Watch How Light Moves! Real Hubble Video of a Light Echo

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RS Puppis is a variable star surrounded by a nebula that pulsates over 41 days. Watch light travel through the nebula like waves thanks to a time lapse from the Hubble Space Telescope.
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  1. Bryan R.

    Light is “sooo” slow. Interesting.
    What is faster than light, that makes light seem slow ?

  2. Style

    Amazing, is there any remote chance there could be life living near that nebula or is the radiation extreme?

  3. Death is our worst Enemy

    Why this video is so blurry? I mean low resolution. Couldn’t watch anything clearly. Is their any way to change resolution like we can change it in normal videos. [DiowE]

  4. RowRedRound

    I can’t see anything but the ridiculous aspect ratio

  5. And justice Or Fall

    Bear Grylls that you fam?

  6. Tsögö Bauggi

    This was so sad and evil. :(

  7. Chevy boy For life

    You should do a video on Oort clouds in other solar systems do they have them or what

  8. Carlos Castillo

    I never thought it would come the day I see this, but here it is. A good vertical video

  9. Plombo#5

    I about had a come apart when I saw this!

  10. matt matty

    Sapiens the best species , so far

  11. gth042

    Did you tilt your monitor sideways recently? I look forward to seeing your work in a… conventional… aspect ratio.

  12. GaLoS

    I always wondered about shooting a massive laser a couple light minutes from earth, if you’d see the front of the beam moving through space..

  13. Andy Bils

    Amazing 👌🏻

  14. Hobbs Matteo

    People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in bitcoin

  15. Scott Buscavage

    Hey great stuff! Long time subscriber here….just wondering–
    What’s with th screen?! This can’t be a permanent thing, is it? Am i doing something wrong?

  16. Salma Ahmed

    Reminds me of that sun inn the Teletubbies

  17. kirby march barcena

    Watching the light move is so…hypnotic.

  18. KillerBebe

    I never thought the day would come that I would ever see something like this.

  19. Toking 204

    When you think about it it’s pretty damn trippy

  20. Attilio Bastos Guarnieri

    Sensacional ! Realmente em relação ao Universo a luz é uma tartaruga. Rsrs

  21. John Lemon & The Sourtone

    Fascinating… cheers

  22. nunya

    Very, very cool

  23. Danboi

    Is that it! 🥺😢😭😫😩😞

  24. DerekZiarkowski

    So freaking cool!

  25. online12plus

    That’s not real. It’s so amazing that it’s not registering in my brain

  26. Leiron Aelrion

    Not used to the upload format, had trouble getting my screen back

  27. Flugschüler Fluglehrer

    So you exactly know the size of this object and therefore also its distance to earth.

  28. mkhud50n

    Nope. Electromagnetic waves.

  29. newsgetsold

    41 day cycle. Is it a female?

  30. Top Secret

    See that happening? That is why should we achieve any kind of FTL travel via directly passing through space and not by warp drive, we can reverse time. The ripples of light represents how bright the star was at different times.

  31. Freja Solstheim

    Don’t use portrait format on YT. Switch to landscape.

  32. Malcolm Hardwick

    And its gone… !

  33. gdsandkes

    I can’t help but think about what Einstein would have thought about this video if he had been able to see this during his lifetime. Especially about the apparent unusual propagation in the speed of this light echo.

  34. Anik Samiur Rahman

    Wow! I’m feeling like getting a revelation!

  35. Erik Perik

    Yeay, more space videos!

  36. Georg F

    Oh no. The retarded aspect ratio again. Interresting Topic, cool presentation, you still get a dislike for the vertical video.

  37. Yoosuf Muneer

    This is insane. Wow.

  38. denDAY04

    This is mesmerising.

  39. hobbitassassin1

    I’d love to hear Veritasium’s opinion on this

  40. Walter Bishop

    why is this video heightscreen instead of widescreen?

  41. Branden McNabb

    It is an odd experience watching a portrait video on a Galaxy Fold.

    Also, 43 seconds? Seriously?

  42. Itlog

    We consider Light the fastest thing in the universe is so insignificantly slow in the grand scheme of things.

  43. Private Snapper

    that’s a super saiyan stage 2 energy discharge

  44. nothosaur

    Light is slow. Okay. But, compared to what?

  45. Steve

    Wow! That is amazing to see, over distances, just how slow the light moves through the nebula. I can’t wait for the James Webb telescope’s amazing abilities and what we’ll learn from it. Thanks all of your many enlightening videos on space and it’s many fascinating aspects.

  46. Guff

    You forgot to specify the speed at which the video was playing.

  47. Guff

    At last you’re posting proper stuff.

  48. Megamind

    Oh i saw this before when i was high on Mdma once that’s crazy ik

  49. alex76gr

    That was enlightening!

  50. Pastor Dan Muller

    The image reminds me of the shock wave you can visualize on slow motion pics of explosions. Any analogies?

  51. Logan

    This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in my entire life.

  52. Nata1014

    what is weird to think is that certain galaxies that we see, like Andromeda, are warped due to their immense size! They’re long enough to have the far end that is away from us to be older than the one closest to us!

  53. Damien Davis

    That was not light traveling o think it may have been moving something, theres no way light moves that slow, that did notbseem like a hundred and eighty six thousand miles per sec.

  54. Lemzia

    That is WILD! I’ve seen a Video, where a couple of guys use a Slo-mo cam and try to see light move and it doesn’t work so well But, that was simply Amazing to see!!!

  55. Joe Black

    That’s crazy

  56. NortheastGamer

    I think I could count 3-5 rings in the cloud at any given time which leads me to think it is about 120-200 light days from the star to the edge. I tried to check this estimate by getting an accurate measurement online but could not find one. However, just thinking about the numbers makes me think it is wrong. My reasoning is that I’ve heard nebulae are multiples of light years and I just gave an estimate less than one, so I’m probably thinking too small.

  57. Juss

    So pretty much light moves fast af

  58. Trevor Jones

    It looks like a heartbeat.. 😮

  59. Robert Gift

    Never thoughthat light seemed instantaneous. It is disappointingly slow. Wish that we could accelerate it.
    Ouradio transmissions are only 125 light years out from earth.

  60. Hacim Llih

    I was thrilled to see this ‘Short’! More please!?

  61. Amedeo Filippi

    Amazing video indeed!

  62. redoxee

    Not a big fan of this new format.
    Probably it’s because I’m older and I don’t like change though.

  63. Ross

    That’s really cool.

  64. Guy Perfect

    Vertical video isn’t going to work out. I urge you to switch back to the horizontal layout. A 16:9 image rotated the wrong way occupies less than a third of the available screen space. I can easily rotate my phone to compensate for that, but not my desktop monitor. I really love the content on Astrum, but the vertical layout is too much of a step backwards that I’ll have to stop watching if it persists in future videos.

  65. Ty Winsh

    That is bizarre and reminds me of the vast distances between objects in space.

  66. Prog Faiz

    Astrum please make a video on this a long one

  67. Lamii Kromah

    this is wonderful, thanks for sharing.

  68. Andrei Genrikhovich

    POV: you see your childhood dream becoming true, seeing light traveling through space

  69. Mohit Rahaman

    Bruh make a full video on this!

  70. Alexander insubordinate

    This is the kind of stuff I find really interesting about space. The little phenomenon.

  71. holyshitdamnwow

    I hope this isn’t the new format

  72. Michelle Peacock

    Oh my goodness, this is so cool. Thank you for covering it. I’ve never seen anything showing light love like that.

  73. Ali Zain ul abideen

    Can we use this to measure speed of light? In one direction.

  74. Happalula

    looks awesome and reminds me of the SlowMo Guys, when they filmed light

  75. Maria da Luz Moutinho

    Os ecos da luz são lentos para dar mais brilho a tudo o que está conectado e aos fenómenos que acontecem e repetidos pelo som da luz! O Hbble É incrível …

  76. Pyro Cat

    We could measure how big is the nebula by knowing about its composition, how fast light travels in that composition and the distance between two light echoes divided by 41 light days.

  77. chegeny

    Your channel is amazing.✨ I like to make scale models of the solar system and walk at scale light speed. It’s how this nerd gets his exercise.

  78. Museum

    Makes you realise how huge that thing must be. Amazing.

  79. Kaltonian

    That was amazing, fancy that hubble capturing the nebula like that

  80. Gregg Weber

    Does the local Speed of Light vary with the density?
    After I did this I looked at other comments and saw that many had the same idea. Good to be in fine company.
    Great video.

  81. m & m

    What? That was way super cool!
    Lucky l had my shades on. 😎

  82. Muzza memes

    bloody hell that looks insane!

  83. John Smith

    At naked eye it seems that it slows down further from the start. Optical illusion? because perspective angle. or maybe is not light what causes the effect.

  84. Ethan Powell

    Hi people in the 2030s

  85. rythmcubed

    This is the best space entertainment channel on YouTube and it’s not particularly close

  86. Ares Aurelian

    I wonder if we can notice any difference in radiance propagation speeds by measuring on this data set. If any such variance can be measured, we have a general relativity mystery.

  87. Bjarne S.

    Would be nice if the video was rotated 90°

  88. Henrique Bruno


  89. NorthernChev

    Comment applied.

  90. Antonio Salas Martinez

    It’s incredible how we can see that moving lights.
    Thanks for the information Alex greetings and a Great beginning of month for everybody 🇲🇽👋

  91. モレナウエル

    That’s so cool

  92. sanjuansteve

    Have we measured the speed of the light moving through the nebula? Does it travel at the exact speed of light?

  93. Rocky Houghtaling

    That’s amazing!!! 🤯

  94. Anna

    I hate short videos but the subject is crazy interesting! :D

  95. Raving Pain

    More like a light pulse.

  96. Christian Stelmakh

    This is why I love astronomy!
    @Astrum could you please make a video about this star? Why it pulsates, how it got to this point, why it is in a nebula? Etc

  97. Szymon Brzezinski

    So awesome <3

  98. dangerdogman

    It is so unreal to see light actually moving.

  99. Bong Ordaneza

    Wow. Freshly uploaded! :) Hello there Alex! :D

  100. Mac Jelly beans

    This is a cringy first comment

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