We Probably Live Inside a Tiny Dark Matter Halo

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about the new study that was able to zoom into the simulated dark matter to see what it would look like.
Papers: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41586-020-2642-9

  1. Duke Nails

    The more you think you know the more you invent. Full circle.

  2. Death's Shadow 99 Skullfa

    This grand-view of the universe is identical to a brain… because it IS a brain… the “mind of god”

  3. LoverOfGames

    Humans always overthink and over complicate. I’m pretty sure the truth to the universe is more “simple” than we realize.

  4. VulpisFoxfire

    I wonder if scientists have been taking the time factor into account when they’re lookng for the evidence. In particular, I wonder if dark matter can decay into regular matter and vice versa, Considering that they’re only finding the possibles at a distance (which means it’s also well into the past), and not closer by (which also measn more recent).

  5. J G

    You keep me going Anton, and I probably wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you.

  6. Omnigeek6

    “A final related issue is that our simulation follows dark matter only, neglecting the effects of the16% of cosmic matter which is baryonic. Both relative velocity and pressure effects are expected to prevent the gas from following the dark matter on the very small scales we have simulated.”

    – from the study.

    It doesn’t really sound like stars or planets would remain bound to dark matter haloes long term – and if they were, wouldn’t the discrepancy in observed mass be obvious in the motion of stars the way it is with galaxies? So would these really be “containing” stars or star clusters, except by random chance?

  7. Rastrman TheSeer

    I wonder if dark matter is the “firmament” some scriptures and ancient texts talk about? Like a medium upon which to paint; a canvas, a corkboard to pin ideas onto. :D

  8. Avardenth

    I’m still calling it.. Dark Energy is a manifestation of Time. Dark matter is clumps of Dark Energy. Thata why Expansion is Exponential.

  9. Fredi Tika

    2020: “We probably live in a tiny dark matter halo”
    2021: Expedition from Europa reaches Earth
    Us: Wait, it’s God?!
    Them: Always has been.
    Anton’s YT: “I for one, welcome our new alien overlords and I’d like to remind them as a trusted YT personality I can be helpful in rounding up others to toil in the underground sugar caves.”

  10. Halogen Zaw gi

    Just a speck in the entire spectrum of existence and humans can’t get along

  11. K K

    I think that The Dark Matter is just a normal matter, mostly hydrogen and helium, but very sparsely packed.

  12. Thor Long

    I laugh because ‘dark matter’ is more likely a lot of different things that behave the same way ‘we do not reflect’.

  13. 10dogs2cats1donkey

    I can see my house from there.

  14. Mark Cleveland

    Why are you not on Joe Rogan talking about “space stuff”???

  15. Therese Assar

    we are just a part of a huge machine, or creature.

  16. smallbluemachine

    “Probably“ seems like a strong word to use for dark matter which seems to be an increasingly disproven concept.

  17. chrisbuxton1958

    I’m 62. The older I get the more I realise how little I know about anything.

  18. what the flying fuck ...

    is Dr. Anton showing me a map of my neurons and tells me where my conciousness is located? 😱

  19. Adam Badali

    I can’t get enough info on Dark Matter and Dark Energy, but I also am dying to know more about free quarks 👀

  20. Raphaël Guardado

    The CERN accelerator is on the French border, half of it is in France.

  21. Makise Kurisu

    Does this indicate that we can concentrate dark matter?
    The particles that produce dark matter might be a gravity carrying particles.

  22. Steven Mathews

    I think the ’25pc’ there is referring to the length of the scale line,
    not the diameter of the image.

    So, more like ≈ 650 lightyears

  23. Joey BoX0RoX

    Those black dots might be Galaxies, since the picture is in “negative” format.

    I think the big question would have to be… Is the “Great Attractor” the biggest Black Hole in the Universe, yet to be observed?

  24. P MA

    I learn things from Anton that I never would have without his videos. I never had an interest in any of this previously. I love this channel.

  25. Thang Tran

    I flushed some dark matter down the toliet today.

  26. simon courtney looms

    Perhaps we really are in a simulation and simulators don’t know we are here 🤪

  27. M

    Are we in the body of a massive being? Space looks like a circulatory system

  28. VeroMithril

    *Conspiracy theorists are just recycled religious gurus*

  29. ElmwoodParkHulk

    Sounds like we are a thought inside a brain , these look like neurons in gray matter of our brain

  30. fuqinazhole

    Yes! Before you mentioned it, I was wondering about the possibility of using these dark matter threads to travel.
    Very cool.

  31. Roble Viejo

    The Universe is Dough.

    Space is the Bowl.

    Matter is Flour.

    Energy is Water.

    Entropy is Yeast.

    But what is Life?

    That’s the best part.

    Life is the Flavour.

  32. Kshetra Purusottama

    The Biggest Question is “How small we are” 🤯🤯🤯

  33. Headcrab

    It looks so «organic». Like we are microcosmos or just parts of a cell or something. Mindblowing.

  34. MarkyD1967

    Fascinating. However, I suspect when humanity finally figures it all out, that’ll be the time we go extinct as a species.

  35. moed al garny

    its name should be “we dont know matter” or “maybe maybe not matter” 😁👌 its very good accurate name about this

  36. Michael Ortiz

    Any Veteran supporting a dishonorable draft dodging coward for Commander in Chief IS a TRAITOR to the Uniform they once served

  37. Christmas Snow

    It is interesting to know: why the dark matter converges into strings (the “cosmic web”) and not just spherical masses, and do lumps of dark matter near us actually interfere with planetary orbits? Can a planet become more massive simply by accreting dark matter?

  38. David Boge

    Got here early because of recommendations instead of notifications, YouTube is a bit slower than my luck I guess.

  39. Troll4Truth

    Dark matter. Eye roll! Aether. Just another day in a black hole universe.

  40. Gurk Burk

    I swear, the universe is a brain connected to something far beyond our comprehension :)

  41. Kaarli Makela

    I only half heard something interesting in science news recently about the other side of the Milky Way, that someone was able to peek over that way somehow, and now maintain there is a conga line of bright universes in that other direction! Have you seen that one?

  42. cain keen

    We could be the bacteria on a peace of gum stuck to the pavement ,

  43. John Smith

    “probably”, perhaps a bit too ambitious

  44. Barbara Galbreth

    looks like my grandfather’s arteries, good heavens let’s hope, that what ever it is it’s not heading to the heart.

  45. Greg Hamilton

    I can’t help thinking that when we finally do figure out what is going on regarding dark matter, it will come as a shock…

  46. TheJerkNextDoor

    Anton, your videos are dope as hell dude. Are you in grad school/have some advanced degree? bc your channel is basically half of grad school hahahaha

  47. Commentator

    What would really interest me is the possibility of converting dark matter into regular matter. That might give us some hope, eh?

  48. Mr Jean Deaux

    “Help humanity”? That’d be a nice idea. Sadly, it’s a concept that doesn’t exist in practice, in this world.

  49. Capt. Trick

    I want to fly my spaceship on those dark matter highways.

  50. Larry Chandler

    What if like a single cell organism living inside us we are living inside of something so massive that the scale is like us looking throw a microscope of the smallest living thing we can find….

  51. Jay S

    Black holes probably store information on their even horizont, increasing their total mass overhall. The high gravity makes even the light to be capture. Over time, all that mass could result in a “white hole”, and the creation of a new galaxy. That’s a theory.

  52. MFer_Skaatje

    So basically Osmosis Jones could be right. They look like bloodvessels.

  53. Nick Diamond

    Didn’t some scientists use slime-mold to represent dark matter?

  54. Colin Eckstrand

    Thank you Anton, love exploring such things, fascinating.

  55. Christian Barker

    Wow! The Universe is amazing… I’m not a gambling man, but if it turns out to exist… I bet dark matter will have a huge impact on the human race… thanks Anton 🤟🙏🏼👍⭐️

  56. Osmosis Jones

    What about dark energy. We might even get negative mass from dark energy.
    There already forces that oppose gravity.
    From heat. Negative against negative and positive against positive

  57. Kansa City Shuffle

    So that’s the smell coming from my bathroom.

  58. Uncle Cucky

    I’ve been saying this for years.

  59. Shane Kline

    If I see the Kroger app ad One More Time, I’m gonna throw my tablet at the nearest Kroger

  60. Alvan

    Those Look like Brain Cells/Neurons or maybe muscle cells.

  61. Ivan Voras

    What if matter, moving through spacetime, induces dark matter like current moving through a conductor induces a magnetic field?

    It’s a cool SF idea at least ;)

  62. Joshua Machalek

    Ah, another 12 minutes of me not knowing what Anton is talking about.


    looks like we live in a giant aliens body we’re located in one of his veins

  64. Gregor Novak

    Imagine one day on the USS Enterprise…Cruising at warp speed, marveling the beauties of the universe.
    What a day it would be!

  65. aranos

    I have some dark matter in my toaster.

  66. girl in a gale

    Life is only 10 mins long, but it’s ok because Anton’s video is 12mins.

  67. Dharmadhatu

    “Its bubbles inside bubbles inside bubbles” *shows abstract picture of particle* coincidence? ;D

  68. Kyle Mouttet

    So weird how these super simulations of the gigantic structure of the universe always look so much like neurons in a brain

  69. Willy Wood

    If I’m going to live in any halo, it’s going to be Halo 2.

  70. Felix Felice

    09:00 Iä! Iä! Yog-Sothoth!

  71. pete'spal

    Somehow the term “dark matter halo” just seems to fit 2020.

  72. A Youtube Channel

    Get back to me when they actually prove Dark Matter exists, from what I hear they cannot even find it.

  73. ofek pearl

    Every time I start watching a video which was uploaded less than one hour ago I feel like I have a connection to the youtuber, like I know he/she just looking at the screen now, seeing the video is uploaded.

  74. Praful Pohare

    But We havent discovered the existence of dark matter yet… It could be entirely something else

  75. Cjbm08 Legend

    So we live inside the “fart person” from Rick and morty. Goodbye Moonmen…

  76. Space Ghost

    i definitely live in a tiny dark matter halo – my apartment

  77. Jim Stone

    Repeat. As of right now. There is no such thing as “dark matter”. It does not exist but in your mind.

  78. TreyTrey22


    *Halo theme intensifies*

  79. Jopa Tice

    Mind blowing, this makes me think our reality is already in the quantum realm.

  80. Tabitha Jester

    Looks like the lymphatic vessels of the cosmos! So cool!

  81. Scientific Humanist

    The LHC may be creating Dark Matter all the time. We just CAN’T SEE IT! 🤣😂🤣

  82. John Wright

    *It looks like stars and galaxies strung along a web of Birkeland currents to me…*

  83. Mo b Dick

    “Dark matter is some sort of exotic particle” Exactly , we dont have a clue.

  84. George Reynolds

    Ever since Anton lost his apartment, he’s really been laying some heavy stuff on us. When he moves into his new place, maybe he’ll switch back to more boring, safe objects, such as massive black holes spinning at near light speed.

  85. Shannon Love

    Man, those tendrils look biological. Wonder if the same type of feedback loops govern the formation of both.

  86. jgwinnel

    They look like microtubules. Is the Universe a giant, growing cell?

  87. CryptedSky

    You’re a gem man. Thanks for translating these papers for the layman.

  88. Lars la Cour Poulsen

    Halo wonderful person 🙋‍♂️

  89. Bill Purdy

    Hi Anton, I’m glad your production hasn’t diminished when it comes to your content, but have you been able to find a new residence yet. Take care, you wonderful person!

  90. sugershakify

    CERN: When someone actually paints everything the color in the CAD drawing.

  91. Snap Delver


  92. Greg Gonzales

    It shall be called…..
    “The Wonderful Halo”

  93. Directorix

    “I gazed into the beauty of the Warp and its powers.”

  94. Clara

    The amount of “Probably” named videos he has is crazy lol

  95. Proto Propski

    I love understanding just enough to know how little I actually know.

  96. C-S featured

    Ahhh, never end the “we probably live in a..” ideas

  97. Bacsa Illes Oliver

    Born too late to explore the Earth. Born too early to explore the universe. Clicked just in time on Anton’s new video <3

  98. hoptoads

    DARK is the official abbreviation for ‘ Don’t Actually Really Know. ‘

  99. TayZonday

    So, who is engineering and building more precise gamma ray telescopes?!? Get on this, humanity!

  100. MTS BOUR

    I love the feeling of understanding but still understand nothing

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