What Happened to Arecibo Observatory And What Did It Discover?

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about the top discoveries of the incredible Arecibo Observatory that has recently been shut down.
Articles: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/legendary-arecibo-observatory-faces-a-bleak-future/

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  1. ghos282

    Short of Rebuilding from scratch. What can they realistically do?


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    Noooooo we loved you arecibo RIP

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    I posted the news some days ago, Arecibo decommissioned 💔 such an icon 😢🥺🥺 I know that is structural falling apart but we should start a petition for, at least, save some parts of the main structure for tourism or archeoscience trip. Save Arecibo. 🥺

  6. Liberty4Ever

    Coming Soon! The Arecibo Skate Park. Dude!!!

  7. The Pickle

    This is a real shame, maybe soon we could build an even bigger one on the moon.
    I remember the excitement of seeing Arecibo on an X-Files episode called ‘Little Green Men’ way back in the early 90’s.

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    Looking at the general state of repair, it doesn’t appear hard to understand what happened!
    Something rusted, and broke.

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    I know what its first transmission is, but I wonder what is its last.

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    How do I say goodbye to what we had?
    The good times that made us laugh
    Outweigh the bad

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    And if we get to see tomorrow
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    It’s hard to say goodbye to yesterday

    And I’ll take with me the memories
    To be my sunshine after the rain
    It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday

    And I’ll take with me the memories
    To be my sunshine after the rain
    It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday

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    Who needs real science and engineering. Hyperloops and solar roadways, that’s the future worth dumping millions in!

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    The Polish name is pronounced like English Volsh-chan

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    The shutdown officially marks the beginning of Idiocracy as we know it.

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    Polish names are indeed difficult :)

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    Where’s Elon? He could fix it.

  24. Bintang Aslama

    I was introduced to Arecibo when i was a child. It was shown in Nat-Geo space documentary that i forgot what the title is. Since then I took astronomy as my main interest. Without it I won’t be who i am.

    Thank you Arecibo and Anton for making this video

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    Infrastructure is irevelent in our modern construct of “reality”.

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    i just hope no predator type civilization receives these messages

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    NSF was kinda busy funding LIGO for a while.

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    When skyrim fans name planets

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    Hello wonderful Anton. Please follow up with an episode on FAST.

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    Press ‘F’ to pay respect to Arecibo Telescope, no joke, be serious this time


    Thank you for your service.

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    One does not simply tear down Boromir’s resting place.

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    They need to fund to fix this why waste such a good location fix the thing… Maybe later they will.

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    Thanks for a great video.
    Farewell to a wonderful facility.

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    Arecibo, Arecibo!
    Mi mejor amigo cósmico está muerto!

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    the aliens wont be found in space, they live on earth and always have.

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    It does need to go through

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    Perfect…really a good news. 😶
    Humanity had a good tool and has been let to rot.

  47. Kakashi ReadingLog

    Anton buT got tight when talking about aliens 👽 I can tell he didn’t want to say more but really less because he’s nah believer

    Sorry bru we aren’t the smartest beings in the universe.

  48. Gregg Weber

    4:15 How large are the side lobes? Can that signal be heard by someone closer?

  49. ForOrAgainstUs

    I like the idea of someone standing at a podium, announcing to a crowd of reporters that “we’ve sent a binary encoded message to another star system, hopefully aliens are on the receiving end, hopefully peaceful aliens, possibly not a good idea now that I think about it.”

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    Thanks wonderful Anton, a great tribute to Arecibo.

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    Maybe no more funding because new technologies will be declassified.

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    30 seconds in and i hope theyre going to give us a replacement

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    8:09. that’s a Magellan map (SAR in Venus orbit).

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    Glad you’re doing well Anton. Your channel is amazing🙏

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    It’s almost as if we lost a great member of the human species.

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    Pop culture fact: arecibo featured heavily in James bond golden eye. Amongst others.

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    Anton is amazing, thank you sharing, this was fantastic.

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    Remake it, new tech, new materials, new construction techniques from 50 years ago.

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    What keeps a fast spinning pulsar from flying apart?

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    Went there with my daughter. It was a very visitor friendly and a grand sight up close. What a heartbreak.

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    “only had military-application to begin with…”
    !WONDERFUL! …!?!…
    Thank you as always for the post of the subject Anton.

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    Every good thing comes to an end. Arecibo served us well. RIP

  75. ruy monroe

    Hi. I live in Puerto Rico amd the news said that is out of service while doing reaparings so they say that “will continue at service after” we are not sure of it. pardon my writing i am better in spanish.

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    Anytime I hear “Arecibo,” I think of the episode of _Connections_ that featured it [which was the 1st time I learned of it.]

  77. jt wee

    well poo… i’d heard about that first cable snapping, but not the 2nd…

  78. Rob E.

    Thank you and Dave Jones for covering this. This is bad news but I believe good things can still come from this.

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    I used to take my kids there. It’s was hit very hard by the hurricane Maria too. RIP😪

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    I say rebuild it!!! Get funding from some one other than the Gov’t… Other big telescopes are being built… why doesn’t a billionaire step up and form an endowment fund for it?

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    R.I.P Arecibo

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    I’ve seen it countless times in Discovery Science astronomy documentaries, as a kid.
    And now it’s a thing of the past.

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    I got to go there once as a kid. I lived at PR back then. I’ve always wanted to go back, but I guess I can’t anymore. RIP

  90. Demir Cruz

    Im puertorican, I live here in Arroyo, Puerto Rico, and all I can say is Thank you Mr. Petrov. I swear, I will build a new Observatory here in my Island, and it will be the Greatest, and it will be named with a name you like. Thank you again 👍🇵🇷👌.

  91. belstar

    Fail more budget cuts more money for politicians less for science and regular people.

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    battlefield 4. destroying the cables was the best shit ever. then sniping from the top with the 50 cal

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    OMG that’s where the majority of my Seti@home data packs come from.

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  97. The Exoplanets Channel

    We will miss Arecibo a lot!!

    I hope we finish building the *1 kilometer SKA radiotelescope* soon.

  98. Perpetual Punster

    It should have been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  99. Cact-us Brix

    That’s what happens when my wonderful island is ruled by incompetent people. Stealing the $ and not fixing the problem. We all puertoricans agree with that

  100. Anton Petrov

    Sign the petition to help it not get destroyed: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/petition-emergency-action-evaluate-and-stabilize-arecibo-radio-telescope

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