What Hubble Saw Happening To Galaxies Stunned Me | Hubble Images Episode 12

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Looking at the midway point in a galaxy’s evolution: Lenticular Galaxies.
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Image Credits: NASA/ESA/ESO/Hubble
Music Credit: Meydän – Story

Tags: hubble, lenticular, spiral, elliptical, galaxy, galaxies, astrum, astrumspace, nasa, esa

  1. curtis younger

    Oooh now I see why adults who haven’t grown up since their childhood fantasies, as being the reason why the population has become mindless followers. Cartoon pictures of places we can’t ever go to, since of course none of this can be validated, while the realm we live in is degrading.

  2. Rick Grossett

    Awesome.. great job on video. I can’t wait to see what James Webb telescope going to show us.

  3. TheReaverOfDarkness

    Maybe a lot of those lenticular galaxies are covered in Kardashev 2+ civilizations. Maybe many of the elliptical galaxies contain aging mega-societies spanning their galaxy, slowly and efficiently consuming its energy.

  4. TK 13

    I like all of your videos I watch because I have ALWAYS loved space and all its wonders. Anyway, I wad watching one of your videos with my goddaughter one day, and I saw it, her eyes lit up, I knew then and there a new space fan was born, so I love your videos. The topic flew right over her head but, what she didn’t understand i filled in AA best a I could. I’m saving up to taken her to our planetarium (I’m poor, so I have to save, but she’s absolutely worth it, plus I can’t wait to see her face when she sees it, it’ll make her year 😇), so thank you for your videos, job well done👍

  5. Daryl Brown

    8:28′ messier 105 still has an astrophysical jet only partially visible’ top left!

  6. NeDeS

    6:49 A spiral galaxy transitioning into a Hoag’s Object ?

  7. Eric the Red

    Galaxy NGC 972 (#69) reminds me of the Family Guy episode where Godzilla is about to attack Haiti, but Haiti’s already destroyed and burning and he’s like “Oh my god” and backs away.

  8. Scott Fangue

    AI should be able to evaluate all of the information in a couple of years. From there they will let us know and be able to travel at super speeds to different galaxies. Should be about 15 years. Can’t wait!

  9. Mike TehGrimm

    If it meant going to space on a one way trip to the vast emptiness of space I’d jump in with no question.

  10. David HB

    This is the best channel on YouTube. Thank you, Alex.

  11. Austin Hibdon

    Ha! Great joke about the JWST launching soon. I appreciate a good zinger at the opening

  12. david schneide

    9:00 “how am I supposed to see all the red stars in such a grainy photograph?”

  13. Esormit

    If people cared more about this topic instead of what IG model is doing what, the world would be a better place.

  14. Haven21

    I love this series! Those 10 minutes went by in a flash. Please keep producing these!

  15. theenergizer248

    I just bought a new teleportation device, going on a holiday soon to NGC2217.Beautiful earthy planets they have there!

  16. Alan McG

    Now I understand why they’ve spent more time in space than our own oceans.

  17. nem jef

    Its so weird that the universe is only 13~ billion years old. That seems so young compared to the potential lifetime of stars. We’re so early to the party it seems

  18. Chevy boy For life

    Hey man we know you’re pretty busy but if you could give us a video a week that would be great keep up the good work

  19. Greg Vidito

    Just wanted to thank you for this very clear, and easy to appreciate video.

  20. emu5088

    Amazing video! I learned so much about galaxies I never knew about…and you present it in a clear and wonderful manner. Cheers!

  21. SweetBass

    Nice space engine music!

  22. Comment Creator

    It would be nice if ‘we’ could find a way to bring Hubble home when it’s no longer of use.

  23. Human Isomer

    You know what puzzles me? I can’t find any plausible explanation for the existence of bars in galaxies. There are numerous theories about disturbance, gravity waves interferences, or n-body problems, but non of them provides a really good explanation. Maybe you can elaborate a bit on that.

  24. fuckyshityfuckshit

    Mate, you earned my like and subscribe from the opening.

  25. Bernadette

    Thanku Alex for your beautiful storytelling. I feel like a child listening to dream time stories next to a camp fire the air mixed w sparks and stars and possibilities ✨

  26. Sir Drell

    Sad but also kind of reassuring that like us, galaxies are not immortal

  27. buddypat // zBudpat

    What would make these videos perfect is if this had a 4k option. But the videos are still amazing!

  28. Sandeep Kapare

    Amazing images. Gives perspective of how small we are and yet so much to discover. Looks like we’ll need few billion generations to fully study the universe.

  29. Snip3rM00n

    How cool would it be to get closer to these galaxies and just observe them from a spacecraft.

  30. Maine Made

    With so many ,many galaxies,there’s life out there ,over hundreds trillion world ,we can’t be the only ones ,Inprobably

  31. citizen

    Speechless !! Thank you!

  32. Dean Cook

    JWST is going to be insane it’s going to teach us so much I can’t wait. Let’s hope we get it there safely

  33. Markus wolfe

    magellan needs to add more content it is very good though

  34. Chris Barber

    I am very curious about the center of these galaxies. Are these massive stars that are expelling material that, in time, gathers to form smaller stars and planets? I would like to know more about these if possible. Thank you for everything that you have done with these videos as I find them so incredibly interesting.

  35. riley burke

    Beautiful stuff 🕉️♥️

  36. kirby march barcena

    The photographs are awesome!!

  37. GeneraLee Relativity

    Thinking of those vast distances of space and time somehow puts my mind at ease…

  38. Brennan Keller

    I don’t trust the Ariane 5. I have this gut feeling, I just can’t kick it. I always have a positive outlook… but there’s something about Ariane 5.

  39. Steve Sloan

    “My God. It’s full of stars!”

  40. Rohan Thakur

    One day I will be telling my grand children that james web telescope will be launching soon.

  41. Mandar Hulsurkar

    Awesome explanation 👏 thank you for such a nice video 👍

  42. Tom Fieselmann

    Excellent video on an interesting field.
    BTW, Galaxy Zoo has a project tracing spiral arms. Join the project!

  43. Maria da Luz Moutinho

    Incrível vídeo e a Beleza! As galáxias nascidas no Cosmos num enxame …estas que são sistemas de estrelas nas quais novas estrelas estão em formação e outras em vias de desaparecer!!? Umas galáxias com tantas estrelas e outras com poucas… em variedas de formas e tamanhos que dependem da fusão de umas com as outras?! Graças ao diapasão do fenomenal Hubble… desbravar caminho para temos o gáudio de saber e importante …que classifica as galáxias!!

  44. Brian Jaber

    Truley Awesome! I love to watch ur channel because even if I’m familiar with the topic u always teach me something new. And when there is nothing new to Learn from u ur still very interesting to listen to. U have a great way of presenting the material so even if u know w:hat ur going to present ur going to listen anyway because ur just that good. Keep up the great work a d I will be watching for as long as I can – PROMIS.

  45. Scribe13

    What did they do to stun you?? They’re just being galaxies

  46. Mr Scruffy

    I love how you reminded me to “like” – “i hope at the end of the video i have earned your like and subscription”. That´s so classy and modest – almost humble. And that´s how you earned my like way before the end of the video, which i will continue watching, now. Thx.

    Galaxies are so huge… from inside of one, looking to the other end of it, if you can see through it, you can only observe the distant past of the other end, compared to your vintage point. It´s only at great distances they can be observed within roughly the same time frame. Kinda like atoms, if you think about it, where-in relativistic effects are very important, while fading away at comparatively huge distances.

  47. Nillow

    I can’t wait for what the JWST has to show. Hopefully it all goes smoothly from here on out

  48. Edwin Rodriguez-Duplesis

    This is the best video for learning for learning the evolution of galaxies. I didn’t even know what lenticular galaxies were and now I do. They are pretty awesome.

  49. Chris Smit

    Hey Alex,
    I have been following you channel with a lot of anticipation of the next video, but some videos it’s looking like there is something wrong with the coding, like there is missing a frame… just for a microsecond the image stops.

    Other than that, top notch channel.

  50. ازهرچمنی سمنی

    O mg.Thank’s. Can’t believe it.Can’t stand to it. Can’t forget it.What a time!!! _ how it would be if standing in your space ship front of one of these spiral galaxies and watching all that fascinating worlds of them full of simply everything.!!!!!

  51. Usama Iftikhar Butt

    8:35 This is such a beautiful Galaxy. Wow

  52. Rcs N

    Great video! I have a question: why does it look like centers of galaxies contain a massive sun-like structure? Is it a cluster of tightly packed stars around the massive black hole? In images it always looks so neat, though…

  53. The Thinker

    “I hope by the end of the video I will earn your like and subscription”

    Me: Not in the end, NOW

  54. Oshungurl

    So amazing, love your content!

  55. J R

    I wonder what “thing” is made from these galaxies. It must be _HUGE_

  56. Nhat Minh

    Your channel is amazing!

  57. Jack Whatever

    Great job Alex, as usual.

  58. Sheeple Slayer

    The “browning” of the milyway! Bout time we get some chocolate up in there. Haha

  59. Aftersun 20XD6

    I’m curious about Ring Galaxies and, something a friend of mine coined, “Young Cloud Galaxies”. The more we know plagues us with more questions than answers. But NOTHING could be more mysterious as to why my girlfriend insists that I buy a freaking Buick. Ugh… Now that is just a demonic request.

  60. Soren the Kirin

    This video make me happy to know the human race has existed at just the right time to be able to observe so many beautiful and striking spiral and bar galaxies

  61. Dazanar

    i really really enjoy the episodes where you are talking about the hubble deep images (or just quality images) of structures in deep space its always fun to imagine watching those play out on human time scales like clouds.

  62. The Real Philip Beall

    I wonder if the galaxies affect each others lifecycles by proximity…are those lonely galaxies? Will they fall into one another and be reborn?

  63. Big Sarge

    Spectacular and amazing! Thank you

  64. Steven French

    Messier 61 has a hexagonal shape to it, similar to the wind pattern on Saturn 🤔

  65. Aesthics

    I can’t wait until you start making videos about JWST’s findings! I’m so excited

  66. clarence spencer

    Ab fab, alex. can i ask if u could make something on the Triangulum galaxy? no one seems to care about our own smaller sibling in the local group. really, there is nothing substantive about it that i know of (except for the classic work by Burnham).

  67. Dizzle

    I can’t wait for some James Webb pictures and videos

  68. Shag Wellington

    Loved this video. Great job. Fascinating. Can’t wait to see what James Webb come up with.

  69. Curtis Rogers

    Fantastic, beautiful, very informative!

  70. Lamii Kromah

    excellent vido, I learned a lot.

  71. PoorMans Chemist

    This channel is so awesome!🥰👍👍

  72. sulijoo

    Nothing like space to put things into perspective.

  73. NexeL

    This is why I love space. There’s so much stuff to marvel at with galaxies. The biggest one we know of is one of these elliptical galaxies, IC 1101. Quick fun fact for you.

  74. S1QuanA

    YAY!!! I missed this series!

  75. Junk Mail

    7:17 What is with the constant “BIRDS IN THE BACKGROUND?” Through-out I’m hearing birds! What is it? maybe some kind of audio watermark? Or maybe the narrator feels lonely?

  76. Simon Wackerle

    Really fascinating! :D

  77. Infected_Chris

    Space is just fascinating and I’ve loved exploring the sky since I was a kid. Often, I’ll take my telescope out with no real purpose and just slowly go across the whole sky. We cannot even fathom the size of a small section of space like our local cluster. Space also forces some people to truly question what they think they know.

  78. Garrett Kelley

    Fantastic images, great presentation.

  79. Captain America

    Fantastic content as always. 👍👍

  80. Jacob Olness

    This channel is so damn good.

  81. Abdul Baset

    out of the infinite numbers we have, some mans chose to name a galaxy after 69 xd

  82. Divya Kanish


  83. ColieDee Kenzo

    Listen, honestly I’m soo grateful for this Channel! I’m 35yo and ever since I was a young kid I needed to know everything I could about the universe! I want to learn it all but also understand the information given to me! So I appreciate these videos soo much! Also my youngest, 6yo son loves space! He is eager to learn too! Thank You!

  84. Sean Edging

    I don’t fully understand why NGC 4921 doesn’t have more red in it, does it not have red giants/dwarfs?

  85. Mike Ivy

    everything is born and everything dies! What happens to Hubble when it dies? Hope they focused the James Weber telescope before launch!

  86. Daniel Thompson

    These images give me an overwhelming feeling of awe and wonder. I want to know and experience all the things that exist in the universe but know that this cannot be. I’m somewhat saddened to know there are infinite worlds & civilizations that we will never get to see or know but still thankful I get to see a fraction of what is out there

  87. Justincase008

    I’m curious as to what the orientation is of the galaxy’s stars and planets that face us. If they face us we are essentially perpendicular to each other.

  88. Robert Pine

    Its amazing how we humans have become so inward looking. Our city lights have allowed humans to forget that we r just specs of sand in the grand scheme of the universe.
    I’m happy that some of us are still looking up with wonder and want to know what is out there.

  89. Dudley Middleton

    Space is utterly, mind-bogglingly huge – that’s what I learnt from the hitch hikers guide to the galaxy! Thank you, Alex, for another exellent video with some stunning images! 👍

  90. Rikesh

    cant wait for videos after james webb gets launched, Astrum!

  91. Damaris Burri McColgan

    That one ghost galaxy looks like a very delicate, white rose 🤍

  92. NamelessNick97

    Ah yes, 0 dislikes on this video. Perfectly balanced as all things should be 😎.

  93. Justin A

    Makes you wonder how many civilizations have been lost 🤔

  94. beastman

    I think the most interesting thing is how the universe was created, and the theories in how it will all end. What if there was a universe that crunched itself back into a singularity, which from that singularity created ours? We know that the universe is accelerating in the rate it expands, though we don’t fully know why this is happening, and we especially have no clue if it will reverse. The best part is we are evolved apes. What an incredible life we live, and I hope you all cherish everything.

  95. said facts

    Space is really interesting and mysterious that is why I love space.

  96. James Caldwell

    So, a gas heavily compressed will form a liquid. So, does that mean in star formation they were a ball of liquid hydrogen? If so, that would be cool to see.

  97. Starship Sn10

    Both beautiful and terrifying. Such is nature.

  98. Mdshihabul Haque

    Thanks very much ❤️✝️❤️✝️

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    Never been so early, love your work!

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