Why NASA Didn’t Go Directly to the Moon | Apollo Episode 1

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The battle between the US and the USSR for space supremacy.
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  1. teucer4

    The L.O.R. concept was initially envisioned by a Ukrainian, Kondratyuk, in the 1920s!

  2. Wesley Jones

    very interested to see this continued

  3. All Good

    There are people I know that say man has NEVER been in space… they are called “Christian”🤔

  4. Lukas Makarios

    Thanks for the history lesson. Good job.

  5. Andrew Cool

    This should be a good conspiracy theory

  6. Vijay Gadhvi

    Very well explained and summarised – simplicity at its best!Please keep it up 👏👏

  7. Zero 42

    the background music was way too loud on this one. you have the best voice on youtube. it’s a shame to hide it under music. ;)

  8. Farouk Talbi

    If I remember, initially The US was going to detonate a nuclear warhead on the Moon (Since the blast will be visible from Earth) as doing so will give a moral boost and show the USSR how powerful their rockets are (Which thankfully didn’t happen) but to think that all this happened in the 60s, it’s amazing

    Great video Astrum and looking forward to your next video

  9. ironwork92000

    I’d love to believe they went to the 🌝.

  10. Tahir Saleh

    Because you might miss the target! Space is enormous!

  11. House of Intent

    I just read that Astronomers witnessed for the first time a Moon-Forming Disk Around an Exoplanet. You should do a video about that.


    What it took was pride and jealousy!
    What they found is that’s it not really made of Bleu cheese!

  13. Kyle Betts

    Why isn’t NASA using drone ships and robots to fly supplies to the moon, where shelter can be assembled for future human habitation and moon research?

  14. Pedro Diaz

    I think it’s fair to mention Dr.John C. Houbolt as the mastermind behind the LOR, and also that Dr.Werner Von Braun was the mastermind behind the whole program.

  15. Crono454

    At the beginning you say Apollo was the largest peace time mission, then spend the entire video talking about how it’s a Cold War program. The Apollo missions and nasa during that time period are as war time as the war on terror

  16. Garrett Kelley

    It’s easy to take for granted how little space knowledge and technology existed before the apollo program.
    Superb video as always.

  17. M S

    Alien life : “may the odds be ever in your favor” … sending humans on scavenger competition

  18. J D

    Great video! I love the Space Race and exploring all the incredible things that went into it, and the Cold War era in general. These days so much of it gets just glossed over and oversimplified. Looking forward to more!

  19. JNBpisces

    Well done! Can’t wait for more in this series ♥️

  20. Sam Aragon

    Can’t wait for the rest of the series!!

  21. John Howard

    Wasn’t this video supposed to be about “Why NASA Didn’t Go Directly to the Moon”? Did I miss something?

  22. Stellar Symphony

    The apollo program proves that humans can achieve things beyond what we think we are capable of. If we stopped spending so much money on war and worked together as humans, the things that we could achieve would be insane.

  23. Blanca Camacho-Bonet

    Waiting to see the James Webb, lunar exploration/colonization, and the Mars human explorations/colonization.

  24. Bingo Sun Noon

    I’m beginning to think that I’m the last person left alive on earth who knows why Apollo orbited the moon retrograde. I’m not that old.

  25. flysoup

    Remembering this fact from grade school helped me get to the Mun in KSP

  26. Adam Divers

    I saw your comment about clickbait and changing thumbnails etc. I agree with everything you said about why you change titles and thumbnails etc… but (like this video for example) is titled “why NASA didn’t fly directly to the moon”. But this video is more about why the space race began and the reason behind the amount of dollars put in. It very very briefly spoke about how they got there but not in any detail what so ever to have the title you gave it. The reasons why they went about it the way they did is a whole video in itself that needs A LOT of explanation as to the whys and science behind it all.
    Just my honest opinion to a question you posed.

  27. Richard Conaway

    I am looking forward to more of these epidodes!


    This is going to be an awesome series!! I really love your channel Alex. It’s been an inspiration to me =)

  29. SerenDipity

    Stellardrone’s music is stellar 🌞❤️

  30. Gordan Babić

    you just needed to make this a 10 minute video. couldn’t resist it.

  31. rhuttrho88

    They needed a gravity sling shot, or something like that. Let’s watch and find out!😁😃

  32. Htos 1av

    I was a kid in Gemini and Apollo. From that innocent perspective, the realities kinds crushed us after it was all cancelled then the stupid space truck, now nothing. And it’s NOT coming back. We have pockets of cool research, but manned flights are over.

  33. Aäron

    Now… space science requires a lot of work to get right, and the same can be said about the technology behind skin care.

    *Wait what now?*

  34. Lou F

    I find the placement of the laser reflecter a simple and practical foresight of basic but critical data.

  35. David M. Heck

    LOR was the brainchild of one man: Dr. John C Houbolt

  36. Jake B

    This series is gonna slap. I’m excited

  37. 태선우TaeSunWoo

    NASA’s answer is crude computers, my excuse is that I’m drunk while playing Kerbal Space Program

  38. jsl151850b

    Because you’d be shipping parachutes to the Moon *THEN* lifting them back to Earth?

  39. daddymuggle

    I thought this would be about course selection. Perhaps in the next video?

  40. Julian Wells

    Did I miss it? 10 and a half minutes and I still don’t know why they didn’t chose direct entry.


    The video that you showed for the Russian R-7 rocket was actually a version of the R-1 which was based on the German V-2

  42. darthen856

    It’s a shame that NASA can’t have that kind of budget today.

  43. kreshar

    Launching yourself straight out into space and relying on the moon’s gravity to catch you is the ultimate trust fall.

  44. Richard Vasquez

    One small step for “a” man, one giant leap for mankind!
    I think the aliens abducted Neil Armstrong for the time it took him to say “a”, which is why he remembers it, but for the rest of us, it never happened!
    Don’t steal my idea: this is pure FICTION that I just made up: LOL 😂

  45. Pixxel Wizzard

    Probably the best example of a government agency actually producing tangible results that justified their ballooning budget. They got billions and put their money where their mouth was.

  46. LatteLoverPT

    The video felt short. Can’t wait for the next episodes!

  47. Christmas Snow

    What they have achieved with the old computers of the 1960’s is amazing! All those calculations, speed adjustment for docking, landing, launching back to the docking unit and flying back to Earth, all of this is so difficult to plan even today.

  48. censor tube

    Sigh, I am very jealous of the men who went to the moon on Apollo, no other thing knaws at my soul like that does

  49. Chad

    🇺🇸 🚀 🌙 👍🏻
    F’n BOSS Mission Accomplished

  50. Daniel von Bose

    You should also say something about Mercury and Gemini.

  51. Monarch Aerospace

    Oh boi, i see a nice video series. And i was also missing series like Oppy.

  52. Nigel Hallam - Hallam Hal

    I’m 58 and remember the moon shots as if it were yesterday ….. thanks Alex for your cool easy delivery in making the moments interesting again…..!

  53. Simon

    If you played a space flight simulator game you know what will happen 😂

  54. Anotherordinaryguy 499

    Hey, astrum, can you please tell us why venus’ atmosphere, despite being close to the sun, stays intact?

  55. Shady BA

    4:02 I always wonder, Why there’s a vertical lines next to the explosion, what causes those lines upon explosion

  56. AstroFPV

    What’s the soundtrack? Seems so calming

  57. trizgo

    a new Astrum series, right in time for my birthday!!!

  58. Dichotomi - Ariel Lasry

    I didn’t know I needed this so badly but now it seems obvious. Astrum covering the full Apollo program is going to be amazing!

  59. Bryan de Paepe

    A little more detail about altitudes, velocities, trajectories delta-v and burn times would be nice.

  60. bernardthedisappointedowl

    I wonder if Geologie’s skin care can help with cosmic radiation? ^oo^

  61. Joey-Roy Norberto

    I’m looking forward for this series.

  62. hoseja

    Because the free return trajectory is tolerant to failures.

  63. Ewan Cartwright

    3:36 that’s not an R7, the R7 has 4 big cone shaped boosters, it’s the same rocket used for Soyuz launches today.

  64. Stephen Lord

    From the otherside of the planet. I was home from school with measles when I watched Alan Shepard complete the first, suborbital test of the Mercury space capsule and have been hooked on spaceflight ever since. I like the idea that Sir Richard is offering a trip to suborbit by lottery.

  65. Paul R

    Long story short: The USA and Russia crush Germany. Divide up their scientific knowledge and scientists. And the Cold War/ Space race was on.

  66. Eric Kinkead

    So glad you are doing a moon mission series! Can’t wait to watch every one!

  67. Lavida Escorta

    0:42 “What drove humanity to visit the Moon in the first place?”
    Short answer: The Cold War!

  68. stephanie parker

    I love Astrum’s ability to transition to the sponsor 👍😁

  69. Mike Kelly

    Looks like a great series. I grew up in that era. I will be an avid watcher. Thanks.

  70. Jansen Art

    This belies the fact that the idea was developed by Yuri Kondratyuk and Oberth himself, but at NASA it was shepherded by one man, John Houbolt (famously self-described in official correspondence as “a lone voice in the wilderness”), scoffed at, but eventually resurrected after all other ideas were deemed much more impractical.

  71. The G.C.

    Can’t wait for the new series. Keep killing it Astrum team!

  72. NorthernChev

    This is me expressing interest in hearing more. Thank you.

  73. Tucandroll

    i look forward to seeing your take on the whole project. i have followed the Apollo project for many years reading and watching documentary about the parts i was not alive for.

  74. Raymond Welsh

    You forgot to mention John Hoboult, although not the scientist to design the LOR, ( Luna orbit rendezvous) he was it’s prime promoter an for a while a thorn in the side of NASA for his tenacity in as was said a voice crying in the wilderness for his promotion of LOR.🇦🇺

  75. shannon

    I would be so scared floating in orbit outside the spaceship

  76. Jerry McCaleb

    Looking forward to the upcoming series. Excellent episode 1!!!

  77. Tanner Wootan

    Anything you send us I’m sure we all support enjoy and love em.
    That voice is a plus ;) bet the ladies like it.

  78. Dev Zeppelin

    Reminder that despite being more expensive, the Saturn V is vastly superior to the SLS

  79. tr

    again, apart from an interesting story Alex’s voice is so calming, I enjoy his every episode

  80. M B

    Everything Iearned about orbital mechanics I learned from Kerbal Space Program.

  81. Dominic Bazinet

    Can’t wait to see the whole series!

  82. Apeman Commeth

    Keep these coming! Throughly enjoyed and waiting intently for the next one!

  83. TheECSH

    would you consider doing a series with each episode explaining each of the Apollo missions, as you did with the other space missions & telescopes?

  84. Tousif Zaman

    Exciting for the whole series!!!!!!! Btw the pronunciation of Sputnik will be like how you pronounce “put”.

    And a question, at 3:35 is that really R-7? Where’s the Tulip design of it?

  85. Gintautas Kulikauskas

    i remember Astrum from times he had like 10k subs, when watching his videos i think to myself, what did i do to deserve to get this for free :) it is a gem, and i want to thank you, for sharing this deep and informative content with us .

  86. ron genske

    Love Astrum videos! Along with Everyday Astronaut, Scott Manley, Curious Droid, Homemade Documentaries, and Marcus House; Astrum is one of my favorite channels!

  87. mohith ceemalpati

    NASA in 1960s remindes me of kerbal space program where u gotta unlock science points as well as keeping in mind the budget. Great video👍🏻

  88. tubularAp

    I loved through the Apollo era as a child. Pleasant video. Looking forward to the coming episodes.

  89. Martín Villagra

    already waiting for part 2!

  90. Yugioh Club

    Oh this is gonna be a great series

  91. Somborn

    Wish we had a lot more of those “shocks”. 😕

  92. Martin Renzhofer

    Crude is right. The computers that were in use still amaze me. Ha.

  93. Fernando Guerrero

    We are all pumped for this series! Looking forward to the next part!

  94. Subham Mondal

    Please continue this series…

  95. Maxwell's Demon

    03:25 I didn’t know Sputnik got some actual science done. I always thought it just went up there and beeped out the Soviet anthem. You taught me something new Alex!

  96. DrewDemersYT

    Really looking forward to this series!

  97. Muhammad T

    That feeling when you catch a fresh Astrum video! My day is made.

  98. E P

    Great video can’t wait for the next episode!

  99. Rodneytheproducer

    It kills me when folks say NASA has a big budget when in reality they barley have 1%of the budget they need I give it to them the folks at NASA are very resourceful and make due with what they can get the two things I think that should be explored the most is the ocean and space

  100. EpiqK

    Randomly found this channel, now it’s one of my favorite ones.

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