Blue Origin’s NS-13 Mission: NASA Tipping Point Partnership

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On Tuesday, October 13, 2020, Blue Origin launched mission NS-13 to space and back. On this flight, New Shepard flew 12 commercial payloads, including the Deorbit, Descent, and Landing Sensor Demonstration with NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate under a Tipping Point partnership. This was the first payload to fly mounted on the exterior of a New Shepard booster, opening the door to a wide range of future high-altitude sensing, sampling, and exposure payloads.

Learn more about this mission and the payloads flown on New Shepard on

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  2. ack ack

    Bro blue origion kinda trash tbh

  3. Bill Randolph

    I can’t wait til there are like 10+ countries landing on the moon via there own Space Agencies. Only then can we start doing great things. I don’t include China in my future, in fact I hope all their rockets blowup on the launch pad. Thanks for Covid-19 Pricks!

  4. Konrad

    SpaceX better

  5. tino GermaGerm

    Hi Boys 😍💋❤️

  6. MRK814 33

    Will Blue Origin ever cross over Penuel?

  7. Isaac Newton

    I’m With space x Never with Blue orgin

  8. lcdvasrm

    They had miles wide targets, but they also had brains, massive training and big balls. So Apollo 12 landed 200m from surveyor. Just trolling around.

  9. phoo4402

    Just the tip.

  10. Mercurian Brachistochrone

    This is what you have to show in the year 2020 ?
    This proves that throwing just money on rockets WILL NOT be enough.
    Goooooo SPACEX !!!

  11. a Gr echteBroo

    0:17 Really nice 👌 💋💞

  12. Jose Andrade

    Why is it taking years and years to achieve nothing?

  13. Experiencing A Significan

    Is Bezos gonna send his crew to investigate alien ship to get them infected to test as bioweapon?

  14. Highball 734

    You haven’t even put anything into orbit yet. This is years away.

  15. Noppharat Jaroenloi

    #team spacex

  16. W H

    Given the Apollo flights Luna landings last minute adjustments for acquiring a “flat” no crater small pad area one asks how SpaceX would be able to determine that a touchdown place is not a “tipping over” place

  17. gdpm

    flying DILDO

  18. Gustavo Correia

    SpaceX gonna kill bezos

  19. Yoav Koursh

    the dinetcs lander is much better as a crew transport, i respect blue origin but its just to complicated with like three diffrent moduels. im not even talking about starship which will be great as a mass transporter to make the moonbase while dinetics will be the crew transport, kinda like spacex bieng the saturn 5 and launching skylab with its first crew, but the rutine crew changes was made by saturn 1b or in this case dynetecs

  20. Millin-AVP-Education AV-K

    Cool 😎 rocket 🚀 bro

  21. Skukkix23

    well lets land an orbital stage booster first

  22. Zombiekiller Skills

    so uh, when you going to orbit…….

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  24. Doodle Boi

    So, Question.Can you Make an Orbital Rocket But With The Same engine As New Shephard?

  25. xXRobloxMaster69 Xx

    Self landing rockets? I feel like we already got some of those

  26. Kughan K


  27. Mike C

    21 years later, you do NOTHING and your stupid lander is a relic from the past…

  28. Richard South

    Why talk about the moon when they can’t get into orbit?

  29. The Indy Space

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  30. FEBM

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  31. Zombiekiller Skills

    so uh, when you going to orbit…….

  32. Aman Solomon

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  33. Kilal Googlestaffers

    It seems to me that with reusable rockets we could launch multiple individual segments into orbit, assemble them there, into a structure that would be inconceivably large to launch from Earth and begin a colonization journey with significant assets that could then be disassembled and shuttled down to the surface of the Moon or Mars.

    Like loading and unloading a container ship.

    Using these re-pop boosters like computerized cranes.

    It will increase the odds of success of any off-planet mission significantly by sending 5000 people with assets on a single voyage, over sending 150 person party and their kit each time.

  34. BumbleC

    Jeff who?

  35. Le Oofmann

    con of United Launcher is having a lander taller than its crew. way too hard to climb up for descend.

  36. edwin kania

    Blue Origin is making Sheppard use Dead Reckoning on the moon.

  37. Robert Carter

    Does it stay up long enough for a rich person to JO before coming down? Such an advancement for humanity good going Jeff.

  38. Chris Jones

    I will volunteer to be sent in to space!!

  39. Das gesunde Zeugenmehr

    *Great Advantages of the Moon:*
    01. Gravity in Space (Highly significant)
    02. Water in Space (Highly significant)
    03. Raw material Processing of Asteroids (Highly significant)
    04. Better space telescopes e.g. to explore the exoplanets
    05. Rapid subsequent delivery of equipment (e.g. for repairs)
    06. Stimulation of the robot and tunneling industry as a whole
    07. Almost live robot control from Earth
    08. Strengthening global cooperation
    09. Moon cemetery & starry sky lunar tourism
    10. Biological and civilization backup archive (in lava tube colony)
    11. Proud of the greatness of the moon civilization
    12. Moon lift and mass driver possible
    13. Low orbital escape speed (2.3 km / s at the equator)
    14. Hyperloop from the raw material asteroid mining area to the mass driver base
    15. Extraction of raw materials for parasols in front of Venus
    16. Probably Fusion Power Plants (Infinite Energy)
    17. Moon logo laser advertising (from the “gateway” in the moon orbit)
    18. Rolling out green soil around the bases over the moon sand
    19. Increase in the lunar albedo (by leveling the craters and pits)
    20. Space light mirrors in lunar orbit bring permanent solar energy to the moon
    21. Solar wind power plant (energy generation on the moon from the sun’s electrons)
    22. Zeppelin halls for building large spaceships
    23. Exploring the billion year old moon
    24. Exploration of the asteroids that struck billions of years
    25. Advanced bacterial and animal research for genetic engineering
    26. Evolutionary marine animal and marine plant research at 16% gravity
    27. The civilizational base for the Martian moon expedition

  40. DYxxxY

    It’s all looks like Jeff’s SCAM for PR purposes

  41. Kylamiis

    At least they used meters in this video…

  42. justjohnny05

    “she” that is definitively a “HE”

  43. Joe B

    We should have been doing this sort of thing for the last 50 years, but at least we’re doing it now.

    Also, why don’t we put up a series of GPS satellites around the moon?

  44. The_White_Lotus

    The last thing this world needs is Amazon going to the Moon. FFs.

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