What really is the Great Attractor?

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Why is everything within 250 million light years being pulled towards the Great Attractor?

R. Brent Tully, Hélène Courtois, Yehuda Hoffman, Daniel Pomarède
Uni of Chicago

Music Credit: Adrian Chifu – Eternal Traveler

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  1. Guhto1987

    Big bang reset :P

  2. alborada777

    As always a combination of interesting topics, good animations and great narration. Please keep on the good work…

  3. Pickle P

    Remember this Is theory. The theory of gravitation

  4. holdmybeer

    im going to invent a gravitron in 3 years. it will be magnificent.

  5. Eldin 007

    Plasma cosmology explains all these phenomenon

  6. Lizard King

    we’re probably just a really big alien brain :V

  7. Kurylo

    When i put on the sports day shirt, i am the great attractor ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  8. Mr. Brightside

    There are as many stars in the known universe as there are questions about it, the universe is a never ending balance between chaos and creation, it has no other form other than what it chooses.

  9. vidyaWolf

    Today I learned that astronomy can be summed up with “Basically there’s a whole bunch we don’t know yet. But someone is working on that, probably.”

  10. infantryspecter

    keep up the animations along with your explanations its great stuff

  11. James Harder

    Brilliant info, thanks for sharing this brain candy… The Diplolar Repeller and the great attractor present more congruities to the electric universe theory.

  12. k98237

    3D mapping of the Universe appears very similar to 3D Brain Wave mapping. Our Minds expand as does the Universe.

  13. Shuffelshift

    I’ve got two theories. First: The great attractor is somehow related to the big bang. It expanded and in some places in space it left holes either that or this is the moment after an explosion where everything gets pulled in for a second and then out.. second theory: this is some kind of way of the universe or an alien civilisation to fight the expansion of the universe where everything will be way to far apart to do anything in the future. When milkdromeda happens and every other galaxy is so far away that the civilisations think their galaxy is the only one.

  14. anguswombat

    Fantastic! Thank you!!

  15. Mark Nasia

    Yeah i was having coffee with a friend the other day and he was telling me how the Andromida Galaxy is headed right for us….

  16. Anyoldion

    Watching videos like this makes me feel so insignificant, I’m not sure I’m happy about that.

  17. Battlefield Boi

    when all the galaxies meet it’s alien battle royale

  18. Flower_Tower

    Very interesting video, fantastic work and great message! Thank you for that!

  19. Gman k

    The Great Attractor is the Masters of the Universe rounding up the usual suspects. Nothing ro see here! Just kidding. Absolutely great videos keep up the best work.👍

  20. Jubach

    Incredible. Great music too.

  21. David Wilcox

    something was telling me it was just going to be a bunch of galaxies with gravity adding up from them all. no big and scary black hole to worry about.

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    imagine a planet made of neodmium magnet

  24. a cats

    i’m gonna say it
    oh yeah, it’s all coming together

  25. James Wise

    Wow. I love this video. So fascinating. Thank you so much!

  26. Sambojin Bojin-Sam

    Is it possible that there is a “thing” that is an insulator of gravity? Be it time, or energy distance, or something else. A property, or many, undiscovered? Where below a certain “flow value” of what we consider “mass”, once insulated from, gravity and particle interaction occurs still, but is un-reflective on our “plane” and into semi-curved-planar mode, but just that skerrik below infinite? Yet the gravitational side is as a node-point (a more complicated thing than a singular “mass” byword, and can be tilted itself from our 3-5 dimensional viewpoint?)
    Not time, just flow of gravity on our expectations of.
    Not entropic, or merely flow redirective, but not looping or continuous state loss ?
    Many things to look into

  27. Ooran_&_Iren

    Thank you for this well composed and informative video.

  28. djuidjuiful

    P A T H S

  29. Donald Smith

    Thanks for the show. I understand there’s an attractor outside the visible universe which is pulling huge swaths of sky towards something we can’t see; I thought that was the subject here.

  30. Steven Castellanos

    Astrum has the best visuals. My only gripe is that the videos aren’t longer.🌌🌠

  31. terenfro1975

    Considering time frame, all of this is completely speculation.

  32. Elijah Mendiola

    That hurt my head

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    if you are ever in need of music I highly suggest Rimworlds soundtrack, it’s magnificent.

  34. Gamer Of The NARWHALS

    Im always attrected to my bed in the morning

  35. kulurohera

    You missed mentioning new findings suggesting the presence of “Dark Flow”. Which suggests all matter in the visible universe is “flowing” towards a region of space outside of the visible universe but in the same spatial direction as the Great Attractor.

  36. Сергей Чередниченко

    Очень круто, спасибо!

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    I’m pretty sure my Ex is the Dipole Repeller

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    Where is that at 0:54? It’s beautiful!

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    Your work is absolutely astounding… I have never seen it all visually illustrated in this fashion. Well done, I am subscribing

  41. lucidfiredragon77

    Thank you guys! A lot of video’s about that third point have been appearing. I’ll keep thinking!

  42. Peter T

    Thank you for showing the super structures of our universe in a digestible form.
    The vastness of space boggles my mind and what pulls and seems to push whole galaxies.

  43. Riko Saikawa

    me. im so dense i bend space/time

  44. Kimberlee Brackley

    Maybe it is an electric circuit. Thank you 🙂

  45. निकम्मा

    I expected more details from you!!

  46. Will Chen

    just need to clarify that we are actually moving away faster from the Great Attractor due to dark energy than it pulls us.
    So in a few 10’s of billions of years we’ll be pretty much outside of the gravity’s influence.

  47. Abk Yoo

    at 3 am, videos like this produce a stronger gravity than even the great attractor.

  48. GodakuriOPTC

    Its crazy how the universe was here for 13 billion years, and its still just an infant

  49. LEBU

    1:52 Where is that place?

  50. Sykohsis

    Damn i was hoping it was a gigantic tear in space leading to another universe. Oh well.

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  52. Bants

    The Shapley is where all the aliens live!

  53. Art Martinez

    Seeing these diagrams reminds me of cells.

  54. M

    I have to say Astrum, looking at these photos of these things truly appears like the microscopic insides of a living creature on many levels. Nerves, cells, etc.

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    Great Attractor is Amazingk!!

  56. Romelo

    space science be having me hardcore theory crafting. Like for the last 30 minutes I’ve been looking at the paused video making thinking to myself about how this all works out and where this ends.

  57. Bezzarr

    Hey Alex, even though it will still take several years, i hope you’ll be still around on Youtube to report on all the discoveries the James Webb Space Telescope will reveal. This definetely is my favourite Astronomy Channel, and I’m always eager to watch your videos. Keep it up!

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    witnessing all these marvel’s of the universe.

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  63. Bendy Bruce

    I too love the aspect of humanity that craves to better understand the nature and mechanics of the universe that we are a part of. I only wish we didn’t also have such savage disregard for the incredible world we live on. At this point, we have to regard it as quite possibly unique within our entire galaxy, and maybe far beyond that.

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    The size and scope of space is so immense it’s hard to imagine! Great video though – with your explanations I can at least begin the grasp these complicated concepts!

  70. The Dark Lord

    Thanks man this is some new stuff I learnt today

  71. zaini ikhwan

    Great video as always~
    Could you also make a video explaining how the scientists manage to map the galaxy cause it pretty interesting and mind boggling how they manage to do the tremendous work with technology we have now….

  72. ArtFartMcMunty

    2:26 to get to the part about the great attractor, everything before that is stuff you’ll probably already know, if you have a passing interest

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  79. universal truth

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    “Not me! That’s what I know.”

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    Just imagine what we will know in 100 – 1000 years. What a disgrace being limited to meat suits and not being able to see how it all pans out

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    I am always fascinated by information about the voids/superclusters and especially the great attractor. Interesting stuffs!

  95. Robert Quick

    “With increasing distance, our knowledge fades, and fades rapidly. Eventually, we reach the dim boundary—the utmost limits of our telescopes. There, we measure shadows, and we search among ghostly errors of measurement for landmarks that are scarcely more substantial. The search will continue. Not until the empirical resources are exhausted, need we pass on to the dreamy realms of speculation.”
    ― Edwin Powell Hubble, The Realm of the Nebulae

  96. GuppyG

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    The truly astounding fact is how fast we’re all flying towards the great attractor. As we sit still watching YouTube videos we are traveling at 1.3 million miles per hour towards the great attractor. Think about that. That’s about 360 miles every second of every day of your life. By the time you finish reading this comment you’ll be thousands of miles away from where you were when you started reading this comment. I suddenly feel compelled to apologize for taking up so much of your time.

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