The Most Spectacular Meteor Storm Ever

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In November 1833, North America experienced the most amazing meteor shower in modern history, with witnesses claiming to see 100,000 meteoroids fall per hour.

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  6. JeffinBville

    I caught the last one on a clear night upstate in NY. It will never be forgotten.

  7. J LA

    Wow, that would have been incredible! I’ve only seen one decent meteor shower a few years ago in the countryside of the US. It was pretty cool we saw several really good fireballs, maybe like 10 or so every 30 minutes though. There was still enough light pollution that the horizons around us were faintly lit up, so it wasn’t as impressive as I assume the middle of the ocean or even a few desolate areas of the US can be. I really hate that most people in and too near cities never get to see just how incredible the night sky looks away from city lights.

  8. Swinde

    This event inspired a great Christian revival throughout the United States because so many people saw the event of “the stars falling” and thought it meant the end of the world. Remember when there was not so much artificial lighting? However they could have looked up the next night and found all of the stars still in place.

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    meteor showers are cool unless the meteors are 5km wide

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    imagine if the meteor shower happened today with all of our sophisticated cameras. but nothing beats seeing it with your own eyes

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    According to wikipedia the peak was 100.000/hr, with a total of about 240.000 during the 9hrs.

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    Anyone know what the last painting in the vid is called?

  34. ItsMeHammie

    I saw this meteor shower in Nov 2020. We saw on average 2 per minute. It was spectacular

  35. Freaky Leek

    Witnesses in North America also often claim that they see aliens in the sky, so I would be sceptical of basing numbers on little more than the claims of their great grandparents.

  36. james cox

    can you imagine what it must be like to watch the points of light that never move seemingly fall as a massive rate with out knowing whats really going on? must have been scary.

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    In 2032? Can you set a reminder for us, I might forget.

  38. Ewan Cartwright

    What’s the explanation for this? Passing closer than usual to the nucleus of the debris cloud?

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    Try to imagine seeing roughly 27 meteors *per second* That is what 100,000 meteors per hour would look like.

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    It’s funny how the uneducated always assume its Judgment Day

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    That would have been awesome to see but the 2001 was pretty good as well

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    Do we have any records from the meteor storm of 1999? Or 1967?

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    Will the one in 2032 also have 100,000 meteors per hour, or is it still unknown (if not, how many)? If it does have that many, it’ll be so epic

  49. G P

    Will it be possible to see it from anywhere on Earth or just a specific location?

  50. srqs srqs

    People are excited on 2032. But it does not mean what happened in 1833 will happen. Probably just like what happened last cycle.

  51. Kyle Pollina

    Can you do a video on the Temple/Tuttle comet? Did the 2020 comet come from this meteor stream?

  52. Doxie Lain

    I saw a storm in 2001, and it was one of the more amazing things I’ve seen in my entire life.

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    Incredible ! It Will be Great to see that meteor storm, i think that in My Home Town Will be Nice to see it beacause here in the mexican Pacífic coast 🌅🌊 we haven’t many lumínic polution.
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    Do you have any sources on where to find out more about this? I’ve been looking around on the internet but haven’t found anything very conclusive other than Wikipedia saying there is a storm about every 33 years.

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    The 2002 Leonids was pretty good. I remember being able to see them from my back yard in Las Vegas.

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    I also experienced a meteor storm.

    But it was after eating spicy indian food and released a meteor shower in the toilet for about 30 minutes

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    While I, a plebeian, couldn’t think past getting through 2021…sky enthusiasts are already thinking of 2032. Lets hope we all survive to watch this meteor shower. Another worthy reason to stay alive.

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    what percentage of Earth’s satellites would be destroyed if the 1833 meteor storm happened again?

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