UAE’s HOPE to Solve a Mystery around Mars

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The UAE has joined the space race, skipping the Moon altogether and going straight for Mars. What will the Hope Emirates Mars Mission investigate while in orbit around the red planet?

Image Credits: NASA/UAESA
Music Credit: Anima – Love Again

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  1. Jon Nupe

    Commenting for YouTube algorithm

  2. Maria Murphy

    Very informative video Alex, thank you for keeping us upto date.

  3. Prashant Kumar

    The first ‘country’ to successfully enter Mars orbit in its first attempt is India , not Israel.

  4. holyshitdamnwow

    So what you’re saying in we need to pump lava into mars and it will get it’s mag field back

  5. Lare Konek

    what if venus and mars has moon the size of earth moon. would they survive and still be habitable until now?

  6. I Am an idiot but

    You are Mortys fart friend aren’t you?

  7. ᴡɪɴᴛᴇʀᴍᴜᴛᴇ _

    I welcome every country’s efforts to explore Mars — except China. They’ll just draw a 9-dash line around the equator and call the whole planet theirs.

  8. Alexander insubordinate

    The big question on my mind, considering so many players are racing to the moon and Mars. When will someone start imposing laws about what can be done there, i mean its inevitable right, you can’t have everyone going and doing what they want because eventually there will be conflict of interest. Who will write the laws and how will the enforce them?

  9. alpha tango

    I think it was india that entered Martian orbit in its first attempt

  10. RemusKingOfRome5

    Well done UAE, inspire young muslims to study space.

  11. Shibly Ahmed

    Ha ha ha! I saw their scientists busy grabbing phone for texting! Family first please 😃

  12. WillieRants

    It sounds like the UAE basically just paid to put UAE on this probe.

  13. Dan Slotea

    5:05 if the photons smash the atoms, knocking off electrons, wouldn”t that turn them into ions with POSITIVE charge?? Even the animation says ion(+).

  14. Jun Rosamura

    That was a truly global effort to get the UAE into space. It’s nice to hear the data will be shared. China on the other hand…

  15. Justin Case

    Hi Astrum – is it true that when we look at the stars in the sky with our eyes, we see them at 1X magnification? So if that is true, then is it also true that if I can magnify the same point in the sky, I am seeing the SAME thing in time but only at a much higher resolution?

  16. tinge

    200 million? that’s less money than some of these trash hollywood films take to be made😭😭 we’re funding the wrong things

  17. Soviet Batman

    So the orbiter was built in USA
    Spacecraft was built in India
    It was launched in Japan

    Meanwhile the UAE space team is playing on their phones. I think it’s more accurate to call this an international project funded by the UAE rather than a UAE project.

  18. KamakaziOzzie

    Sputtering…lol. That’s funny.

  19. Greg Malden

    The mystery is why other countries allow woman in their space programs

  20. HerrBratwurst

    Probably there looking for Oil.

  21. Paul Tenhet

    Thank you for the video . Love it always awesome to come home from a long day and get away for a bit .

  22. Krymz

    could we did to the center of mars or even make tunnels from one side to the other, like the image of digging a hole and comming out in china or australia (but can’t because of the heat).

  23. RubyByte

    Thanks so much for making this video Alex. With so many mars missions EMM didn’t always get great coverage, we are so excited to see EMM content on your channel!

  24. A3Kr0n

    UAE spacecraft made in USA

  25. ThreeLions

    The best space channel, along with SEA

  26. Jack Savage

    Seems like we all longing to go home.

  27. Haze Man

    I want them to study Neptune! ☹️

  28. cannibalbananas

    It’s nice seeing countries working together for such a good goal.

  29. Mike Williams

    Good science UAE 👌

  30. KJ Homme

    There’s just something so relaxing with your videos. I think it’s a combo of your voice, music and topic.

  31. ㅤㅤ

    So the UAE had to buy western technology to make this possible. Beside being late to the party, surely their “great prophet” would have bestowed them with the knowledge to make it to Mars without having to buy technology from other, superior, religions?

  32. M

    So glad you finally made another video. Make more. And longer ones. Thanks Alex

  33. Amazing Jack and John

    okey’………………… lets blow up the mars!. ykalalalalalalallalala!!!

  34. thorswill

    “According to [the guys who would definitely benefit from this having been the first of it’s kind], it will be [the first of it’s kind]!” – needless scrutiny

  35. Squizree

    They might wanna solve misogyny and homophobia first. But I guess Mars is important too.

  36. Mal-2 KSC

    Of all the first interplanetary missions they could have chosen, there’s something logical about the UAE sending a craft designed to watch the weather in a desert. :)

  37. Paul Wilson Music

    In 100 years who will care

  38. Shue Arie

    Oh please, this backward medieval country did nothing, in fact I doubt .5% of UAE population would even know what Mars is. It’s more obvious all the work was done by outsiders. Zero credit.

  39. Bill bartman

    UAE isn’t looking for oil?? 😎

  40. James French

    I’m hoping some country will put a rover near the interesting parts of Mars we all want to see like the polar ice caps, next to the escarpment of Olympus Mons and Valles Marineras, because the U.S refuses to and insists on landing in the same looking bland boring sites so far.

  41. GCM

    5:12 *positive charge

  42. Plombo#5

    Thank you.

  43. Sid Stevens

    It would be interesting to find out how a planet that has an atmosphere only 1% as dense as that of Earth’s can have any weather at all. After all this is about as close to a vacuum as you can get yet dust storms happen all the time along with dust devils, something that should be physically impossible according to the laws of physics. Just think about that before insulting me for my question.

  44. Octane Syrup

    Damn I love your content

  45. kokorolex

    Why do they want to live in Mars? Don’t they already live in a desert?

  46. Sebine Francis

    5:15 When negatively charged electrone is gone, how come remaining atom(ion) is negative charged?

  47. d c

    The Chinese will let us know. They own the dark side of the of the moon also

  48. Mars

    I’m rooting for you, humans.
    Hopefully you can figure out more of my secrets with your advancing technology.

  49. SMGJohn

    Inb4 North Korea and Pakistan sends stuff there too.

  50. qbasic16

    There is a lot of stone on Mars for the UAE to stone ppl…

  51. Mike Hines

    I’m curious just how much all the different nations and everyone that’s exploring space do they work together share information were they all independent

  52. kirby march barcena

    This is great! So many countries could finally search for Marvin the Martian.

  53. Pixel Shade

    We all know what will happen when we dig into the depths of Mars. Id Software has already shown us a glimpse of the future in 1992 with Doom. xD It’s weird and funny that UAE is present in real life as well as in the game (as Union Aerospace Corporation) both exploring Mars. ;) Now, we await the demons from hell. ;)

  54. Ebrahim Seedat

    Watching your videos on the wild and unwelcome environments on other planets makes me love and appreciate our precious earth so much more.

    We need to look after our pretty blue planet.
    Even if humans could inhabit Mars
    I would never leave earth.
    Pursuing an existence on Mars is pointless.

    There’s only value in studying Mars to understand what would become of our planet if things like global warming continues

  55. Ruben Nielpha

    Yeah. I’m eager to see what they do with our money.

  56. Сергей Котиков

    5:16 Should we hear “Particles with a positive charge” instead?

  57. Red Pill Aware

    0:48 what are those vertical lines carved through the Martian landscape?

  58. Mr. NRS

    One day Gulf nations may start oil nd natural gas exploration and extraction on Mars🤑😂

  59. Mimu Mi

    Youtube compression: “haha pixels go brrrrrrrr”

  60. Moe A

    Lol, why is HOPEs in uppercase? Strange…

  61. chicken soldier

    Finally space is starting to available to every government! My country started too. Space for normal people is not far away!

  62. A Tiger

    What the United Arab Emirates HOPEs to Achieve Around Mars?
    Dump Jamal Khashoggi remains

  63. Agus HLL

    Have they signed the Outer Space Treaty?

  64. Rick Evans

    I’m more curious about Venus. How hard would it be to cool it off? Compared to warming up Mars.

  65. budgiefriend

    How short a time between water Mars and Dry Mars, can be speculated.

  66. Cosy

    Dubai is a tasteless, shoddy show of a city, and a shallow glorification of everything that lacks substance in this life. Now they be going to Mars y’all

  67. karehaqt

    UAE trying to push out as much good PR to try and hide the facts that their rulers are just evil. Please don’t heap praise on them for this, hopefully it malfunctions and de-orbits.

  68. Maria da Luz Moutinho

    Todos os caminhos vão dar a Marte!!E quantos mais países envolvidos maus respostas virão …numa missão que pode revelar algo do muito que ainda não saibamos?? Boa sorte para todos …O conhecimento é a exploração!!

  69. Ken Hardie

    Looks like one of UAEs alpha troop that runs their shop has a new hobby

  70. Invisible ink

    These needs big brains to do it🙃🙃😉😉😉😁

  71. Jay J

    They’re looking to secure the oil and mineral rights.

  72. FR13DRICH

    Is it really proven that mars has liquid water oceans in the past?

  73. ArchangelExile

    I didn’t even realize that the United Arab Emirates had a space agency.

  74. Ben

    ..they are searching for oil 8-)

  75. Me_and_my_piper 73

    Yet another great video. Thank you!

  76. Alec Wilson

    Your channel is fantastic. I like your special effects and interesting explanation of the topic.

  77. Jakob Svendsen

    Great video Alex!

  78. I am not

    So UAE paid some money and other countries worked on the probe for them. This an accomplishment for the US and Japan, thank you UAE for the money <3

  79. Nunna Beeznes

    So basically it’s a private US mission funded by the UAE.

  80. Omega Legion

    Showing how much money it has

  81. ZP P

    I wonder if they’ll export modern slavery and totalitarianism to Mars…

  82. Astrum Brasil

    It is so cool to see so many missions to Mars, especially new nations with space exploration missions.
    Nice video Alex💙🌌

  83. Georgios Rinakakis

    another awesome video

  84. Sergpie

    Burj Mars is being planned, hopefully with better labor standards…

  85. cyril baby

    All the credit of uae mission goes to japan.

  86. DukeLukem5000

    Isn’t the ion actually positively charged when it loses electron? Great video anyway!

  87. Dennis Martin

    Thank you for sharing 👍👍👍👍👍

  88. Antonio Salas Martinez

    With all this new missions to Mars 🔴, we have many probabilities to found many interesting things about the red planet 🔴.
    Specially we can learn more about how was the past of this incredible planet, and how was the life forms there.
    Maybe in some points of Mars 🔴 we can found some forms of live who could Survive underground when the radiation could didn’t affect them, but we should wait for find it, i could this missions could help us to found it in the future.
    Thanks for the information Alex, greetings and a Great day for Everybody 🇲🇽👋

  89. Satisfying Whirlpools

    Did you know that there are more cubic light-years of space in the observable universe than there are water molecules in an Olympic Swimming pool?

    Let that thought sink in for a while.

  90. vaibhav

    UAE just showed that money can buy anything.

  91. Izman

    You should make a video about how many space probes are currently Orbiting Mars and their purposes.

  92. DoublehashPlus

    And in the meantime they reduce my father’s income

  93. LecTriXx

    I’m not Arabian nor have an Arabian relative or friend (as of now and as far as I’m aware off), but hearing that Al-Amal will be the first weather orbiter of Mars is really great to hear.

  94. Gaitonde Bhau

    Amazing 🔥

  95. Fritz Skandle

    sneaky title

  96. Alexander Romero


  97. S1QuanA

    Just put “Hopes” in all caps pleaseee

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    I love this channel! Keep it up Astrum!


    Oh, the title 😏

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