What happens as you approach the speed of light?

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As you go faster, what happens to time and space? What would happen if you could manage to go the speed of light? Astrum Answers!

To play “A Slower Speed of Light” yourself, check it out here: http://gamelab.mit.edu/games/a-slower-speed-of-light/

Music Credit: Cell’s Tranck – Hanging Masses https://ultimae.bandcamp.com/track/hanging-masses

A Slower Speed of Light

  1. james cyr

    Hmmmm back in the day when autocars were new to the world they claimed you would die if you reached speeds of 30 mph. I think they got the math and concept of speed and light all wrong.

  2. Graeme P. Van Reenen-Mills

    I know the answer but i just like your timbre so calming, always land up watching as i gear down for sleep. Thx always

  3. Jason Guion

    Thanks Alex I have trouble visualizing this stuff, this is great!

  4. FatGoose

    This was brilliant!

  5. Grishy

    this helps explain the ending of 2001 space odyssey actually

  6. JesterGnome

    Your voice sounds like you could sing the song “Goodbye Moon Men” from Rick and Morty

  7. Connor Dawson

    You rip space time and enter a new universe/galaxy

  8. A. Baciste

    Well… I’ve just discovered that the game concept I had was already been created by the MIT. Good. Need to find another one now I guess. But I’ll play the game first. Thanks!

  9. bojan popovic

    if we travel faster than light then we will see the past !? time machine?

  10. Jonathan Williams

    there is an hypothesis on going beyond the speed of light by riding the incredible speed of dark energy.


    Okay. So where did I put my Superman comic books? LOL
    Actually I truly appreciate this material. I can’t come close to getting my head around it but the exercise of trying is great.

  12. Bart Dooper

    The speed of light is actually the rate of induction

  13. Spadookie

    Don’t say never. Gravity still has the last say so.

  14. Gear Zen

    I love when things are said like “You and I have no hope of ever attaining those speeds.”
    What did people 100 years ago think impossible that is passe now?

  15. usquanigo

    What do you mean “if the speed of light was slow”? It is! Very slow!

  16. Ludwig Von aids

    The faster you get the more you realize Epstein didn’t kill himself

  17. sehern01

    This was such a good video I love the game reference 😊😊😊

  18. ERR0R 06

    When she text you she’s alone at home

  19. lonewolf

    Those bending shrooms are sooo trippy Bro!

  20. Tom Zeman

    At the moment of death the human soul travels much faster than speed of light, speaking from personal experience

  21. Canti Nandaba

    Kind of made me feel sick.

  22. Ryan Hughes

    In order to reach the speed of light one must be the light, feel the light. May the force be with you.🖖

  23. Flash Gamer9

    So this is what the flash see when he running

  24. Tortellini

    I see this when i try to reach the bus in the morning…

  25. STriderFIN77

    While i watched this 1.25x my beer glass stein needed 2 refills though this video, amazingk effect :-)

  26. Aji Setiawan

    One question: Will we experience something similar as air friction (but as EM radiation not air) as we go near lightspeed?

  27. Baz Pearce

    Question is. Is there a way to reach or exceed the speed of light while avoiding time dilation? A la Star Trek’s WARP drive. As i understand it. It is plausible of you can produce and control the energies needed.

  28. LSB

    If you approach the speed of light, you friggin rule. and all of the other chumps become lame.

  29. eddykruger

    A generous dose of Mushrooms is the key to experiencing this.
    I felt as if my mind my thoughts and conscious were at the speed of light,
    The video hints at this as well :)

  30. alex mendoza

    Daaammnnn imagine traveling at ludicrous speed lol

  31. DudeManForever

    4:24 Special Beam Cannon!!!

  32. Harfenspieler

    You’d still be seeing all the ads.

  33. -OK Internet-

    You’d be in a dimension outside of time and space.

  34. JD babez

    Yeah nah you’ve lost me this time 😂 right over my head. But great vid regardless.

  35. Josh Hayes

    It’s just like being drunk in EverQuest. :D, great video! thank you!



  37. Igo Dreamer

    Headache sure will not be a problem, huh

  38. Tacsense

    that game on acid would be like playing games on acid

  39. Dark Wolf

    when you smoke weed everyday

  40. MCPepeh

    More of this please. It’s extremely fascinating.

  41. Edward Williams

    When you approach the speed of light you go fast.

  42. BiteLime

    so we can indirectly time travel by travelling closer and closer to the speed of light.

  43. M K

    1:26 idk about u but in my world, when I walk around and see things normally, the world is not Blue and purple and pink.

  44. J Boogey Boo

    Love how you explained it and showed it in a way we all can understand.

  45. [Vitz!]

    That moment when a nice physics and astronomy channel explains the reason Star Platinum got The World better than Araki. lol

  46. Charles Tredway

    That was very informative! He really didn’t emphasize enough on the fact that matter cannot travel at the speed of light. Only light can travel at the speed of light.

  47. mhhndeable

    I believe that as you reach speed of light, you’ll start seeing radio wave from direction you’re moving to, and light from your back will be perceived as radio wave.

  48. Gary XHLC

    I remember downloading “Slower Speed of Light” years ago. Fun stuff.

  49. WizzardOfPaws

    Well this was fun! I think I’m going to try out that site.

  50. Gamblor

    So everything looks like a Sound Garden video clip then?

  51. Jhuny-Boy Borja

    3:56 Madonna must’ve been going quite fast, then?

  52. Wolf Domination

    It’s actually even more complicated than this watch “Einstein tunnel paradox” it’s not really a paradox but it explains a whole other slew of stuff.

  53. Team Fortress Gameplayer

    5:50 Stephen Hawkings (sry if i spelled wrong his name) time travel theory is based on passing the speed of light too.

  54. Kevin Vazquez

    Reminds me when I was tripping on acid

  55. Sean Connors

    This makes sense to me, and I have no formal education in these of disciplines. I’m a little spooked.

  56. michael sleeps

    if something is 60 light years away, it still takes 60 years to reach it traveling at the speed of light, hence “light years” so it makes the time trip even more interesting

  57. Rick Seiden

    Don’t forget, not only is there a “tiny tiny tiny time delay” (6:34) because of the time it takes for the light from the screen to reach your eyes, but there is also an additional tiny tiny tiny delay because of the time it takes for the nerve impulses to travel from your retina into your brain and for those signals to be processed.

  58. Bonney Dahlquist

    Lol never been speed of light but somehow knows

  59. Craig Schultz

    Relatively speaking, nothing changes for the person travelling while to a stationary observer, the traveller would appear to be speeding up in time as well as increasing in mass.
    Look at it a different way, if the traveller looks at a clock in transit with them, the speed at which time passes is exactly the same as when it was at rest.
    Also, the color shift is not a change in the actual color of the object itself but instead and again, the observation of the object and not the object itself.

  60. Kas b

    omg i remember playing this game YEARS ago and thought how cool it was. it certainly took a while to get used to the movement cause of the effects of time dialation and stuff

  61. Hugh Jones

    “What effects would it have? The first thing I noticed is that the colours start to change”. Yep, the mushrooms are kicking in… Let’s get this party started! ;-)

  62. X Razorsz X

    Imagine an astronaut travlled somewhere close to these speeds n came back after 40 years, he would have been gone an hour but his parents would have waited 40 years just to see him again, that’s heartbreaking :(

  63. Dr. DOOM

    I can bend space, time and the entire cosmos to my will.

  64. NoveltyFlux

    0:53 They used to say submarines were impossible, too.

  65. Practice Aloha not Racism

    I’m so confused

  66. Albert Owusuansah

    Time and distances from the speed of light 🔆 is like ❤️ equal to time delay into a misafit.?The light 🔆 source is relative and instant.????The speed of light 🔆 is quite warp and light wavelength will be quite different from 🌐., ???????

  67. AdorableOne

    Light: “Ho Ho, you approaching me?”

  68. Hector

    whoa very very interesting, although by the end of the video I started to feel nausea.

  69. Bewix

    Pretty sure I’ve been there with enough DMT.

  70. Hemal Anibal

    5:50 – “if you want to go 40 light years away traveling at the speed of light you get there instantaneously from your perspective”??, i think this is wrong, it would take you 40 years to reach.

  71. Benjy Strauss

    Careful with saying things are impossible–physics isn’t complete yet.

  72. Heny

    0:27 Here’s where the video starts.
    You’re welcome <3

  73. Man from Nantucket

    Talk to those NPCs, they might give you quests or something

  74. shrapnel

    People living in Galactic Year 8019: 😂🤣

  75. SydTheGoat

    Blows my mind everytime to contemplate light speed, never gets old

  76. J.R.

    This was like a mushroom trip

  77. Baleur

    If the universe has an end, such as a big crunch or a big freeze, then you would not ever actually be able to “experience” reaching 100% of light speed. Because as you get closer, time for you slows down, until it gets so extreme (before you reach 100%) that the entire universes lifetime will appear to swish past in the blink of an eye, at which point you will either experience the big crunch or big rip, before you reached 100% of light speed.
    Thus, this is why it is impossible to reach lightspeed (with physical momentum, not talking about circumventing it via warp drives). Becuase you cant attain that speed before the universe dies out of old age. Or rather, you cant experience and become aware of having reached 100% before the universe dies.
    This is kind of the same thing as with black holes. I have a similar theory where, i think nothing has ever reached, or can ever, reach that absolute singularity in a black hole. Because gravity also slows time down, and if we truly hypothesize that a singularity inside a black hole is “infinite” gravity, then the same applies as for light speed, time would slow down to almost being stopped.
    So any “person”, or even just a single atom or particle, would NEVER have enough “time” to fall all the way down and reach the singularity, because time slows down the closer they get.. They would need the entire lifetime of the universe to get to the actual exect quantum point that represents infinite gravity.
    Thus, black holes cannot be “solid”, they must be SHELLS of incredibly dense matter, like a gradient going radially inwards ever denser and denser, until it forms an essential “wall” in the boundary of time where no matter has managed to journey further, as it takes longer and longer to go further. For 1 particle to travel 1 “meter” (random example) in the outside of the shell, might take 1 year, but for 1 particle to travel 1 mm on the inside, might take a trillion years.
    So it must be a density gradient, that gets ever denser the closer in it gets as particles “clog up” as they travel ever shorter distnaces in the same time unit, with a perfect void of the singularity in the middle. Because no matter can have enough time to fall into the center. So a black hole must be the most dense matter ever imaginable (the shell), while also at the same time being the most perfect void imaginable (the immediate vicinity of the singularity, where time is so slowed down that even spontaneous quantum particles doesnt have enough time to pop into existance).

  78. Odival Quaresma

    So the ending sequences in 2001: A Space Odissey were scientifically accurate all along

  79. GCNElite

    When you reach the speed of light you reach the speed that light travels

  80. Bruuman

    5:19 This is mind blowing to think about.

  81. i cry when i wii

    Wouldn’t you need a flux capacitor and 1.21 gigawatts of power??

  82. Dr. Ether

    “I camed and farded and shidded my pants” – Man who reached the speed of light

  83. Ayo

    You hear a distinct pop when you reach the speed of light.

  84. Adventures with Dogs

    Alex- as always, your videos bring the science of space down to an easily understood level. (Let’s face it, scientific dissertations can be a bit dry!)
    A favorite sci-fi movie of mine which illustrates the effect of space-time is “Interstellar”. A man leaves his young daughter on a mission to find another world. To him, very little time passes, but when he returns, he visits his daughter who is now on her deathbed and very old.
    I still maintain that you should do a separate series geared toward younger schoolchildren. I think they would be a huge success!

  85. Arthur Trauer

    I’m reasonably happy doing my best living at this speed on this beautiful jewel of a planet, but oh man, the possibilities. There’s so much more. Who knows, anything is possible. Life, the universe and existence period never fails to amaze me. I frequently wish I could travel the universe at light speed. I have no doubt it would be beyond comprehension.
    The chemo didn’t work and my life is at an end. Normal daily thoughts change. Will I exist after this,… or have I before? When it comes down to the basics, everything is energy which never completely dissipates – as far as we know. Hello and farewell my fellow travelers. It has been terrific and horrific and everything in between. The dumbest and most profound thing I have learned is that things happen because they can. Why is there something instead of nothing? I was here, which is important and insignificant at the same time. I will be cremated and my ashes scattered. Nothing goes to waste. The atoms that I was made of, the air I breathed and the water I drank will be here. That’s my invisible monument. I’ve loved, suffered and had a lot of fun. That’s enough. Take care.

  86. John Doumba

    i just traveled witht the speed of light for a couple of moments , anyone still watching this in December 2519 ?

  87. Maren Denison

    “They’ve gone plaid!”

  88. anthony donnelly

    The lights go out and it gets very very dark.

  89. Todd Begay

    This makes the Stargate scene in 2001: A Space Odyssey that much more interesting.

  90. a59x

    Hello space-heads.

  91. Entrophany

    Ok so as we see, alcohol is the key to time travel.

  92. Just Some Bigfoot With Internet Access

    You can approach the speed of light by Naruto running

  93. Ron Hagelstein

    This just went over my head at the speed of light

  94. janmajer

    Developer: *creates simulation of travelling at the speed of light*
    Also developer: *creates gamespace of a small canyon*

  95. Gavin Smith

    Imagine tripping on acid and traveling at the speed of light.

  96. Johnny NiteTrain

    “If you ride like lightning, you’re gonna crash like thunder.”

  97. jeremy western

    You can travel at the speed of light but not at night cos it’s dark

  98. EyeSeeYou

    so going the speed of light is basically like a crazy ass mushroom trip lmao

  99. Uhgene Ignorian

    Actually its very possible humans can approach the speed of light especially if you grew up in a mexican household when mama grabs the shoe.

  100. Bulbous Cock21

    Surely the mushrooms that are present aren’t a coincidence….

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