What did NASA Uncover about the Moon’s most Unusual Craters? | LRO 4K Episode 4

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The NASA Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter’s findings answers some questions about the Moon’s unsolved mysteries. LRO Episode 4 in 4K resolution. Astrum merch now available! Apparel: https://teespring.com/stores/astrum-space Metal Posters: https://displate.com/promo/astrum?art=5f04759ac338b

Music Credit: Cell’s Tranck – Hanging Masses

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  1. Gregor Shapiro

    I’d like to see a video expounding the advantages of the Moon as a location for scientific experiments and industrial processes. What science and industries can be done better in low gravity, in a vacuum , and under the conditions available at various lunar locations?

  2. TheAdditionalPylons

    I recently got out the old telescope for the Great conjunction. After it dropped below the Horizon, I turned my telescope to the moon and lost hours of extra time in awe of its beauty.

  3. Jay Tee

    Imagine Everest being taken out by a meteor.
    I imagined. 💥

  4. X Razorsz X

    Bell-E? Psh, The Moon has a belly button!! xD

  5. Happalula

    but you didnt clear up, which kind of cheese the moon is made up from…
    such a shame^^

  6. Richard

    Must be aliens than
    Said no scientists ever :D

  7. Ananthamurthy

    You recovered from a flu? Hope it wasn’t covid19? Take care 👍. Like your channel.

  8. Christian Stelmakh

    5:37: BEKFAST

  9. kalpak t

    cant wait for starship to become ready ! and i like how the narrator at the end said “if u enjoyed the video, i hope i earned your subscription today”, and why is there water on the moon?

  10. Dalton Hayhurst

    Sure looks like a bomb testing range for aliens.

  11. M Wing

    On the liquid theory, if that were true, then the craters could really be popped gas bubbles. Some of them anyway.

  12. Ant Corke

    Very enjoyable, thanks.

  13. David Caster

    I would like to see a surface temperature map at different times of the year.

  14. P W

    I hope the moon colonists enjoy drinking their endlessly recycled water. Yum!

  15. A-Z Timeline

    Love it. Astrum is a real great channel.

  16. peter lewis

    Wow, if they can extract enough water from the moon for drinking fuel and farming then there’s 2 billion people on Earth will want to know `will it work here `

  17. UlrichVIII

    we are lucky to have the Moon there so we can see another ball of rock floating in space with us c:

  18. Kinan

    Cauae i love Our moon i hope no man will ever lives on it . We are predators

  19. Chris Wiehle

    The concentric craters could have been made by comets

  20. Khắc cảnh lê

    Look up how regolith reacts in a vacuum to plasma discharge. Lots of these odd craters can be explained by this.

  21. Alexandra Cenuse

    The first time I looked at a full moon through my little 7″ telescope I felt like I looked directly into the sun without any protection. It was surprisingly bright.
    Can’t wait for the next time I’ll be able to see the full moon through my telescope

  22. mccloysong

    6:35 I missed the explanation for why the elongated crater hit from the east had debris flung perpendicularly north and south

  23. BCH

    Astrum, I would love to see more color analysis of the different elements found on the moon akin to what you showed with water in this one. Thanks!

  24. Sven R.C.L

    08:28 ….If a meteor big enough to wipe out Mount Everest were to strike us.. I think we won’t be sad for very long. I doubt anyone would even know.

  25. Nedak Co

    Very great video quality. You definitely deserve every subscriber you have. One day I aspire to make a channel like yours I’m just not that confident in my voice but I want to try

    Ps, you should make a video on wormholes :)

  26. Inspire Paintings

    Please can you make a video about to the far side of the moon 🌝

  27. z beeblebrox

    0:18 I’ve never heard anyone pronounce it before. This changes everything
    When the moon’s in the sky
    You can see details like
    The dark mare

  28. Alex Yim



    p/s: are you going to cover something about the exoplanet?

  29. revieman1

    i would like to name that unnamed crater:
    revieman’s hole


  30. Seth Koon

    Thank you Astrum! Keep em coming man love your channel!

  31. CrankyPants

    Always interesting and well done, Alex. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  32. pat

    fear not, china will mine the whole thing in 100 years .

  33. Bruno V

    Amazing vid as always. Thank you Alex !

  34. Samsung Note9

    Yesssssd tammpl budhaa hahahaha

  35. Javed Akhtar

    Hmmmm..concentric craters.
    My brain:- Ancient Aliens were here.

  36. Mike Littlejohn

    Since the moon has been photographed so extensively, I am curious if the moon landing sites and buggy trails are visible. I mean it has been mapped extensively right? So if we have been to the moon it seems that someone would be anxious to put any conspiracy theories to rest, wouldn’t it?

  37. MaryLu Harmon

    Fascinating! Thank you!

  38. Steve

    Are radiation levels high in the ice water found on these astrological bodies without any kind of atmosphere

  39. BreezyMunk

    because the moon has no atmosphere, wouldnt meteor strikes hitting a lunar colony be a real concern?

  40. Rizal Raslip

    Our beautiful moon, and your narration is a spot on as always!

  41. Sonmi 872

    3:38 i think the moon sand reacted like a Newtonian fluid

  42. Jason ols

    Its made of space cheese, like regular cheese but in space, probably crumbly

  43. Densetsu

    Alex, coming through with some out-of-orbit content!

  44. alexfx

    Alex, thanks for your great videos!

  45. John Norris

    The cheese isn’t the best but there’s miles and miles of it!

  46. Dave Huntsman

    This was great; Liked and Subscribed! Thanks!

  47. Isabell Florence

    I wonder what’s on the dark side of the moon. Could a satellite with a flood light explore it?

  48. Mr. Greenjeans

    The artificially aged crater next to Messier A is like distressed furniture, artificially aged!

  49. FRj

    Astrum: What do you like about the Moon?
    Me: Yes!

  50. KamakaziOzzie

    We should have had a manned outpost on the moon decades ago. Maybe something will happen to change that soon.

  51. Biggest Natural Muscle

    Imagine the views of the milky way from the dark side of the moon

  52. dxer22000

    they discovered the moon is really made of cheese

  53. Patrick Tracy

    Nice shot of one of our local volcanoes at 0:11, Mt Baker. Washington state, USA. Thanks Alex!

  54. Sikemo

    Thanks a million for your wonderful videos! You’re great keep up the good work. About the messier crater I think a meteor broke in half in two different shaped and sized parts but stayed together and close because of the gravity and fell on the moon bam bam. That’s why there are two concentric circles.

  55. DieMen Gem

    The moon is a Ghost Earth and is slowly moving away. Would Earth glow as a former planet? I believe Astrum just mooned me 😑😂

  56. Mason Vanderkamp

    always a pleasure watching your videos mate, keep up the sensational work

  57. Gelgamath _

    I hope the Chandrayaan-2 orbit starts returning more images soon because it’s supposed to have a better resolution than the LRO

  58. Upright Ape

    Thank you Alex……..and NASA. Those are some crazy sharp images. You inspired me to go set up my telescope on this lovely warm winter night in Arizona.

  59. Luke Shannahan

    Another fantastic video, keep up the great work, compliments from the into the Dimensional Rift team on Facebook 👍

  60. Parm Mohan

    So exciting when a new episode is released!!!

  61. Morgan Gallowglass

    Can’t fool me, the Moon is a HOAX!

  62. Mike O'Barr

    The moon thinks its soo cool. Well chickenpox gave me a few unusual craters myself moon!

  63. Andrei Genrikhovich

    Moon’s poles look like a strange world from a weird dream

  64. Electronical Universe

    Moon is so enigmatic, I love to look at it with my 10” telescope, never get tired of it…

  65. Curtis Nolan

    When i look at the moon, i just think its amazing that all of our ancestors and all the greatest who have lived on this planet, have all gazed upon the same moon…🌙

  66. Erik Lehnsherr

    My favorite feature about the Moon is all the Aliens hiding inside it only showing activity on the Dark Side which we convientely cant see. Ever. 😉

  67. Macher

    Does the dark side of the moon ever get any light?

  68. Tsögö Bauggi

    2:55 “similar to lava or honey” This sounds funny. One would not expect something to be described with two so different things. :)
    3:33 ‘Aliens!’ :D
    5:23 That looks like a comet.

  69. Larry Lyons

    @1:00 It kinda Looks like electrical arcing to me. Why are most all of the Moon’s craters round? What’s the odds? So few collisions hit at an angle???? Mostly strait on hits? Could be discharges between two orbs with different potentials. This also might explain “donuts”.

  70. Summer Brooks

    I like to visualize the moon as a giant orb climbing the rising sky in the terminater line of our Earth.

  71. Bhokolate Bhip Bookies

    The Bell E crater is prob from lil alien kids using the moon like a sandbox and having a blast, leave them kids alone!

  72. k 1

    Perfect crators to put a dome over.
    I wonder if their are any lava caves. Hard to believe we cant get a base up there it’s right under our nose.

  73. Raul JR Lara

    We can get this information most likely elsewhere but we don’t cause we love this chanel so much . Thanks for another vid

  74. Crackle Cat

    Solidified pond of impact melt.

  75. sulijoo

    I watched a video arguing that the Moon is hollow and artificial. I’ll never get that time back. Sigh.

  76. Crackle Cat

    5:33 An angular attack?

  77. Safwan Fathi

    Yay another video from.. “astrum”

  78. Crackle Cat

    Magma sounds enticing.

  79. Zeta Belotto

    Gotta love those hi-res images!! Thanks Astrum!!

  80. Justin Case

    Thanks for the 4K resolution.

  81. Mark Draper

    5:41 Alien coffee bean.. new conspiracy sign up now! Landslides…I’m leaning to Arthur C. Clarke’s idea of the repeated heating and cooling of the surface causing friction. Would also explain multiple events over time.

  82. Eskander X

    Great stuff!

  83. M

    Do a video on UY Scuti and other big stars. Please. Thanks Alex

  84. Coldey

    Great video as always Astrum.

    Also I found your comment under new Mass effect teaser. Nice to see that you’re a fan. :)

  85. Interglacial Optimist

    Could additional solar arrays be positioned not far from those peaks to maintain 100% solar Outpost?

  86. Morgenstund

    What I like about the Moon? The fact that we have been there. The thought still strikes me with awe. “Houston. Tranquility base here. The Eagle has landed” Goosebumps. Every time!

  87. Cosmobotx

    It’s surprising that we can find water in the most unexpected places all around! The universe is full of surprises.

  88. Students for a Democratic

    8:03 – That crater is not asymmetrical, it possesses bilateral symmetry rather than radial. It’s still symmetrical.

  89. Walter Bishop

    what i like and find fascinating about Moon is that its just at the right distance from us that its the same size in the sky like Sun and thanks to that we have unique solar eclipses and people in the past could see Suns atmosphere

  90. Ion Axis

    moon’s haunted!

  91. Jan Barker

    Discovered your channel last autumn and binged watch all your content since – the perfect blend of fun and informal. Love it! Please keep going!!

  92. John Bennett

    Man I love these videos ;_;

  93. Lucky Me

    Another term for a Donut crater is “Nipple” crater. Hehe!

  94. Ctenomy

    6:45 beautiful crater, and although I understand a low angle impact would create an elongated crater and westward rays, I don’t see how it could originate north and southbound rays in the first impact…

  95. TheVideoGameCatBra

    Humans: We just wanna rock

    Moon: Take it and don’t come back lol

    Also Moon: Dont forget your flag lol

    Moon after humans leave: Bitch come around here sticking flags and taking rocks where it don’t belong human ass

  96. Mike Wysko

    That was fun.😎

  97. Captain America

    Lionel Messi crater…. That’s what happens when you have goalposts on the moon!!

  98. Scott Dufferland

    One of the best narration voices on YouTube!

  99. Astrum

    It’s been a while since I visited this series, so if you are new to it and want more, check out the playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2gLpWRK0QlBOzmGtXt1y_gnS2WShTbTa

  100. Hagen Bornemann

    great video, once again. thanks for sharing

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