Why Venus and Mercury No Longer Have Moons

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about the two main reasons why Venus and Mercury do not and cannot have any moons.

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  1. poopz

    is it because black lives matter?

  2. Gregg Weber

    How bright would a satellite orbiting Venus be? Approximately? Could it be seen with an amateur sized telescope? Where’s Percival Lowell?

  3. CM Swank

    Was that Universe Sim? definitely wasn’t Celestia.

  4. Holistic Researcher

    Calling Mar’s satelliltes “moons” looks like a joke. Phobos and Deimos are chunks of rock ripped off from Mar’s surface. Venus is probably a recently captured planet, though nobody know how it reached there with its young surface, and retrograde orbit. In the same way no body knows how our Moon was formed, but it’s likely that i has also been captured. The Moon has some similarities to jovian moons. Venus and Mars rotate slowly because they acquired their current orbit recently. It is a weel known mystery why Mercury is not tidally locked to the Sun in 1:1 resonance as it should if it had millions of years (every other little moon close to its parent planet is locked).

  5. David Levesque

    Yea, but during the start of solar system exploration , they’re going to set a manger on Phobos. And, have the new next greatest prophet begin life there.
    Be sitting there saying,.. So, I’m staring at the God of war. And I’m saying peace to you, Earth people. Peace, man.
    And then not long after, when it’s about 6 months old, it’ll be traveling to Earth. So, Earth will be gaining peace again. Because who can stare at a cute little infant and not get calm. So at ease..awww. Good luck

  6. Woochinatchika Kokillibol

    With all due respect, do you have proof that either had moons in the first place? “Very likely” is a purely speculative comment. And scientifically speaking, that smells like a certain bodily effluent.

  7. Timothy Parsons

    Intelligence is beyond us. We’re still terrestrial. Our nature must limit us.
    Just in case we don’t, we oughta pin down some ice moon. Way below our orbit. And enjoy the splash

  8. sc0or

    Just imagine an amount of energy of rotating planet like Venus. And then it converted into a heat. And this happens to Earth also. So, moons kill their planets.

  9. LuckyLucyHi

    I’m going to discover a moon around Venus and name it “Anton”. And given Anton’s history, it will probably collide with Earth one day…

  10. Sigма

    would, in the distant future when we have far more advanced technology, placing a relatively large moon around Venus (we could for example move Ceres and add some large asteroids to it) be able to either speed up Venus’ spin and/or melt it’s core?

  11. Ortherner

    Why does Mars just have 2 Astreoids for Moons and not a Large Moon?

  12. A germam guy

    Why Anton didnt cover Nasa and Space X launch recently?

  13. Joshua Moe

    Why does the moon look so close on earth but it take 3 days to get there ?

  14. David Sims

    For a moon to stay in orbit around a planet for billions of years, its apoapsis relative to the planet must be less than one third of a Hill radius.

  15. K van der Veen

    Could having a relatively heavy moon, like Pluto-Charon, prevent a planet from tidally locking to its star? Such that planets orbiting very close to their star (such as the planets around the nearby red dwarfs) could still have a day-night cycle. Or would the tidal forces from the star eventually break apart the moon from the planet?

  16. Robert Downs

    Question:what if we were able to launch a telescope that could reach the speed of light. After sometime let it point itself at our solar system, would it be able to see our past. Maybe I am just being stupid but it is a question bothering me.

  17. Finn Eire

    It comes down to orbital dynamics and a lot of gravitational interactions? Are orbital dynamics not specific gravitational interactions?

  18. Randy Barnes

    Another good T-shirt would be, what da math, in a nutshell.

  19. J.J Whitty

    Perhaps Mercury was Venus moon.

  20. Larry Brennan

    Isaac Asimov wrote that the Sun had a greater gravitational effect on the Moon thsn the Earth did.

  21. Matej Gagyi

    I tend to hate your bate click approach a lot, but this video was very good… “For all we know, it could be you…”

  22. John Norris

    Wouldn’t it be cool if we could spin up Venus a bit faster and transplant Mercury as its moon?

  23. Ortherner

    Actually theres another way Moons can form around Planets. It’s the remaining Mass from a Forming Planet, like with Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus (and maybe Neptune with Triton).

  24. BravoAlpha101st

    Seems like Alterra did it.

  25. Liz Sameja

    Tricky question:
    Can a moon have a moon?

  26. QUAZOR

    Venus rotation is speeding up … So perhaps it was hit by its moon or asteroid , and is slowly returning to its normal rotation .

  27. Nik Howlett

    It could be you

  28. Simon Sozzi

    Is it part of the 3 body problem?

  29. Vojtěch Jančura

    Have a question.
    How exactly can planet capture something into its orbit? It would have to lose velocity, no?

  30. Dominic Mahabir

    I think that Mercury was the moon of Venus in the past

  31. NaN

    What if Mercury was Venus’ moon…

  32. Robert Downs

    I always had the idea that any moons on mercury and venus could have been pulled into the sun due to the eclipsing of its planet and the sun, the sun’s gravity pulls it away. What about the idea that mercury was a moon of Venus at some point. I am not very verse in planetary gravitation mind you.

  33. Yerelin Aguilar


  34. 26humor26

    Any protestors or Wuhan Virus on any of those planets? Wait, I can’t move to those inhabitable planets. Damn! What I would do for some peace and relaxation! Get back to me when you find a habitable planet and how I can get there.

  35. Alien kumar

    Their moons have evaporated…

  36. Romulus Tiuge


  37. Archive 3

    What if Venus is mercury’s moon in a different timeline

  38. KoldCerealKiller

    Mercury more than likely was Venus’ moon.

  39. Ghost

    Loved it

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    My wife’s bird simultaneously clicked on your video and liked it by walking on my phone 👍

  42. Moonlight Shadow

    Hill Sphere of the Earth is not 1.5 Km but 1.250.000 km. Which is 2.6 times the Moons distance.

  43. Smart' Medicine Physicist

    Hi thank you very much.

  44. Frank Pitts

    I’d love to know what you think about the photos that the Russians captured near Phobos? It’s pretty weird.

  45. Ghost

    Loved it

  46. Evil One

    We need a moon named Kratos

  47. Fat Beets

    The link you shared for Universe Sandbox says currently unavailable.

  48. workingmans dead44

    hello wonderful Anton

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    You so sexy!

  50. Logical 101

    I have a question which I’m sure has been covered already but I’ll ask anyway.
    When I look at the moon through my telescope, why does it seem to have a kind of heat wave distortion like you see on a hot day in the distance?
    Does that have something to do with Earth’s atmosphere?
    Its in perfect focus just wavy.

  51. Matthew Suffidy

    Could the Moon escape and somehow go into a weirder orbit that makes it collide with the Earth? Weird to be looking all the time at what actually destroyed the planet.

  52. Neeq'h68sixty

    For all that we know, it is going to be a wonderful person that will discover a moon around Venus.

  53. Babak Sadeghi

    This was very interesting. I think Mercury was a moon of Venus and drifted apart, possible?
    Also lost you on 1.5 km.
    Also a lot of our Solar System got rearranged when Jupiter and Saturn moved away from the Sun to their present orbits, No?
    How wonderful it would have been if both Venus and Mars were harboring an earthlike atmosphere and oceans.
    I think there’s sentient life on Europa.

  54. Hellgrinde

    I hit the like button every time before the video even starts because i know its gonna be good

  55. Joebob Briggs

    Also, I was under the impression that the rotation of Venus being slowed to a standstill and then reversed was caused by a combination of the sun’s gravity, the dense atmosphere and friction between its core and mantle, all happening after Mercury migrated outwards.
    Is Correira and Laskar’s 2001 proposal no longer relevant?

  56. Rob Johnson

    Have you ever thought maybe mercury was venus’s moon? In the past

  57. Tomislav Kardum

    If we look technicly our Sun also have moons, planets and other body’s in our solar system are moons of the Sun.

  58. CleanerBen

    Could it be possible that Venus’ moon could’ve crashed into it, thereby causing its odd rotation and hostile environment?

    Oh thats exactly what you said lol

  59. Metallica Dragon

    What would happen if Mercury fell into the sun, would it be enough energy to cause a solar flare and what would happen to the other planets without Mercury in our solar system?

  60. Joebob Briggs

    Good video with a explanation in layman’s terms, товариш. The one thing that I have been unable to understand, since I noticed it going on a few videos back, is how someone so polite and informative has a seemingly dedicated group of ~ a dozen or so people who come to each and every video to give them all a thumbs down.

  61. alan chomor

    Excellent presentation, very informative. Much to think about ,as I have considered the walkabout of Jupiter to our sun and back may have also played a role in displacing moons. Ancient stories hint at Earth possibly having 2 moons at some time…–..___>.–..___.–>..–__-..

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    What if mercury used to be venus moon.

  67. Desta vez vou escolher um

    What if Mercury was Venus’ moon?

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    Anyone know what song plays at the start of the video?

  69. Saoirse Nelson

    I wonder if Mercury could have been Venus’ moon?

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    Woah! Would be pretty cool if our moon became a planet someday

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    I enjoyed this one a lot!

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    Another great vid and well explained, thanks bro.

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    I always wondered , why the earth has only one moon ?

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    Loved “It could be you.” Thank you for inspiring young STEM aficionados. We need all we can get!

  75. TheElectricOrigins

    An unlikely moon of Mercury “falling back” onto the surface and creating a crater (like Rembrandt 15% of the diameter) is so untenable as using it to explain why Mercury is not locked to the Sun. More than a dozen moons in our solar system hace larger craters (even 42% of that moon’s diameter) which are in fact tidally locked to its parent body. The list includes Mimas, Tethys, Phobos, Charon and the list goes on….

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    I wonder why we have a moon this large and why it is perfectly placed to give us total eclipses

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    What’s the song that starts at 9:45??? It’s so calming I need to know

  83. MrKillswitch88

    My thinking about Venus was that there was an impact resulting in flood volcanism and degassing of the mantel changing the climate permanently.

  84. Wylde Bill

    One time me and my friends went outside and mooned the moon.

  85. ArthurEKing8472

    8:32 I think you meant to say 1.5 million kilometres, not 1. kilometres…

  86. Ivar Brouwer

    In this context, can you call Phobos en Deimos moons? More like tiny rubble piles. Hardly significant.

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    Anton, I know that this question it’s not related to the video, but if the photons have no mass and travel at the speed of light, does that mean that, in their “perspective”, the universe is still only about 300 thousand years old?

  91. MRJCH24

    I’m going to go out on a limb and guess the answer before I watch this video, “Why Venus and Mercury No Longer Have Moons” = To close to the sun and its gravitational effects for moons to form orbits..?

    Love all your content Anton and you btw wonderful person :)

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    Best science teacher I ever had , and loved them all

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    8:34 Anton you said Earth’s hill sphere is 1.5 km. I think you meant 1.5 million km. xD

  94. Tymko C

    We have a reason why Venus’ ocean disappeared: collision with its own moon. So, the Moon is Theia then? (or part of it)

  95. will2see

    8:32 “This Hill sphere around the planet Earth is roughly around 1.5 km in radius…” – LOL Anton :-D I know, shit happens sometimes:-D Your error is just 6 orders of magnitude out.

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    Hello Anton you made 2 minor mistakes Collision impact probably impact crater what you meant and hill sphere 1.5 km you meant 1.5 million

  97. MC's Creations

    Yeah, but Mars doesn’t have moons. It has potatoes. 😊

  98. Brian Philpott

    Would love to learn more about the upper atmosphere of Venus. Venus is one of my favorite objects to look at with my telescope. I honestly feel that if any of these places in our on solar system is harboring life it is gonna be venution atmosphere. But I can’t say that and not mention Europa… Thanks for the shows I truly enjoy them all!!!

  99. coweatsman

    When the first probe went past Mercury in the 1960s a Pentagon general said of the first images “That looks like a B52 drop on ‘Nam”. (Vietnam).

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    I want to take someone like Anton out to see the stars and sit down and share knowledge. Many people now days thinks that’s a stupid activity to do. Anton is literally a wonderful person.

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