Blue Origin’s HLS National Team Mission to the Moon to Stay with NASA

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Blue Origin’s National Team, which includes Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and Draper, was selected by NASA to begin to develop the Artemis Human Landing System.

  1. Ganzorf

    Elon better hurry up before Lex Luthor over here turns the whole solar system into his own personal slave labor factory 😩

  2. YewTewbe

    Good luck Blue Origin on getting your first object into space! You couldn’t do it without the slave wages that Jeff Bezos pays his warehouse staff and that tax that Amazon avoids. Standing on the backs of the poorest!

  3. min


  4. René P.

    big movie for a company that never had reached orbit :P

  5. Raghul 007

    *Spacex blocks the comment whereas Blue origin lets us free to comment. Thanks Jeff Bezos*

  6. matsta177

    Blue Origin is about 7 years behind Space X currently. They need to catch up

  7. Luca

    Thats Apollo but modern. Stands no chance against a fully reusable Starship. I really like Blue Origin but this concept is just outdated.

  8. Frawolf77

    sorry, boring design, it’s like Apollo on Steroids. Too sad.

  9. videolabguy

    Elon Musk will already be there recording them as they come in to land.

  10. B aa

    The New Glenn rocket seems interesting, the plans for the cylinder habitats are great… but this is meh… all old system.

  11. Recovering_Californian

    $1 says this program will be canceled before 2024.

  12. Eli Enna

    nice..but that was done 50 years ago.. any new idea to try? like a better one?

  13. tod4y

    Jeff Who?

  14. tempe1d

    Wasn’t this done like 50yrs ago? Smh same old hype videos, announcements and TALK. NO ACTION. this looks like the apollo missions. Been there done that. Wonder why public isn’t interested? This may be why.

  15. MrMichaelXX

    This is a HUGE accomplishment for Blue Origin. Together with SpaceX and everyone else involved in the Artemis program, we have some truly exciting times ahead of us.

  16. C G

    Blue Origin, Lockheed and Northrop??? Jeff, you’ve got $100,000,000.00… you don’t need those military industrialists leeching of you.

  17. Иван Гришко

    Dislike from Roskomos)

  18. Jimbodiah

    2024 guys, not 2042. NG will stall this into oblivion.

  19. Butter Hat

    Total spacex fanboy here, but BO is by far my second favorite. Hoping they make Elon get more competitive by pushing their limits!

  20. David Herron

    Thank god boeing isn’t involved

  21. Ed Powell

    Having read pretty much everything there is to read about the LM, this concept looks extremely heavy in comparison. In some sense, this is good, but I worry about the eventual cost of a system that combines both Earth-orbit rendezvous with lunar-orbit rendezvous. Such a heavy lander should at last allow long stays on the lunar surface. Anyone know what the requirement is?

  22. Callum

    Blue Balls. This seriously looks quite ok.

  23. traxman25

    Continuing to treat everything we touch like a dumpster. 😞

  24. Rivaldo

    Buena idea

  25. Robert Pettigrew

    So the lander is not reusable? In this day and age that seems a bit pointless.

  26. Frédéric FAGUET

    Two tanks for each gaz, two engine, how to lost money…and make the moon a big dump. 20century design. Do you leave half of your car on the park when you go back to home every day?

  27. David Johnson

    So much better than the flying garbage cans SpaceX has produced so far in in tents in their Starship junkyard.

  28. Scott Gauer

    Blue Urine

  29. Mr Random

    I’ll believe it when I’ll see it. Been hearing of a return to the Moon every year since 1995.

  30. Un homme qui court.

    too many stages!

  31. Stuart Black

    Hi Jeff. You’ve won the capitalism game. Accelerate BO progress with more engineers, more resources and a greater sense of urgency. The current team has done amazing work, but why not triple their numbers and give them 2000% budget? Not like you can’t afford it.

  32. The GreenBean

    Starship makes certain none of this ever happens.

  33. Sky Hiker 9


  34. Jean-Francois Ferland

    not reusable?

  35. DonMikimax

    This 2 stage system reminds me of the old tech and outdated technology.

  36. Hymenoptera _2

    Let go blue origin!!!!!



  38. J Mauricio Parra

    No han podido, ni siquiera ir a órbita terrestre o poner algun satelite en LEO y ya piensan ir a la luna..??

  39. lalo


  40. Michał

    What about reentering Earth? This thing doesn’t look properly for entry heat, stress and aerodynamics

  41. Animatronic . Robotics

    Hmmm. No mention of how awesome Elon’s Starship will look next to this thing while next to each other on the moon’s surface.

  42. dbreardon

    The BE-7 engines on the lander are LOX/H2 engines. If there is water/ice on the moon that can be accessed, the tanks on the lander may be able to be refilled/refueled and the land could be sent back up to gateway and reused. Probably be best for cargo transfer. With a human lander system you probably want to make sure the lander tanks are pretty much empty upon landing as the human portion has to light their engines upon takeoff….not a good thing if the lander below you has half full tanks of hydrogen and oxygen :)
    I’m just wondering how sustainable the entire Artemis program is. Apollo went to the moon with a single rocket and put two men. Artemis may take 3 or even 4 rockets (not including gateway) just to put 3 men on the moon, each time we go to the moon! One for the capsule, one for the lander, and perhaps one each for the landing habitat (top part of the lander) and another one for the engine module to take the lander and habitat to the moon. And that is for each and every time we land on the moon!

  43. replica

    rockets are eternal / eternal manifest as rockets
    the moon belongs to eternity
    (what makes sense is human rated)

  44. Pat Kelley

    And we’re watching development of the SpaceX Starship that will make the trip with one on orbit refueling, and bring everything back.

  45. Call

    loved it

  46. Villy щеpetoff

    Сколько будет стоить такой проект?

  47. Fußballastroroboter711


  48. MayuriK

    Nice! Good job Blue Origin

  49. Spriteblood

    Interesting way

  50. Justin Brown

    Good luck standing on the shoulders of giants.

  51. Fox 128

    What a fantastic video!

  52. X M

    Build underground

  53. The Evil Eye


  54. Вайшнави Тхакур

  55. Green Steve

    Looks familiar.

  56. Old boy

    Языком можете только трындеть…сначало дело сделайте потом хвалитесь.

  57. savethedeveloper

    where are the peeps

  58. Nick Schmitz

    Looks awesome!

  59. Space Aviator

    Wow I love the animation 👍👍

  60. Cool Gamer

    Jeff who?

  61. Mikicat


  62. Maciej Matuła


  63. Shantanukumar Maity

    i hope for best.. from india… blue origin should make a branch in india too. :)

  64. Hutch5321

    Way to go! Bravo, Blue Origin!

  65. Magnus B

    So many suppliers and integration points. This makes me worried. Calls for extremely good coordination and has a build in risk of someone in the team failing to deliver. But I wish you all the best for delivering boots on the moon by 2024! And pls share the progress as you move along with the space enthusiast community 😀

  66. Chloé - Zoeille

    This is so cool !

  67. steve mak

    So lacking in inspiration and lacking in explanation and clarity. Way to stay on brand.

  68. yerzhan wind

    Oh.Are you going to bring more cheese to Earth. love it

  69. Cyrud

    Back to the Moon !

  70. Fábio Campos

    Perfect 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  71. St Myles

    Interesting thanks for sharing.

  72. Harmonie 95

    It looks like my KSP lander :)

  73. Antares

    Nice! I really hope you are successful!

  74. Magic Potato



    Bring me sand from the moon

  76. Tesla di Murbox

    UHU! Go for it, man!

  77. 8o8inSquares

    I love it, good luck!

  78. Mehdi Aitbouftass

    Hope to see it on the moon

  79. Space Enthusiast


  80. Tiberius Maximus

    REALLY COOL! Just wish you guys could be a bit more transparent so we can root you on!

  81. Sai Srikar Gollamudi

    I wish there was some narration as well, to explain it to the viewers. All the best to Blue origin.

  82. Ry Ry The Science Guy

    Since the modules are small, they should be each launched on their own New Glenns or Falcon Heavies in order to lower cost rather than launch it all on an SLS

  83. diedie5

    That was a short trip to the moon for whoever was on board.

  84. Charles Yu

    Amazing! Would love to see blue origin in space someday.

  85. reallysmallant

    I dont care i just want SpaceX to get there screw blu origin and yes im biased and yes i dont care

  86. addichim

    Sorry but that looks like something built in a barn with stuff laying around.

  87. Cydonius1

    When you land you’ll have to pay SpaceX parking fees :D

  88. Blu

    I’m actually very excited to that we are going back to the moon, Mars just seems way too early right now. We need to colonize the moon first, then we can think about the red planet after.

  89. CYN3RGY

    When are we going to see an orbital rocket from you guys? I’m looking forward to it!

  90. Jakob Strauß

    Wow, that looks awesome!!! Moon, we are coming!

  91. Venture Fanatic

    Leaving more stuff there never to be seen again.

  92. Ojas Deshmukh

    Show me some Glenn…

  93. Keith Allver

    I’m so looking forward to New Glenn

  94. Don Guru de Bro

    That’s really cool but I’d rather see some more b-roll of new Glenn :)

  95. Garet Carlson

    Wake me when we get to Mars…

    Meanwhile, America and the world are falling apart…

  96. seasong

    The lander already looks quite a bit different from when it was first unveiled. I can’t tell if it’s the same vehicle or something completely new.

  97. Bad Monkey

    Tantalising and great for some, but for us space nerds… we’re desperate for a lot more data.

  98. nightlightabcd

    I’ll get more interested in Blue Origin when and of this happens a few years from now! But I think this is great and certainly wish him and Blue Origin all the best! Keep at it and good luck!

  99. PaperrRice

    When they combine elements, it’s like watching the power rangers morph into the giant robot

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