New Discoveries from NASA’s New Horizons Pluto Flyby | 5-year Update

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What new findings have we uncovered about our favourite little world?
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Image Credits: NASA/New Horizons

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    What will be the fibonacci point


    Another amazing video.

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  8. Maciej Bretes

    You should’ve swapped places the 9:00 Alpha Centauri view. I swapped it in paint, and done the cross-eye trick – it pops up nicely (Alpha Centauri only – of course) 😃
    I’ve used Space Engine in VR before, but this is neat – it’s the real thing.

  9. BlackWolf6420

    They could have left New Horizons probe orbiting Pluto till the end of 2030s.

  10. maxcap60

    new details unplutoed you mean…not unearthed.

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    I ❤ Sputnik Planitia

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    O Plutão pequeno e distante com o seu companheiro Caronte e tanta informação acumula!! Incrível a comparação da Antárctida!! No coração de Plutão ilustrado que a sonda numa visita gelada tem como tema central do planeta!! Gostei de ver a cintura de Kuiper grande disco bojudo!! Excelente visão do planeta anão que tornou a voltar ao sistema solar como planeta longínquo!!

  14. Jorge Aguirre

    I think it must be years of calling it Pluto and relating it to the Disney character, that when I look at the sputnik planitia I see the silhouette of Pluto rather than the beating heart they normally mention….

  15. Mitchell Griffin

    Little Planet, Big Solar System

  16. Toughen Up, Fluffy

    How could Mickey Mouse have Pluto for a pet and Goofy for a friend, and nobody ever said a single word about it?

  17. Scroopy Noopers


  18. Rudolf Nemes

    A video from which you can learn a lot about Pluto and our solar system. I watched live the moment described by you and Pluto’s heart was something of a sensation, in addition to all the news. It took almost a year to download the images and data captured by the New Horizons spacecraft

  19. Tony M

    Start at 2:25 for the new stuff.

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    I immediately noticed Karen isn’t wearing a mask

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    1:45 – “Karen is sooo big compared to-“

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    Pluto’s moon is a Karen 😱

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    awesome video as always! and depressing too I Wanna go to other planets :(

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    Amazing as usual!

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    Pluto is like a new relationship. The always have a “hot start”

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    So wicked. I’ve been loosely tracking Mars. Space is cool.

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    Does Charon keep nagging Pluto to talk too it’s manager?

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    another excellent video, thank you… the story just keeps getting better…

  46. Pp Ss

    New Horizon slams into small planetoid in the Kuiper Belt, setting off a domino effect, hurtling “the big one” toward earth!

  47. Ishan

    Caron is so big that it can talk to Pluto’s Manager .

  48. Kaltonian

    Thank you,
    how fascinating Pluto has become as well as its moon Karon, as we learn about all these new places we are still caught out with even more oustanding geographical finds, it makes so much sense that Pluto was once a water world that is now frozen as the evidence is fascinating,
    Thanks again for your time & effort & i look forward to future programs

  49. Alex Lee

    Good to see Pluto getting some love!

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    You’ speak’ da good”””” english yo’ ;[) LoL

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    Cryo volcanoes was surprising !

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    Sharon or Karen? Either way, sharing is caring.

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    Pluto has a moon named Karen
    instantly goes to the comments for the Karen jokes

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    I thought it was Sharon (Charon)…is it really called Karen? Help, celestial karens! this must be where they came from

  57. Satisfying Whirlpools

    Holy cow that was 5 years?????????

  58. JS Mariani

    Unlike the Grecian mythological figure from which it derived it’s name, Charon is pronounced Share-on.

  59. Xsauce

    Couldn’t they have left new horizon keep orbiting Pluto indefinitely and keep showing us more of Pluto ?

  60. NorthernChev

    AAahhrrgh…! Yet “another” planet/dwarf planet/moon with a ‘liquid ocean’ under the surface… I’m so tired of this being our go-to answer in the last two decades. It’s a theory backed by scientific speculation based on the available data. It’s really the best we can do, I understand this. But I’m tired of all this speculation about everything having these underground “oceans”. Let’s get some confirmation out here. More missions directly pointed at confirming this hypothesis, please?

  61. BWX

    Charon is pronounced like Sharon though I always thought.

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    oof i remember sitting in a cold room in an observatory looking at the first images sent back. Sure as hell doesn’t feel like it’s been five years.

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    Thank you for your videos: Your presentations are so wonderfully pleasant to watch and listen to.

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  76. Snowball Effect

    9:30 if you had put the earth view on the left, we could have actually experienced the parallax ourselves in stereoscopic view~!

  77. Organon

    I hope we can make peaceful contact with the Tholins.


    Why does the dwarf planet, Pluto, have an outline of Mickey’s dog on it? (Sputnik Planitia)

  79. Loy71

    couldn´t the cracks be caused by the strong gravitational influence from charon?
    Oh, by the way: sooo awesome, thanks a lot for this video !

  80. Widget

    From the beating heart of Sputnik planitia to the strange new body of Arrakoth, I have a feeling New Horizons is only getting started on it’s own great journey.

    The note about alpha centauri was something special though, I dont think space gives me existential dread but a kind of existential awe. We know so much more than we ever did before in history and yet there is still so much more left for us to discover.

  81. kskdtr

    It is just me, or charon seems divided in two areas with different looks by that ridge system?

  82. Jeffrey Schweitzer

    The name of Pluto’s moon was originally meant to be pronounced “Share-on.” It’s named for Charlene, the wife of its discoverer. James Christy, whose nickname was “Char.” The fact that it also spells the name of the ferryman on the River Styx was a semi intentional coincidence.

  83. Ben Dover

    I love this video. It was so informative.

    Keep it up.

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    Definitely enjoyed this ! Pluto has stolen a piece of my heart !😜

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    You said some new discoveries have been unearthed, but haven’t they been unpluto’d?

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  87. Aftersun 20XD6

    When I was in my 20’s (back in the late 90’s) I would have never imagined that I would ever see high resolutions of Pluto in my life time (much less Neptune). I’m 44 now and I hope to still be around 20 more years. I can’t even imagine what we’ll see then.

  88. vance morton

    The distance still boggles my mind!!!!

  89. Caleb Heidel

    I shared this video with my coworkers at Johns Hopkins APL — thanks for using our imagery and illustration!

  90. Art by Jeremy Maya Robins

    I wish more Youtube channels were this good.

  91. J. R.

    An amazing science teacher got me hooked on space. I would say that means a lot as an English major I don’t have a lot of interest in science. Thanks for feeding my mind Astrum.

  92. Antonio Salas Martinez

    It’s incredible what does the new horizons mission discovered about Pluto, that it’s an amazing dwarf planet who has cryovolcanoes, and a internal ocean as we can see in Júpiter and Saturn moons, i Guess probably in that worlds we could found life forms, i thought that if propably in the clouds of Venus when the weather ir could be gentile life forms could exist, why not also find life on Pluto or in some moons, beacause life can exist in places we least imagine Even in this small planet with a Big heart 💚.
    Thanks Alex for share with us this information.
    Greetings for everybody 🇲🇽👋.

  93. Youcef Dorbane

    Pluto has a very interesting history, and there is a lot of work that we need to do to understand this very complicated place 🛰🔭

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    Pluto’s year is ~240 Earth years long. We haven’t even known about this little planet for ONE of its years, lol!

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    That awkward moment when some people accidentally hit the dislike button instead of the like button…

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    The ending was so impactful…Thought provoking and somewhat emotional. Might just be existential dread.

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    Pluto: “Hey come back I haven’t finished yet!”

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