We Just Leveled Up Our Time Keeping Skills – Entangled Atom Clock

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about the creation of the most accurate clock on Earth – quantum entanglement atomic clock.
Paper: https://arxiv.org/abs/2006.07501
White dwarf paper: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2010.16062.pdf
More about the priory: https://www.dunstablehistory.co.uk/archives/PQR/Dunstable%20Priory%20in%201283_oldest%20recorded%20mechanical%20clock.htm
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  1. Garance A Drosehn

    I remember reading that in the US it wasn’t until railroads came along that the average person cared what the exact time was. Before then, people thought you were on time if you arrived within 15-20 minutes of an appointment. But with multiple trains scheduled to run on the same tracks, it became *very* important that trains kept to whatever schedule was posted.

  2. Tim

    Thank you Anton, I really enjoyed this video! It was very thorough and informative. :)

  3. ArkAlien

    I like hearing it . thanks for your video’s. Keeps me interested in everything I didn’t know before. Keep it up .

  4. Walrus King

    Interesting to learn about the etymology. Regarding the clock’s timeline, does the Antikythera mechanism qualify? If so, is there anyway to know how it stacks up to the other mechanical iterations of timekeeping technology?

  5. Janet Fayard

    Really enjoyed this. Thank you

  6. MrMysteryman00

    I’m probably stupid for asking this, but why do we need time to be that precise?

  7. The Angry Economist

    if you watch the clip on “sacred numbers” then you will realise time time has been kept for much longer than 5000 years

  8. Mike Lorrey

    How do we know how accurate it is unless we have a better clock?

  9. Ardere Oculi

    Will anyone ever figure out why time feels like it would only matter if we were far removed from nature in the first place?

  10. Chill_Mode_JD

    Time trippin with our wonderful Anton ✨🔭

  11. R.Anand

    What about the ancient Indians time keeping techniques?

  12. Keith Gaughan

    So we’ve basically invented « la grande sec(onde) »?

  13. stevierv22

    DJ the drummer of Khruangbin is keeping time very accurately, no need for other time measuring devices :D

  14. Kris Deyoe

    Who else here loves hearing, that they are a wonderful person?

  15. IbadassI

    Why don’t they just use the clock that this new clock is having its accuracy measured against?

  16. mad aetherist

    So, now the Einsteinian Dark Age of science will end more quickly.
    And we will find that the ticking of atomic clocks, & other kinds of clocks, depends on orientation.

  17. zee zam

    I wonder if he’ll make a video on centaurs or if he has one

  18. Ty Lower

    Hello wonderful Anton. Commenting to boost you in the algo.

  19. Lystic

    So why is the digital clock in my microwave and the one in my digital watch still off by about a minute every few months?

  20. Sandy Ford D18

    Hello wonderful Anton. From now on I’m going to set my watch by the neared Pulsar!
    I hope you don’t mind me making a little clarification. Quartz clocks are still in use today by just about every electronic device on the planet, including watches, PCs, smartphones, tablets, ovens, radios, TVs, toys, cars, etc, Probably 99.9% of devices use them, and why not, quartz crystals are incredibly cheap and dry accurate when combined with a PLL oscillator and a frequency divider.
    Love your channel, there’s always something interesting to engage my brain.

  21. Connor Blade

    9:01 no pun intended

  22. Serious Maran

    Misses out the importance of shipping and ship’s clocks in both navigating to places to make observations and keeping time accurately on the way.

  23. Urban_Rangerzz ABD

    Has anyone said it yet? Well that was a waste of time? Honestly though I love your vids keep up the good work.

  24. Nick Leonard

    Hmm most precise measurement of light/time/distance maybe the start to ftl? I love your channel :)

  25. tremeloandtriplets

    Hi, does this mean we can use this technique with computing to prevent errors in memory?

  26. Jackie Chan

    i saw the video, at the end i realize that have ad block ON.
    turn off adblock, restart, watch the AD till the end.
    i hope it will work :(

  27. everton zp

    I have learn so much from this channel this year. Thank you Anton.

  28. may dog

    How can you determine the accuracy of a clock without having a more accurate clock?

  29. Andrew Hart

    Yea, but what happens when the AA battery runs out?

  30. UFO Tv

    Maybe I’ll finally make it to work on time now.

  31. Matt Snider

    That was very, very interesting. Thank you.

  32. Falk Flak

    I always hear “we’re tracking time” but what I see is “we’re tracking movement”. Where they all got that “time” from is the question.

  33. bungalo50

    This was one of your most interesting videos yet! You should do this history stuff more often Anton you’re pretty good at it

  34. L. Scott Music

    This was a really cool one. Thank you Anton.

  35. DefineMeAsOne

    Really enjoyed this. Thanks for doing the research.

  36. KingsBlade 7

    Time started for us all, when the first human died.
    Time is only relevant to beings that have a beginning and end.

  37. Harvey Reed

    Fantastic video, loved the historical review! History is often missing in contemporary discussions.

  38. Ethelred Hardrede

    Clocks in monasteries were for tracking when to pray. They did a LOT of communal praying. Apparently Jehovah listened by Earth time in 3 hour increments.

  39. Brian Johnson

    Now your boss can bust you for being one second late +/- 2 or so nanoseconds.

  40. Barry Green

    time is relative, most accurate clock my arse

  41. Jason Ross

    My G/F could have this clock & still miss Christmas 🙄

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    Me when it’s time for coffee

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    I guess I need to sell my Hydrogen Maser before it goes down in value now!

  44. Ian Barber

    I was wondering if you’d mention clocks made by Riefler since my friend is of the Riefler family.

  45. Zoltan Z

    time was quantified so people can take it from you.

  46. Appalachian American

    Good one. I actually feel as if I didn’t was my time!👍

  47. Jase The Smiff

    That sundial was where i used to live!

  48. Mosern1977

    So I guess if you place them next to each other, move one of them a few meters, they are no longer in sync because of general relativity?
    Impressive stuff.

  49. Todestuete

    As a German, this discovery makes it much easier for me to be punctual, I approve it!

  50. ARAH

    9:55 wth I thought of the exact same thing before you talk about the new atomic clock
    (About that measure different caesium atoms and average them out)

  51. teslababbage

    A wonderfully informative video – thanks Anton.

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    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, The Most Wonderful Person! :-)

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    Quantum entanglement actually used for something practical? I love it!

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    Thank you for your greeting, I can be feeling down and that greeting makes me smile. good video as well, interesting history

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    I do believe … I have had some ‘time’ issues myself.
    Whoooops ⏱⏱⏱

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    It’s been a while since I checked in. This has been a good time. Thank You!

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    I love this! There are so many things that can be solved or discovered with this kind of clock!

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    “Hello wonderful person”
    Criminals – 👀

  59. Ocelot

    The universe is perfect not even off by 1 second in a trillion years

  60. Kyles Isler

    But, how do you know what perfect accuracy really is?

  61. DaeXeaD

    Time keeping for trains is the most important.

  62. Beppi Menozzi

    Dear Anton, I suggest you to search for Harrison’s fantastic story about clock precision!

  63. Don't say literally

    Science is more important than ironing your tee :) Great vid and history lesson Anton!

  64. Scott H.

    This is a huge development and will lead to new discoveries.

  65. Micah Chase

    Interesting how increases in precision feeds on itself, becoming more and more precise. Time, weight, etc etc.

  66. helo void

    Alien 1: What time it is?
    Alien 2: Dunno, ask humans

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    Once upon a time, something cool happened in Canada–WooHoo!

  70. Spider Rucker Joe656

    These kind of talks always reminds me of how small I am standing on the shoulders of giants.

  71. Thomas Milne

    Love this man
    Reminds me of when I used to watch Connections with James Burke
    More like this please!

  72. L0rd_of_Hollows

    “Lazer Clock”

  73. SDaniel

    This again shows, how important astronomy is to the human race!

  74. Ross Jackson

    They invented the Iron and Ironing board more than a hundred years ago.

  75. Стеф Манов

    Anton.. You forget about John Harrison’s marine clocks .. I am disappointed

  76. Darkness Blade

    this dude be talking about history of clocks? I thought we’ll talk about atoms
    this guy motivated me to study for college

  77. SIMONP1965

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  78. Brexit Refuge

    Watch the British film called Longitude, to learn the history of the invention of the first accurate marine clock, used to accurately calculate longitude.

  79. flyshacker

    Absolutely fascinating! Loved every minute! No pun intended.

  80. HavocLoods

    Wait… How do you measure the accuracy of such a clock, when all other clocks are supposed to be less accurate?

  81. Farrier

    Another feast of learning from Anton World University.
    If my schools had had teachers as good as you, Anton, a lot more kids would have made it to higher education.

  82. SilverSage

    “It’s about time. It’s about space. it’s about a whacky, whacky place.”

  83. siljrath

    “the objective measure of a clock is another clock”
    good film. ;D shsh.

  84. Richard Nedbalek

    2:57 Yep, those are my Prague Peeps combining ingenuity, technology, and art for the betterment of all! 😉😉😉

  85. Cole Dedhand

    “This is the most accurate clock in the world!”
    General Relativity wants a word with you…

  86. John Hobson

    The Dunwich Priory clock was mostly used to keep track of the “canonical hours”. In a monastery, certain prayers are to be said at certain times of day.

  87. Dana Downing

    “Does anybody really know what time it is?” Chicago Transit Authority.

  88. Dennis - The Improviser

    I already know a lot about the history of time keeping, but I’m sure you’ll teach me something new as well, and I do have time to watch this video. Thanks for all your wonderful information on a daily basis :)

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    I grew up in Dunstable and didn’t know about the clock, was really weird to hear my home town mentioned in a random video

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    I like that you don’t iron your t-shirt, is saves energy, well done.

  93. John Irby

    That means that it would take about 15,768,000 trillion years for it to be exactly right again, whereas a broken clock is exactly right twice every day.

  94. 誰でもいたくないのさ

    the fact that the universe distorts time to keep the speed of light constant is the weirdest thing I will ever know of

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    Bet it’s not more accurate that my cat demanding breakfast.

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    “Time is nature’s way of keeping everything from happening at once.”
    – Woody Allen, 1964

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