Our Solar System’s Planets: Mercury (2020.10.17)

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Almost everything you could want to know about the closest planet to the Sun, Mercury. Real HD photos and videos taken by the MESSENGER probe. We discuss the orbit, climate, geographical features, and general physical characteristics or Mercury, and a lot more.

Image Credits: NASA/MESSENGER/Space Engine

Craig Conrad – Nova https://www.craigconard.com/

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    🤔 I can’t be the only one who barely noticed a difference between the true color and b&w picture.
    Also, the video of the sunrise/sunset from the surface was pretty cool. 😯

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    It’s kinda scary thinking that earth could look like mercury someday

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    What about how its orbit can’t be accurately explained by Newtonian physics and it took Einstein to explain its orbit? Pretty cool. Great video, as always!

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    *Mercury is the mostest closest to every planet in the solar system.*

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    Fascinating. Watching your cool graphic at around the video’s 8 minute mark, we see that the surface temperature is survivable for a human, for about 10 earth days. If that were the only consideration of course, but the atmospheric pressure is close to a vacuum, so we could never exit a spacesuit or vehicle, right?

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    Estes vídeos são sempre interessantés!! É incrível de algum modo semelhante ao único satélite natural da Terra..A Lua e não tem satélites naturais …é um planeta metálico e órfão e o mais pequeno!!! E tem uma história geológica enorme…Parece estático e um excêntrico….Como interior pode afectar este planeta?!!!

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    Another good one! 👍🏻😃 To this earthling that bit about the sun, from Mercury’s vantage point, rising then going backwards a little before moving forward blew my mind. Can’t imagine standing on Mercury’s surface and seeing this. Whew! 🤪🤔🤯

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    Breaking news: liquid mercury has been found on mercury!

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    1:18 How many people actually see colour here?

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    Imagine if mercury and the moon switched places

  49. Rod Anderson

    I believe I read recently where Mercury’s 70% metal content has some people wondering if Mercury is the remaining core of what was once a much larger planet. Maybe the collision with the giant astroid blew everything else away 🤔??

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    1:31 I think this is a beautiful picture. I have it as wallpaper and optimized it with more details and saturated colours.

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    I heard of a theory that Mercury was perhaps much larger, but due to forces (maybe a collision or due to the sun) it lost a lot of material. So, it used to be larger but what is now left is more of the planet’s core than the original thing. Anyone have any insights on this? Because I find that theory very interesting.

  55. Justin Halladay

    I’ve always found it fascinating that Titan has such a thick atmosphere for it’s size. Mercury would also retain and atmosphere if it were not so close to the Suns solar wind.

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    You forgot to mention that Mercury is, on average, the closest planet to all of the planets

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    I was hoping you’d get into Mercury’s interactions with Jupiter… I read somewhere that these interactions will cause Mercury to enter into an orbital resonance with Jupiter which will eventually end up ejecting Mercury from the solar system.

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    If you show this pictures and ask what is it most of people will say the moon they are quite similar

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    But the audio quality is so much better, nice reupload. Keep up the good job, Astrum.

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    Our Moon has colors as well, just check the so called “true color” pictures of the Moon that some astrophotographers take. It actually shows that there’s a lot of oxidation on the surface of the Moon.

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    “I am just a child who has never grown up. I still keep asking these ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions. Occasionally, I find an answer.”
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  100. Astrum

    Note: This is a remaster of the original Mercury video that I made about 6 years ago (crazy how time flies!). Here’s the original for a comparison: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3ZUhpisWeQ
    Here’s the patch notes for the remaster:
    – 60fps instead of 30fps
    – Updated crappy CGI of Mercury’s orbit with Space Engine footage
    – Updated information where applicable
    – Fixed grammar mistakes
    – Totally re-recorded the audio
    – New music
    – New visuals showcasing Mercury’s magnetic field and its interaction with its exosphere and the solar wind
    – New views of Mercury’s North Pole
    – New views of recent Mercury transits
    – Space Engine view of the rotation and orbit of Mercury
    – Closed captions now available (previous video only had auto-generated captions)
    – Pacing changes
    – Other minor changes

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