Mercury Transit November 2019 – All you could want to know

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Mercury will be transiting the Sun on the 11th November 2019. What time will it be? How can I see it for myself? And why doesn’t a transit happen much more regularly?


Adrian Chifu – Eternal Traveller

  1. LordArioh

    I have a disposable APS-C camera that I’m willing to sacrifice. I’ll try to film it with 70-200mm and 10 stop ND filter. Tho Living in Norway I’m pretty sure it’s gonna rain here))

  2. Danilo M

    We want real video, Monday.. 👍👍👍

  3. Nokia

    Fake, Cody’s lab simply shot the sun. I thought this was common knowledge by now.

  4. Elvijs Lasis

    It is weird feeling to know that I have seen 2 Venus transits (one at age 14 (and haven’t missed at least try to see (behind clouds) single Moon or Sun eclipse since age 8), other at age 22) while almost all of people won’t see that at all (it is not like Full Solar Eclipse that is possible to see if can travel to specific location when it happens somewhere)

  5. Eris Qmmaline

    Was the Mercury Mountains silhouette viewed?

  6. TheDeadMeme27

    Mercury transiting:

  7. Troy Lynn


  8. The Fishy Life !

    A cool video topic would be how the sun can damage your eyes, I know it’s very dangerous for our eyes to observe the sun without proper protection but I have no idea how the sun damages our eyes… radiation? IDK. …?

  9. Man In Sheep's Clothing

    Another great video sir. Thank you

  10. Rohit Lohar

    Nohhhh no no no…for asia 🙁

  11. drhilltube

    Last time I used my analog welding hood.

  12. 宮路次郎

    Thank You.

  13. Trex531

    Curious that the view of the orbits are from the south of the ecliptic instead from the north. From the north is the usual view meaning you would see the planets moving counter-clockwise instead clockwise as in the animation presented.

  14. Geoffrey S Tuttle

    …and DON’T spit into the wind, whatever you do!

  15. WF B3

    “vast differences between these relatively small objects”, 1:45. Just trying to think about this fact ( & how microscopic we are ) blows my feeble mind every time! 🤪🤔🤯

  16. Isaiah B.

    I go to school
    I’m gonna have a mental health day.

  17. A. Rosas

    Image Credits: NASA 🤣🤣🤣

  18. John Noho

    Can you please click that image for your YouTube viewer cause some of us are interested to look at by ourselves but due to location we cannot. As you mentioned something like (sorry Asia) thank you

  19. Peter Mortensen

    While it does not compare to the first-hand experience (I have seen the whole of both Venus transits (was lucky with the weather) and several Mercury transits with a 20 cm Schmidt–Cassegrain telescope telescope), perhaps add some links to some online streams on Internet in the description to this video?
    I am sure someone will provide a stream.

  20. Simon Watts

    Look through binoculars … ok … I’m going to buy a big pair of binoculars

  21. rooxy dunggu

    Where are the flares, the flames of the sun

  22. Neo Nebukadnezar

    Hallo ihr Lumpen aufwachen.👒🌎🌏🌍

  23. Valentino Tera

    They call bad weather on Italy. I’m praying all the day.

  24. kirby march barcena

    So I can’t see the transit because I am right now in Southeast Asia

  25. Mukul Sharma

    Sorry for Asia😭

  26. मालनाथ बुड़किया

    We Indian extremely disappointed because we can’t watch it due to sunset at5:46 pm whereas Mercury transit with start at 6:05pm according to IST.

  27. lisa rivera

    Sun is moving through to galixes ways.

  28. galactic wolf

    Who is excited for Monday

  29. Felipe Behrens

    The sun must be huge at Mercury

  30. goondoog

    Question. How do we see a dark side of Mercury on transit , but when we see Venus with our eyes at night it’s lit up like a star?

  31. Intothevoid

    Blast. Found this video on the 12. of November only to realize what I could have observed yesterday. XD

  32. Adam Kendall

    I saw both of the most recent Venus transits!

  33. reffoelcnu alouncelal

    He stopped for a quick toke of chemtrail .

  34. BlintFN

    I have none of the equipment whatsoever to view this

  35. นพ รอดกระจ่าง

    Do You Know Sumting I’think In Yesterday Murcury Get In The sun

  36. Neutrino

    Hey Astrum! We are in New Zealand which is part of Australasia, and we will see it for about one hour after sunrise (weather permitting, which dosn’t look good – Aotearoa “land of the long white cloud”)

  37. Creatiff777

    Awesome! Alex, how will you watch it yourself?

  38. Love_Loved Mia

    If you have the IQ of a friken sticker
    Earth will still die 5 million yrs later
    Cause it looks like it will happen to us in a month it isnt it will take a long time. Were safe

  39. Radiyah Ismail

    Happy birthday to me and hello Mercury!

  40. Pee Sweezy

    One day I’m moving to Australabia

  41. Peter Juncker

    Commenting as the transit is happening here!

  42. G Dunken

    Amazing work Alex, your production quality is at another level. How do you make those solar system visualizations with planet’s planes?

  43. Krrash

    Adrian Chifu – Eternal Traveler just wanted to know if these is your favourite space engine soundtrack?

  44. Hargo J

    Hoping the clouds can clear in the next few hours. Got all my filters ready for observing and photographing

  45. meesalikeu

    eth lol — but seriously, very nice, succicint explanation — thank you

  46. RC Hobbyist Extreme

    I went blind trying to watch it last time.

  47. Military Archive

    Very informative, thanks! Thumbs up!

  48. Рафис Фахрутдинов


  49. Shane Tomson

    11,000 scientists saying that Mercury is entering its first ice age. 😁

  50. captain black body

    2012 i used a pin hole cemra

  51. Dave Grox

    sad noises from asia
    but we have solar eclipse next year

  52. Pp Ss

    There are so many transients these days! It’s hard to keep up with them all…

  53. Masaharu Morimoto

    I member building my little sun box back in 2012 for Venus. I think I’ll do the same for this one :) Always a hoot.

  54. Tim Cameron619

    This is an example of good education. Enjoyable, Interesting, and easy to comprehend at any level.

  55. Adil Zerouali

    11th November 2019 is my birthday!!!!!(i am the son of the fhoto man)

  56. Fist Power

    Damn mercury smoll

  57. Wedart Studio

    Thank you for interesting information! 😊👍

  58. Drakijy

    That view of the transit @ 0:25 always blows me away because Mercury is just a little bigger than the Moon and … well, imagine the silhouette of Mercury is the shadow of the Moon as it crosses our sky, and then look at the Sun! Imagine the Sun in our sky THAT size!

  59. zaini ikhwan

    Sigh… Guess I’m missing the mercury transit again….

  60. Tsögö Bauggi

    4:53 …or if you are in the Nordic countries.

  61. just Q

    Mercury is cute.

  62. Jerry Rupprecht

    Wish I had the equipment to see this

  63. Wim Mayes

    Be careful using eclipse glasses. They do have an expiration date due to deterioration of the plastic film over time.

  64. Jade Bogar

    Great now I have to wait thirteen years to see it

  65. vincent dehek

    Astrum, are you from Germany? I saw some German texts in this video.
    And it doesn’t really matter, just ask.
    Btw thanks for your nice channel en videos.

  66. Henning Hoppe

    God damnit, I can’t watch it ._.

  67. kikie Ann

    Local astronomy club? 🤦🏽‍♀️ i dont have any where i am 😫

  68. Paweł Czerski

    You seem to be confusing excentricity with inclination at 1:40.

  69. infrasleep

    Venus’ transit was awe inspiring as Earth is roughly the same size ; that made me realize how small this planet is

  70. kassie raine

    Ew ew! (raises hand) Can we figure out when and if a simultaneous transit of Mercury & Venus will happen?

  71. Deneb Scott

    Thanks, Alex I almost forgot!

  72. Al Mam

    @4:53 Уэлл, щиет.

  73. Paul Aldrich

    Also just a heads up orbital eccentricity doesn’t affect the timing of transits. The word you’re after is inclination (I think)

  74. Graha 01

    Why am I watching this, I am late!!!

  75. Snipo X Killo

    2 weeks ago was the first time I looked at Venus and mercury with my naked eyes, by accident, when it was pretty close to the sun. I really loved how bright it was!! But by last week, Venus moved far away, perpendicular, and its brightness got lower and mercury turned its back towards us. Waiting for the next orbit when I can try to look at them through my telescope! Celestial events are so fun to watch!

  76. Hue Man

    Perfect! I’m going to the South Pole tomorrow.

  77. Adarsh Yadav

    I was eagerly waiting for a video on this Topic. Thanks!!!

  78. Mark Arnott

    sun 10th 2019 oz straya 😳⌚ 👨‍💼

  79. david johanson

    that was good, still mad at missing the last Venus transit. Now i gotta wait over 100 years. Thank you!!!

  80. Sebastian Muller

    Great video and here in south america we are ready to see this transit, we only need some luck with the weather.

  81. Paul Aldrich

    Was pumped as hell to view this transit. Then I remembered that I’m Australian :'(

  82. Hot Flash Foto

    Dang it! The weather here is going to be cloudy and rainy. :(
    But thanks for taking the time to share this. I hope others can get some good images and maybe share them with the rest of us.

  83. Tic Tac Toe Glow

    The solar eclipse I can see it in green acre and it actually looks very orange

  84. heffone1

    Eastbourne astronomy society is having public viewing see their website or Facebook page.

  85. WillieRants

    Damn I’ll be traveling on the 11th.

  86. MOLE

    Alex is an amazing presenter/narrator/producer. I hope the BBC Sky At Night are watching and will one day employ him.

  87. Fujikawa 1988

    Getting two telescopes ready for my students. This hopefully will be a special class for them. Its going to be the first time for me to.

  88. 5Andysalive

    Honest thank for putting the 2 minute ad message at the end. I wish more youtubers would do that.

  89. Practice Aloha not Racism

    “If you happen to be on the South Pole”

  90. salim 777

    I regret subscribing to this guy late
    I wish i knew him earlier

  91. s_hirangy

    Mercury: Having a transit
    The sun where I’m at: I sleep

  92. Chuck Norris

    Here is something to read first before using welding lenses. It depends on what shade they are. *Do not* use oxygen/gas welding ones that are shade 4, 6, or anything under at least 10. Shade 12 is the best but hard to find unless you modify an auto darkening setup at the infrared sensor. You can stack two shades such as a 4 and an 8 or however you feel is best but that is your own choice. It is best to have the filter at the end where sunlight is entering and not at the eyepiece. Just think of being a kid with a magnifying glass and an ant…Even with the filter, you become the ant. I have modified some to work on my telescope in different ways but I really only try to avoid looking through it and use a camera to see…Just in case of course. Something interesting to know about welding glasses is that they are made to filter all light except a small portion of the visible spectrum which is around 5 to 600nm (not 100 percent sure on the number) but it is to protect your eyes from the harmful ultraviolet radiation and other wavelengths when arc welding. To be the safest and if you have the money, buy a solar telescope setup. Looking at sunspots, which even though there are none right now and activity is low, the solar minimum phase is ending and will be more active soon. You can also see other solar events such as prominences and plasma “flames” with the correct filters and that is really awesome. That is where things get expensive or you gotta really use your brain to make things work. If not, an observatory would be the next choice. Knowing how social media runs the world even though I became very antisocial thanks to the ex wife, finding one nearby or other people interested in what is out there shouldn’t be too hard to do. Be safe and don’t do something that will cause harm to your self or to your property.

  93. Ashutosh Nandan

    I saw 2012 venus transit ✌️
    I watched all of it alone sitting on my roof, sadly not many people are interested in these stuffs in my country 😒

  94. Harry Partington

    Has or will there ever be a time where Venus AND Mercury transit the sun at the same time for us to see? If so, how often would that happen?
    My guess is probably every few million years.

  95. Just Some Bigfoot With Internet Access

    Mercury be like: *Transiting noises*

  96. nick p

    When you are from asia watchss full video in excitement and at the end the guy says sorry asia…😔😔

  97. Anar Dine

    Your channel and wonderful persons channel are just about the best corners of YT at this point in time. Keep em coming.

  98. Peter Petruzzi

    “Inferior Conjunction, What’s your function?” …. Love that song

  99. aresmars2003

    @1:35 “Their orbital eccentricity isn’t huge, but its enough.”
    You mean “orbital inclination”. Eccentricity would effect the timing of transits, but not their existence. Inclination causes only 2 opposite “node” points (in May or November as you say) where two orbital planes cross where transits can occur.

  100. Gribbo9999

    “This won’t be noticeable to the naked eye” and nor will anything else ever again after you try!

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