How big can Solar Systems get?

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How big do you think our solar system is? Up until Pluto? A bit beyond? How big can other solar systems get? Astrum answers!

NASA/ESO/Space Engine

Mark LaFountain – Obscured

  1. nohat

    I might be wrong but isn’t the Solar System our system alone. Our Sun being called Sol? Our nearest star, Alpha Centauri (or is that Proxima) for example has its own system called the Alpha Centauri System, or another like the Trappist System. They’re not called the Trappist Solar System. Or am I just being pedantic… ;o)

  2. Adam Bond

    Great epsiode!

  3. free spirit 1

    Trying to imagine these unimaginable distances, and trying to imagine that it is all composed of an unimaginably large number of atoms and subatomic particles makes my head spin and gives me severe anxiety, to the point that it makes me uncomfortable with reality. Has anyone else experienced this?

  4. Just Some Guy without a M

    So star systems vary in size quite a bit, our universe in general is just filled with so many fascinating things it’s unreal

  5. Lord Thanksalot

    I have one remark. At 7:57 you state there would be no other escape than to have infinite distance. This is not true, because at some point, the dilation of spacetime will overcome the centripetal acceleration. I’m curious if you have a new value for this one!

  6. Pup314

    Pioneer 10 and 11 definitely have gotten into interstellar space due to their speed and trajectories, but they ran out of power and shut down before they crossed the heliopause so there is no actual proof of their entering interstellar space.

  7. Tragoudistros.MPH

    5:44 300 years? 😭 and exiting 30,000 to 150,000 years??? That is such a long time!
    2:20 Why don’t objects quickly fall away (more quickly) if they accelerate (velocity) Away from their parent body(star/solar system)? Overcoming momentum? But aren’t stars coming towards us, and shouldn’t they be able to ‘catch/intercept’ something ‘falling off’ (accelerating away from) our solar system? Is our star’s gravity just that strong? Like escape velocity?

  8. Picka Chu

    The gravitation range is not infinite. Just like magnetic field range, there is a certain limit upto which an object can be in it’s gravitation range. Although the gravity and magnetic energy are 2 different energy. But this is the similarity between these 2 energies.
    The range depends on the amount of total matters.

    Yaah, if the gav range of 2 objects overlap on each other .. Then the range can vary.

  9. Simi Sanchi

    Please change the background music on your next video. I always almost fall asleep while I’m watching it.🙈😂
    Great Video though!

  10. stuntard

    Wish this was longer 👌❤️💯
    Perfect to fall asleep to👀🔥😴💤

  11. A Rake

    If a solar system is defined by the extent of its gravitational influence, the Hill Sphere, then does that mean that all of space in the Galaxy is “within” a solar system. There would be no such thing as “interstellar space”, because as soon as an object leaves one system’s Hill Sphere, it enters another. Or are there places in the Galaxy far enough away from any star as to not be dominated by one in particular?

  12. lithiumhydride :D

    What is interstellar wind?

  13. bajr

    An “effectively” infinite distance between two bodies should be possible due to cosmological expansion, right? The strength of the gravitational force would weaken and approach zero kind of like how light waves redshift as the object approaches the cosmological horizon. So the ‘orbit’ would look more like a hyperbola approaching a straight line?

  14. PJBearstein

    It is unnecessary to say ‘far far.’

  15. rascally rabbit

    my God its full of stars

  16. ColieDee Kenzo


  17. Daniel Dan

    I am not sure you can call them solar systems as there is only one Solar System with the Sun in the center.

    I think it would be more appropriate to call them Star Systems.

  18. UlrichVIII

    if there’s one thing i like about humanity it would be the ability to do science. Nice video

  19. lexx corp

    Thank you astrum

  20. D R

    Playing Stellardrone for this. Perfect👍

  21. Anders Eriksson

    Do you have paypal?

  22. Marc Barling

    Alpha Centauri A and B are Sun-like stars true but wondering why you didnt mention Alpha Centauri C, or Proxima Centauri? was it because you were just doing a comparison of a sun like stars? other than that good video

  23. fds fds

    If the star and small object were the only things in the universe, surely dark energy would overcome the gravity of the star before a billion light years right? At what point would it for a 150 solar mass star?

  24. Andracoz

    It is amazing to consider what else is out there as we have barely scratched the surface, are unable comprehend the bigger picture and still have a lot of growing to do..
    True wisdom is knowing you know nothing – Socrates.

  25. Nassim Abed

    When dealing with speeds like that of the sun motion in the galaxy and the like, why express it in Km/h or MPH? Figures are difficult to relate to the familiar speeds of a car or a plane. Why not express those speeds in fractions of c instead?

  26. The Great Pyramid Erectio

    There is only one Solar system in the entire universe, this one. All others are STAR systems.

  27. lcchocolate59

    What’s with Youtube tacking on 5 minutes of commercialsto video’s? I AM STARTING TO HATE Youtube! One video had 8 minutes of commercials before the actual video that I WANTED to watch started. Shame on Youtube!

  28. zanychelly

    Please cover that R136a1


  29. Sherylin

    Your assumption is that stars can not be inside another stars hillsphere. So maybe R136a1 has stars circling it inside of, or as well as, planets etc.
    Good video :)

  30. AvangionQ

    7:40 At what point would dark energy tear the orbit apart?

  31. dLife/dt

    Thanks!! You discuss size but I wonder about solar system mass? What fraction of total mass (excluding star) is in Oort Cloud?

  32. William Stephens

    Let’s think logically to do that one must first define a solar system and terms associated. I am not a scientist or astrologist but I am gonna guess it has to to with the end of the solar systems stars gravity and energy no longer affects the surrounding space.

  33. EB-87

    I thought the speed of dark energy spreading the universe apart is increasing exponentially,won’t it reach a speed so high that will make gravity interactions impossible?

  34. Dean Kinzie

    My guess before watching the video s that solar systems can only get as big if there is enough gravity to maintain balance of every planet moons and other stars. If not, you’re gonna be an asteroid lost

  35. tim mcguire

    Your videos are getting better all the time! I learn with each one. Thank You

  36. Studtistics

    Couldn’t the asteroid escape the hill sphere of the star with the help of the expansion of the universe? Gravity travels at the spees of light after all.

  37. Abiye Dakoru

    Voyager’s left the solar system , Alex mclouhghlin Astrum hmhun I don’t think so 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🕵🕵🕵🕵

  38. William Stephens

    Is There a area in space that is empty of gravity or energy from stars/suns

  39. Special EDy

    A solar system could technically be an entire galaxy or group of Galaxy’s.
    Our sun is orbiting Sagittarius A Star, as is the entire galaxy, and I’d wager that the barycenter of the galaxy lies within the event horizon of Sagittarius A.

  40. C Harris

    Excellent job Astrum. Great info as usual.

  41. Raoul Simon

    Under the revised intergalactic agreement, Solar systems go as far as the gravitational influence of the patent star. This was resolved after the 2nd intergalactic police action.

  42. BMLevski

    My favorite universe channel 😍

  43. xplatte

    سبحانه في ٧ ايام فقط !

  44. Catchable Orphan

    In a universe with one star and one orbiting object. The object would not need to be “infinitely” far away to escape, it would only need to achieve a distance that would put over the “cosmic horizon” assuming this made up universe is expanding like our own.

  45. Renato Silva

    Please mais a vídeo about the so-called solar minimum and the possible mini ice age!!!!

  46. Bear Owl

    very well done with the Gafics to show it

  47. oy oy Emine

    Very interesting topic. I hope it gets lots of views

  48. Hiphophippopotamus `i`5c.

    So much to learn.

  49. Vorpal Inferno

    You dont need to have infinite distance for gravitational hill spheres to drop off.
    You just need enough distance so that quantum fluctuations become greater than the gravitational field strength.

  50. Adventures with Dogs

    Even back in my high school years, (and those were a while ago!) we were taught that the solar system included anything affected by the Sun’s gravity. At that time, though, it wasn’t considered to be as far as it is now.

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    The solar system is angle at 63, in this video cool

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    Love this channel! Beautifully executed every time! Who would be 3 dodo birds that game this video a thumbs down???? Wow!

  56. Humanity and Conflicts

    An object that is infinitely far away from a related object, will no longer be in the same universe as the previously related object. Their existence to each other will no longer be. However, they can both still be in the same reality of each other. So it is still possible to mathematically continuously follow the expected histories of both objects. And in special cases this means that the objects may suddenly again be in the same universe of each other, because the distance is no longer infinite. If the relation ends however, the objects will no longer be in the same reality and can no longer be expected to follow any mathematically logical histories. This means the two objects can never again be in the same reality nor in the same universe.

  57. Pp Ss

    Great information about our heliosphere, and hill sphere. Wouldn’t it be something if Voyagers 1 and 2 ran into earlier Voyager 1 and 2 satellites sent eons ago?!

  58. Giada_De_Low_Rent_Tits

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    Another of your amazing videos – Thanks for sharing this Alex.

  61. Tim L

    I would expect there to be a Planck unit of gravity… maybe it’s practically infinitely small

  62. BongLeach

    Thank you. In all my years I’ve never heard of the “hill sphere”!

  63. Ryan G.

    Lets take a moment to realize how small we are in this expanding universe

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    6:13 nightmares.

  67. Lyendith

    I always wondered how objects so far away from the Sun could still be suject to its gravity, but once you understand that there’s no such thing as a “maximum distance” past which gravity stops to operate, it becomes a bit more clear… basically, the biggest fish around always wins?

  68. prashu saraf

    Can you do an episode on real time interplanetary communication through quantum entanglement or quantum locality or worm holes?

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    hold a moment… the observable universe is the outer limit of gravity, right? I does not extent indefinetly, then.

  72. Dave Grox

    also i think the expansion of the universe competes with, (or put a limit on?) the gravity sphere?

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  84. Gary Talor

    So we know that wandering plants are possible and talked about, but do we have any proof of their existence? 🤔

  85. Tragoudistros.MPH

    How much do we move/shift relative to other stars?
    3:48 I desperately want a video on interstellar interactions… (and our milky way orbit)

    4:34 how are known objects moving through this region, like Onomua, that asteroid?

    (This video has given me 1,000 questions 😍)

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    Escape velocity: the pressure of one photon.

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