Heat Is Not The Only Problem With A Second Sun

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How much of an effect would a second Sun have on Earth? Is there a way it could work?
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  1. Shiboline M'Ress

    This is why the ending of the film “2010: The Year We Made Contact” never made sense to me. If Jupiter were to become a dwarf star, it would be catastrophic for Earth, and the entire solar system.

  2. Zumzifero

    “Nightfall” by Isaac Asimov could be a reason..

  3. SFS Films

    If I had a dime for every time this man switched the thumbnail and title….

  4. TornadoMash

    astrum has changed the title of this video at least 5 times

  5. Riley Nelson

    Here’s a thought experiment: what would happen to earth if some object were to block all the sun’s energy from hitting the surface of our planet for a year?

  6. Jamie LaCourse

    I’ve often wondered if our sun has a binary partner following a super- elongated orbit which we haven’t discovered yet….

  7. Kenny Hagan

    We’d have to be a fe a bit further out, like around 5 or 6 AU:s out.

  8. Brent Weber

    Alaska already has a messed up day night cycle… we do fine.. I like it!

  9. Nathan

    I love the illustration of the exotic yearly day-night cycle, in a binary system. We’ve had more than 4 billion years to be spoiled by our comparatively simple orbital mechanics. It would be curious to know if any amount of time would permit the adaptation to a more complex set of diurnal-crepuscular-nocturnal rhythms. Perhaps, at least on this account, the majority of lifeforms would exhibit cathemerality (i.e. uniform activity levels).

  10. DeerioJim Wat

    6:50 “You’d get less and less of a night, until one point where you’d have no night at all”

    AKA living at/above the 60th parallel north haha

  11. Dennis Barnes


  12. Wolf Raven

    Well the earth is flipping over to orbit our twin Star now.

  13. Tim Carr

    It was 112 here in Texas yesterday. I believe one is more than enough.

  14. Netty Voyager

    we used to have two suns and no one believed me :)

  15. Nikolai Dalager

    I really love the use of spaceengine in your videos 👽✌️

  16. Andrew N

    I love that the images in this video are from Space Engine. I love that program. It’s taught me so much about how much I never knew about our solar system. 😊

  17. Think Beyond the Box

    Great Channel. May I request a ” what if Venus was moved into our Solar System’s habitable zone”, as in we somehow in the future was able to tow it (i know i know lol)… but how long would it take to transform into a habital planet or would it at all…

  18. Mystery Crumble

    loved that one especially! great stuff!

  19. stephanie parker

    Make a two moons video next! 🥰

  20. stephanie parker

    Good on you for giving a mass AND volume comparison for the blue giant. 👍👍

  21. Oliver Christopher Gomez

    I live on the equator and I can tell you that no, I’d really not like to have a second sun, thank you very much.

  22. Alperen Başer

    Actually red dwarf at the orbit of Jüpiter Satürn or even more is safe. As far as i know

  23. thomas rogers

    this sun is earth’s second saturn was first greatest sun!

  24. Monkey Monk

    Oh fine then, I’ll cancel the order on the second sun. Thought your guys’s would be happy. You can’t just turn a star delivery around you know? This is going to cost me.

  25. Alex Castro

    You would need stronger sun block… 😆😆

  26. Carolyn Joyner

    It’s a moot point, we don’t have two suns!

  27. CasualScrub

    Life would have evolved differently. If it evolved into sentient, higher conscious beings, no day/night cycle would just be their life. I’m sure there are beings that would find our living situation fantastic as well.

  28. Aistis Bar

    I like the slightly Yoda’ish grammar you use

  29. Emrah Okumuş

    Absolutely not. It’s 46 Celcius in Antalya right now; we need a snow storm not a second sun:)

  30. Faustin

    I thought we had many stars, even superstars. You want to tell me the Kardashians are a lie too? I have been living an illusion then.

  31. Om Dhan:Dharmesh Om Hin:D

    What if the Sun gives cool heat?
    The Star don’t explode.

  32. TheOneWhoMightBe

    If the second star is a giant, that would make it the primary, I guess.

  33. Gelgamath _

    This reminds me of “Nightfall” by Isaac Asimov

  34. David Elfering

    I like the way this episode poses some physics questions while also giving a lot of information about the types and qualities of various stars. Very cool thanks for the new approach!

  35. Richard Hubbard

    Youe voice talking astronomy is a great mix. Love your channel. Inspiring!

  36. Cornbreadfed Kirkpatrick

    Well, Alaska comes close to this during the summertime with one sun.

  37. stilth60050

    What if a brown dwarf was in place of 9th planet; I thought that was theorized once

  38. גבריאל פאלקאו

    🎶”Quando o segundo sol chegar / Para realinhar as órbitas dos planetas /…”🎶

  39. takwa

    “And do not mix the truth with falsehood or conceal the truth while you know [it].” (Holy Quran 2::42)

  40. OrangeAzzClown

    Dude, in Western N.A. we are going through a record breaking heat wave right now.
    We are barely coping with this.
    A second Sun?
    Nah, we’re toast. Literally.

  41. ulibarriL

    I’d rather have two moons in the night sky, but even that would cause some serious problems on Earth.

  42. Quinnydog

    Praise the Sun’s!

  43. I Object

    For all we know, our entire universe could be a molecule of dog poop!
    Relativity demands it.

  44. CGL

    I’ve always thought about this question and figured answering it would require massively complex answers depending on the variables, thank you for making this it was great. Great introduction for those of us uninitiated in astrophysics

  45. Daniel Dulu

    Just want to point out that a large percentage of stars are binary systems. Kinda wipes out a good chunk of possibility for intelligent life.

  46. Socky Noob

    Next: What would happen if Jupiter became a star like it did in 2010: The Year We Make Contact?

  47. Victor Smith

    2010: the Year we make Contact

  48. Eroraf86

    Can we just talk about that H-R Diagram animation at the beginning? That was so cool!

  49. Anguscovoflyer95

    some red dwarfs are pretty big with some reaching 30-40% of the suns mass and size.

  50. Evandro J.R. Silva

    I liked the idea of having two solar systems orbiting together. Imagine being able to travel to another “Earth” every 50 years.

  51. Brett Anon

    6:47 Sounds a lot like Alpha Centauri if you were orbiting one of the two main stars. You’d see the other sun get closer and closer to your main sun over the course of a year, until they were together through the day/night cycle. Then they’d gradually get more and more separate, until your planet is between the two stars and “night” basically goes away for a while.

  52. Auntie Jen

    I’m happy with just one star… Sometimes boring is a good thing.

  53. Infinitum Neo

    This is a very interesting thought experiment. If we had a second star we would have evolved very differently.

  54. Goreuncle

    0:53 🤯

  55. luminair11

    Here here…..we live on an amazingly beautiful planet…..let us look after it and respect all life on it!

  56. John Smith

    Glad you brought up things I never considered, but what about the three-body problem? Wouldn’t it be the case that if a planet were in a star system with two stars that the orbits could end up being rather chaotic and could even result in planets being thrown out of the star system becoming rogue?

  57. Adamie Nielku

    I love this verse “Does it support life as we know it?” What about Life as we don’t know it, what if one day it pays us a visit? And another note – we all know the humanity message sent to space onboard Pioneer 10. What would such a message be like today? I would lovee to see online community agreeing on one. Thumb’s up Astrum!

  58. Ross

    I love the hypothetical approach, please do more!!!

  59. ŤhəBl4ckRabbıt

    Now I wonder how Tatooine has a stable night-day cycle

  60. Phill M156

    I would like to see the earth around 2 K type star’s, each with about 70% of the suns mass?

  61. Jules Stoop

    @0:20 the caption at the top isn’t entirely correct here. The white bright star to the left is the entire Alpha Centauri system, and the bluish bright star to the right of it, is actually Beta Centauri (aka Hadar) which is actually a triple star system but much farther away than the Alpha Centauri system (390 ly vs. less than 4.5 for the Alpha Centauri system).

  62. malikbakt

    Great animation to hertzsprung russell 👍

  63. Allen Saunders

    What if our two Suns were both red dwarfs

  64. Marcin Skrobański

    hey Astrum, if those two bright points are the stars, what are the almost noise like pattern dots behind it? Galaxies?

  65. Richard Jones

    Brian W Aldiss wrote The Helliconia Trilogy about how such a binary system might affect a society over hundreds of years.

  66. Yoni Keshet

    So of 1/3 of planets belong to a binary system, what does that mean with respect to the number of habitable planets?

  67. Erich Tomanek

    Having two suns (Duke and Duchess) works just fine for the planet Norfolk.
    Otherwise we wouldn’t have our
    Norfolk Tears to drink……

  68. Ldawg711

    I can’t get over how good this channel is.

  69. sulijoo

    Suffice it to say, it would be a headache.

  70. GoTeamScotch

    This channel is such a gem. It reminds me of watching Nova documentaries in school and having my mind blown about space as a kid.

  71. Spencer Thompson

    Yay new Astrum video thank you!

  72. Tragoudistros.MPH

    I’m glad you went into detail about the distant star orbit configuration. That would be interesting.

    Photosynthetic organisms might enjoy near eternal light :P

  73. Tragoudistros.MPH

    The US just had 2 record breaking heatwaves… so maybe we had a sample? 😅

  74. Eric

    I believe that in most 2 star systems, the second star is far enough away that it’s not much brighter than a really bright star elsewhere in the galaxy.

  75. RicardoA BH

    I would have guessed that the temperature Wouk dropped be very cold.
    Because of the extra mass, and I would guess that we orbit both…
    The distance would be much bigger… Mars +

  76. Simple Jack

    Did you just “plonk” a red dwarf in our solar system?? 😂

  77. ferron zomeren

    We arent lucky to not have a second sun,
    The chance of life devolopping in a binary system is lower, so if life develops, it will be more likely aroud one star

  78. peepostruggle

    Having two suns is basically being tidally locked with extra steps.

  79. Slade Wilson

    The things I didn’t know Elite taught me until someone explains it as if it should be new :)

  80. Alex B

    The Helliconia sci-fi novels by Brian Aldiss forms the story around that last type.

  81. Ex Hitm@n

    We don’t know of a star that might end up as a neutron star in a radius of 100 light years but what if there’s is one!!!
    Just Kidding we would’ve already found it veryyyy easily don’t worry

  82. DX_Kidjal

    RIP ocean…🔥

  83. Xeno Bardock

    If Jupiter’s plasmasphere were to light up brightly, it will be like earth having a second Sun seen from Earth almost as big as the moon due to lit plasmasphere hiding the actual size of Jupiter.

  84. Z A

    “What if the earth had two suns?”

    mhhh.. booba in the sky

  85. Derprah Shrekfrey

    I always like to think what our ancestors would come up with mythology if celestial objects were slightly different.

    For example, if the moon was habitable and covered with oceans and greenery and all that was visible from the night sky, would we still have always thought Earth was the center of the universe?

  86. John Wyatt

    The more I learn about our plant and our solar systems unique features, the more convinced I become that we are not here by accident and that our system is purpose built. Everything is designed to sustain life. Of the hundreds of features that allow life to flourish, were only one needs to be missing to make life impossible, it can’t be ignored that there is incredible intelligence involved.

  87. Dan C

    With this heat wave we are experiencing right now in the west, no thank you, no more heat please! :)

  88. Kasashi Edo

    You make totally awesome videos that teach me so many things I didn’t know I needed. Hope you reach 1M subscribers fast.

  89. Laiba Gul

    But Tatooine was still lucky even though it had two parents lol🙂

  90. S. Pak

    2010 Space Odyssey… Something wonderful is going to happen

  91. waynet68

    I guess that is a good reason why Tatooine is a desert world.

  92. Galactic Rangers

    9 minutes and 26 seconds after the video went live :) thanks Astrum :) brilliant stuff.

  93. Astrum

    Note: There are a lot of variables involved in this question. Does Earth orbit both suns, or only one? How close do they orbit? How close does Earth orbit? What type of star is the second sun? Etc. etc. etc. I tried to go into some details while also being somewhat general in order to take those variables into account. Hopefully that still makes it an enjoyable watch, but also don’t consider that this video answers every possibility. Thanks for watching!

  94. Antonio Salas Martinez

    It Will be Nice beacause our planet 🌎 could be as Tatooine 😆.
    But i think that it brings more radiation that probably affect some life forms, but i don’t doubt that there are planets like that in a place of our universe 🌌.
    Thanks for the information Alex, greetings and a Great day for Everybody 🙋

  95. Sourav Dubey

    Was thinkin’ about it just yesterday

  96. Baswdc

    Meanwhile Chinese mythology: *ten suns*

  97. Cypher Brittainne

    Even with two suns, you must consider yourself lucky because it’s not R136a1 that become our sun.

  98. Derron Johnson

    I clicked as fast as I saw!!!! Great content man, I LOVE it!

  99. John Smith

    I would get more sunburns and less sleep?


    After a long time waiting 💯

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