When This Star Explodes, You Might Still Be Alive to See It

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about star known as V Sge that will explode in 2083.
More info: https://www.lsu.edu/physics/files/v_sagittae/vsge_technical-details.pdf


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  1. SINdrome

    I’ll be either 81 or 97 (if it takes 16 years more)

  2. Erik Humleker

    Our atoms were once spit out of a ancient star that went supernova. It would be interesting to know if it was a 1st generation star or not.

  3. J.J Whitty

    I’ll be dead, so if anyone is watching in 2083 remember I was the 1st to say this was aliens turning on the Head Lights on their spacecraft.

  4. Simon Dearing

    I’l be 120 when it happens, yay.

  5. DivineDaoist

    Meh I will be like 86 years old when that happens

  6. James Dixon

    Listening to Kermit The Frog speak about astronomy is addictive.

  7. Roger Wilco

    Elon’s gonna need to give me a robot body if Im gonna see this

  8. Fernando Bernardo

    Highly improbable but possible

  9. W0LF M4N

    I’ll be 103 when this happens.. likely be gone then lol. Not worried.

  10. Ruben Quesada

    Damn ur hot I would give you my whole paycheck!

  11. Matrick13

    when this goes nova, anton might not be around anymore…
    sign, how am i going to get these news from a wonderful person anymore

  12. John Oehrlein

    Ya, I’ll be 121, thinking I’ll be unavailable for that one.

  13. Buffalo Titan

    You scared me for a second. Thought this thing was gona burn up earth.

  14. Garfeef

    Gee I’m so glad I’m going to be freakin’ 88 by then

  15. Rev. Gunn

    Dude the star already exploded

  16. RandomBeast 21460

    hi! you can get more subs if you would just change “hello wonderful person” intro with something like “hello wonderful people” ;)

  17. Warfy AA

    1 of my best subscriptions.

  18. Hecatom

    Shit, i would have to be healthy enough to be 101 yo to be there.
    Not happening with my lifestyle.

  19. James Konzek

    I’ll be 115, that’s ok, I can do it.

  20. Meir Zeilig-Hess

    Ayreonouts: listen to the waves…

  21. Alex 02

    I’ll be 81 years by then so maybe😅

  22. Andy Hart

    For all of those moaning about being too old to see it due to the time it takes light to traverse the distance, get off of your bums, invent star drive, and get yourselves a bit closer. Problem solved.

  23. Howard Strauss

    Anton you are lovely. Your smile at the end is so damn cute.

  24. Anon archist

    I’ll be 101, my great grandmother lived to 105 and my grandmothers lived to their mid 90’s. Haha, nah I’ll be long dead, I don’t live well.

  25. SIX-SH00T3R

    I am putting this in my google-calendar!

  26. Pocket Heart

    I would be 102 years old I don’t think I’ll live to see it.

  27. ares106

    the world is going to end 2083, got it :P

  28. Ross Payne


  29. metallifreak100

    I’m not gonna live to be 94…

  30. Rayagoldendropofsun Sunlightelectrorays

    Ever heard of receiding internal ENERGY FLOW of a Star increases external ENERGY FLOW of another Star .

  31. Elon Wong

    I’m glad that it’s isn’t sirius a and b😂

  32. NoJusticeNoPeace

    Sorry if I’m being That Guy, but it’s a pet peeve when people refer to a red dwarf as a star. It’s not. There’s no fusion taking place. By definition, a red dwarf is not a star.

  33. Tenajeh

    I know, this has nothing to do with this particular, video but I still want to tell you that I absolutely adore your accent. I don’t know why but it feels very cozy.

  34. Diesel 84

    Has a bad day at work…”hello wonderful person”… veins recede back into position and I smile. Cheers Anton!

  35. chrism3784

    I’ll be 99. We’ll see, hopefully happens sooner.

  36. Jelle Baris

    Looks like I only have to live to the age of 114 to see this in the sky myself. LOL.

  37. Blazed Gaming KR

    Sweet, I’ll be 99 when it goes boomy boomy.

  38. Tokiro

    I’ll try to stay strong until 97 years old.

  39. Elernation

    This sort of stuff is so fascinating. Anton explains astronomy so well (personally I think he does)

  40. Chris Findley

    I’ll share this with my grandkids. They’ll be older than I am now when all this happens. Maybe they’ll remember I shared your video and enjoy a few memories about their grandparent at the same time.

  41. Joshua Kurian

    Half of what he says sounds like mandarin chinese!!!!!!

  42. INTJ-A 666

    I want to meditate on Anton’s voice …. idk why this channel brings peace back to me ….
    I’m deeply in love with Astronomy & Anton 💕 thank you wonderful Anton for being here on youtube for us

  43. Alessandro58700

    I have a reason to live now, thanks Anton.

  44. Laguito

    :( that sad Cuz some Day we dont know if we will survive :(

  45. Lars Rye Jeppesen

    I will be dead loooooong before that ;)

  46. William Dukane

    Anton: “It happens!” (waltzes out the front door of the galaxy)

  47. Sml Strength

    Lets hope for the 16 Years earlier.
    Im.confident to reach 74.
    A bit less about 90… and let alone 106

  48. SIX-SH00T3R

    93 years old, that’d be something…

  49. Mike JJJ

    what was that smile at the end? Lol. I’ll be like 101 when we see this supernova. Nice, hope my eyes still work then.

  50. JailbreakArtz

    Thanks for making my evening wonderful Anton!
    As always, this is person.

  51. Ben Siener

    Technically speaking this has already happened and we are waiting on the light from it to reach us.

  52. AlsoRan

    I love that your intro doesn’t destroy my speakers.

  53. Rusty Heckler

    This looks pretty Sirius.
    I’ll be a head in a jar when this star explodes.
    News headlines: 108 year old man yells at light in the sky.

  54. Mike Louis

    Anton, you are one of the few content providers that I will always endure the ads for. It’s the least I can do.

  55. Gwent Champ

    I’ve marked that event on my calendar

  56. Lavrinn D

    Good thing I’m looking for the answer for immortality

  57. hudson steele

    But AOC said the world won’t be here in 12 years.

  58. Muritaipet

    The good news is that it’s already happened! V Sge is 7800 light years away, so it actually went nova before the Egyptians started thinking about pyramids.

  59. Defendium Mapping

    I hope I’ll live to this moment…

  60. Dan Gingerich

    This reminds me of the Star Trek The Next Generation episode Evolution.

  61. Italian peanut

    This makes me happy because top of my bucket list of my life is to see a supernova or Nova

  62. Brother Kellerman

    It’ll probably be the most boring thing ever

  63. Illyrian_Warrior

    Dang I’ll be 95!

  64. Mr Jay White

    and on that day, anton will be hosting his channel from his head-jar, with a nearby shelf of his favourite executive kibbles.

  65. Shreyan Laha

    I’ll be a 90 year old guy when I see this!

  66. kevley26

    Ill be 83, I think I can make it!

  67. Brando

    Great, I’ll be a spry 93 year old when this comes along!

  68. Chief Joe S. Wiggum In Donuts We Trust

    HALO-OOO wunderfool person! 😂

  69. john lawrence

    I’ll be 130 when this goes pop, think I’ll need a damn good pair of specs to see this from my grave.

  70. Od4n

    I’m creating a list of your names and ages.

  71. Kyle Kelly

    This kids are how black holes are created.

  72. derdagian1

    I think that you’re going to figure something out.

  73. S

    We have absolutely no idea because standard star theory is ridiculous.

  74. Roy Hemion

    They are also known as “standard candles” when a black hole/ white dwarf combo goes supernova.

  75. Sir Ruff

    No body:
    Star far far away: 🔆

  76. MLG Godzilla

    Ill be 83 years old when this happens, cool.

  77. Reicher Reinhardt Von kesselring

    See’s title: no you haven’t.

  78. BorgAssimilator

    2:20 “Also, I actually did this a little too fast, so the star ended up going supernova. Which it shouldn’t.” XD

  79. HotGamezzz

    Didn’t know their was Döner in space. Tasty

  80. alexythimia23

    Anton “accretion disc” Petrov

  81. strontiumXnitrate

    _”…so first of all, what exactly is a ‘cataclysmic variable’ ?”

  82. Keith Harris

    It’s a case of catch-up on an event that occurred a long time ago…..

  83. Bill Yost

    I’ll be 121 years old. Hmm, might be worth it to hang around for it.

  84. E 10

    so let me get this straight..
    they sent a camera ahead of the Earth to know that this star is going to explode..
    because we’re moving thought space.
    Where did you get a machine that’s faster than the speed of Earth

  85. JustMarquize _

    82-83 year old me dabbing to the supernova.

  86. Discomfort

    When the light from this star exploding reaches my star gaze, I’ll probably take it as an omen for my own pending demise. At least I’ll die having seen a star explode, and I’ll be very happy about that.

  87. Park Walker

    I’ll be 5 years old, but unfortunately a golden retriever in my fourth live.

  88. KamuiPan

    99% of the comment section will be dead by then.

  89. Enuht

    I honestly can’t wait, lets hope we will see it!

  90. Chris_Wooden_Eye

    Just once I’d like him to say: ” hello very average person”
    Just FYI since the star is 1100 light years from us this novae already happened over 1000 years ago

  91. pico-lo

    That thumbnail looks like, “Who’s that Pokémon?? … It’s Voltorb!”

  92. ksia ze

    Flatearthers 2083: stars join the conspiracy

  93. Fire Up

    I will watch this from the grave.

  94. James Brown

    Anton “in other words” Petrov

  95. ramen nod

    When grandma doesn’t let you stop eating

  96. Evil Flanker

    If it’s 1100 light years away, then it’s already happened :P

  97. jakeman025

    cool i’ll be 90 years old when i get to see it.

  98. Ojama Black

    I’ll make sure I’m watching the night sky from my nursing home bed when I’m 116 years old.😄

  99. zerooskul

    I just realized that you are a teacher who decided you didn’t want to be trapped in a standard curriculum but never wanted to stop teaching.
    You rock, man!
    You really rock!

  100. Fort976

    This video changed my life, I’m now taking up exercise and a proper diet so I’ll live until at least 2083.

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