  42. ChrisUK27

    Great work, ignore the fanbois, once these are flying they’ll be gaping in awe like the rest of us.

  43. Giesbert Nijhuis

    Would be nice to drop the music..

  44. JM Studios

    What does orbital class rocket engine mean?
    sure it’s used on an orbital rocket vs a suborbital one, but first stages basically never hit orbital velocity, that’s not their purpose. even if you compare thrust, the RocketLab Rutherford engine is considered orbital class, but the BE-3, which is not, has 20 times the thrust.

  45. Cooper E.

    Literally every comment on this video is about the fact that these engines have yet to be delivered to Tory. Poor guy just wants his amazon delivery to arrive.

  46. Rocket Cello

    Love it! Keep up the good work!

  47. John Aiken

    0:44 So they already shipped them to ULA? Or the vague “next destination” is back to the manufacturing site to be refurbished/rebuilt for another test? I guess it’s also possible they just haven’t left the test stand yet.

  48. Onalenna Sehume

    Blue Engine 4. That’s how we like it babyyyy!!!

  49. T12π¥

    Awesome! Keep up the great work

  50. VonPredator

    Canare Pretendere? to sing, to pretend? is that really what that means?

  51. Nathaniel James

    Can’t call it an orbital class engine if it hasn’t been to orbital space. This is a test stand class engine.

  52. Kagya Alex

    Can’t wait….go blue

  53. Simón Delgado

    And I thought current raptor already had many wires lol

  54. Freddie’s UFO Channel of

    How can anyone dislike this; it’s awesome.

  55. Adventure Time with Lil D

    ( asking for a friend ) Where are my engines!

  56. GO RYEO


  57. stargot1

    Seem finally BO learn to communicate ! Good wake up call 😇

  58. John Ortiz

    Go blue!

  59. madjedi22

    Despite general disdain for your management and CEO, many of us are rooting for you. Best of luck with BE-4 and new Glenn! Just.. ya know… get a move on will ya?

  60. John Theux

    It’s a good engine, but you could make it a lot smaller and still get the same amount of thrust by using a full flow cycle.
    I wonder if someone ever thought of that…

  61. PlaneSpotterLuca

    Jeff Kerman

  62. Bory Truno

    Hello, are these mine? Can I get them shipped real quick Jeff ? 😐

  63. Iam A heri

    Blue Go ahead ….congrats

  64. Blarnix

    Is ULA gonna receive them anytime soon?

  65. nemodot

    where are my engines jeff???

  66. Jack Brooks

    As Franklin printed 300 years ago, “Well done is better than well said.”

  67. Aline Aquino


  68. Magic Potato

    Tory wants to know why he doesn’t have his engines yet

  69. ste kra

    Pepole taht are fresh from colage dont need to be payd well

  70. al farrell

    “Come help develop a rocket engine that will be outdated by the time the design is finalized”.

  71. Brenton

    This reminds me, I have to go to Kohl’s to return something to Amazon. Thx Blue Origins. Oh yeah, congrats on the space thing with Kirk and stuff

  72. AtomicMuffin

    Imagine the shit storm if Tory Bruno actually commented here?

  73. Ryer

    Again, giving us this just to hide the dirty stuff is going out about the company.
    Anyway, I really hope this engines work! This could be game changing for BO

  74. Jan-Mikail Aslar

    Was this the vacuum optimized engine?

  75. Patrick Burke

    “Hey Tory, I found one of your engines, its still on the stand.”

  76. YaBoiSprinkles

    Super Excited for these engines to fly! If you want people to be on your side this is what you should do!

  77. Ruben Dario Herrera Sanch

    Excelente video, , gracias

  78. Cody Ruthko

    I was not expecting 2 Blue Origin videos today.
    Good show, looks like the BE-4 does infact exist and works. Time to get a handful of them shipped over to Tory.
    Nice job keeping the injector plate covered at all times. I was hoping to maybe get a glimpse of it but that was wishful thinking.

  79. KiaXtreme

    Are your rocket engines contributing to global warming like my 1999 Honda Civic?

  80. Hydrolox Aerospace

    Oh look, they found Tory’s engines. Lol

  81. Sergey Babichev

    You guys are our future!

  82. Ryan Hamstra

    *ULA has entered the chat*

  83. Alfi Halma

    Come on, pump it up to 180 bar! Over 300 tf of thrust possible then and still within reasonable exit pressures!

  84. Gyasi Siaw

    Good to get some updates, Blue! BE-4 is a beast🔥🔥🔥

  85. Albert Silva

    it’s incredible 👏🏾

  86. B N

    Legends said that Tory Bruno (ULA) is still waiting for these engines.

  87. Tuuminshz

    Where are the engines Jeff?

  88. Ajay Constantine


  89. A K

    BE-4 is the biggest thing to come out of BO

  90. Chadwick Wood

    Tory wants to know where his engines are.

  91. Lionel L. KJ7OH

    Are these the same engines you have yet to deliver to ULA?

  92. Prototype

    Where’s our engines Jeff?

  93. Daily Random Jokes

    Why do they release a bunch of videos at the same time lol

  94. Jeff Vader

    Deliver it to tory already.

  95. Seryos Vit

    Это круто!

  96. Heedful Newt


  97. astro_reeceeboii

    *Tory Bruno likes this*

  98. Jerry Jiang

    Hope they don’t melt anymore

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