What Scientists Discovered About Various Exoplanets in 2019 – 2 Hour Compilation

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  1. joseph shalosky

    Are these wonderful person discoveries, or just guesses? Be honest, Anton, or you go to hell.

  2. Science Troll

    We’ve all made a big assumption, that solar systems run on the plughole model. Everything falls into the Sun one day. No-one in the entire universe ever even thought it might work the other way except me. Well, not that I’ve heard of. But anyway, if planets form in close and migrate out, and grow differently depending on what kind of feed is there for them at the time, then any particular pattern of planets is only a snapshot of that solar system at that time. That would mean our system is currently in a configuration that most systems don’t spend much time in. And it would mean only that. This whole idea explains to me the high percentage of binary systems much better than the plughole assumption does.

  3. Pete Warner

    Whoop favorite video of the day

  4. Danny Dazzler

    Are you still on holiday and uploading premade videos or is this you back in the game now?

  5. Kit Uchiha

    so many hello wonderful person 😂

  6. Blue Maggard

    2nd like, first comment? Keep up the great work Anton!

  7. Christopher S

    There is small gas planets, like a eaelrth sized Jupiter that should exist. I will call them, Gasnets!

  8. Danny Dazzler

    Could planet 9 be a black dwarf

  9. Praque Forqsk

    I have a strong feeling that this is all a load of shyte. Anton is a decent guy but God I hate the religious following that modern science has. FGS start thinking thinking things out for yourselves.

  10. James Raider


  11. Osmosis Jones

    What are the limits to amount of Magnetic fields. Life a can take. .

  12. VinylDoc LLC

    If another object orbited the moon could it regenerate the moons magnetic field so it could maintain an atmosphere?

  13. MyeRoxls

    6 Billion uhm it was 4 – 5 Billions.

  14. Hector L

    Hello Anton,
    Can two planets share the same orbit?

  15. Osmosis Jones

    If you have Energy field around your ship.
    Wiring energy and particals Infront& around to behind your ship . And Negative Gravity is thing Found old Nutonion physics and recently discovered in sound.
    And as your moving more energy aldo pushing your ship. Maybe able to get to light speed. But. To go passed that. Maybe larger. Structures warping space and fling ship into a stresm of accelerated. time. But this way of Warping energy equaling mass .
    To travel he solar system would be good for traveling the solar System

  16. tracey Stephens

    I’m curious if a white dwarf can turn back into a sun if a massive amount of helium and hydrogen fell into the dwarf. Because it already has the mass for fusion

  17. Hefaidh baha eddine

    happy new year man love your videos

  18. Godzilla 78

    Hello 2020

  19. Chris Arrieta

    By the time our sun explodes we’ll be able to harness uv for electricity. Well just go live on the ever living white dwarf that’ll never die.

  20. Wolfsschanze wolf

    Mother of all global warnings

  21. Dennis Chauhan

    What if earth was just a water planet and got continents from another planet impact

  22. Pete Warner

    And I’m#1 jk Anton is

  23. iCQ _www-SPCL-tk

    hallo! :-D

  24. Suthin Scientist

    We haven’t found many exomoons yet.

  25. Osmosis Jones

    If Jupiter where to move into earth’s orbit.lot of moons would melt and take matterials from others colide. There’s an extra solar moon the size of Neptune

  26. 15gamers haven

    Hello wonderful anton

  27. Erik van Welzen

    Hi Anton! Which Star Map program are you using for your channel? :-)

  28. DSM 5D

    Invisible Freemasonry; Incoming Mortars
    The Flyers landing and are Demanding
    Keep on Firing until the Last Man Standing
    Space Force 2020; weird times.

  29. DawnOfMutilation

    Wonderfull Happy New Year Anton !

  30. E W

    I like this recap theme. Very handy for us who only catch some of your vids or those who geek out on certain areas of astronomy.

  31. Andu Barosanu

    Happy new year!

  32. Anonymous

    Now it’d they tell It’s the truth about nibiru. We all are seeing signs of this system. All we have to do is look up. Thank you for all the info. God Bless…

  33. Mischievous MaleFox


  34. Calvin Grondahl

    My Cosmos tour guide, Anton Petrov…

  35. Tor

    You know, I always like to look in the Night Sky and look at the stars and wonder whats out there, somewhere in our Big Universe, there’s another Species that has someone laying down on the ground and looking out there wondering the same.

  36. Djinsoku XD

    I’m loving these 2 hour comps!

  37. The Exoplanets Channel

    Best way to start a new year: *watching an Anton Petrov’s video*
    Happy new year Anton!

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