BE-3U Engine Hotfire Test

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We’re currently testing the newest member of the BE-3 family, BE-3U (upper stage), a variant of the BE-3PM propelling New Shepard. With a back-to-back turbine assembly and a larger nozzle, BE-3U is optimized to operate in the vacuum of space and generates 710 kN (160,000 lbf) thrust in vacuum.
Two BE-3U engines power New Glenn’s restartable upper stage, enabling the full range of customer missions including direct injection to geostationary orbit. Building on years of operational experience and rigorous testing, BE-3U will be one of the best understood rocket engines when it launches into space.

  1. iLove Games


  2. EMP Thruster

    Greta hates this trick

  3. Milchael -

    Still Not using the metric system. Can’t take this company and Jeff who seriously

  4. Amen ZT

    What’s we seen? Same Dejavu replay launch Roket test

  5. Kirk Claybrook

    Annnnd still nothing into orbit and no people anywhere higher than the launchpad.

  6. Hitachi Monsta

    Jeff Who?

  7. T S

    But can it get to Orbit?



  9. Brian Bassett

    People will be seeing these motors and the BE-4 lifting vehicles around the world for decades, a new standard in rocketry.

  10. Debbie F.

    Where is this test site located?

  11. Hadley Scott McIntyre

    I apologize for the bad things I said. Between LG phones , cricket service and the google runaround I was kinda screwed on my amazon a week ago.

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  13. Keith Allver

    What’s the difference between the BE-3U and the standard BE-3?

  14. Ugly Rockstar

    What does “U” stand for?

  15. Feel Good

    Where’s sound?



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  18. Joe Skop

    Another step, Slowly but Harder.

  19. MayuriK

    Please next time leave the sound of the engine!

  20. Jason Balius

    Well done! Progress

  21. Brian Habing

    Mach diamonds or it didn’t happen.

  22. Antares

    Suddenly multiple videos from Blue Origin! Here’s hoping for a video update on the New Glenn :)

  23. Steve Fink

    That’s pretty sweet. Would love to see close up


    Would have been nice to hear it and see various close up and high speed imagery like NASA provides instead of a short glowy bit followed by a study of steam cloud dissipation chaos. Don’t get me wrong, it was pretty and all, just want more and better. JB can afford the cameras. I think he can get them Prime on Amazon. ; )

  25. twelve cylinders

    Where can we find updates on the New Glenn?

  26. Atheist Orphan

    No sound on this video. Would have loved to hear that engine roar!

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