What has Hubble seen in our Solar System? | Hubble Space Images Episode 9

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Hubble doesn’t just look at distant nebula and galaxies, but has also observed celestial bodies and events in our own solar system. So what has it seen? Images from Hubble / NASA / ESA.

More Hubble Images in this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2gLpWRK0QlCPaLzEw8I3yL72CM2EzC-k


Stellardrone – Eternity
Meydän – Pure Water

  1. Notw Wallace

    Just how do you go about leaving craters or marks in GAS?

  2. Patrick Mitchell

    How come this things still going but my laptop takes a dump five seconds after warranty expires

  3. Dee James

    It would be very nice to have ElectroMagnetic Field Detection and Birkeland Current Sheet/Field Monitoring Equipment along with the James Webb Telescope in 2021!

  4. turbocharger2639

    You should do a video on planned future missions to Saturn

  5. Virginia Campodonico

    One freaking week ago NEWS?

  6. Jamie Mendoza

    This video should’ve been at least half an hour, it ended too fast!

  7. TheDeadMeme27

    Do phobos and deimos have any effect on mars at all?

  8. HardRockMiner

    I prefer (SENT-RIF-UGAL) Centrifugal. :)

  9. Just Looking

    6478 Gault will probably not disintegrate altogether from spin. Once it fall apart enough to change it’s shape, it won’t accelerate anymore, then it will fall apart just enough to balance the forces between gravity and centripetal.

  10. JayPixx77

    4:51…WOW. Just wow, didn’t expect that coming. I love science.

  11. Jacomus SAOR ALBA

    My guess they saw,.-SANTA CLUAS heading here due in 1 month

  12. Talkalota Rademacher

    I really enjoy your videos! I have been fascinated with space and time since I was a young child, I even had the opportunity to see haley’s comet through a very nice telescope when I was young. I however was more interested (and limited) in building things then putting the emence time and money into astrophysics. But I look upon technology and find people like you to rekindle my childhood. Thank you for making these great videos. -Dustin

  13. Shivam Negi

    4:27 My girlfriend does the same thing lol

  14. Jorge Lopez

    I didn’t see the whiz stream from Phobos. How do you know it was whizzing on Mars?

  15. arctic 1878

    Great video, but those transitions from dark photo to white background is very rough on the eyes when watching in a dark room.

  16. TOMAS

    ” 30 years ‘ !!!!????

  17. Tanmaya Mishra

    love the animation @5:16

  18. Maria da Luz Moutinho

    Impressionante Hubbe ! O Hubble está para o Universo como o Universo esta para o Hubble…O viajante solitário não foi raptado por ninguém …Informações fantásticas e a colisão é incrível!! Eventos no universo devastadores e que originam imagens fabulosas …tudo em movimento!!

  19. Julia Naylor

    I’ve got a badge of Jupiter that is now out of date become of the comet Shoemaker – Levy 9’s scarring of the planet’s atmosphere.

  20. Mahesh Bhenchod

    23k degrees Celsius? lol what does that even mean haha the Sun’s surface is around 9-10k C. wow!

  21. superwiezel

    Your videos are always so well made and hit the exact right spot of my space curiosity. Weiter so! =)

  22. Henry Reyes

    It’s shown us the ring maker’s

  23. SHANKY

    No sir. That is a xwing fighter. Its Luke Skywalker!

  24. neptune

    amazing video astrum! keep it up!

  25. John Clements

    It’s ok to say Merry Christmas :-) 12/18/19

  26. Entropy Achieved

    Its good to hear that Hubble still has a few more years left especially since the James Webb is taking its sweet time…

  27. Jhhggh Drf

    Hubble is like hey terrestrial objects Smile!

  28. Paul Aldrich

    I’ve always been an astronomy fan but your videos give me the chills. The footage of our tiny solar system against the backdrop of an immense universe truly blows my mind.

  29. LastStand Drum and Bass

    Hubble just liked my comment

  30. Treyton Zoss

    Thanks for the video! :D

  31. Ali-K

    wow one hubble space telescope has done so much work load in these years alone. Imagine if we have 1000 hubble telescope with the size of JWT mirror. What would it seems like?

  32. Pendince

    Hmmm what would be a good name a comet? Shoemaker-Levi 9 sounds about right

  33. Smooth Criminal

    Hooo my gaaaaaad! Dedicated Hindi and Spanish channel?
    No words.
    My brutha is finally enjoying the jounery in the stars. Congrats bro. I hope that i can hear you speak Hindi someday. 🤭

  34. Toughen Up, Fluffy

    Came here for the Hubble, stayed for the Solar System.

  35. Captain Mir

    Truly heavenly ❣️ pictures.i missed many heart beats.tnx

  36. LW Riker

    Asteroid collision was the coolest!

  37. Pilgrim Here

    All those photos look like computer images, We want to see the real thing” A video at a very close distance from the planets surface.Yess” Do it” just Do it”🚀

  38. Angus Irwin

    They were able to determine Venus’ composition by looking at light reflected off the bloody moon, that’s incredible.

  39. 宮路次郎

    Thank You.

  40. Dilano

    Cant wait for the new telescope to be launched, just annoying that its taking forever

  41. Frank Hall

    Hubble’s been a great success . There’s no doubt about it .

  42. kirby march barcena

    Those are wonderful photos indeed!

  43. Claudio Saltara

    What I think about the universe? I am waiting for Stephen Hawkins to send me a report from outer space.

  44. free spirit 1

    When the JW telescope is finally launched the NRO will be like “and here’s two more we’ve had for the past 20 years”

  45. Brian Moore

    Thanks I need the sleep

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    Thanks. Much appreciated. 🤗🤗🤗

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    Thank you very interesting. ..

  48. Poky Patriot

    Really nice computer generated images! 🖕

  49. mudgetheexpendable

    I really enjoy your Hubble-image videos, Alex. Your explanatory commentary is easy to follow, but always has information I feel compelled to look into further. It’s a difficult balance to achieve. You do it regularly.

  50. nitramyar

    Absolutely classic Astrum! Thank you again for all your wonderful, informative videos.

  51. Raymond Parsley

    On a serious note, thanks for the scientific observations… Our solar system is blessed with earth, this most precious of planets…. and clearly, we owe much of our existence to the outer planets, especially Jupiter.

  52. Roy Sheaks

    The Hubble pictures are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.

  53. YouTube Learned Player

    Can u do a video on Parker solar probe what has it discovered

  54. Nathaniel Anderson

    If I have to hear that man say that he repot Ted the ficus one more time, I am going to pull all my hair cut.

  55. I am Bloor, dictator of Uranus

    Ay caramba! También tienes un canal en Español?! Que sorpresa! 😍

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    Awesome as always, thank you for your work! Really great shots and compositions!

  57. Luke Yaple

    That’s some pretty dope animation.

  58. Nia.D33

    So excited for the James Webb telescope to launch , my imagination is running wild with what it might see!

  59. Lisa

    8:02 “This looks like a standard comet filament. Wouldn’t you agree?”
    Me: 😬🤔 Ummm, I guess so. Lol

  60. lois code

    This is so interesting,I love it and he explains in simple detail ,more understanding for me..Thxx for sharing.

  61. Zakariya mohamed

    I Just never get enough of your channel.. thank you

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    New video from Astrum for breakfast = big smile on my face. Thank you!

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    RIP Gene Shoemaker.

  64. 00x000

    Great video. Never knew Hubble was so versatile.

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    Thank you Hootie Mcowlface and all of the other patrons for this video.

  66. Peter Mortensen

    What an outstanding review! I didn’t know about the Moon being used as a mirror or the asteroid collision.

  67. Yehudah Hachassid

    Thank you for an interesting video on planets and astroids in our wonderful solar system. I agree completely—saturn is a beautiful planet. All the best !

  68. Don’t eat Yellow snow

    Very cool to find out that Hubble will be alive after I’m dead. Yet I was alive when we put it up. Actually I watched the Moonlanding and remember it from when I was three years old. Oh well, see y’all somewhere else!

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    Watch Heavens declare YouTube it

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    Beautiful pictures! Saturn looks unreal! Amazing…

  71. Upright Ape

    Damn…….that was beautiful.
    Thanks, Alex. And thank you, NASA.

  72. Sherylin

    Hi Alex. Still waiting for the video on Ceres. :)
    Thanks for this video :)

  73. TheDeadMeme27

    i guessed the theme right!! yeah!

  74. John homes

    The views were cool but do you have any with alien ships flying in front of the lens and waving as they go by LOL that would be cool

  75. King Dutch

    Definitely more Hubble episodes! Love these!


    -12.000km across 3:40
    Ok thats not big, everything in space is measured in crazy numbers
    -About the size of the Earth

  77. FatGoose

    I LOVE this Hubble series. The information you provide is stunning! Thank you!

  78. ss

    Shoemaker-Levy 9: Doh! I’m stuffed now. …. Jupiter: Burp.

  79. Joshua Barrow

    There’s no material coming off that asteroid it’s just like a comet when it interacts with the sun’s magnetic fields at a distance it creates a plasma discharge

  80. R_ TheKingSlayerX

    I really enjoy these types of videos, pls do more!

  81. DownCidDrum

    Love your channel <3
    Its so much better watching these videos rather then reading research papers and textbooks about the topics

  82. Awilda Molina

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  85. Arkansas Man

    30 years and I’m lucky if my coffee pot lasts 3 years!

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    Such good videos every single time you post something new.
    Thank you.

  87. Kaltonian

    Thank you,
    Indeed, amazing pictures

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    Beautiful images and thanks for the explanations of what we are seeing. The wonderfulness of astronomy never ceases to amaze!

  89. Donald Evans


  90. Scott Shaffner

    I love your channel before I even watch. An antidote to the social insanity swirling round us. Much more important things, like the Universe, swirling round us!!

  91. Bill Bright

    That’s the trouble with Hubble. So much to see and so little resolution.
    That asteroid ☄️ nearly got me! It left an impact on me.
    They need to empty that vacuum bag.
    Mirror Mirror upon yonder Moon 🌙 please pray tell,, is there life out there?

  92. Holl E. H.

    I love your channel but… What now? Entire what? (Nuclear as in nucleus from an atom.)
    Also, Shoemaker-Levy; pronunciation Lee-vee.

  93. Anthony Pirrone

    “And they really are whizzing”
    You know what you did there.

  94. Toughen Up, Fluffy

    Glad to hear Hubble’s sticking around for awhile. Love that sucker!

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    Hubble must be the best Astronomy Investment in all history!

  96. Afonso de Portugal

    These were the fastest 10:40 minutes I’ve ever spent!

  97. a59x

    Can’t wait to see the first images taken by the James Webb Telescope, what a time to be alive!

  98. Alien

    Personally, I’d like to see the Hubble Space Telescope saved and brought back to the Earth in the Future.
    It really does deserve a place in Earths History as it’s done so much for our Evolutional understanding of the Universe around us.

  99. Shadow

    It’s quite humbling to gaze upon the heavens.

  100. Astrum

    For those of you that wanted the link to the image I teased earlier, as I mentioned the resolution is quite low but here it is: https://cdn.spacetelescope.org/archives/images/large/opo9810b.jpg
    Quoted from the Hubble website: “Hubble captured a bright asteroid, with a visual magnitude of 18.7, roaming in the constellation Centaurus. Background stars are shown in white, while the asteroid trail is depicted in blue at top center. The trail has a length of 19 arc seconds. This asteroid has a diameter of one and one-quarter miles (2 kilometers), and was located 87 million miles from Earth and 156 million miles from the sun. Numerous orange and blue specks in this image and the following two images were created by cosmic rays, energetic subatomic particles that struck the camera’s detector.”

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