We May Have Solved the Mystery of Hidden/Lost Matter In The Universe

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about the first ever detection of hidden matter hiding in the cosmic web
Paper: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2011.05343.pdf
Illustris project: https://www.illustris-project.org/explorer/

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  1. oiSnowy

    Should it be “hello wonderful atoms!” or “hello wonderful molecules!” or “hello wonderful matter!”? To matter or not, that’s the question.

  2. Andre Jones

    Love this WONDERFUL PERSON!!!

  3. Logan McDowell

    So if im understanding this correctly, the vacuum of space is not a vacuum in a literal sense, but is filled with gas that is so spread we cannot see it? And when it is all accounted for makes a very large chunk of the total weight?

  4. Z T


    James May has solved a problem ?

    Impossible :P

  5. Paul Macca

    The cosmic fly must be some size then.

  6. Colt 4T5

    It doesn’t matter..
    Matters of fact..
    Family Matters..
    Marshall matters.. haha 😂

  7. Wayne Shirey

    Anton, if you read your comments, I owe you an apology. Not long ago I complained about too much certainty in the scientific community that some theories and hypotheses were correct. A few days ago, I ridiculed their uncertainty. Sorry about that.

  8. xrm160xqw

    anton : hello wonderful missing matter

  9. Larry Jimbob

    Just a thought….UV light can reduce a static charge. Between two galaxies you have a lot of UV light, shining from one to the other due to all of the stars within them, in a high concentration making a sort of ‘bridge of low resistance’. Could this be a reason for the cosmic web?

  10. Georgia Hartley

    Much of what they are missing is Plasma and Dust

  11. Bruno Kerbaul

    Could nuclear reaction modify the time, disturbing the masses by interacting with the capacity of matter to stay stable, creating opposite waves that interfere with our sensors ?
    As in acoustic, when you shut a sound with the opposite wave, the sound is already here, you just can’t hear it

  12. Jermon Green

    its as if fish were trying to discover wetness lol

  13. Brad Dixon

    20 years of data from several different telescopes, countless hours creating statistical maps, and summarized for me in 10 minutes, ahhh the glories of YouTube :-)

  14. Larry Stenger

    Why do I feel like I am a very tiny part of giant cosmic brain.?

  15. Brody McCulloch

    “As a matter of fact”

  16. Saythein

    Still doesn’t explain galaxy spin speed.

  17. Jonathan Lindsey

    the reason they will never solve the dark matter/dark enrgy questions or know the true percentages they make up of the universe is we have no clue what is beyond the visible universe and never will… we dont know if 95% of the universe is inside or outside the visible universe… all we know is the amount of matter inside the visible universe gets less everyday as more things cross the edge, forever gone

  18. Robert Diehl

    Is it possible that dark matter/dark energy represent what a different dimension of time looks like in our universe?

  19. Drew Horst

    Sounds like The Phlagisten from DnD

  20. gowd sake

    If I am correct then dark matter is still the made up matter to make the incorrect sums work ?

  21. Mason Veil

    Dark Matter. Is as of yet UNPROVEN..

  22. james taube

    The galactic web looks like it could be a boltzman brain. Looks a lot like a neural web to me.


    We just haven’t received the update to see it yet haha

  24. rollmeister

    I bet Dark Matter is merely Hydrinos.

  25. danh nguyễn

    One more crack in the “Dark Matter/ Energy Theory”. Yeah team go!!!

  26. Mehrad

    wonderful person has taught me a lot about the wonderful universe,hope i can pay u back in kind one day

  27. Toxic Ginger BreadmanX

    If the universe is expansing than there should be something outside the universe. Everything that expands is due to attracting mass by gravity. So that would explain why the universe is expanding and where all the cosmic gas comes from. Because why would the universe expand and how would more cosmic gases come to exist within the expanded areas of the universe? The cosmic gases should come from outside the universe and in turn should make the universe bigger.

  28. Mr.T3 p3

    What if the reason why we haven’t detected other civilizations in the milky way galaxy is because we’re the first to reach this level of technology?

  29. MisterDax

    Have they checked between sofa cushions? You can find all sorts of interesting and sometimes unexplained matter there 😁

  30. Alex Bowman

    Or perhaps they don’t understand gravity and the universe.

  31. Kevin Mathewson

    So it’s like long exposure photography, but instead of minutes or hours it’s 20 years lol

  32. Roy Hornyak

    Anton, try looking at and comparing a brain cell with the Galactic web. They are almost identical.

  33. CaptainBipto

    Really enjoy these videos, keep up the good work Anton!

    I’ll be more suprised, when they discover the stuff my mom, has put somewhere safe over the years. You can never find it, it’s so safe Gandalf would be impressed.

  34. Revert

    Finally we find out where all the styrofoam packing went.

  35. Ken Lieck

    Imagine, if you will, a massively-advanced intergalactic super-civilization existing in the far-distant past. Before inevitably evolving into a state which took them beyond this physical plane altogether, their technology became so efficient and advanced that they could successfully take matter and remove literally any- and everything from it as needed; additionally they could find good use for literally everything they took.

    And so, as their race spread across the entire length and breadth of the universe, their staggeringly enormous mining operations sifted and sorted through materials time and again, taking and using this, that and the other and finally leaving behind something that was for all practical purposes nothing — there was no thing still left in these huge mined-over areas that could be seen, touched, felt… and there was a lot of it, scattered everywhere throughout the universe as we know it.

    And that, wonderful person, is what we now puzzle over and seek to make evident, most likely in vain.

    Because in the end, it really is all just mined-over matter…

  36. Pro. Logic

    Let me know when they have solved the mystery of hidden / lost matter in the Universe
    this “May Have” stuff is not good enough for I Pro-Logic.

  37. Markus Johnson

    I felt like we already knew this, or at least had an idea of it or a theory, but at least now it’s being confirmed empirically. Best way I can picture it is as something viscous like polyethylene oxide just exploding but still sticking together, the tough but stretchy bonds representing gravity, and it all will eventually clump back together, forming stringy masses and tangling, eventually going back in on itself. Picturing it this way seems to give me a better idea of the truly enormous amount of matter and particles that make up this anomaly we call our universe. I knew there was no way all of the matter was clumped so neatly into each individual galaxy like that. An amazing concept!
    Edit: I think a better representation would be something like ballistics gel being detonated from the inside and coming back together.

  38. Dok Nomis

    Takes 2, nature says so.
    Where we’re going is toward a bigger chunk of mass.
    My question, is this a negative or positive thing?

  39. Dean Turner

    Do scientists have any idea of how heavy dark matter is, i mean for example is it heavier than a dust cloud per astronomical unit?

  40. Anthony Slaga

    At least we are figuring out what the matter is. It matters what the universe is made of and that matters to many people.

  41. Rafa RS

    Everything is a mystery. We humans have absolutely no idea of anything….

  42. Bas Ortmans

    Kinda looks like it has the same structure as neurons.

  43. Mike Hoster

    It’s all Plasma….forget the Dark Matter(aka Unicorn/Bandersnatch hunt)…

  44. Alejandro Gonzalez

    This confirms my old saying, “The best place to hide the biggest secrets is in front of our noses.”
    Hey, could an effect like this one be the source of the Fermi paradox?

    =One Love=


  45. Ian McLean

    What if we are like super tiny little bugs in a super huge junkies carpet?

  46. Danny Lewis

    I almost gasped when the video didn’t immediately start with “hello wonderful person” 😢

  47. Dave Scruton

    Intergalactic web, plasma, electrical flow, magnetism. There is no ‘Dark matter’ just unaccounted for normal matter and energy.

  48. ret1con

    The heretofore unseen x-Ray emitting hot matter is a mere correction on the CDM (cold dark matter) background – not enough to alter the cosmological fate of the universe or the dark energy driven accelerated expansion of spacetime.

  49. Peltwerk

    What if combining Matter and Anti Matter doesn’t really destroy each other but gives off energy and dark matter.

  50. Mohd Adil

    Should matter not exist beyond observable universe. Does scientists know how much matter is beyond observable universe?

  51. bryan smith

    A thought crossed my mind A possibilities of seeking could cloud the answer If you need to ask would you recognize the answer

  52. Enroxxx

    There is a deeper problem here, what if some of the matter starts to identify itself as dark matter? You can dismiss it, otherwise you are a toxic bigot.

  53. LDFox11

    A lot of missing matter is no longer missing, if the universe is collapsing

  54. Old Account

    Thought that they finally solved the dark matter mystery.

  55. Jack Savage

    How funny it is to think we will ever know the secrets of the Universe. The hubris of these little creatures.

  56. TheRainHarvester

    It’s the fungi network!

  57. Joe Dance

    So how much of the missing baryon is matter is thought to be located in the filaments of the cosmic web?

  58. Smoovie119

    So, near-light-speed interstellar travel just became that much more difficult.

  59. Jeremiah Johnson

    Just a note: you’re a great editor. and scientist. but also a great editor. and scientist.

  60. Jason Ross

    Wait for the 1st “ but we don’t know” …take a shot..

  61. Shred With Dignity

    The universe got mad and hid it from us when we killed Dimebag Darrel!

  62. stewitr

    “Dark matter” = we’re guessing.

  63. Dinosaur Emperor

    I have to be honest “May have solved” still just means unsolved to me.

  64. John Sim

    The missing matter is called DOESN’T MATTER.

  65. Peter Twiss

    That makes sense.. most of space is empty and obviously there’s just particles floating around

  66. John Lame Elk

    Anton, since you return to this subject area often, make a shirt.

    “Whatsa Matta U”

    A question and a challenge.

  67. Neal Grant

    Maybe not everything is matter? Maybe Tesla
    and Maxwell could be right. Was the theory of field or ether really disproven. Could nature be simpler and maybe just take the path of least resistance. Maybe with an open mind it’s worth another look. Sometimes tenure gets in the way. Happy hunting 🙏

  68. Jared Rosenkrance

    Damn… so close

  69. Steven Black

    Matter that hasn’t found its’ place in the universe is known as “Whatsamatter”

  70. Jim Carrie Fan club

    You know it’s pretty amazing that our tiny human brains can imagine even this much of the universe.

  71. Bill P

    the comments section is going for the record on the number of puns . and it’s GREAT!

  72. Rainy Day Sage

    “Oh! Hey! They’re making progress on filling in the blanks! Good. They’re ahead of schedule.”

  73. Mark Rix

    this wonderful person enjoyed this wonderful info, and it was wonderful.

  74. Lee Dress

    I think we are all just microbes in a giant being. The universe we know is just a part of the arm. Lol

  75. ZedNinetySix

    “And Everything Matters” – Metallica 2020

  76. Adrian Kurzeja

    Missing “this is Anton” part.
    I was little confused :D

  77. Large Larry

    Some people say that nothing matters, now we find that everything matters and we know it’s location.

  78. Shane Rooney

    7:26 “Most of this gas will never really turn into anything, and will never really interact with anything.”
    I think I just found my spirit animal.

  79. iGame3D

    “It contains a lot dark matter and a lot of gas” , just like me!

  80. NicoD's SBCs

    Hahaha, that’s not true. I’ve hidden all the missing matter. So funny everyone keeps searching for it.

  81. Choke

    Just like when Aristotle believed that air was a substance of light

  82. exactspace

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  83. Matt C

    What shouldn’t matter, but has an affect on everyone around us, the 41 grinches that gave this video a thumbs down!

  84. michael dougherty

    I guess the phrase, nature abhors a vacuum, is truer than we thought.

  85. David Henningson

    This is certainly a ‘material’ issue in modern cosmology… it ‘matters’ greatly to our understanding of the cosmic structure and our place within these gaseous filaments. A ‘solid’ delivery on this ‘foundational’ subject

  86. skoitch

    We will find more and more of this “missing matter” until we eventually dispel the “Dark matter” theory!

  87. Big_Tex

    Missing matter — it’s always in the last place you look.

  88. iknklst

    Has anyone checked the sofa cushions yet?

    Uh-huh. Thought so.

    Wheres my Nobel Prize for Astrophysics!?

  89. Paradox

    We are spending a lot of time on the missing baryon problem, but does it matter?

  90. charlie francis

    Still no evidence for dark matter, we still have much to learn

  91. Dustin Olsen

    still a ways to go though, pretty much an eternity, and that is beautiful.

  92. Stanley The Fox

    *Scientists find out dark matter doesn’t exist. **-Unlit-** Dark matter found in-between galaxy’s is to blame.*

  93. MrPedur

    some of the missing matter is probably my fault. I have increased by 30 percent since covid.

  94. Bill Keck

    Scientists discover a new kind of matter called “wattsa matter.”

  95. Kento

    I have a missing baryon problem, but I strongly suspect the neighbor’s kids.

  96. Kelly Gable

    Imagine being the scientists going like “ hell its worth a shot. Yeah we’ve already tried every trick in the book. WHAT THE HELL.”

  97. charles reid

    Everyone “wait.. anton is going to tell us theyve found dark matter? ” Anton: “PSYCH!”

  98. The Steve

    It’s all fun and games until we find The Cosmic Spider.

  99. TayZonday

    Maybe aliens use highways built out of dark matter and gas to overcome the limits of the cosmological constant and/or causality. Maybe they allow a particulate supersymmetry that we can’t see.

  100. EEVblog

    The Force. They’ve found The Force. It’s what binds the galaxy together.

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