Why is Enceladus so special?

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Image Credits: NASA/ESA/Space Engine/Planetary Society

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  1. View Economit

    Enceladus is a special moon.

  2. Justin Delta F

    Fantastic video bud! Loved it

  3. Blueblood1270

    Water Would 2 -Enceladus!!馃槑馃槑

  4. Danny Vasquez

    What happened to the original title

  5. Matthew Hartley

    Thank you, Alex

  6. Devendra Hyalij

    11:43 馃槄馃槄

  7. Steve A

    Astrum is one of my favorite channels 馃ぉ

  8. Kaltonian

    i wonder if the layer under the frozen surface hardens when the gravitational pull from saturn is at its weakest and then when the gravitational pull is at its strongest then causes it to melt and then pressure builds up due to friction which then gets released into the atmosphere, one of jupiter’s moons does the same were it contracts and then decontracts causing volcanoes to spew lava high into the atmosphere. Also i think the ice movement in the southern poles melts or breaks up and then heals hence the lack of crater marks compared to the northern pole, either way it is another amazing place within our grasp

  9. Gospel of Thomas 77th Pea

    Amazing! Thanks 馃憤馃徏

  10. Entropy Achieved

    Possibly the best channel covering planets and so easy to listen to. Great work

  11. P茅ter Szabados

    Enceladus has rockets on its south pole. It tries to leave Saturn’s orbit!

  12. Patrick Ryckman

    Small enough to smash into mars anytime soon?

  13. Saujan Poudel

    Why didn’t i find this channel for so many years? Very simple speech yet very descriptive explanations.

  14. russiaGator

    You’re the man Astrum!

  15. The Devil

    Don’t break the seal, you’ll let all the stink out

  16. 页也谈也谈页

    Triton has the highest Bond Albedo in the solar system 0.85 .

  17. The Paradox Destroyer

    At 9:04, looks like snowmobile tracks in fine powder snow. Are we sure Enceladus is uninhabited?

  18. WF B3

    If Enceladus is erupting water through plumes into space which wind up in orbit around Saturn then how is water replenished back to Enceladus, if at all? 4:12 Fantastic video! 馃憤馃徎
    If we could just overcome the “distance” and “atmospheric” restrictions on us humans so we could see with our own eyes. These worlds would be amazing!

  19. RazorbackPT

    Enceladus is my favorite moon! Great video.

  20. severla

    Please make a video about the Alpha Centauri system :) <3

  21. Frank Bowman

    Do you think we can crack open the surface of these ice worlds with some tungsten rods?

  22. Deleted Account

    Another quality video, Alex. Keep up the good work.馃憤馃檹馃憣

  23. Casanova Frankenstein

    there’s sooooo much we don’t know about our strange diverse &wonderful solar system

  24. Vaughan Stone

    Thank you Alex. Another great video and for such detailed images of Enceladus I didn’t know existed.

  25. Brandon Ledford

    Is Enceladus’s water the same as Earth’s water?

  26. Md. Khosrul Alam

    Love from Bangladesh, Brother.

  27. Konstanley Jerknov

    8:00 130km long and 2 km wide? Lol where?

  28. Charlie Red

    These videos are awesome. Who downvotes this?

  29. Leonardo L贸pez

    I don’t think enceladus has life or if it does, it might get extinct as soon as Saturn gravity destroys enceladus

  30. Hicham Mohsen

    Man your videos inspire me! Thank you.

  31. a wizard that is strange

    Aww my favorite moon 馃寵 so clean and fresh looking…鉂わ笍

  32. betterthanyou

    Astrum and v101 science are the best!馃憤

  33. Bighaverlegend 69

    Easy way to terraform Mars? Crash Enceladus in to it, boom oceans on mars.

  34. johnny benitez

    So pretty!

  35. Deadlyish

    When one of your favourite YouTubers makes a video about one of your favourite places: 馃槉

  36. Stupid Productions

    Ive never been interested of this moon until now. Great video!

  37. The Great Satan

    It’s been a couple weeks since you made a video when I was getting worried

  38. Gary Dunken

    Thank Alex, top notch production quality as always. I feel educated today as I learnt something new: hydrostatic equilibrium.

  39. Douglas Jones

    No, I think your time frame for getting there is much too long. I believe in twenty years we be allot further along in space travel technology. That or we will cause our own extinction. I prefer the former option myself.

  40. Vishank

    Extremely well made! Keep up the good work man!馃槃馃拵馃憣

  41. hawkdsl

    What I like most about Enceladus, is just how pristine it looks. Like it’s the purest water in the solar system. Not even a hint of any discoloration. Poor Europa is stained a muddy yellow.. which is believed to be sulfur from Io, and maybe.. just maybe.. bio staining from the interior.

  42. Name


  43. Densetsu

    Maybe there are squids in the water.

  44. Steve A

    11:00 what a nice little acoustic surprise. A great tune to end the video on

  45. Irish Cowboy

    The motion in this video outstanding! Really feels nice.

  46. Tegridy Farms

    Of course humans gotta invade Titan first for them sweet hydrocarbons 馃槄馃ぃ馃槀

  47. Jacob Lee

    Great work as always : )

  48. Gabe Jewell

    Did anyone else read 鈥渨hy is enchiladas so special 鈥?

  49. Dr. A

    My daughter and I jokingly call it 鈥淓nchiladas鈥 or 鈥淓nsaladas鈥濔煒
    Fascinating moon nonetheless!

  50. ZmannR2

    YES!!! I love your moon videos!

  51. Loui Throttler

    There was an interview on Event Horizon’s channel that some guy was putting the case forward that made a great case for Enceladus being probably the best place for us to study for signs of life …. but then the recent discovery on Venus has completely fucked those chances up. There was another guy on a NASA channel a few years ago championing Titan as the best next place after Mars to send missions to and he said although Enceladus is super-interesting he said there was a higher rate of radiation & therefore damage to equipment etc that kinda hampers any viability of missions being sent there. I may be remembering that incorrectly though.

  52. Pieter Zwaneveld

    Last time I was this early I kept going at it

  53. FXDR-S1000R Eli C.

    4:40 Screensaver !!!

  54. M Adil

    I want to have as much knowledge as this guy has. You are awesome Alex. 馃槉

  55. Shabash

    I would love to watch a video about tidal locking and orbital resonance!!! You always mention them and the effects they can have, but not why they happen in the first place or why they have the effects that they have!!
    Thanks for teaching us so many interesting things about the universe, I鈥檝e become a space enthusiast thanks to you!


    Finally the bald head of my neighbor’s revealed

  57. ivan geddis

    why is this a big thing? Enceladus is nothing but a water ball

  58. Ivan Karamazov

    Excellent content, as usual.

  59. Christopher Jones

    Looks like someone’s been doing a lot of 4-wheeling there!

  60. Sleeping Backbone

    Another awesome video Alex, thnx again for teaching us something new and amazing.

  61. RealFacts

    Random Fact:

    Every one hundred years, the聽moon adds approximately 1.4 milliseconds聽to a day since moon is slowing down the earth’s rotation.


  62. Ashraf Ali

    I have been subbed to this channel fr over 2 years and this is the first time I got notified about a vid

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    One of my favorite youtuber. Awesome quality content always.

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    I love this in depth content thank you so much! 馃槏

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    Finally! Can’t wait for more from this series!

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    If Astrum uploads, stop what you’re doing and click and enjoy.
    Another astonishing piece of art from you as usual! Keep up the good work.

  67. Semaj_502

    I absolutely adore this channel man. Every episode is so good. So carefully and thoroughly produced and your narration is on point. Also Enceladus is by far one of my top 3 favorite solar system moons. I hope we can get a probe there in my lifetime.

  68. BigWave

    Cassini is and will always be my favorite mission. So much learned from it.

  69. Therion

    Thanks for the video! I would like to point out that current scientific consensus is that Enceladean ocean is indeed global. Analysis of wobble of Enceladus on its orbit hints at global liquid layer, so as magnetic and gravity data from Cassini flybys..

  70. Elenora Daimio

    Thanks a lot as usual for the hard work Alex, these long form in depth videos about objects in our solar system are some of your best!

  71. johaarup

    Silly not to piggyback an extra satellite for Enceladus when you already are going to the neighborhood.

  72. atheia kid

    Nice landscape photos. I kept thinking of Star Wars when Luke is hiding on planet Hoth, but I guess Enceladus doesn’t have an atmosphere like Hoth. 馃槩

  73. Adarsh Mohanty

    If there’s a definite mission to the moon Titan then why not add an additional small flyby probe or even in a better case a dedicated satellite around the moon Enceladus!
    For just in case!
    Because this moon is so much promising for harbouring life!

  74. Richard Szab贸

    this is such a great channel! not many videos but the combination of narrators voice, great choice of music and beautifull images makes it very special and exceptional :)

  75. Pete Engard

    The stunning amazement of our universe.

  76. Rummy

    I think I just found my new favorite extraterrestrial object :)

  77. Just Vienna

    Born to late to explore the solar system, born to early to colonize the solar system

  78. darthen856

    I still can’t over how small Enceladus is. It looks like a tiny snowball next to our moon.

  79. A Knight that says Nee

    So this moon isn鈥檛 old, otherwise it wouldn鈥檛 exist anymore due to severe weight loss.

  80. 韮滌劆鞖癟aeSunWoo

    Enceladus, Europa and Titan are where humans need to go after Mars

  81. Kanishq Quotes

    Enceladus has been farting on saturn

  82. George Isaak

    If, just if Enceladus is indeed having what it takes to harbor life and somehow gets any warmer with some help of volcanic activity in the future this could be an interesting thing to watch happening and why not… Perhaps even get to see it as a potential place to make an “outpost” of humanity.



  84. aXel Red

    I love listening to you while going to sleep so much, please start a podcast oe something where you talk like this, these 10 mins video are not enough for me I’ve seen them all like 100 times.

  85. Ikhwan Yusuf

    Background music is very spot on Alex!

  86. Astrum Brasil

    What a wonderful moon it is. And what an incredible mission Cassini went on. Hoping that new missions will be chosen for this mysterious world.
    Amazing video Alex.

  87. Recnid

    Just a suggestion: it鈥檇 be a nice treat if you could squeeze a Europa video before Destiny 2 Beyond Light (which takes place on Europa). Not sure if that鈥檚 feasible for you, just throwing it out there.

  88. SpaceCinema

    What a beauty of a moon. Looking forward to the next missions exploring this stunning moon.

  89. Clinton N

    Was literally just discussing this moon..馃

  90. Kevin Green

    But when Are we going to get there and drill down ,,make sure they have a brilliant camera because if life exists it will be there

  91. Adarsh Mohanty

    If there’s a definite mission to the moon Titan then why not add an additional small flyby probe or even in a better case a dedicated satellite around the moon Enceladus!
    For just in case!
    Because this moon is so much promising for harbouring life!

  92. Sandro_ozzy

    if I was able to.. I would want to spend my last days on that moon.

  93. The Vanilla Godzilla

    I can always tell Alex has a smile when he’s narrating.

  94. 啶く啶傕 . Mayank

    This moon of Saturn is so promising, it has all the things to allure more exploration and discoveries. Every now and then we seem to be finding out something fascinating from the Cassini’s data. We should consider a dedicated mission to Enceladus.

    Not to mention, the moon looks marvelous!

  95. MrPooPooJohn

    Screw Mars. We need to go to Europa and Enceladus. Drill baby drill!

  96. ReunTeun

    “If the sun over Nessus escapes nebula cycle, evac labor after dawn.” -Cayde 6

  97. Just Vienna

    鈥淭he moon is one of the whitest object in the solar system鈥

    Clearly NASA haven鈥檛 met my Uncle

  98. ABeastTheSizeOfAHill

    Alex, you are part of the main hope in this world right now, with everything looking so bleak, hope for the future is more important than ever. I love your wide eyed wonder and you belong in the international space community (federation?) in my opinion. Maybe humans could make the trip to Enceladus one day with rockets coated with semi conductors that absorb space radiation as protection and fuel and we can dive through the vents in a long thin shuttle to cut through the upward water pressure. You’re the best.

  99. noeldenever

    “We’re several decades away from having another mission to Enceladus”

    Well thanks for giving me a reason to survive this bleak year (and for your fabulous work, as usual)

  100. Lina Umpierre

    Believe it or not, Enceladian geologic features are named after characters and places mentioned in The Tales of the One Thousand and One Nights, or, briefly, The Arabian Nights.

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