What has NASA’s OSIRIS-REx discovered around the asteroid Bennu?

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‘s OSIRIS-REx has now been orbiting the asteroid Bennu for a year already, but what has it discovered so far?

  1. Willow Graal

    What’s the gravitational constant of this asteroid?

  2. Alex Dobra

    It has death stored for you, for all of us

  3. Danny Dazzler

    Nasa: Sample returns
    Internet : Bruh!

  4. Haris Khan

    I came here to Sleep.!! Soothing AMSR..

  5. Rob Sin

    Well done Alex..πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ‘

  6. Steph Mar

    Could you tell us which music you pay during your review (always well done !!)

  7. Mike Ivy

    They look like the remnants of explosions. And the debris collects on what’s left

  8. Hans Moser

    this looks like the soccer-fields in my childhood.

  9. TriggerTho

    Could you make a video about galaxys again? Amazing to see how many subscribers you gained. Keep on the good work

  10. King of the Castle

    I feel like they’re going to find ketamine up there

  11. J P

    Wow… another pile of rocks.

  12. Colin Kerr

    this was so interesting! I wish you had provided a scale, like a man so that we could keep in mind how big the various features are. I guess if someone was on it and jumped, they’d never come back down?

  13. P.J.

    Yep Alex I love you and love your channel. Please keep up the good work ok bud?
    I really

  14. bones007able

    How do you land on something spinning that fast?

  15. Too much content

    I’m sure there’s a couple sand particles orbiting each other somewhere…

  16. Zero One

    Yes, Like number 6,000!!!!

  17. Bill P

    Nice. I didn’t even know this mission existed! Very cool!

  18. Frank Fezza

    Excellent educational video about asteroids!

  19. Z J-P

    I wish to see aliens before I hit the bucket!

  20. Elto Desukane

    6:14 you should explain this effect, the graphic shown doesn’t explain anything!

  21. Paul Shendtown

    Alex your voice sounds remarkably like that of another great science/space broadcaster and commentator James Burke. A big name in the 70’s and still around, he popped up on The Sky at Night recently.

  22. Larry Hunt

    Great class of information!

  23. beaker2000

    Man, that looks just like the sample return capsule from Andromeda Strain, the movie!

  24. soundD:sine

    Very interesting and great images. I wonder how much it weighs?

  25. Oat lord

    Aaaahhhh!!! 1:35 is driving me crazy. Give me controller, NASA.

  26. TROTH

    Wow what a video great narration as always , i’m overwhelmed at the content , looking forward to more video’s like this .

  27. Jose Torres

    When the next new germ comes up you’ll now know where it came from.

  28. James In da house

    This is very interesting

  29. Lloyd Arsen Balbas

    3:03 look for the pile of rocks that look like a big nosed guy holding an axe πŸ˜‚

  30. Lana

    From what I can see, the proposed landing sites look as if they are small craters.

  31. Zoopdter Doobdter

    Bring daddy back a sample with lots of gold in it, Osiris! Gotta make it worth someone’s while to start setting up orbital smelters and such.

  32. Lacerations

    I wonder what bouldering would be like in such a significantly reduced gravitational field

  33. paul clark

    I’m going to go with the clangers long lost civilisation.

  34. JeS

    Wow I didn’t know this rock was spinning in a centrifuge! Interesting!

  35. Asad Iqbal

    What is the beautiful background score you’re playing?

  36. Zachary Polk

    I love the videos. Pease keep them coming. Very interesting for those who are Interested in Astronomy!

  37. Chrris Smith

    I understand that all objects in space have some gravitational effect. I saw the salt experiment on the space shuttle that shed a lot of light on theories about planet formation. But how can that tiny probe manage to orbit such a small object.

  38. Aaron

    How much would a horse sized boulder weigh under that gravity?

  39. Obvioustroller

    The animation where Bennu gets covered in green stuff was really satisfying to watch.

  40. meesalikeu

    this is a fascinating mission β€” thx!

  41. Mr. Fox

    the detail of these photos is mind blowing!

  42. Diamond Cutter


  43. AUSTIN barnhart

    your the best guy for this good job my guyπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

  44. Graeme Brumfitt

    Beautiful pictures and great information. TFS, G :)

  45. Thauma Turgia

    Amazing mission! I

  46. JoE MaMa P

    I did an information report on this mission for my project lol.

  47. Victor Bruant

    I don’t know why, but the asteroid looks appetizing to me

  48. Oliver Von arx

    Absolutely fascinating!!! I wish mission control all the luck with the upcoming landing- and sampling maneuvers!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ

  49. Gabe The Babe

    Looks like a Skittle, and now I am hungry. Thanks Astrum! πŸ‘πŸΌ


    Thank You Very Much! Amazing Story! I Pray That NASA Can Complete Their Mission.

  51. nitramyar

    Another great one! Thank you for such educational and fascinating videos, Alex.

  52. J.R. Taylor

    I just love it when they name something after an ancient egyptian word. BENNU = PHOENIX Tua atu Nebertcher!!! Pu Asar!!!

  53. George Sabol

    Asteroids must contain mineral wealth beyond imagination. Gold, platinum, & so on. Can’t wait. Maybe someday America will be able to put men & women back in space. As of this writing it’s only been about 8.5 years.

  54. Amar Fawwas

    Awesome jobs, as always! Your channel deserves millions of subscribers. It’s easy to understand for people who understand English independently like me. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

  55. Chris DIYer

    Great video. While watching this video, was eating some Grape Nuts cereal. The surfaces look similar. 😁

  56. Freeway

    This is so amazing!

  57. Tony N

    2:06 Cowflop…

  58. M James

    I just found out that, _though I am subscribed to and love this channel…_
    Somehow, I didn’t have notifications on.
    And now, I don’t know what to do.
    I’ve squandered my entire life and lead a meaningless existence.

  59. Paul Davis/Schlichting

    β€œOsiris Rex” really, NASA?

  60. Paublus Americanus AMERICANUS

    A loose rubble pile like this has clear advantages but to me the one I want to see material from is psyche. Because a metal asteroid has advantages for mankind way beyond a rock pile in space.

  61. inuyasha

    Bennu looks like a ball of gum that rolled on the ground.

  62. Patrick Radcliffe

    Looks very much like the boulder fields here on earth.

  63. Murilo Kleine

    Such a small object has enough gravity to hold all those rocks…

  64. Smooth Criminal

    Okay Benu what’s on your menu? 🀭

  65. rzl1234

    This channel is the best, you’re a perfeccionist and you put soul to what you do, thanks for these amazingly done videos

  66. Shannon McDowell

    Excellent work as always! Thank you for your work and look forward to your future videos!

  67. 1_2_Die

    That sample return will be – with respect for all the other great projects around – the most important work for its decade.
    I’m overly excited.

  68. Thomas Dykstra

    Virtually no evidence of erosion is displayed amongst the shatter of rocks strewn over the surface. All have sharp, clean breaks. What do you suppose were the circumstances at its formation?

  69. Rafa Gonzalez

    Awesome video as always, Alex! Can’t wait for the touchdown

  70. Tim Harrison

    just wondering, at 4:15 “the largest rock is as big as a football field” (91m) and yet the entire asteroid is only 500m… so wouldn’t that take up almost 1/5 of the surface? didn’t see anything quite that big anywhere… where is the huge boulder located ? TIA

  71. ricketyrawd dawg

    This is interesting! I didn’t know this was going on.staying tuned

  72. Matthew Chaulklin

    I’m super early. Only 6 views. Cool

  73. Ancient Alien

    mission due back 24 September 2023 πŸ‘

  74. Masaharu Morimoto

    Excellent update on OSIRIS-REx :) Thanks!!

  75. BDSA 1

    Nice job; that’s really cool and fun πŸ™‚. Thank you!

  76. JD babez

    Thanks for another awesome video Astrum. Hope things are going well with your little bubby xx

  77. Susan Moran

    It’s fascinating. We really don’t know that much about asteroids. It’s going to be interesting. Thanks NASA.

  78. Leiron Aelrion

    You’ve got a great narrative voice Alex. Have you thought about voice overing?

  79. Neoma Henry

    There is plenty more to say about the surface of this but I hope everyone just gets those 10x loops start looking think about an old art work done on rocks

  80. Peter Jerde

    5:06 exasperated? I think you meant exacerbated. :)

  81. Jeff Hallel

    3:14 Inside the circle at 12 o’clock it looks like bigfoot with his back toward the camera.

  82. Krafterr4

    This is the kind of stuff I love. This kind of content is excellent, do you share it with the scientists who you get the data from?

  83. Sherylin

    Any chance of getting that video on Ceres you told us about months ago?
    Thanks for this video in the mean time though. :)

  84. Pak De

    So, basically a giant space dust bunny?

  85. Mark J

    Bennu has quite a venue! This video rocks!

  86. zapfanzapfan

    My god, it’s full of rocks :-)

  87. Channel Hue

    Great video as usual Alex. Loved the Horse saying: “Do you mind?”

  88. Nick Muschong

    I remember years ago, I was able to add my name to a list (for free) on a microchip, with a lot of other people’s names, on the Osiris Rex probe. Makes this object just even more interesting to me!


    I’m surprised a boulder hasn’t casually floated by the space station yet.should have a automated arm on that thing ready to grab one automatically

  90. Theresa Terry

    When showing close ups of the whole surface… SLOW DOWN!!!!!!!!!!! People WANT TO SEE IT, it’s more than just a bunch of , “rocks”! That’s the best part to some humans. Thanks πŸ€ͺ

  91. nightlightabcd

    I noticed that the rocks and boulders on the surface were not Cratered, so they must have gently landed by the gravitational pull of Bennu.

  92. AlwaysNick

    Great video. I like the video’s about Astriods :) they are also something very special in the Solar System :D

  93. Hank Bridges

    Has it found my lost socks from my dryer? πŸ˜‚

  94. vdiitd

    The chosen sites seem like impact sites where some external material has hit. Collecting sample from there may give wrong ideas about Benu’s composition overall. What do you think?


    “Dirt Happens” (everywhere)

  96. TheDeadMeme27

    who knew… some rock in the vast vacuum could be so interesting.. :’)

  97. Leonard Stubbs

    And never been to the Moon so stop it now, layer after layer ,God made thee firmiment to keep us out

  98. Kresimir Peradinovic

    Space mining 101. Fast fwd: Weyland Yutani 😁

  99. Christopher Payne

    You always picture asteroids as just big rocks in space. It’s amazing to see pictures of them covered with boulders and scree, like the little worlds that they really are. Wild!

  100. Greg Brockway

    Bennu, Bennu, Bennu and the Jets

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