Why is the Closest Planet Also the Most Difficult to Visit? | NASA’s MESSENGER Mercury Probe

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Why Mercury has only had one dedicated mission.

Image Credits: NASA/Planetary Society/Space Engine
Music Credit: Cell – Hanging Masses https://ultimae.bandcamp.com/track/hanging-masses

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  1. Tom Kelly

    I could just imagine playing pool against the engineers that figured out that route to Mercury, wow what an amazing achievement! I would certainly like to know more about Mercury. Can we live underground there? Also is it possible for a spacecraft to leave there and come back to earth, or would the sun not let it escape it’s gravity?

  2. fasfasdf1

    Please make a video about the findings!!

  3. Yane Golaboski

    You’re doing great videos, if you think its worth it go for it.

  4. B R

    I love how all my data is sucked up when it preloads YouTube video, the gray color being followed by the red in the bar, and then a commercial hits you to interrupt your viewing experience, and it restarts you loading all that data up again. That’s the advertising scam, and it should be illegal. When your internet provider tells you that you have 2GB of data, but you are not informed that it’s going to be stolen by advertisements. That’s how advertisements make money. It should be illegal.

  5. Scott Lanter

    I’m interested in the science findings, please. Thank you!

  6. icebirdz

    Love this…….amazing
    CHEN Wan Yen!!!!

  7. R6-D2

    NASA: Soooo we had an anonymous call saying you’ve been hanging out with Pluto again. Did you not hear about what we did to Pluto?

  8. Godchi1d Von Steuben

    “1.8m L, x 1.3m W/ 1000kg’s… I think your missing a dimension they’re boss… unless the thing is made of solid gold…

  9. fsmoura

    Play a few games of Phil Eklund’s _High Frontier_ and you will know why.

  10. Vince Phan

    I can’t imagine the math required to calculate all of the fly bys and gravitational assists to pull off this mission, hats off to scientists/mathematicians.

  11. Douglas Strother

    “FOOL!! I said it was HOT!! We’re you born on the Sun?!?!”, Robin Williams in “Good morning, Vietnam!”


    Fun fact, mercury is where Aliens are watching us from a near distance 😂 and I’m one of them

  13. ScreamLight12

    Amazing knowing that humankind is on other planets forever. Like it crashed onto the surface of Mercury in 2015 and it’ll be there until our Sun phases into its red giant form.

  14. Alex Castro

    Like the way Brits like Alex say Mars…

  15. HEY 4Q2

    Looks like they haven’t found Mercury’s moustache yet then, lol!!!

  16. FatGoose

    Yes please I would be interested in the science findings!

  17. Ranju Rajumohan

    Yes the messenger mission findings will be really amazing 🙏

  18. Os

    Sure the important part is the scientific discoveries of this mission.

  19. Michael R

    Mercurians: “Those homing missiles from the earthlings are very inefficient. They will be no match to us!”

  20. Inderpreet Singh Nagi

    All of the yes on the science findings, please!

  21. CyberSex

    Yes I’d like to hear about the findings

  22. O Wheats

    It’s awesome that there’s a little bit of humanity waiting patiently on Mercury for someone to one day find it.

  23. J.M. Harmon

    Let’s be honest here, is Mercury REALLY as interesting as every other planet or moons like Titan or Europa? Nah. It’s a burnt, barren rock

  24. Justin _

    When you pass venus twice in one trip you start to wonder if you’re going the wrong way.

  25. Stokes Seegers

    I want to know everything about every planet, dwarf planet, moon, asteroid, and comet that is floating in our solar system

  26. Bill Kerr

    Definitely interested to know what we learned about Mercury.

  27. Bret Moore

    I would absolutely like to know more about mercury and what they found

  28. Bobby Goetz

    You included solar panels when giving Juno’s dimensions but ignored them when you gave Messenger’s dimensions.

  29. Lance Johnson

    I would love a sciencey video on Mercury, with lots of graphs and complicated sums. Great work Alex!🌑

  30. Anthony Zolman

    “Now, if the science findings are somethi-”


  31. Jerry Ricks

    I would like to see an entire video about the orbital mechanics of getting messenger into Mercury orbit to begin with.

  32. Sim Ev

    (4:56) the animation of compact Mercury probe Messenger deploying its solar panels made it like a portly bumblebee flexing its wings. Cute.

  33. Fukou da

    Man, what a marvel of an experience. I remember cheering this little fella on whole heartedly. It’ll be a legendary one for sure.

  34. Gleyson Oliveira

    Please, please, please!!! Let us know all the was discovered!! 🙌

  35. NAVRET

    A video on the Messenger data would be fascinating. Make it so, please.

  36. LINKfromTp

    I love it when two seperate space probe missions end up meeting eachother then working together, on one thing briefly.

  37. Treefarm

    Yes please, and also the later findings of Dawn on Ceres.

  38. Sandip Guneshwar

    The way you narrate its more like telling a stories. 👍 For Science behind Messenger

  39. DontEverGrowUp

    How come I never heard of this mission before? Thanks for sharing this!

  40. Jonathan Tyson

    Definitely interested in the findings narrated by you

  41. Benoit Avril

    What exactly means to be the closest on average? On average all planets have a position more or less in the sun.

  42. Edward Mitchell

    I’d say planet X is the hardest to visit as we can’t even seem to actually find it.

  43. Jonathan Gray

    Yes to your question on the science of messenger mission

  44. kingfisher talkingpicture

    Mercury is one of my favorite planets. I’d love to hear anything I can. I’d love to see a solar sail acting like a brake to help reach Mercury faster.

  45. sam deitz

    “I prefer more science and less GOP” you hear that YouTube

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    Yes please I want to know more about the messenger science

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    Yes, tell us all thereis to know. I really appreciate the concise facts and detail of all of your videos/docos. Great work always👍

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    That was really interesting, thank you

  49. Plombo#5

    Most definitely interested in hearing more!

  50. Ray Beeze

    yes please. make a video about the science findings about mercury.

  51. BFDT

    I did not know that by now all of Mercury has been photographed at hi-res. That’s fantastic.

    It would be interesting to know more.

  52. D Porter

    Yes there’s going to be a hot time on Mercury tonight

  53. Max McCann

    Dang pretty neat to think it entered orbit on my 8th birthday

  54. Brian White

    The next challenge will be landing a probe or even a rover on the surface.

  55. Theo

    Would love to know what science was conducted in Mercury!

  56. garry tuohy

    I am left wondering how big a solar-sail would have to be to balance the effects of the sun’s gravity.

  57. dmaxcustom

    For some reason I feel pride for these machines that test the limits of our solar system.
    Salute to you, Messenger.

  58. JP Iturrieta

    Never crossed my mind that Mercury is closer on average than Venus – makes sense being the closest planet to the Sun, hence closer to Earth on average.

  59. Loren Rademacher

    Yes, let’s have a science findings video!

  60. Paul's trains 2016

    Yes, I would certainly like to know more about the scientific findings of the mission. Please do a video on that!

  61. AJJ Ivackovic

    KSP veterans know Moho is hard, figures it would be hard irl too

  62. Maria Murphy

    Love to know more about Mercury, thank you.

  63. EagleSlightlyBetter

    great job. I didn’t remember this mission and was on the edge of my seat hoping it would succeed!

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    More Mercury science information, what was found out, resolved, discovered, etc. Thank you.

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    Of course we want too know the science finding lol…. Please do Mr. Astrum

  67. Craig Lamb

    How these guys do those orbital calculations is just mind boggling. Genius.


    Yes, would be very interested in the science findings of the Messenger mission. I literally did not know this mission existed.

  69. Humble Kid

    Can you imagine how many particles had radiated its surface from our star. That is interesting to me.

  70. Robert Prevost

    Would like to know more about this mission!

  71. Bingus

    Mercury is pretty interesting, haven’t heard much until now. It would be interesting to know more

  72. Dave Grox

    anyone played ksp knows how much deltaV needed to visit moho, and its small SOI makes it hard to encounter

  73. Robert Dovey

    The science results of the messenger mission would be a great video

  74. Priyanshu Gandhi

    Definite video on science discovered by MESSENGER !!! Great explanation !!

  75. MrJiff

    Mercury doesn’t get anywhere near enough love. Would love to hear more about Messenger.

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    Looking forward to get more facts about Mercury, thanks

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    more info would be great thank you.

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    Big yes on a video of the scientific findings of the Messenger mission! This was a fantastic video and I definitely want more on this subject

  79. Old Fart

    It’s hard to get there because while driving the sun is always in your eyes

  80. Just Bob

    I would absolutely like to know more about the science results of this mission.

  81. J G

    Absolutely need more info on Mercury

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    A video about Messenger’s science? Of course! 🙂👍

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    Are you maybe working in some kind of field in ESA?

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    Lovely presentation, I like your style. Subbed.

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    Yeah we need more info on the findings!

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    Fascinating programme n very educating I am sharing it with a lot of youngsters to across the World. Thank you….

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    Absolutely want to know more about Mercury! Everybody thinks it’s a boring planet but that’s only because we know so little about it.

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    Thank you, Alex.

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    I would be very interested in the findings of this.

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    Excited for the next vid about Mercury!

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    Can you do the BepiColombo mission to Mercury aka Venus’ 1st moon

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