How are black holes the brightest objects in the universe?

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Quasars, or extremely active black holes are the brightest objects in the universe. But aren’t black holes meant to be invisible?
VR180 version of this video:
Based on the Illustris Project simulation, we also look at radio-mode and quasar-mode feedback, seemingly exploding galaxies.

Image Credits: NASA/ESA/ESO/Illustris Project
Music Credits: Charon – Joseph Reilly

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  1. Jeremy Hooks

    I can tell you have the universe formed. Just read your Bible.

  2. Mark F.

    strong clickbait…terrible video

  3. Glenn Fletcher

    Dark Matter doesn’t exist…Gnz..imho😁

  4. עפרה ראובן

    A war on Dogmatic science!
    Scientists build all their models, assuming that the speed of light is constant throughout the all universe!
    This is fifty fifty the last time I checked. fifty fifty!
    It’s really ridiculous!
    Science is Make believe!?
    LOve and Light

  5. Doug Hale

    How is it that things with so called such massive gravity that nothing escapes it are so bright. How is it that black holes can exist when Steven Hawking proved that the event horizon, the boundary between normal space and a black hole, IS NOT MATHEMATICALLY POSSIBLE. Is it possible that the observable phenomena are something other than a black hole?

  6. Leiron Aelrion

    I can’t subscribe to the idea of dark matter.

  7. Darryl Block

    Not even a minute in, and you lost me. Just had to mention dark matter. It’s a plasma electric universe. No proof of dark matter to date!!!

  8. Kirkology

    Okay, so at 2:43 you debunked your own video

  9. SuomiPerkele

    Brightest things in the universe:
    don’t emit light
    can’t be seen is nothing rotates them
    “But quasars are black holes dur dur dur”
    Yes, which means all black holes aren’t all quasars.

  10. Monte Taylor

    Way back in the 60’s and 70’s lol when the scientists we’re figuring out the universe, they, to the detriment of future understanding, thus revaluation and discovery, didn’t factor in the fact that the universe is primarily and chiefly electric.

  11. Simon Watts

    Nobody tell any black hole jokes

  12. Pockets MacCartney

    Embarassing. Talking so glibly about a debunked hypothesis. As if they existed. Fantasy land. Its a mind f**k and they font even know it.

  13. Rob Sin

    How can something that has no beginning and no end, have perimeters.

  14. WizzardOfPaws

    It just doesn’t make sense to me. Nothing produces nothing because it’s nothing. So what caused the Big Bang

  15. Riotboy1

    Enough with this dark matter/energy nonsense! We live in an Electric Universe you should research The Thunderbolts Project.

  16. Muad'dib2288

    *parameters (not perimeters)

  17. tentimesful

    Biggest question is how can blackhole bend light to come to it while light has no mass for a gravity heavy thing as blackhole…

  18. Hansen Pansen

    Bing bang theorie is a matter of religion. It is based on a belief and explained by mystacl dark matter and energie. No evidence and ignoring the eletro magnetic forces whithin the plasma, aka plasma / electric universe theroie. What Thunderbolds Project here on youtube and suspicous observer.

  19. MCPepeh

    You seem to use words quasar and a black hole interchangeably. Are they the same thing?

  20. Death

    Love yr videos

  21. Trey Cox

    Your videos are too short.

  22. Donald Kasper

    Black holes are regions of universe expansion and star creation in the center of each galaxy/universe. There is no contraction. The equatorial plane of galaxies spins off stars and the axes spin off quasars that evolve into new galaxies. We have one trillion universes in our night sky. The background stars are the oldest stars spun off those universes. The background orbicular glow around galaxies is the current extent of their expansion effect. The black hole density makes it hot and is why it glows. The area is generally 10 to 100 thousand light years across. This repeats again for stars such as ours that spun off matter on its equatorial plane, but the bodies were not large enough to ignite in fusion, so formed planets. Our solar system is a byproduct of our sun formation.

  23. Utsav Shah

    Curiosity rover please

  24. BWX

    Much better than the 180 VR vers.

  25. Original nutta

    Can you do a video on the wall what has been found at the edge of the galaxy i swear i heard something about this. you are 100% the best person to explain things like this you make it easy to understand keep up the good work

  26. moviemaker2011z

    Before i even start the video allow me to make a guess.
    Its not the black hole itself thats the brightest, its the accretion disc AROUND the black hole that makes it the brightest. All that matter flying and whizzing through space at such high speeds and at high temperatures would make anything bright like that.
    Now to watch the video and see how wrong i am.

  27. Its a Rome Thing Everyday


  28. Geoffrey S Tuttle

    Brilliant project. I still wonder, however, if this is just ‘a’ functioning model and not actually ‘the’ functioning model. I remain suspect about black holes and the possibility that they are merely plasmoids. After all, what causes galaxy spin if not electric plasma Birkland currents? I’d love to understand the argument against this but mainstream science avoids addressing the theory.

  29. Elemental King

    Actually gamma ray bursts are the brightest events in the universe

  30. Simon Watts

    32 million light year … that can’t be right

  31. Alex Hatfield

    In a 1000 years, will we model an expanding universe on supercomputers so powerful, and a universe model so detailed, that any “sentient life” in the model would believe that it lived in a real universe? In fact perhaps We are…..🤔No, STOP!!

  32. Tyler Biedermann

    What we see is not the hole but it’s voracity! Beauty ay!

  33. SpaceGeek

    How do we know what the milky way looks like? Or do we not know?

  34. Frank Hall

    Everything in the universe is at work for progress . Even black holes serve good and meaningful purpose . With this in mind , then the universe can only ever become a greater and more intricate system of higher level development .

  35. Rob Grant

    If Material or Light is escaping
    By definition, it’s Not a Black Hole.

  36. G G

    How are black holes the brightest things in the universe?
    How do you not have 1M subs yet?

  37. EndoSmokingTV

    I’ve been dealing with depression for quite some time now, but your videos always make me feel better as I’ve always been fascinated with space. Even if it’s for a few minutes. Thank you Astrum!

  38. April Pinnock

    Bright but dark.

  39. S N

    Was eagerly waiting for your videos

  40. Sí Mon

    I want sicko mode feedback.

  41. Azriel Zagreb

    You deserve much more subscribers.

  42. Omoshne

    Hot take: dark matter and dark energy don’t exist, they’re just fantasy scientists came up with when their math turned up wrong.

  43. Prasad Vyssery

    Let see what future results, amazing video

  44. Abdullah

    Your voice sounds sad somehow this video

  45. Boom Box

    Trippy! Keep it up!

  46. Jahl Luna

    Excelent! . Thanks Alex. As always, nice and informative video from your channel. Keep going.

  47. Pablo Gutierrez

    I’ll have to look it again… I’ve understood 10% only

  48. kirby march barcena


  49. CrabShackMan

    Always an eye pleaser one of my fav channels good job

  50. Domino

    Very, very good.

  51. Joy Bradford

    As always, awesome video!

  52. Holl E. H.

    Parameters is pronounced as it’s spelt. Not like perimeters.

  53. Ninja Racer

    Great content! Subbed

  54. Abhijit Dhar

    Wonderful x’clnt work done just to understand dat we are in this stimulation ‘Alex’

  55. Javier Ruiz

    I already had my huge blaza 🤯🤯🤪

  56. JD babez

    Completely unrelated to space and your videos (although they are amazing) I was wondering how fatherhood is going and how your family is? Hope all is going well and thank you for continuing to make us vids during such a crazy full on time!

  57. watchfordpilot

    Beautiful to watch, thanks Alex.

  58. MaryLu Harmon

    Fascinating! Well done!

  59. Daniel Grover

    Wow. Just wow.

  60. Creatiff777

    It always makes me happy when Astrum releases a new video!

  61. david johanson

    that was interesting. Be thinking about this all day now. And why are we here? what for?

  62. Helsic en China

    I love your channel so much, so relaxing and informative!

  63. mjncad

    19-million CPU hours! How about a followup video on the technology used to create the universe simulation?

  64. dotan wolf

    dark matter and dark energy have not been detected.
    “We have to learn again that science without contact with experiments is an enterprise which is likely to go completely astray into imaginary conjecture.”
    Hannes Alfven

  65. Adventures with Dogs

    Alex- Thanks for another great video! Quite some time ago, I mentioned that you should consider also doing a series geared toward children, and I hold to that. I’m betting it would be a big hit, possibly even used in classrooms! Young children are bombarded with so much nonsense and outright falsity on the internet these days, especially YouTube. I think it important that they be exposed to information such as what is seen from you. I’ve always liked the fact that when something has not yet been proven, you emphasize that with terms such as theory or current thought, etc.

  66. Tabasco

    Black hole videos, i love em

  67. gino saputo

    Discovered your channel the other week and haven’t been able to stop watching your vids! 😁👍 Awesome stuff and amazingly presented

  68. Larbi Amzil

    Excited to watch this

  69. son of kami

    I swear in having deja vu watching this or something have you played this video before astrum? NVM i just seen your NOTE

  70. Ludwig Von aids

    Looks like we’re gonna need some…. sunglasses

  71. noeldenever

    Thank you for the extra effort…although I love the VR180 version, I don’t always have my VR headset with me. This certainly helps when I want to binge watch your videos without it.
    Cheers, mate. I hope your life is full of peace & happiness, as your work never fails to grant me those.

  72. Harry Partington

    Is this a re-post? Everything in this video I believe is something we’ve already covered.
    The black hole video from about 4 weeks ago had the exact same stuff.

  73. Chris DIYer

    Humans have a limited space-time here on Earth (let’s say 78-80 years). Watching Astrum videos makes me feel better about our “short time” here on this rock. Thank you Sir…made my day better (as always). #1 fan

  74. The Man

    Someone did an computer simulation of huge scale to learn about universe
    And were now living in that simulation
    And they’re watching us and saying WTF we just did 😂😂😂

  75. Pratyush Vashisht

    I love the topic, I love the content, I love the voice. Man! this is the perfect combo.
    PS: Start narrating books or build a podcast please (maybe on the same topic, our universe)

  76. nitramyar

    Excellent! Thank you for this extra effort, Alex.

  77. Astrum

    PLEASE NOTE: As requested, this is a 2D static version of the previous VR180 video. I don’t want to alienate people that don’t enjoy the VR180 format, so if I ever make a VR180 video it will only be uploaded on this dedicated VR180 channel: and a normal 2D static version will be uploaded here. I hope that’s a nice compromise for everyone!

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