Our Solar System’s Moons: Europa

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Jupiter’s second Galilean Moon, Europa. Special Christmas deal! Every purchase of a 2-year plan will get you 4 additional months free. Go to https://nordvpn.org/astrum and use our coupon “astrum” at checkout.

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  1. Paul Barberi

    I love Europa. Next, do a video on the planet HD 189733 b pls.

  2. Keith Willis

    Just saying. Wouldn’t want to upset the Galactic Council or whatever they’re called…

  3. Anonymous Alliance

    Long have I waited…….

  4. Oliver Coulon

    It’s gorgeous

  5. Gooner CestLaVie

    Intéressante Lune.

  6. chris a

    Did you hear about the new restaurant on the moon?
    The food is excellent, but there’s no atmosphere….

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  8. AleKO

    Great video. Love the edutainment

  9. Paul Keane

    Thanks. Excellent as usual.

  10. Alexander insubordinate

    It’s kind of frustrating to hear there is so much radiation coming from jupiter. I almost hoped all the ice moons could one day be a human holiday destination with snow sports n stuff. Damn

  11. PAL 725

    Wow. This moon is very fascinating. 🙂

  12. Matthew Thomas

    Great video and great music selection.

  13. Swapnil Raut

    Finally .. the most awaited video comess…

  14. the forlanjoker

    Astrum nive to see you back mush.

  15. shivam tyagi

    Thanks for that great lecture

  16. renderman.pro

    Very interesting what is in underneath ice core in the ocean, but learning by landing or bring material back is could be serious biohazard in the future I think…

  17. Janice Hemi

    thank you!

  18. BigWave

    One of the best channels on youtube

  19. Braeburn Hilliard's Chann

    Thanks for sharing such great information.

  20. Kenneth Brown

    Love the videos! Did anyone happen to notice the pyramid shaped rock formation at 3 min and 12 seconds? I find it interesting and could be a reference to ancient formations found on earth or it could be nothing. I just found it unique.

  21. Awoke Memes

    Cant wait to go there and get my ice powers

  22. whoeveriam0iam14222

    the radiation worries me for life but water could stop it before it can affect life at the bottom?

  23. nitramyar

    Superb, as always. Thanks for this Christmas gift, Alex.

  24. dody dody

    Wow so interesting thanks your the best astrum channel!

  25. FlygBosse

    my favorite moons are Titan Enceladus and Europa

  26. Wiggerl Müller

    Interesting video. Thanks! Could those missions collide or are their trajectories coordinated between ESA and NASA?

  27. Lucas James

    This is an excellent video! Awesome! :-)

  28. Baby Blub

    Wtf 6:30 – 6:50 activated my siri lmao

  29. Adarsh Mohanty

    Love your videos!😍

  30. zapfanzapfan

    Radiation therapy of the future, visit Europa and step outside :-)

  31. PoorMans Chemist

    Amalthea and Arakoth never get any love. 😢

  32. Pieter Zwaneveld

    Excellent! Thank you for this video

  33. Jordan W.

    Love all your vids so much! :)

  34. Chris Davies

    Uploaded 17 seconds ago! WOW!

  35. Guy Perfect

    I see that sneaky Christmas dance. You can’t hide from me.

  36. Nick Hartley

    We all need more Astrum in our lives.

  37. Lester Gillis

    Keep us updated on those upcoming missions.

  38. Horny Kinky Boy

    Very Nice,i love this Channel <3 merry christmas from germany

  39. Kacper Glodek

    Imagine the discoveries we’d make if we worked collectively as a species above all that sets us apart.

  40. Gardener Earth Guy

    We should blast a hole in the ice and see if any fish jump out.

  41. Or Schwartz

    I am so excited for the future!!!

  42. HELiX Dzn™

    can’t wait until we find a vex portal there

  43. Chris Smit

    Hi Alex, a nother great video. I believe you now much off our solar system, can you do a video on how many dwarf planets there are next to Pluto?.

  44. James French

    I crave to hit it with a hammer to crack the crust.

  45. Mich Goatzky

    I love your channel! Keep going with these great videos because any time you add a new one I feel more and more inspired and fascinated! :)

  46. Jason Robinson

    Little question: Do you live in switzerland?

  47. ToyFREAKS

    All I could think when you mentioned a Europa lander mission:

  48. Dr. A

    3:13 when I see those Chaos Terrains, it reminds me of when you throw a rock in a frozen pond. It breaks up then will re-freeze with chucks of the floating ice.
    Maybe a larger rock hit this frozen moon surface and left no crater, but left a break in the ice that re-froze in a chaotic manner.

  49. Gordon Chin

    2028: Squid monster breaches ice right next to Europa Lander
    Lander: Detecting seismic activity
    Squid Monster: Eats lander
    Lander: Detecting organic compounds, signs of alien life!?

  50. Mike Malherbe

    Brilliant video!

  51. heisenberg

    tnx from Moscow!

  52. Johan Åkerblom

    I count Io orbiting more than 4 times and Ganymede don’t even orbit once. 1:25

  53. Valyrian Sl

    My favorite series, thank you Astrum!!

  54. Surachat Ngangit

    TrueMove H …
    */ดั้นเจี้ยน/TrueMove H …*…//….//….
    */หนั่งสือ/TrueMove H … 73 เล่ม*

  55. CMDR John Crichton

    What part of “ATTEMPT NO LANDING THERE” was unclear???

  56. Hugues Scipioni

    Excellent job Alex, as always! 🏆🥇 Thanks for your passionate work and all very best wishes for 2021! 😉

  57. Viktor Pavlov

    We already know what’s on Europa – The Deep Stone Crypt

  58. Branch

    Maybe after the moons could you do episodes on the Solar Systems key events in the past and in the future?

  59. Merlin

    I really hope there is life on Europa. Simply for the fact that we can start giving anal probes to the lifeforms there, we can start finding out what all the fun is that the Aliens have had on our booties. I’m guessing advanced buttplug technology will lead to breakthroughs in quantum mechanics.

  60. Swinton


  61. Kris Grauel

    I can hardly wait for the spacecraft to be on their way.

  62. Alberro?

    Excellent video on one of, if not, the most intriguing moon in our solar system!

  63. Dynarush333

    One quarter, not one fourth lol. Awesome video, I can’t wait till we learn more!

  64. TheShubox

    Seek us out. Ancient power awaits you on Europa

  65. NIK KAN

    That radiation bit sounds yikes to me. *Slightly* decreases the viability of that giant water supply.

  66. TheECSH

    i don’t remember if it’s already talked about in past videos, but how do we use instruments on earth or space telescopes to detect what the atmospheres or crusts of other celestial bodies are made of? i.e. Why do we always say that there’s water on Mars or Europa or so on? Do we know for sure? How do we know?

  67. Ariam Sky

    So, any Europeans here?

  68. Marcio Santos

    Does someone know the name of the song / soundtrack played on the 3 first minutes of this video? I always hear it on YouTube videos and love it

  69. PetardeWoez

    My favourite moon in our solar system. Cant wait till we know more about it!

  70. Kash Brooks

    Can you imagine if we all can sit at the same table what discoveries we can have towards our universe trillions of dollars being wasted we can discover so many different things I cannot wait until they send a mission to see what’s under that ocean maybe a new civilization.

  71. ThreeLions

    Absolutely crazy to think, that its possible to see this world through average binoculars
    Sadly clouds have been constant here, even during Betlem star event

  72. Jason Bowman

    I’m so happy it was Europa.

  73. big HUMONGOUS chungus

    please, does anybody know what’s the name of that background music ?

  74. Anonymous

    Thank you for making these videos.

  75. Ben Hansed

    lets go!

  76. Sherylin

    Landing a rocket on a moon that gives off oxygen and hydrogen sounds pretty risky. KABOOM. LOLOL.
    Great video once again. :)

  77. Peggy Rannick

    Love your presentations

  78. Aleals7777

    Can’t wait for more Europa information

  79. मयंक . Mayank

    I watched the video second time on mute just to watch those absolutely beautiful images/ photos.

  80. Marc-Antoine Olivier

    Astrum and Europa? I clicked so fast, lol

  81. Henry de Paiva

    You are a quite clever guy. The content is pristine. Congratulations.

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    Yeay Astrum!

  83. MaryLu Harmon

    Thank you! Fascinating video! I never get tired of your videos, Alex.

  84. FutbolVinotinto21

    We’re gonna piss off a certain Monolith once we send the orbiters and probes to Europa

  85. Jennifer Springhorn

    Wouldn’t the high level of radiation keep life from evolving?

  86. Mohammed Alshamsi

    Deep Stone Crypt IRL.

  87. Graeme Brumfitt

    Why did it not enter my head that the ice crust would move!!! TFS, G :)

  88. MC Gamer201

    NASA should send a rover to Saturn’s moon titan
    Then call it (attack on titan) lol

  89. Robert Willsea

    So your telling me that Europa may be a glow stick

  90. Örnest Örnsen

    a late christmas gift thank you :)

  91. Weston Jennings

    You always blow my mind with these video, I would Love to get in contact and maybe help do some visuals for future videos :)

  92. Evan Ward

    Elliptical, not “ecliptical”.

  93. Kimmo Koskinen

    “All these worlds are yours. Except Europa. Attempt no landing there.”
    So of course we are going there.

  94. Podkova

    11:38 that’s not all I want to know about the fascinating world of Europa! Not even close!

  95. P C

    Love Europa, such a beautiful moon

  96. SJ NM

    0:35 Jupiter’s thinking: “you photobomb me one more time Europa, and I swear to god…”

  97. C-S featured

    Europe, Enceladus, Titan.
    Three moons with much fascination.


    Can’t wait when we send rovers to these moons. I’m still haunted by the Titan photos.

  99. Narmatonia

    4:55 For context, according to Wikipedia the average dose on Earth is 3-6 mSv per YEAR

  100. Youcef Dorbane

    If scientists discover life on europa
    Would they be called Europeans ? 🤨

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