Everything We Know About Jupiter’s Red Trojan Asteroids | Lucy

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How NASA’s Lucy probe will investigate the red Trojan asteroids near Jupiter.
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  1. peanut butter

    all these events such as hong kong’s freedom expiring and pictures of new things are the things keeping me here

  2. Roger Edrinn

    Another excellent episode! Thank you.

  3. derram

    So Jupiter hasn’t cleared its orbit, you say?

    Welp, looks like we’ve got another dwarf planet, I guess.

  4. VCU Heel

    Since Lucy has solar panels and can keep powering itself, can it be repurposed to study other objects after the initial mission is finished in 2032?

  5. Darren AM

    I have a question, I heard Neil Tyson say that all the asteroids in the asteroid belt squashed together would only comprise a third of the moons mass. Do you agree with this ?

  6. Mellia Boom Bot

    There’s also the financial ivestment of asteroids too. I wish people would be honest about that too, it;s not all about just having a look or exploring space for research reasons. There’s money there too….

  7. Simon Jäkle

    To me, the Edgeworth comet discs torus rather represents what is simply recited as “Kuiper belt” (Kenneth Edgeworth from Ireland war postulating the region years before Mr. Kuiper, but has the longer name), as well as asteroid torus tighter describes the asteroids between Mars and Jupiter. It’s just like with the Metric system, exchangeing joule for kilocalories and Newtonmetre for “PS”/horsepower, what “we” are stuck with since 40 years. There’s no (explaining) surrogate for the Metric system, Imperial metrology cannot compete even a glimpse (unless in chaotic “creativity” hinting).
    Amazing asteroid animations shown here, Mr. McHogan. If trojans naturally mostly follow their planet kinda counterclockwise, where could such a “tension” occur of? Some strong magnetism?
    There must be a few reddish asteroids kinda observable, like 203 Pompeja and 269 Justitia. But 16 Psyche seems to be the ohny blue one so far, or shall we add eccentric 3200 Phaethon here? an ace card is kept twisted in the dense?

  8. Jim McClarin

    We keep being told that asteroids are the primordial mass of which planets are composed but which never quite joined to become planets. Of course, the previously popular view was that they are debris left from a cosmic collision. I am rooting for the collision view to be upheld by future discoveries. Maybe exobiologists and exopaleontologists will win the day.

  9. Guy from the 80's

    If we gather all the asteroides in the solar system, how much mass do we have? Is it more than a Jupiter sized planet?

  10. terdragontra

    The gravity from Jupiter and the Sun arent comparable in strength at L4 and L5

  11. Roger Dudra

    At age 72, I’m hoping to just see your report on the mission when it arrives.

  12. JJ JJ

    the looping back into the inner system is promising bc it can provide a critical opportunity to recharge via solar sails. If it works, am interested to see if they do this again with future missions?

  13. timothy sullivan

    It’s channels like this that make paying for a YouTube premium membership worth the money. I absolutely love you channel Astrum keep up the good work.

  14. Michael Powell

    FASCINATING! I had no idea that there were asteroids bound to the planets.

  15. Nathan Loomis

    I’m personally most excited to see what Lucy finds when visiting Patroclus/Menoetius. I’ve always been really interested in how such a nearly even binary of two large asteroids formed. Binaries are fascinating.

  16. lisa simpson

    What if they are not asteroids ? What if they are “something else”? Anciet destroyed planets ? Inteligent bodies ? (Like the “ death star “ type of thing). 🤷🏾‍♀️

  17. Big Sarge

    What a grand mission, looking forward to your (future) coverage!

  18. Edwin Rodriguez-Duplesis

    I went to go watch the launch of Lucy after watching this video which was only 15 hours ago. I’m super excited to see and learn about what it starts discovering. Thank you for your always amusing videoS. This channel is truly the best.

  19. Carpe Mkarzi

    I just love the delicate orbital dance these probes use.

  20. Lemon Lady

    Lucy is on her way, solar panels deployed and talking to NASA! Awesome launch in night clouds.

  21. Good Man

    Are they gonna test everything on it on the way? Or are we gonna have to wait till it’s close to the first one to get pictures

  22. Jake Moeller

    Everything went well with the launch. Now it’s the waiting until 2025. Great video!

  23. Karlos Rosales

    The zoom in at 4:22 made me feel like going down on a roller coaster ride

  24. Mike Young

    I’ve noticed Astrum’s move to making more dramatic and almost click baity (if that’s a word) thumbnails lately apparently to get more views. I love the channel and the content but I find it’s hard to keep quiet in this sea of slobbering praise that goes on in the comments. Astrum doesn’t need it. At least I hope not. But then my opinion of youtube has falling steadily over the last few years.

  25. Devin Watson

    And here I thought La Grange only referred to an old ZZ Top song immortalized in the movie Easy Rider. Interesting stuff!

  26. Chris S

    Spacecraft always look so tiny in the animations, then you see the engineers standing next to the real thing and it’s HUGE

  27. Brent Granger

    The asteroid you mentioned recently trailing Earth, is that the so-called “second moon” we briefly had during 2020?

  28. Tim Montano

    When we hear of asteroids impacting a planet like the moon or the Earth or any other planet in our solar system, is it really that the asteroid is impacting these celestial bodies or can it just as easily be said that in some cases the trajectory or path followed by celestial bodies will occasionally impacted the asteroids?

  29. Fx M

    Seems like hitching a ride on some of these bodies would be beneficial. Like shooting a projectile into part of it and pulling itself closer to it and grab on and anchor in place then turn on all the snooping tech and sit back and observe the trip perhaps discovering new and more interesting things.

  30. Nicholas Newell

    I have so much respect for you. These videos are not only entertaining, but educational as well. Thank you for making this information so accessible and enjoyable!

  31. Annuvyn Arawn

    Great synopsis ! as usual, Astrum delivers the facts in an accessible, no nonsense manner

  32. Jbl Bass Tester

    You gotta have to do a detailed video about the james webb Telescope

  33. Eestiboo

    Only docuseries where the host is permanently smiling through the whole thing

  34. Daniel Radetic

    “by the end of this video I hope to have earned you like and subscription”

    it’s ok, I subscribed a few years ago and this is one of only three channels where I like the video before even watching!

  35. Visiting Poster

    It’s mind boggling how far these things are

  36. IndigoAce

    Great video, as always. Exciting times ahead! Thanks for sharing.

  37. DrewDemersYT

    Seriously such a fantastic channel. Content like yours has impacted me in making my decision in studying astrophysics.

  38. Horizonte de Sucesos

    so looking forward to this mission

  39. Oscar Zuñiga

    Mind-blowing! One thinking there is nothing else between us the other planets and you show us this! Which make sense I think… but never ever I could think such a thing. Amassing channel man! Keep it going please!

  40. Bill Potts

    Astrum, your voice is so soothing I even want to listen to the ad. Keep up the excellent content!

  41. TheUnatuber

    What about the Ramses asteroids? (Hey, you knew *somebody* was gonna say it!)

  42. Marcfx

    It makes you think how clever the scientists are to work out the path of the satellite to go within the clusters and out again…i doff my hat to them all..

  43. You know Who I am

    It’s insane to try to think about how all those trajectories we calculated

  44. Steve Barnes

    Geat video as always! Not sure why the sponsor migjt think that stargazers are more spotty than the mean, but glad you are getting paid for your awesome work!

  45. Witchdoctor

    The visualizations and pictures you have in your videos are simply amazing…

  46. Robert Wren

    Hope the launch goes as planned! Fascinating to see things God created at the very beginning.

  47. Maria da Luz Moutinho

    A missão de Lucy será umá missão arriscada entre corpos rochosos Gregos e Troianos? …a guerra interior e exterior de Jupiter…O campo forte efeito gravitacional de Júpiter impede de se juntarem? Excelente vídeo e espero as novidades destes asteróides se dão origem a meteoritos?!!

  48. James Lawrence

    I watch Astrum on a big tv with the lights off at bedtime with my little daughters. I believe they’ll remember it when they’re old ladies. Thank you Astrum 👍

  49. trdsikl h

    Thanks. And let the waiting begin! Three cheers for Lucy!

  50. Justin _

    “soon change” is a bit of a relative term for a 12 year mission…

  51. ringhunter 100

    GEOLOGY is cool! This video is cool too!
    I cannot walk past a mountain or a cliff even a rock formation with out looking closer and just wonder. yes I am a geology fan always have since I was a kid .

  52. Maria Murphy

    Loved your vlog Alex as usual. Very informative, only 4 years to wait, it will fly by.

  53. Cornbreadfed Kirkpatrick

    Twice a year the asteroid belt gets close to Earth and sometimes they let some loose but it seems they’ve been some loose ends that we’re unaware of yikes.

  54. Jack TheLad

    Brilliant! Thank you.

  55. Lawrence Jones

    Incredible lecture Dr. MacCallken!

  56. NorCalMtnBiker86

    I’m wondering if you combine all the asteroids together, I wonder how big the planet would be!?

  57. Joshua Stewart

    SWEET another good channel to listen to as I spend hours in Elite Dangerous

  58. Ole Olson

    Astrum earned my subscription on the second video I watched of his a few years ago. It’s consistency high quality content on interesting space material with super visuals and really relaxing vocals. This and SEA are my go-to’s.

  59. Joe Arnold

    I’m curious about those half dozen or so that seem to be flying out at random (right side of the screen)
    One even seems to come in from further out, orbiting around something in the asteroid belt, then shoots back out (towards the end of the clip)

  60. SnoopyDoo

    An asteroid has a tiny moon orbiting it. And the moon has a tiny pebble orbiting it. And a dust particle orbits the pebble.

  61. Mimas

    Alex:I hope to earn your like and subscribe by the end of the video
    (after seeing the video)
    Me: Alex you have earned my admiration

  62. EmperorMato

    Thank you for the video. I was wondering what trojans are and how they work for a long time. Now I finally know thanks to the images, graphs and schemes in the video.

  63. storm14k

    Man this path is badass. Is this the result of computing power to pull something like that off?

  64. Aqua Fyre

    *Update* An asteroid has been located closer to the Sun – than Venus.
    Discovered by the Zwicky Transient Facility — it has been called the ‘AV2-2020’.
    AV2-2020 is about 2Km in diameter. It has an _aphelion_ distance of only 0.65 astronomical units.
    This discovery means that the model for Asteroids locations – may have to be either revised or slightly altered.

  65. phatpat63

    A lot of the nomenclature used here is different from what I’ve always heard regarding trojan and spartan asteroids.

  66. Bottled Experience

    At about 8:30 I was quite confused about how the probe made the figure 8 orbit, until I realised it was from Jupiter’s frame of reference.

  67. Luma Naughty

    I didn’t know that objects smaller than planets could have moons. That’s wild!

  68. Mr_gourmet

    This guy genuinely produces some of the highest quality content on YouTube. His content started out great and has only gotten better.

  69. Ronivan Fontanez

    And then they find the first ever asteroid made entirely of Sucrose, and they name it Diabetes.

  70. Robert Dufour

    Thank you! There is an incredible amount of detail in your presentation!

  71. Sonja Johnson

    What a fascinating journey. Really quite excited to see what little Lucy discovers out there!

  72. clarence spencer

    TRIANGULUM galaxy, please, Triangulum galaxy. PLEASE make one on that hardly ever mentioned neighbour of ours. Pleaseeeeeeeee Alex

  73. darthen856

    Great video, Alex. China also made use of one of the Earth’s Lagrange points for its Queqiao relay satellite, which allowed them to communicate with their spacecraft on the far side of the moon.

  74. Elenora Daimio

    Oooh I didn’t know about that project at all!! Fascinating video and informative, obviously. Looking forward to remember the vid in a few years when Lucy gets there….

  75. SRoFV

    “The objects orbiting ahead of Jupiter are known as the Greeks, and the objects trailing Jupiter are known as Trojans, although they are all classified as trojans in a broad sense.” Umm, excuse me, but this dude called Agamemnon would like to have a word with you.

  76. Mr.Person

    Missions to the outer solar system are always the most exciting for me!

  77. gusy629

    This is one of many reasons why I ❤️ science.

  78. Aesthics


  79. Jerry's Stories

    3:09 You misspoke. “…where the pull of the planet and the pull of the Sun are comparable.” Nope. At L4 or L5, the planet’s and Sun’s *distances* are the same, so the Sun’s pull is larger proportional to the Sun’s larger mass. Lagrange Points are places where the Sun’s pull, planet’s pull, and centrifugal force balance each other out.

  80. lewiszim

    8:20 Donald Johanson is like one of those people who tries to get in a TV news shot, waving his hands and saying, “Hey! Look at me!”

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    I love listening to you talk. Alex, you always sound as if your smiling while talking about the subject. It’s just so pleasant.

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    I don’t remember Donald Johanson in my Greek Epics, I must be getting a bit Rusty :-)

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    You do a great job of staying on topic, so many possible tangents to avoid going off topic, an example of how much information there is to absorb about all your topics.

  86. Willem Ceuleers

    what will happen to the probe after the last visit?
    Cheers, Willem

  87. Marcos Vinicius

    Trojans are like the small cousins following the older cousin with games in the smartphone 😅

  88. Captain America

    Galactus playing planet pool 🎱 with asteroids!!

    Thankfully he’s a very bad shot, and Jupiters gravity attracts any that potentially causes a threat, acting like a Tank taunting enemies in mmo dungeons!!

  89. モレナウエル

    Also, spectra is plural. The singular is spectrum.

  90. Rushia’s 1st apostle [Hal

    I just discovered your channel, i love your content and how joyous you sound when narrating definitely earned a sub

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    Lucy’s flight path is genius.

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    Dude, just *discovered* your channel, and as someone who listens to a ton of astronomical content throughout the day, Astrum is by far the best. Really, out of this world.

  95. Friendly One

    We keep hearing “pristine early remnants” but so far, nothing we have looked at closely is pristine. Instead, we keep learning our solar system has a complicated history. Mybe we should start staying, “We are looking into our solar system’s hidden closets to learn what dark secrets lurk.’

  96. Hiker John

    Like gnats and mosquitos follow me when I’m hiking . . .

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    I had no idea about trojans before now. Only knew about the asteroid belt and kuyper belt! Neat!

    edit. aww, look at little DonaldJohanson. Precious!

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    I enjoy your documentaries

  99. Austin

    Wouldn’t Lagrange points be a good spot for civilizations to store time capsules? If there’s some cataclysmic event on the planet, or simply geological/tectonic activity that recycles the crust over hundreds of millions of years, the Lagrange points could be the perfect place to store information for billions of years

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    much love to the little trojans that could.

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