Our Solar System’s Planets: Saturn | 4K

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Almost everything you could want to know about the sixth planet to the Sun, Saturn. Real HD photos and videos taken by the Cassini probe. We discuss the orbit, atmosphere, rings, and general physical characteristics of Saturn, and a lot more.

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    Saturn = rock star of the solar system

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    My favourite planet is Jupiter but I looooooove Saturn..

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    Earth has rings… Of dead satellite parts

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    Well even though this is an amazing video my favourite planet will always be Neptune

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    Appreciate the text descriptions with the images/footage you’re showing. Not many YouTubers do that

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    I hope future generations discover an exoplanet with stunning rings like Saturn’s.

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    Ok class, Today we are going to discussions on rings and colors and about Saturn 🪐 💕💕💕

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    Naaa… These HD photos and clips weren’t there in the old video… This is a new video. Stop lying to us.

    Really great information, beautifully organised and amazing photos. I want one more Cassini now!!

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    Mate, the fact of you’re British make the things a lot easier for me. English is my 2° language and I have troubles in understanding the Americans. Awesome video, Saturn is my seconde favourite planet :)

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    Damn, I am sad you didn’t mention the orbital dance between Janus and Epimetheus because it is my personal favorite part of the Saturnian system. They are moons that basically share the same orbit and trade positions back and forth!

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  20. Manfred Koestli

    15:21 this is so false… note the rings, where do they meet? in the middle of saturn???? nope.

  21. AuthenticDarren

    On the subject of Saturn, maybe you could do a short video about The Great Conjunction coming up. There must be some interesting facts associated to it I would have thought.

  22. Robert Jeffers

    Sure Saturn would float if you put it in a bathtub… But it would leave a ring!

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    Would love to see a Ganymede video

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    Amazing video Astrum!

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    Could we expect any supercritical fluids within any planet? With high pressures and temperatures, I find weird that I never heard of that before

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    Really well made video !

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    Dumb question of the day. So, if Saturn is 96% hydrogen, why doesn’t lightning cause it to ignite?

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    Amazing but also scary 😮

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    What a gorgeous planet. Thanks so much for your videos!

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    Saturn and Jupiter should be stars, damn it.

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    Amazing as usual! Best planet is pluto.

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    Saturn is a beauty to look at in the scope. But my favourite for imaging will always be big old Jupiter, because there’s always something going on. From bands and storms to moon movements.

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    So it’s really an E-Ring Circus?
    Always a pleasure!

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    Cassini was my favorite mission, absolutely beautiful photos and amazing information to be learned from our neighbor

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    @ASTRUM I have been following your channel for a long time now. I enjoy all of the videos you have posted but this one is the cherry on the cake! Beautifully narrated with a calm voice and subtle information. Thank you :) Astrum and Alex :)

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    Awesome seeing this planet.

    Hey, if possible, please post the helical movement of our sun and it’s planets. Please describe in detail about helical movement including the direction of sun leading to the direction. Thanks

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    Saturn was my favorite cool dwarf star, maybe.

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    Alex : Finishes off the video with his favourite picture.

    PS: its my fav pic too now😌

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    Thank you for including the word “wonky” in a video about science and space. Makes it a little more real…

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    Its moons Titan and Enceladus are more interesting than Saturn

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    In a hydrogen atmosphere, could you use liquid oxygen as jet fuel?

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    So magnify

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    What I don’t like of this video is that it is (almost) making me change my favourite planet from Jupiter to Saturn ! Other than that great video and breathtaking pictures! 🪐

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    How cool would it be to send a probe down the eye of the storm at the North Pole of Saturn?

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    What are thought’s on Norman Bergman’s book: The Ringmaker’s of Saturn please?

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    One of the most beautiful things Alex, thank you lots. Its my first ever you tube comment just to drive the point home.

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    Wonderful! I could look at images from Saturn for hours.

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    Saturn is not only my favourite planet, it’s also my favourite from Holtz’s Planet Suite.

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    But strangely, the title advertises a 4K vid yet I can only watch it at a 1080p max. Is that normal?

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    This “Pale Blue Dot” in 2020!

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    Saturn is the understated diamond of the solar system


    The best stories from humanity. Cassini last mission.

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    0:22 “….that’s no moon…”
    —Obi Wan Kenobi

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    That picture of Saturn backlit by the sun is just so gorgeous! The wonders of our universe never cease.
    Thanks for the video Alex, always a pleasure to look at the Ringed Giant.

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    Really beautifull images and a well designed script to present them.

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    Imagine finding out the rings are actually an audio recording from an ancient alien civilization leaving behind the secrets to the universe.

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    As a very young kid, my favorite planet in our Solar System was always Saturn. It always had such an air of mystery and majesty. Really looking forward to this video :)

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    So big, majestic and beatiful. Always was my favorite of planets.

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    I sometimes get excited into higher energies but not so often these days.

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    So, while this is a remaster of a very old video, I’ve changed so much of it that it’s basically a brand new video. Enjoy!

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