The Most Important Space Missions Launching In 2020

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What’s happening in 2020 with space agencies across the world? Thanks to ‘Astrum ES’ for collaborating with me to make this video possible. Check out their channels here:

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  1. Alexandre Palazzo

    A new decade starts next year! But happy 2020, nonetheless! 😜

  2. Rohit Lohar

    Hope to see more real images of mars. What if we find the water.😁

  3. F Ma

    The Curiosity Rover has a serious erosion problem in the wheels, most likely it is due to the residue salt on the dried Mars ocean floor; unless the wheels are made of Telfon or titanium, the problem won’t go away.

  4. Jennifer Lupine

    Hi Alex! Love your channel- thanks for all the science info and enthusiasm!

  5. Neil Stratford

    how about that james webb telescope? lol

  6. Ben Rangel

    What about Phobos? That tower needs to looked at

  7. Jerry Rupprecht

    How much fuel is saved due to this alignment compared to the regular 2 year alignment?

  8. Logan Charles

    :03?? Really?? Stopped at 9:59. Thumbs down

  9. Máté Kovács

    How long does it take for a trip to mars in such good conditions as this window?

  10. Zedds Dead Baby

    Drones on Mars. Awesome idea.

  11. Siamak Fereydooni

    as always very informative ! thanks..

  12. TwisterCuber

    NASA should name the 2020 rover Discovery

  13. Austin W

    Also the return of the Hayabusa 2 sample as well as the first light of the 8.4 meter LSST survey telescope.

  14. Smooth Criminal

    Hi Alex, i am getting married on this 17th Jan bruda. 😁

  15. Robert Evans

    Every one of these “missions” is a total waste of time and money. They will add a few questions to add to “Trivial Pursuit” and make a few headlines but not a single one of them will add any benefit to mankind. (No, we are never going to escape earth if there is an asteroid impact on the earth.)

  16. David Brown

    any aliens on Mars better watch out when the Arabs land on Mars there might be a bomb on theirs. But to be serious I don’t think they will be able to land because look how many Russian ships crashed there.

  17. Barbaryotaku

    So many similar missions. How wasteful. It would be better if we banded together. Other countries should donate their budgets to NASA

  18. Ronald McPaul

    Mars: _hou uhh_ SING
    Atravesia: _ah trah vhess_ C-E-uh
    Hainan: Haiy nahn?

  19. Daniel Rosschaert

    I wonder if the mars Rovers that lost contact will be returned to earth some day….spirit , opportunity and curiosity.

  20. darkellysio

    About china attempts to bring back some sample, doesn’t the Soviet already did that ?

  21. Boo Boo Boo

    You forgot the number six mission.  This mission will take off from my backyard and will claim Mars for myself.  I will establish myself as supreme ruler of Mars and no one can stop me.

  22. Ameya Daigavane

    I was incredibly lucky to see Mars 2020 being assembled in person last summer! An exciting year ahead of us!

  23. Russell Penman

    We already know we are not alone. xo ❤️

  24. sulijoo

    0:30 I bet all those silly lanterns started the fires in Australia.

  25. Guersom Falcon

    7:46 I wonder why they are on the ground.

  26. Southern Hemisphere Globe Head

    I’m so excited. Thanks for all the information. I’m going to keep you as close possible.

  27. Crimson

    I have a name for the 2020 mars rover. Curiosity 2

  28. #Adam Baihaqi

    Omg I’m early

  29. Donald Grant

    NASA: Where can we put this down that is the most boring place and know we can find anything. And let’s make it so slow it doesn’t get anywhere.

  30. Ayden Jenkins

    It would be very interesting to put man back on the moon. Especially with high definition footage of the surface recorded by the astronauts.

  31. Vishal p

    Happy New Year to you dear. Best of luck to all from India.

  32. Chris M

    I’ve always wondered why NASA rovers designed for Mars weren’t provided a secondary means to get out of tough spots (if the rover gets stuck in the dust). If they use wheels, then a secondary “track” system that could be lowered and raised might be helpful. Even if that didn’t work, why not design a system of two stilts that can be lowered and lift the rover? If this would be successful, it could prolong the lives of those rovers if they become trapped in dirt/dust.

  33. Liam

    Excellent video as always, but I’m surprised you included Artemis 1 while excluding the Crewed test flights of Dragon and Starliner. Those represent big innovations in the human space transportation in that they are private enterprises and will allow for additional crew aboard the ISS.

  34. R. H.

    7:45 There was also the Mars Pathfinder (MESUR Pathfinder) 1997, which I still think is the best name so far.

  35. Duchi

    The Most Important Space Missions Launching in 2020:
    1. Discovering the Flying Spaghetti Monster

  36. Hilltop Hoodlum

    That drone will hopefully be epic! That’s a cool idea right there!

  37. Sandeep Kavi

    Hey Alex! Great vid as usual, keep it up man!!
    Though I notice that u missed the Solar Orbiter launching in Feb! 👍👍

  38. Amir Harsat

    Gentleman as always Alex, thank you for the info.

  39. Leo V

    That’s awesome news! Seems like there has been a lot hype in recent times to get back to the moon and to do more Mars research.
    One question, why can’t they send one of the rovers on a mission to clean and dust off Opportunity or help it get back online? I don’t know, just wishful thinking I guess lol

  40. TheUnatuber

    Wow, 6,821st “Microbes on Mars” mission!


    If they find anything they won’t tell us

  42. My dog Blue

    Thank you, a great review and exciting times ahead.

  43. carole lerman

    Seems no one will be sending humans. Just maybe we’ll get some untouched photos.

  44. tHeWasTeDYouTh

    I am happy Russia and the EU are working together on the Mars mission

  45. Frøken Glattbarbert Stillas-sikkerhetsinspektør

    Love the chill background track

  46. Master and Servant

    0:48 Although I’m Mexican, I prefer the English original version….! It is far better.

  47. Just Vienna

    It’s pretty amazing how even when NASA is massively underfunded they still can somehow dwarf everyone else including the EU Russian collaboration

  48. Sandra Peters

    Great to hear the amazing collabs happening in spaceflight, love it and cant wait!

  49. Harry Partington

    Yay you’re back :)

  50. Martin Todd

    To bold man goes where no man has gone before.. .Star Trek

  51. Chris DIYer

    Awesome reporting! 2020 is going to be fantastic. 🌞🌎🌛

  52. DD826

    we live like the poor, while they spend our taxes on that

  53. Sail Boat Billy

    I’m most interested in the launch of the JWST in 2022.i hope all goes well.

  54. Janith Geemal

    I wish all going to successful ..

  55. Terry Curran

    My name is on the micro chip on this mission.. Yay my name is going to Mars !!!

  56. Chris From SouthAus

    It’s not true that there have only been autonomous sample return missions, to weak gravity bodies. The USSR had a number of successful autonomous Lunar sample return missions.

  57. Griffin Beaumont

    8:33 I’m placing my bet now: signs of life on mars will be found, if not an irrefutable discovery of living organisms.

  58. Josiah Ricafrente

    Seems like everyone’s establishing their own space programs, and that makes me very excited.
    Also, I do hope that the general public will be as enthusiastic about going to space as they were back in the 60s and 70s. Sometimes I feel like the average people stopped caring after Apollo 11. Maybe I’m wrong…

  59. xAndrzej42

    Last time they went on the moon, aliens there told them to go away.

  60. Pup314

    I think our best bet to find currently living life on Mars is in Valles Mariner.

  61. Simon Borrow 1

    A good presentation comes from a good presenter. Keep up the good work!

  62. Jakdjswo82

    Astrum!!! you forgot the ESA’s Solar Orbiter ahhhh

  63. Silverstone78

    just imagine what the world could accomplish… yearly US military budget alone is enough to fund 70 James Webb telescopes

  64. Mr Kakarot

    7:46 Me and the boys when a cute girl walks by

  65. Particulator

    Happy new year Alex. I hope the break allowed you to recharge batteries and for 2020 I wish you plenty of “astronomical” events for the upcoming year so that you can make many many more fantastic videos.

  66. John Peragine

    NASA should name their 2020 rover ” No Lie ” Raise your hand if you agree?? 🚀

  67. What are you looking at

    This channel is pure quality

  68. Jegor V. Kostylev

    Mentioning CHEOPS as a mission launching in 2020 is odd: it is already launched in 2019! You would rather mention Solar Orbiter instead, also by ESA.

  69. Congruent Crib

    I want to see the adaptation of Goodyear’s experimental non pneumatic tires. Reduces weight and need for heavy suspension parts.

  70. ejmorais

    I’m looking foward for the launch of James Webb Space Telescope in 2021.

  71. Abhijit Dhar

    Yeah that’s sounds something interesting 8.22

  72. Leo from Freo

    Didn’t the Americans bring back Moon rocks and soil already?

  73. Splaticus Blah

    Never ever believe any NASA plans that take more than 1 election cycle.

  74. LegoRJ35

    No Human going to Mars this Year? :(

  75. Shervin M.-

    U.A.E. Is probably the only nation in the world that has realized if you can’t do it yourself, pay someone else to do it in your name.

  76. Pigmullaharkbar MullahArabAllah

    So muslims seeks to expand Islamic religion to Mars and turn Marsian into muslims jihadist against all earth infidels lol.

  77. Carlos Molano

    Here a native Spanish, Alex your voice is so great and calming that I am not going to anywhere <3

  78. Flipver0

    18 people hate space travel.

  79. Nishant Revur

    There’s also an ISRO mission to put a satellite into the Sun-Earth L1 halo orbit to study the sun called Aditya-L1.

  80. Adrian Jackson

    During the trip to Mars, do you have the means to detect how much radiation the human body will absorb

  81. Alien

    There’s going to be some amazing discoveries this decade and I for one, can’t wait!
    Thanks, Alex.

  82. István Sipos

    07:45 if they launch that rover in 2020, they should call it “Hindsight”

  83. Alex Siemers

    Don’t forget the release of KSP2 this year!

  84. Simi Sanchi

    Why do I always almost fall asleep when I watch your videos?
    No offence your content is great but there’s something about your voice and your backgroundmusic😂

  85. TheRecreator

    3:26 sounds like you’re saying no one has ever attempted an autonomous lunar sample return? The Soviet Union did it successfully three times.

  86. Ben Brown

    Huoxing is pronounced “hwoh-shing” just fyi :)

  87. Misanthropia Shall Fall

    When does the James Webb actually go up?

  88. KillerBebe

    Most likely they’re looking for crude oil.

  89. Matthew Millian

    Your channel is the reason I’m taking a variety of astronomy courses in my last semester at the University of Virginia! It’s too late for me to get a degree in astronomy, but channels like yours have shown me that I don’t need one to use and appreciate local resources such as public telescope hours at the observatory we have here in Charlottesville, and the 24-inch telescope I’ll get to use for one of my classes! Cheers, and keep up the good work!

  90. Sleeping Backbone

    I’m hyped the most about Mars 2020 rover. And Chinese flexing with their space program big time! :D

  91. David Rosner

    Seems like we live in interesting times!

  92. Zakariya mohamed

    Why did you leave out the private sector ?!.

  93. Dylan Hubert

    gotta give a presentation on this in astronomy tomorrow, how lucky

  94. Saturn'sMoon Titan

    There’s a good chance Europe’s ExoMars rover doesn’t launch this year, there are technical issues that could delay the launch until the next launch window in 2022. My professor works on the mission

  95. Andrew Jennings

    It seems to be a certainty that people will be back on the moon this decade. There are too many parties trying for all of them to fail.

  96. Astrum

    Sorry again for probably for butchering some of the foreign language names, I tried my best! Astrum’s service will resume as normal this coming Friday after a much needed break, but I really look forward to sharing with you guys some of the upcoming videos planned this year! I hope you all had a great Christmas/New Year/whatever else you may have celebrated :)

  97. Jesse Ghela

    I recently found this channel and love the content . I have been binge watching all the videos on the channel and have learnt so much from them . Sending u all the best from South Africa :)

  98. Mac Diddy

    I genuinely hope all (or most) of these missions are successful, it’s always a bummer to see missions fail.

  99. Widget

    Good luck everyone, let’s see what we can discover together.

  100. sulijoo

    I’m looking forward to the Dragonfly mission, fully autonomous drones on Titan!

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