What did NASA’s Opportunity Rover find on Mars? (Episode 5)

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My battery is low and it’s getting dark. NASA’s Opportunity has come to the end of a 15 year mission on Mars. But what did it do? This episode focuses on Endeavour Crater and Cape York!


    Nice place to visit , but I wouldn’t want to live there , rather live on earth till we destroy it

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    But I am curious. Do Mars have volcano.?

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    How funny would it be if our rover ran into another rover from another world!

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    Very nice. Thank you so much.

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    Great video!!!

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    It’s strange how the distant hills look so hazy, misty since Mars has only 1% of earth’s atmosphere.

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    Rocks and sand dunes. The end.

  9. Patrik Lindholm

    My guess is Martian soil.

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    Great video.

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    R.I.P oppy

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    I like how you say blueberry. Blueburry

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    What did they finf? dirt and rocks.

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    I starting to save up rn to buy the first blueberry on market

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    It’s a cute little rover.

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    His voice makes this 10x better

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    Where is the link for next episode?

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    Winter Snow Melt !

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    Wow ohh WOW !!!!!!!!,
    That was some amazing findings 😯😯😯😯😯

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    Now I need to watch all in order

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    This information is really interesting. Mars’ oceans are long gone. But could fossil water still remain underground?

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    I love how you do not hide anything. All visual media must be shown. Thank you for that.

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    Thanks for the science based fact filled video and not something filled with aliens and ghosts.

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    Organic Blueberries rich in iron?
    Crispy on the outside and soft in the middle.

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    Love watching your vlogs astrum,can we have a mars “real color” as well,would be great to see.

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    Thanks for posting this educative video.

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    I love this series <3

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    …Found Elvis sitting on a toilet

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    bluebürries xD

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    a bi t like the moons surface,but cud b water lots of area to cover yet?

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    Hollywood sure has Mars wrong in Total Recall

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    That Martian sunset, at 5:35, is breathtaking.

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    Opportunity thank you
    Let’s respect the science that went on during opportunity, they ,the team used all the tech at the time, com on man,when these scientists starteraed tecnology changes already,we need to slow down

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    How were those blue berries created? Plus the others embedded in rock. Maybe they’re Martian tic tacs :)

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    Anyone know how those blueberries were formed?

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    Man, I hope you compile all these together when finished and I can re-watch them like a documentary. Some of my favorite videos you’ve done.

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    What if humans were actually from Mars???

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    I hope Mars has Wi-Fi
    So I can download all the apps

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    What a great Chanel
    What a great presenter
    What a great job
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    first mars people who get there willget that gold made go kart for free :DD

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    I always preferred Spirit over Opportunity.

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    Are you working on Part 6 of this series? Love them so far!

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    Really enjoy your videos. They are rich in information and you present them at highest quality with no Nasa talking heads that sells themselves than the mission. Am sure schools around the world will use them.

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    What was that OMG 😮 it’s it’s a rock LoL 😜

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    7:55 MOR?

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    In 1977 a UFO hoovered over boulder dam. I was on the dam and the UFO was directly above me about 100 feet. The people in it were looking out of the port holes down at the people, I was one of those people. They had blonde hair. I watched the UFO for maybe 1,1/2 hours then a small airplane flew a circle around it one time then the UFO slowly turned A man was looking out of the porthole he gave the all clear signal that the small plane was far enough away that they could fly off. And they did in a burst of speed it was out of sight on a cloudless day. I think they were drawing power from the dam. charging their batteries. This is my opinion.



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    It’s great how this guy arrives to create a interesting narrative about a robot in a desert. As Well scientific data is very complete and impressive. Congrats!

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    FINALLY Episode 5!

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    Thought you’re done with this series, so glad you don’t. Oppy is the best out of them all so far and I’m still heartbroken. This is the best way to remember Oppy, learning all we could about the result of its lifework.

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    I agree. Every video is a masterpiece!

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    They found SKITTLES!!!

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    amazing video ! I enjoy it so much . I think that , the opportunity will find irons , diamonts , or the oceans under the Mars’s ground , indeed .

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    10:40 animation is of Gale Crater, which has seasonal or annual lakes or ponds which is from ice melt after winter on Mars.

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    Dang old space aliens done stole my blueberries. Such a sad day on the moon…

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    The water on earth stirs my soul! I doubt that any life ever existed on mars, I hope we find that out while I’m still around!

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    Excellent educational video, watched all 5 episodes and this would make a great TV documentary.

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    “It now took weeks to examine the composition of a rock. A process that had only taken 30 minutes when it had arrived.”
    Sounds to me like the rover is an outdated Apple iPhone model.

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