What did NASA’s Dawn discover on Ceres?

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‘s Dawn mission finished in 2017. What did it discover while in orbit around Ceres?
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  1. Erik Baarstad

    I darken over time,I’ve fallen over crater walls

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    Thank you Benjamin.

  3. Sherylin

    WOOHOO, finally. Thanks Astrum :)
    EDIT: Ceres is 940 km in diameter for those who want to know :)
    It has one-fifth the mass of Earth’s Moon.

  4. Widget

    I have been in love with The Expanse and the use of real planetary bodies like Eros and Ceres made this a particularly interesting video… I think it interesting we’re now toying with ion engines that could send a crew capsule to Mars (NASA called it the X-3 or something) and it’s just such an exciting time to be alive!
    When people first heard Pluto wasn’t a full planet anymore, they got quite upset – but here’s the thing, there are so many other objects in the solar system that we have hardly remembered the names for (I mean, do we have acronyms for all the planets and dwarf planets?) Just feels like when people say that, they are arguing with scientists that are trying to make sese of the solar system… Not unlike feathered dinosaurs… I like the new stuff, onward and upward!

  5. ak101farhan

    I love you so much!

  6. Florin Pandele

    So Ceres has a dimple, and a very (n)ice one 🙄. Any space dermatologist out there?

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    The perpetual “suprise” would come to an end if they were not Darwinists.

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    Finally! Ever since I discovered your channel I’ve been trying to wrap my head around your accent. it doesn’t quite jive with your clearly British name.

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    This looks CERES-ously cool!

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    I dreamt I came from ceres wtf…

  17. Stefano Dawg

    Surviving moon of Lucifer

  18. KarbineKyle

    Great video! I remember Ceres before we had HST images! It was such a mystery! Astronomers believed that it was probably a giant metallic/rocky asteroid. Then there was speculation that maybe it was more icy, since it nears the Frost Line. Later, Ceres was believed to maybe have a subterranean ocean. It seems to be in the middle–not too rocky/metallic–not too icy/volatile. This is a very interesting object! The neutron and gamma-ray spectrometer does a great job at finding chemical composition signatures! The images from _Dawn_ are amazing! What a world! This would be so cool to visit! Ceres could maybe serve as a “halfway point” and “supply station” to the outer planets! I love these! Thank you, Astrum! 👍

  19. Tom-Pdexter555

    For the love of… Nasa take your tiny budget and instead of poking death wandering rocks, start drilling on Europa or start fishing on titan !

  20. Rafa Gonzalez

    ¡Excellent video! I didn’t know about the salt trails 👍

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    Loved it.

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    Is this a reuploaded video? I have this deja vu feeling.

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  27. Adventures with Dogs

    Even though it’s been almost 30 years since the Hubble was deployed, it feels like yesterday to me. I remember being amazed at the resolution of the images it captured. Now look!
    We are living in very exciting times!

  28. Bry Byrne

    Can I ask. ” how the hell do they know what’s under the surface or how thi k the crust is or what the core is made up of. It’s all just speculation they don’t and won’t know until they go there and drill or map it or something.

  29. Thepher

    You and Anton and Manley are like my holy trinity on youtube <3

  30. Mike Mann

    Brilliant video, thank you. A size comparison of Ceres and it’s features would be enormously helpful.

  31. Jimmy hall

    It’s lost moon landing data?

  32. Michael Kurse

    The bright spots look like salt, chalk or ice deposits.

  33. Ross Payne

    The moon of the destroyed planet that is now the “Asteroid belt”

  34. Big, Not Good

    Remember the Cant!

  35. plenum222

    …left in a stable orbit around Ceres… That’s perfect.

  36. Marisa Batista

    Wonderful videos! As a recent subscriber, I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a video on the channel where they talk about Scholz’s star? Can’t find one…

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    Ceres has a pimple it’s going through puberty

  38. Brian Jury

    Extremely interesting, and could ion propulsion be used here on planet to reduce need for fossil fuel?

  39. Marlin Juslon

    I saw a small pop from one of those spots on the sun yesterday. It looked maybe earth facing and could be why we got a bump in earthquakes. Merry Christmas to you and the family.

  40. Pablo Smith

    ‘Some of the cracks are relatively young, perhaps only a few hundred million years old.’
    Now go tell that to your sister-in-law who always complains about her age and why she should get a facelift.

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    Excellent info; thanks for sharing.~*

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    Wow, look at the hexagonal crators!

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    Sad ending to an incredible mission! Thank you for the update! 👍👍

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    This is extremely cool.

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    Oh my lord it’s just another chunk of rock

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    So cool….remember hearing about ion propulsion decades ago.

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    “What did NASA’s Dawn discover on Ceres?” – Hopefully no protomolecule

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    The bright spots are aliens partying and chilling gzzz

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    A+ video…loved it! I sure hope others catch your quip on no VPN service on Ceres at the end of this video…that was hilarious! 😄

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    I always wanted to know, why is is that they never take actual “video camera” type things on the probes we send to space or is that not possible?

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    You explain more about sublimation – it’s an interesting process where ice vaporizes into a gas without first transforming into a liquid.


    ?????”: ..?SIRIUS!!/??”

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    Fantastic view of Ceres. Great detail of surface features.

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    Great video. Dexter would agree: Ah, what a fine day for science!

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    This video is a lie!!!! What they found on ceres was my half-eaten pizza. If i knew you guys were coming I would have cleaned the place up a bit 😆 Ok, but seriously, this is a great educational video.

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    Ion-Thruster: I love it!

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    Thanks for the video. I was wondering about that planet if it is different from any other moon. You are the best Alex.

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    Ceres. One of my next destinations in Kerbal space program

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    This is exactly why I watch your channel. Just learned something new today . I never knew this planet existed . Thanks Alex

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    Ceres is a lot more interesting than Dres from KSP

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    Wow, very informative and wonderful. The white spots on Ceres looks like ice water, they are in the middle of a recent crater. So they are salt, interesting.

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    Cant wait until we get the resources if we havent already started mining them

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    Ceres is one of the brethren moons from Deadspace, beware!!!

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    A seriously good series of images on Ceres. Truly important knowledge of our lesser recognized orphan dwarven neighbour to trigger our endorphins.

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    Wrong target. We need a probe sent to Phoebe immediately and destroy the protomolecule!

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    I thought people would be making more jokes/references to the Expanse.

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    7:54 I’m sure it was giant gophers who dug up the earth and piled it next to their hole.

  80. Robert Ruork

    All I can think about is Robert A Heinlein’s “The Rolling Stones”, with its description of “Ceres Base” as the hub, safe haven, and clearinghouse for all the rough & ready asteroid miners and their families — calling in to stake their claims, sell their metals and monopoles, buy parts and repairs; maybe visit the restaurants, bars, casinos, and whorehouses. It was juvenile fiction at its best and really put stars in my eyes.
    Born too soon…born too soon…

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    One of the things I love about your narrating is I can tell you’re smiling!

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    It would be awsome if there was a temple on Ceres

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    A thousand years from now our offspring will be looking at this video on a museum on Ceres
    If we dont wipe ourselves out before then

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    Very informative video, thank you! I always found Ceres somewhat mysterious, hiding in the asteroid belt between planets, an unborn world, lurking in the shadows.

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    Watch The Expanse!

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