The Forgotten Galilean Moon | Our Solar System’s Moons: Callisto

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Almost everything you could want to know about Callisto.
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  1. InDeepPudding

    Don’t have an exploitative loot box tank game sponsor your astronomy video lmao

  2. Pup314

    Callisto is beautiful.

  3. Randy Lahey

    There’s no such thing as a boring celestial body they’re all amazing

  4. David Datura

    I still think Callisto is one of the most boring moons in the solar system. Still, I like it a lot more now after hearing here, that it’s the potentially perfect future base for human exploration of the outer solar system. It just has so many advantages in that department…impressive 👍

  5. Logan GC

    Can’t wait for The Callisto Protocol game btw XD

  6. clarence spencer

    only if Callisto could be move to orbit Venus. Venus would begin turning and having tectonic movements, Callisto would become a liquid ocean world. together, they could create a new double habitat for life. unfortunately though, that might gravitationally mess up earth-moon system….

  7. Adarsh

    I still remember when at age of 10, my dad gave me an Encyclopaedia where I first time knew that other planets of our solar system have moons too. And out of which I found Callisto to be the most beautiful and fascinating to me as it had so much spots on its surface. I literally thought Callisto as a gem stone moon as it looked like all the spots are as if shining like gem.❤️

  8. Sonja Johnson

    Callisto was the first Galilean moon that I ever wanted to learn about actually!!! Granted, that was because of a sc-fi novel: Anne McCaffrey’s wonderful Talent series!
    In those books, one of the major characters, a powerful psionic called The Rowan, lives on Callisto Station. In the original short story that predated the novels, her Tower was situated on the moon itself; for years and years I loved to sit and imagine being in that place, in a domed settlement – not terribly large, of course…and being able to just look up and see Jupiter looming “overhead” as it were! The station was indeed used as a waypoint in the world of those books, though the methods of transport were downright fantastical, haha!
    This was a great video! I really enjoyed seeing more details about this moon – and you’re right, it should not be forgotten. It has too many things to teach us, and too many possibilities that it could open for us!

  9. Shinku Rosetta

    a ww2 game sponsored a space video?

  10. tomservoux5

    Great facts, great narration, great editing, great video 👍

  11. Toni [GLXY]

    im so thankfull for you to dedicate full videos for single moons, i always think i know alot about space but i never cease to learn something new watching your and other Astronomy channels and im here for it

  12. Wanda Pease

    “If we ever do become a space faring people”. That is a sad question for me. Today a large section of the world is simply modern armed fourteenth century primitive with despotic and gang controlled populations not necessarily above the basic farming methods of that time. No matter that we are capable of reaching Space they can reach War, including nuclear.

  13. Dragrath1

    Hope you mention that Callisto is probably the best of the Galilean for colonization Oh good you mention that yeah definitely the best scifi potential and future prospects for colonizing the Jovian system. :D

  14. Mahan Ehsani


  15. takwa

    It is in a 1400-year-old book
    Big Bang
    “Have those who disbelieved not considered that the heavens and the earth were a joined entity, and We separated them as under and We made from water every living thing? Will they not then believe?” (Holy Quran 21:30)

    “Allah created the heavens and the earth, and all that is between them, in six days” (Holy Quran 7:54)

    Expansion of the Universe
    “And We have built the heaven with might and We continue to expand it indeed.” (Holy Quran 51:48)

  16. Astronomia

    Love Callisto. Love your channel.

  17. OE6FEG

    Another great video. Any chance of doing a video on Sedna? Hot prospect for a probe in the 2070s.

  18. Alan Foxman

    Imagine if, instead of giving $800Bn a year to the military we’d been giving that money to NASA. Or even half that much.

  19. thomas holland

    Absolutely love what you do for us! Please keep the videos coming about Jupiter and it’s moons. I recently received original technical drawings for Galileo and will have them framed for my daughters. One of them is 10 feet wide and 1 foot high. My dad was the mission controller for that mission at NASA/JPL.

  20. Stucco Mason Mike

    Sweet, new Astrum vid.
    Thanks Alex.

  21. Juan Antonio Salas Martin

    A Nice moon that sometimes we forget it but i doesn’t means that it isn’t interesting.
    Thanks for the information Alex greetings and a good weekend for everybody 👋🇲🇽🇪🇸🇮🇪🍀

  22. Cerberus

    I enjoyed that! But if I can ask, what is your accent? I’m stumped.

  23. Bryan

    Calisto is begging to be explored

  24. sunwithoutrain


  25. S. Pak

    Don’t give Elon any ideas

  26. 1.4142

    I believe that Callisto’s subsurface is teeming with life because there’s no way to proof the opposite.

  27. fname lname

    “Attempt a landing there. It’s fine. No biggy.”

  28. Chrome Book

    Callisto will be a good Transfer station if humans want to travel to the outer solar syster.

  29. Jovian

    Thank you so much for the time and care you put into your wonderful videos.

  30. Melle

    World of tanks? More like solar system of tanks :D

  31. 3D4U

    With so many craters that “any new one will simply overlap an old one at this point” and them _all_ being circular … does that not imply that every single ‘impact’ hit the surface at 90 degrees to the normal? I find that hard to believe. How come none of them hit the limb of the moon relative to it’s trajectory? Why are they ALL so circular and hardly any oblique? They can’t all have had trajectories perpendicular to the surface – they just can’t. That’s impossible.

  32. noeldenever

    It would be nice to have a lander on this moon. Old surface undisturbed by geological activities. Impact craters, some from the early days of our solar system. Imagine the information we could learn from the rocks.
    That being said, I am happy that we are taking a baby step by sending JUICE to observe galilean moons. I bet the result is going to worth the long wait to 2030s.
    Thank you Alex, great video as always!

  33. AveryFB

    Ohh yeah? I know Calisto is a Moon, bet you didn’t know that 😏

  34. Shahram Javani


  35. Graeme Brumfitt

    TFS, GB :)

  36. Sohaib Kazi

    Yup even other videos on this moon on YouTube are rare and those which have made videos on these have very low views compared to other moons like Europa which gets hundreds of thousands of views each video

  37. Narmatonia

    Talking about forgotten moons, I know plenty about Saturn’s largest moons, but know basically nothing about Rhea, despite it being the second largest after Titan

  38. Infected_Chris

    There are more craters than your typical 14 year-olds face!

    Thank you for this. I love all of our moons and each is so fascinating to explore.

  39. Skulldroid

    What do tanks have to do with space?

  40. Scott Margreiter

    Amazing content and knowledge on display here. Thank you!

  41. Kevin Green

    I wonder in what year if any we will get to visit these moons ,,not in my life time that’s for sure 61

  42. Chris DIYer

    Awesome video…Alex (Astrum) is the #1 BEST YouTube channel.

  43. FlyingSavannahs

    Great video Alex!
    Callisto’s surface gravity is 13% of Earth’s. Any kind of habitation and operations will be quite problematic.

  44. Mullinski

    I want to live in a world where this channel has a larger audience than Love Island. Alex, your style and outright ability is up there amongst those rocks you rep 👌

  45. Dr. Breadstick

    Callisto; The Solar System’s disco ball.

  46. Cameron

    looks electric to me

  47. andymouse123

    Wasn’t Dave Lister born on Callisto ?

  48. Lost Beagle

    Only a couple of problems with this video

  49. kakarroto007

    *Fun **-Fact-** Myth:* Callisto was a nymph who was seduced by Zeus, when he took the form of Artemis, whom she was in love with. They had a son, Arcus, who became a great hunter. Artemis kicked her to the curb, and Hera also found out and asked to speak to her manager. Irate, Hera transformed Callisto into a bear. Many years later, Arcus was hunting a bear, not kowing it was his mother. Seeing this all play out from Mount Olympus, Zeus blew Arcas and Callisto far away from each other and they each became constellations. Callisto became Ursa Major (the bear), and her son became Boötes (the herdsman).

  50. Dave Huntsman

    Outstanding video lesson! Thank you so much! More! (He says, selfishly). – Dave Huntsman

  51. Jed Anderson

    Nice! This is my favourite moon in the solar system. I’ve been hoping you’d do Callisto for some time now. It always gets ignored or forgotten.

  52. Astrum Español

    Did we just finished all the Galilean moons? ✌️✌️✌️

  53. Tskee 4

    I thrive off your content mate
    <3 from Ukraine

  54. Mr. Safer

    I sure wouldn’t want to be sponsored by world of tanks. They are barely better than raid shadow legends. And are just a terrible, shitty and shady company.
    Must be good money at least.

  55. Jinansh Mehta

    Alex, I really like your channel. Can you please upload more often, 🥺?


    Literally telling this should be a documentary in nature geo . So much high production quality.

  57. Phil

    Moons are underrated af

  58. Wanda Pease

    Thank You. We forget that there are many other places besides Venus and Mars to put boots on. Mining maybe?

  59. Cumsound Orchestra

    best jovian moon

  60. Anton Taranenko

    Thanks for nice video Alex!;)
    I think Callisto one of the most beautiful moons out there, and even name is charming;)

  61. AntonKG

    So true, Callisto is always forgotten. Yet do i still think its the prettiest and most fantastic galilean moon

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  63. Wooden Waffles

    Great stuff

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  65. EuRice Queen

    I like how the name sounds. “Callisto”

  66. Daniel Kriesl

    thanks, I love your videos!

  67. Hodor's Left Shoe

    Great video

  68. shea

    astrum upload :D

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    AYYYEE new Astrum video lets goooo

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